Who Won The Congressional Baseball Game Last Night

GOP ekes out win in return of Congressional Baseball Game

In the annual Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday night, Republicans earned their third victory in 13 years by defeating Democrats 13-12 in a back-and-forth contest that featured a rare out of the park home run by Republican Ryan Ryan. After being postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak last year, the annual bipartisan event provided a welcome respite from an otherwise hectic week on Capitol Hill, where Democrats are attempting to enact a health care bill. Vice President Joe Biden Joe Biden is a former Vice President of the United States.

Ukraine has requested that the United Nations Security Council convene an emergency meeting.

“Wow, it was a fantastic win.” Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Steve Scalise is a Republican congressman from Washington, D.C.

How Sarah Palin was forced to choose between losing by jury or by judge is a judicial palindrome.

  • House Republicans have launched an investigation into GoFundMe in connection with the ‘Freedom Convoy’ campaign.
  • Greg Steube hit a home ball that cleared the fences.
  • To vote or not to vote?
  • Congressional Baseball Game returns with a win for the Republicans21 Republicans vote against presenting medals to police officers who protected the Capitol.
  • As Scalise pointed out, “Man, it was intense – it was pretty close the whole way through.” He went on to emphasize the significance of the nonpartisan tradition at Nationals Park, which was postponed until late September this year because to the epidemic.
  • But even if we have to return to work the next day, it’s good to be able to come here and participate in something like this where you can foster stronger connections.” When Scalise’s name was announced throughout the stadium, there was a roar of approval.
  • The event was referred to be a “harbinger of things to come.” Republicans have won the game twice in the last decade, in 2008 and 2016.

Cedric Richmond is a writer and musician from the United Kingdom.

A Parkland parent scales a crane near the White House to convey a message about gun violence.

Players such as Congressman Jimmy Panetta put up outstanding performances in the game.

The United States of America The COMPETES Act will assist businesses and employees in their efforts to succeed in America.

Panetta, on the other hand, struck out with the bases loaded later in the sixth inning.

“I’m pumped up,” says the author.

Eric Swalwell (D-California) Eric Michael Swalwell is an American politician.

Trump will be subjected to legal lawsuits in the wake of the January 6 election.

Pelosi is leading a congressional group to visit Israel, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The Democratic team’s outfielder, Richmond, was seen warming up with them as players approached the stadium despite the fact that he was not hitting this year.

John Shimkus, occurred just before the first pitch of the game.

Democracies must unite in opposition to China’s attack on Lithuania.

Davis has decided to forego a candidacy for governor of Illinois in favor of reelection to the Illinois House of Representatives.

Bush, and Vice President Joe Biden.

Naomi Biden, Vice President Biden’s granddaughter, collected the honor on his behalf.

During the intermission, Biden shook hands, took pictures, and signed baseballs with members of the Democratic Party.


“It felt nice to achieve a win after such a lengthy period of time,” he remarked.

He went on to say that the game gave an opportunity for legislators to interact in a more collegial environment. I enjoyed the opportunity to play baseball and then shake the hands of Democratic leaders. “It’s not something we see a lot of on the floor,” Moore added.

Wins & Losses Through the Years

Before the 1960s, the Congressional Baseball Game was played irregularly, once a year, then twice a year, and in other years, it was never played at all. During the late 1930s and early 1940s, Democrats and Republicans banded together to take on the press corps and win the election. Since 1962, the game has been played on a yearly basis.

Year Location Score 1 Winner
1909 American League Park 26–16 Democrats
1910 No Game
1911 American League Park 12–9 Democrats
1912 American League Park 21–20 Democrats
1913 American League Park 29–4 2 Democrats
1914 American League Park Democrats
1915 American League Park Democrats
1916 American League Park 18–13 Republicans
1917 American League Park 22–21 Democrats
1918 American League Park 9–5 Republicans
1919 American League Park Republicans
1920-1925 No Information3
1926 American League Park 12–9 Democrats
1927 No Game
1928 Griffith Stadium 36–4 Democrats
1929-1931 No Information
1932 4 Griffith Stadium 19–5 5 Republicans
1933 Griffith Stadium 18–16 Republicans
1934 No Information
1935 Members vs. The Press
1936 No Information
1937 Members vs. The Press
1938 Members vs. The Press
1939 Members vs. The Press
1940 No Information
1941 Members vs. The Press
1942-1944 No Information
1945 Griffith Stadium Democrats
1946 Griffith Stadium Democrats
1947 Griffith Stadium 16–13 Republicans
1948 Griffith Stadium 23–14 Democrats
1949 Griffith Stadium 16–10 Democrats
1950 Griffith Stadium 8–4 Democrats
1951 Griffith Stadium 7–3 Democrats
1952 Griffith Stadium 6–3 Democrats
1953 Griffith Stadium 3–2 Democrats
1954 Griffith Stadium 2–1 Democrats
1955 Griffith Stadium 12–4 Republicans
1956 Griffith Stadium 8–7 Republicans
1957 Griffith Stadium 10–9 Democrats
1958-1961 No Game
1962 D.C. Stadium 4–0 Republicans
1963 D.C. Stadium 11–0 Democrats
1964 D.C. Stadium 6–5 Republicans
1965 D.C. Stadium 3–1(Roll Calltrophy win) 6 Republicans
1966 D.C. Stadium 14–7 Republicans
1967 D.C. Stadium 9–7 Republicans
1968 D.C. Stadium 16–1(Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
1969 RFK Stadium 6–2 Republicans
1970 RFK Stadium 6–4 Republicans
1971 RFK Stadium 7–3 (Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
1972 RFK Stadium 7–2 Republicans
1973 Memorial Stadium 12–4 Republicans
1974 Memorial Stadium 7–4(Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
1975 Memorial Stadium 3–2 Democrats
1976 Memorial Stadium 5–4 Democrats
1977 Langley High School,McLean, VA (2 rain outs force the game to the alternative field) 7–6 Republicans
1978 Four Mile Run Park 4–3 Republicans
1979 Four Mile Run Park 7–3(Roll Calltrophy win) Democrats
1980 Four Mile Run Park 21–9 Democrats
1981 Four Mile Run Park 6–4 Republicans
1982 Four Mile Run Park 7–5 Democrats
1983 Four Mile Run Park 17–17 Tied after 9 innings
1984 Four Mile Run Park 13–4 Republicans
1985 Four Mile Run Park 9–3(Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
1986 Four Mile Run Park 8–6 Democrats
1987 Four Mile Run Park 15–14 Democrats
1988 Four Mile Run Park 14–13 Republicans
1989 Four Mile Run Park 8–2 Republicans
1990 Four Mile Run Park 9–6 Republicans
1991 Four Mile Run Park 13–9 Democrats
1992 Four Mile Run Park 11–7 Republicans
1993 Four Mile Run Park 13–1 Democrats
1994 Four Mile Run Park 9–2(Roll Calltrophy win) Democrats
1995 Prince George’s County Stadium 6–0 Republicans
1996 Prince George’s County Stadium 16–14 Democrats
1997 Prince George’s County Stadium 10–9 Republicans
1998 Prince George’s County Stadium 4–1(Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
1999 Prince George’s County Stadium 17–1 Republicans
2000 Prince George’s County Stadium 13–8 Democrats
2001 Prince George’s County Stadium 9–1 Republicans
2002 Prince George’s County Stadium 9–2 (Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
2003 Prince George’s County Stadium 5–3 Republicans
2004 Prince George’s County Stadium 14–7 Republicans
2005 RFK Stadium 19–10 (Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
2006 RFK Stadium 12–1 Republicans
2007 RFK Stadium 5–2 Republicans
2008 Nationals Park 11–10 (Roll Calltrophy win) Republicans
2009 Nationals Park 15–10 Democrats
2010 Nationals Park 13–5 Democrats
2011 Nationals Park 8–2(Roll Calltrophy win) Democrats
2012 Nationals Park 18–5 Democrats
2013 Nationals Park 22–0 Democrats
2014 Nationals Park 16–6 (Roll Calltrophy win) Democrats
2015 Nationals Park 5–2 Democrats
2016 Nationals Park 8–7 Republicans
2017 Nationals Park 11–2 Democrats
2018 Nationals Park 21–5 (Roll Calltrophy win) Democrats
2019 Nationals Park 14-7 Democrats
2020 No Game
2021 Nationals Park 13-12 Republicans

Republicans edge Democrats 13-12 in Congressional Baseball Game

Rep. Greg Steube hit a rare “out of the park home run” to lift the Republicans to a 13-12 victory over the Democrats in what was hailed as “one of the finest games in the history of the Congressional Baseball Game.” Tweet from @RepGregSteube: “That was an utter bomb” (September 30, 2021, courtesy of House Republicans (@HouseGOP). Steube’s historic home run at Nationals Park sparked a two-run inning for the Republicans in a contest that saw the lead change hands multiple times during the course of the game.

  • Republicans Blake Moore and Anthony Gonzalez blasted consecutive inside-the-park home runs in the first inning, which was one of the game’s highlights.
  • During the second inning of the game, President Joe Biden made an appearance on the field.
  • In our capacity as racing presidents.oh, that’s why we have a break, President of the United States, not in our capacity as racing presidents.
  • During his presentation, Vice President Joe Biden said that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has stated that the Senate intends to pass legislation to finance the federal government until December.
  • The game was still in progress when Biden stopped to speak with his ‘predecessors’ in the stands at the far end of the stadium.
  • On WTOP’s sister station Federal News Network, George Wallace and Mitchell Miller called the game, which was broadcast live.
  • See the complete game in the video below.

Rob Woodfork is a professional woodworker. Rob Woodfork is a multi-talented broadcaster with a wide variety of professional expertise. WTOP’s traffic center and sports desk may be heard online, and his byline can be found on WTOP.com as a web writer/editor and sports columnist, among other places.

More from WTOP

Democrats and Republicans have been at each other’s throats over social spending and infrastructure this week, but one conflict that you may not have heard much about took place outside on a field of green grass on Wednesday night. The annual Congressional Baseball Game was played on Wednesday night at Nationals Park, and the Republicans came out on top, 13-12, over the Democrats. California Democrat Eric Swalwell declared before the game that he was “pumped up.” Greg Steube, a Republican from Florida’s 17th congressional district, hit a home run and shared it on TwitterTWTR, -3.13 percent with the message, “Hey Biden, watch this!

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At the words of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, “You need to do this every now and again, when you get away from the frenzy and come out and play the kid’s game in the major league stadium.” It was a pretty tough competition, and you were competing against other people.

  1. Ted Cruz applauds NBA players who have not been immunized.
  2. After returning to the field the next year, Scalise was greeted with a standing ovation.
  3. Opinion: Congress is on the verge of repealing this widely supported retirement tax reform.
  4. The game took place as Congress prepared to vote on a short-term budget package to keep the federal government running into early December on Thursday.
  5. This has been corrected.
  6. Louis area.

Battling at the ballpark: GOP wins annual Congressional Baseball Game amid turmoil on Capitol Hill

The game ended in a Republican victory, 13-12, at 9:14 p.m., according to the last update. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of State has issued a statement saying that On Wednesday night, 10 Texas congressmen joined their colleagues at Nationals Park, a baseball stadium just south of the Capitol, to temporarily trade partisan squabbles over infrastructure and debt for a chance to win bragging rights on the field. A government shutdown was looming, and partisan rancor was at a fever pitch. The Congressional Baseball Game, which was postponed due to the pandemic last year, had fresh significance this year when the Republican and Democratic teams faced off for the first time since 2019.

Republicans claimed victory for only the second time in the previous ten games, outlasting the opposition 13-12, as the annual event fulfilled its intended objective of bringing party opponents together to connect over “America’s pastime.” The victory was the first for the Republican Party since 2016.

  1. And he wasn’t the only one who sounded the alarm.
  2. August Pfluger of San Angelo was a standout performer for the United States Air Force Academy and was instrumental in the win for the Republican Party.
  3. Colin Allred of Dallas, a former NFL player who contributed two doubles to the club’s triumph in 2019.
  4. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth has also been added to the list of participants.
  5. Jodey Arrington of Lubbock, Kevin Brady of The Woodlands, Jake Ellzey of Midlothian (who was sworn in only two months ago following a special election), Troy Nehls of Richmond, Pete Sessions of Waco, and Van Taylor of Plano were among the other Texans on the GOP delegation to Washington.
  6. This was his 24th game as a member of Congress’ baseball team.
  7. A thrilling first inning saw the Democrats take an early lead, only to be matched and overtaken by the Republicans in a matter of minutes.

When Vice President Joe Biden emerged, the audience was divided: Democrats rose and applauded, while Republicans did the exact opposite.

Greg Steube of Florida, who hit it while Biden seemed to address the Republican bench.

The Republicans prevailed in the seven-inning game, winning 13-12, with Pfluger getting the final two outs for his team on the mound.

Despite the postponement, it was a beautiful fall evening at the ballpark, with a bright blue sky and temperatures in the mid-seventies for the first pitch.

While Democrats are scrambling to keep the government running, Republicans are refusing to raise the debt ceiling by the Oct.

Even though all of this weighed on the players’ minds as they headed to the field, Williams argued that baseball had a way of bringing people together.

“It’s a huge game tonight, and both teams are motivated to win.” The Congressional Baseball Game was established in 1909 as a means of raising funds for charitable causes.

According to Roll Call, the game brought in around $1.2 million this year.

The United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund was established following the 2017 shooting at a Republican practice in Alexandria, Virginia.


A member of Williams’ staff, two members of the Capitol Police, and a lobbyist were also injured as a result of the assault.

Despite the fact that the game provided a pleasant respite, the legislators will return to the Capitol on Thursday with a heavy load on their shoulders.

Emily Caldwell is a reporter for The Dallas Morning News who focuses on politics in Washington.

She is originally from College Station, Texas, but now lives in Austin. She worked for several years at The Daily Texan, the university’s student newspaper, where she most recently served as editor-in-chief. [email protected]@EmilyECaldwell

It was a good night for Republicans at the Congressional Baseball Game

A year after their last appearance in a competitive setting, the ballplayers in the Congressional Baseball Game were as sharp as ever, which is to say not very. However, for the well-lubricated partisan supporters — Republicans along the first base line, Democrats around the third — the activity was just as exciting as any major league at-bat or late-night floor negotiation could have been. It was an uproar when a runner made it into the outfield or when a pop fly was dropped, or when a run was scored off a wayward throw, and they booed when it didn’t go their way.

  1. The Washington Literacy Center and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington were among the charities that benefited from the event’s ticket sales, concessions, and sponsorships, which totaled $1.2 million in total.
  2. Members of Congress took advantage of the last night before the fiscal year’s conclusion to catch up on work.
  3. While the Nationals’ field crews were preparing the field and opening the concourses for the game, both the House and the Senate were continuing to hold votes.
  4. Anderson’s nomination for Interior Department solicitor while dressed in her red uniform, according to the Associated Press.
  5. As the House of Representatives began voting to extend the suspension of the debt ceiling until December 2022, a few Republican members were already warming up in the outfield.
  6. Clyburn to inquire how things were doing in all the negotiations.
  7. Bill Johnson of Ohio, deafening booing from the audience.

They entered through the same centerfield gate and only reached the field after going through rows of seats, which was unusual for them.

Republican lawmakers wore special red unis, while Democrats wore a jumble of replica jerseys representing their own hometown teams.

Even though controversial Republican Rep.

Despite this, several members of the audience booed her.

During the second inning, President Joe Biden arrived to thunderous acclaim from the Democratic side and more than a few jeers from the Republican side, before spending a few minutes shaking hands in front of the Democrats’ dugout before heading back to the White House.

After the third inning, Biden made his way over to the Republican dugout, prompting another round of boos from the Republican crowd.

(Bill Clark, courtesy of CQ Roll Call) Preceding the game, Vice President Joe Biden was one of four former baseball players admitted into the Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame, along his senior adviser Cedric Richmond, former Rep.

That accolade was accepted on Biden’s behalf by his granddaughter, Sarah Biden.

Republicans had reason to believe that they could be able to end the streak after his departure.

Democrats took an early lead in the first inning, scoring three runs, two of which came from Rep.

Conservatives, on the other hand, answered swiftly, bringing in five runs, owing in large part to a couple of fielding mistakes, one of which resulted in a home run for Rep.

Moore of Utah, who hit it inside the park.

William R.

Republicans received a boost at the baseball game from freshmen players such as Rep.

Moore of Utah, who won the Wendy’s National High School Heisman Award in 1997.

(Bill Clark, courtesy of CQ Roll Call) Dems retook the lead in the third inning, this time on the strength of another triple by Panetta and more mistakes.

Greg Steube of Florida began the bottom of the ninth inning with a single shot home run to left field — the first in more than a decade — and again, additional errors allowed more runs to score.

The squads, who were largely made up of middle-aged and elderly people, did not come out of the game unhurt.

On a fielding error, Democratic Representative Adam Smith of Washington was unable to complete his quadruple reach. Jennifer Shutt and Chris Cioffi were among those who contributed to this story.

GOP rep hits out-of-the-park home run in Congressional Baseball Game

If the congressional assignment doesn’t work out, the Washington Nationals may be able to use their resources to help out the team. Represented by Greg Steube. While President Biden was on the mound at Wednesday night’s Congressional Baseball Game, Steube (R-Fla.) temporarily diverted attention away from him by hitting a rare out-of-the-park home run in the Democrat vs. Republican grudge match. As Vice President Joe Biden greeted Steube’s Republican teammates in the home dugout at Nationals Park amid ongoing controversy over the fate of two massive spending bills on Capitol Hill, the second-term lawmaker turned on the first pitch of the bottom of the third inning from Rep.

  • As the ball bounced off a railing in front of the first row of seats and ricocheted back into the field, Steube broke into a leisurely jog around the bases in the manner of Kirk Gibson.
  • In the opening inning of the congressional baseball game at Nationals Park, Rep.
  • AP Steube is the first member of Congress to remove the barbed wire fence surrounding Nationals Park since the game was relocated there in 2008.
  • Ron Paul (R-Texas) is widely regarded as the first member of Congress to hit an out-of-the-park home run in the game, accomplishing this feat in 1979 in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • John Shimkus (R-Ill.) hit a home run off the foul pole, becoming the first Republican to do it.
  • Greg Steube (left) and Rep.
  • Additionally, Steube served as the Republican starting pitcher for the game, donning a red “Save America” hat that had been autographed by previous President Donald Trump.
  • GOP Rep.
  • Steube made the final out of the game, catching a pop-up off the bat of Rep.
  • During the annual Congressional Baseball Game, Rep.
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President Biden Appears at 2021 Congressional Baseball Game

| Aspect ofLawmakers Participate in Congressional Baseball Game2021-09-29T19:05:37-04:00 Members of Congress from both political parties took part in the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington, DC on September 29th. The Republicans won the game by a score of 13-12. Former Vice President Joe Biden made a surprise visit, as did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was also there. Members of Congress from both political parties took part in the annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, this year.

The… click here to find out more Video Problems Should Be Reported Visit the Live Event*This text was produced from uncorrected Closed Captioning that was broadcast during the event. More information on the subject of

2021 Congressional Baseball Game

9,865 people have looked at this page. 514955-1 is the program identification number. Event in the Public Affairs category Format: Public Relations and Public Affairs Event Nationals Park is located in Washington, District of Columbia, in the United States. First broadcasted on September 29, 2021 at 7:05 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on C-SPAN 1. Last broadcast: October 2, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on C-SPAN 1.

Airing Details

  • On September 29, 2021, at 7:05 p.m. EDT, C-SPAN RADIO will broadcast
  • On September 29, 2021, at 7:05 p.m. EDT, C-SPAN 1 will broadcast
  • On October 02, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. EDT, C-SPAN 1 will broadcast

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2021 Congressional Baseball Game

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GOP rep. hits HR at Nats Park in Congressional Baseball Game

Nationals In order to fill the void left by the Nationals’ road trip to Colorado, the Nationals’ home stadium hosted the annual Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday night. Despite the fact that the game’s rosters include Democrats and Republicans who aren’t often renowned for their home run ability, one lawmaker managed to surprise everyone by blasting a home run into the left-field bleachers. Republican Rep. Greg Steube serves as the representative for Florida’s 17th congressional district in the United States Congress.

Apart from hitting a home run in the third inning, the 43-year-old Steube also tossed 120 pitches over 5 2/3 innings as the GOP’s starting pitcher before switching to third base.

According to the New York Post, Rep.

The bomb proved to be crucial, as the Republicans were able to pull off a 13-12 victory over the Democrats after seven innings.

Late Night Recaps This Year’s Congressional Baseball Game

Greetings and welcome to Best of Late Night, a summary of the previous night’s highlights that allows you to sleep — and allows us to be paid for watching comedy. Here is a list of the 50 finest movies available on Netflix right now.

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President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Vice President Joe Biden were among those who attended the annual Congressional Baseball Game, which took place despite the turbulence in Washington, which included the danger of a federal government shutdown. It was just baseball, no politics, until the Republican catcher went insane over having to wear a mask,” Jimmy Fallon said on Thursday night’s Jimmy Fallon Show. “It was a true nail-biter to the very end. In the eighth inning, I received a text message from Pelosi stating, “We’re down by one run, and only your $26 gift can turn this around.” JIMMY KIMMEL is a songwriter and musician from New York City.

” “If you think ordinary baseball is sluggish, just wait until you see what these jerks are like.” — SETH MEYERS SETH MEYERS SETH MEYERS When President Biden arrived for the game, it was a touch eerie since he disappeared into a cornfield after leaving the stadium.” JIMMY FALLON is a songwriter and musician from New York City.

‘Daddy’s only on a business call,'” says the little girl.

“‘Can you get back to work, Joe?’ I scream, you scream, we all scream.” JAMES CORDEN, a.k.a.

The Punchiest Punchlines (Free Britney Edition)

“All right, let’s go on to some Britney Spears news: she was originally a girl, but she is now a lady,” says the host. — TREVOR NOAH & CO. “Her father, Jamie Spears, has decided to relinquish guardianship of his daughter in order to pursue his true passion, which is trying to jump an ATV over his aboveground pool.” JIMMY KIMMEL is a songwriter and musician from New York City. A judge ordered her to be placed under conservatorship 13 years ago, which means she is unable to spend her own money, make her own career or medical decisions, and even pick her own fighter in the video game “Super Smash Bros.” “She needs to be Diddy Kong every single time!” she exclaims.

  • “And kudos to her supporters for making this possible.
  • You know who.
  • And now we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s take this to the Supreme Court,'” said the group.
  • “Brittney Spears is worth $60 million, yeah — but she doesn’t require the services of a conservator,” says the author.
  • People who have $60 billion in their bank accounts.
  • Consider this: “I mean, tell me one thing Britney has done that’s been as wasteful and simply, like, thoughtless as traveling into space on a gigantic penis.” — TREVOR NOAH & CO.

The Bits Worth Watching

Chloe Fineman of “Saturday Night Live” delivered many spur-of-the-moment impressions on “The Tonight Show.” ImageCredit. The MGM/Nicola Dove collection

With their agenda in the balance, Biden and Pelosi work the Congressional Baseball Game.

Given the several crises engulfing Washington, lawmakers have been engaging in a lot of political hardball on Capitol Hill, but it was genuine hardball that drove Democrats and Republicans to Nationals Park on Wednesday night for the annual congressional baseball charity game. After a week marked by deep partisan divisions and high drama in Congress, the game served as a brief moment of camaraderie as leaders raced to avoid a government shutdown and a potential federal default while Democrats toiled to mend bitter rifts among themselves over a major piece of social policy.

  • President Biden, who had previously participated in the game during his Senate tenure, made a prolonged visit, even mixing with his political opponents in the Republican dugout.
  • In this instance, they did not, losing 13-12 to the Republican team in a tight game that Ms.
  • While a few boos could be heard from the Republican section of the stands, the president and his family were invited inside the party’s dugout for selfies and teasing, despite the fact that the red-uniformed Republicans are opposed to practically everything on his legislative agenda.
  • As Ms.
  • A real out-of-the-park home run by Republican Representative Greg Steube of Florida, however, was the highlight of the evening, an incredible accomplishment in a game played by a group of amateurs who were, for the most part, past their primes.

The major issue following the game was how Ms. Pelosi and her party would do when it came time for them to take their turn at the legislative plate.


Even the Congressional Baseball Game can’t keep the partisanship on Capitol Hill under control these days, according to some. The annual game, which teams Democratic members of Congress against Republican members of Congress, is usually the highlight of the summer and has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for local organizations. Organisers believed that this year’s game would serve as an uniting occasion, with the two teams coming together on the pitch of Nationals Park for the first time since the epidemic forced the cancellation of the previous year’s game.

Those policy battles have put the two major political parties against one another, as well as two opposing sections of the Democratic Party against one another.

Rather than continuing to meet in order to approve a resolution to fund the government before a midnight deadline on Thursday to avoid a shutdown, both chambers adjourned in the late afternoon to allow lawmakers and staff to travel a mile down South Capitol Street to the home of the 2019 World Series champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • Since January, Vice President Biden has made dozens of phone calls and held nearly daily in-person meetings with key senators in pursuit of a $3.5 trillion framework for his program, which has the potential to unlock enough Democratic votes to pass the infrastructure legislation.
  • Schumer (D-N.Y.).
  • He took advantage of the opportunity to press the flesh and socialize with politicians who hold the keys to his ambitious agenda.
  • Rep.
  • “I’m defining this game as a battle between socialism and capitalism,” Williams said to his squad during their last practice, which was broadcast live on Roll Call.
  • The vice president was the first incumbent president to do so since President Barack Obama did so in 2015 — and he will be hoping that the outcomes of his glad-handing effort are better than those obtained by his predecessor six years ago.
  • Democrats were even more enraged when Obama visited the Republican dugout, where GOP supporters screamed “TPA, TPA,” a reference to the bill they had just helped to defeat, further inflaming the situation.
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According to reports, Biden was on the verge of suffering a similar defeat, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had planned a vote on infrastructure legislation for Thursday in response to demands from the moderate wing of the Democratic Party.

Biden was enthusiastically greeted at the game, and he spent a couple of innings inside the Democratic dugout, posing for photos with potential supporters and generally chit-chatting with them.

His wanderings finally took him to the Republican side, where he mixed with a group that largely opposed confirming his victory on January 6.

The Republican team earned its first victory since 2016, defeating the Democratic team 13-12.

29, with less than 30 hours remaining in the fiscal year by the time of the first pitch, which had been scheduled for June or early July.

Lawmakers spend months in practice sessions preparing for the game, which the majority of them see as an effort at a serious athletic endeavor despite the fact that only a handful of them have ever played baseball, let alone at the varsity level.

Democrats have controlled the House of Representatives in recent years, losing only once when their greatest player — Cedric L.

), a former standout pitcher at Morehouse College — onto the field during his 10-year tenure.

As politics has become more heated over the past decade, the games have occasionally fallen victim to other stressful political events, but in most cases, the games have served to momentarily defuse tensions.

A large part of the reason the sit-in came to an end the next day was that Democrats needed to travel to Nats Park for the baseball game – the only one in which Richmond lost.

The gunman yelled political rants at them as he opened fire on them.

Steve Scalise (R-La.

The following night, before the game, both teams gathered around the pitcher’s mound and prayed for Scalise, who considered Richmond a personal friend from their days working together in the state senate.

Richmond won by throwing a complete game, and the teams combined to raise a record amount of money.

Pelosi returned from a previously unscheduled visit to the White House after meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, but she was unable to offer any predictions about the president’s agenda, baseball, or anything else in particular. “I’m taking it one hour at a time,” she remarked.

Democrats Swear It’s Not Weird To Be Playing Baseball With Marjorie Taylor Greene

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of State has issued a statement saying that As part of the Republican congressional baseball team on Wednesday night, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene will join the ranks of more than a century’s worth of legislators who have fulfilled their major league aspirations in the interest of charity and bragging rights. The game, which lasts seven innings on a major league field, is a Washington institution from a bygone era, filled with the types of eulogies to bipartisanship that either prompt people to roll their eyes or acknowledge that, after all, it is vital to remember that legislators are also people.

  • Following the 2017 shooting that targeted a Republican practice and came within inches of killing House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, the game has served as a bridge between our present day of violence and conflict and a different period of tolerance and understanding.
  • Greene was one of 147 Republicans who voted against recognizing the results of the 2020 election following the Jan.
  • Because of Greene’s history of racist statements and comments she made before her election supporting violence against Democrats, every Democrat and 11 Republicans in the House voted to remove her from committee assignments after just two months in Congress.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush to the point where Ocasio-Cortez raised security concerns and Bush chose to move her office away from Greene’s “for team’s safety.” She has also opposed awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the Capitol Police officers who responded on Jan.
  • Members of the Democratic lineup, on the other hand, appeared to be displeased with my questioning whether politics might get in the way of a group of politicians enjoying baseball.
  • Ruben Gallego.
  • In reference to a campaign ad in which Greene shoots a Prius with a 50-caliber rifle, he remarked, “If she plays baseball as badly as I saw her shoot the M82, I don’t believe she’s going to be a very good baseball player.” Greene is running for president of the United States.

“Who is the one who is truly nasty?” Then Dyer went on to blame Democrats, including Rep.

Bush threw the first pitch at Yankee Stadium after 9/11, according to Swalwell, another Democratic player.

“I don’t want politics to, you know, be a part of the game,” he added.

via Getty Images Raul Ruiz receives a hug from Steve Scalise on June 14, 2018, during the 57th annual Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park in Washington.

Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, one of the team’s two managers, said that via the baseball games, he and many other players have established friends with Republican members and that they “try to put as much of it behind” them as they can.

6, but also about a variety of other matters,” Doyle said in an interview prior of the game on Wednesday.

Nonetheless, Doyle knows on some level that this is a different type of year, what with an interminable epidemic and a former president who, with the assistance of supporters like as Greene, claims that the election was stolen from him.

“I understand that our intention is not to enter the building in a rage.

When Scalise and three other people were shot during practice the day before the 2017 game, the Capitol Police officers on the detail responded with their own bullets, preventing what could have been a mass casualty event.

This year, the fund is bleakly, resurgently relevant once more.

6 revolt, during which five individuals, including one police officer, were killed during or immediately after the incident.

One of them was a Capitol Police officer.

via Getty Images At a Build Back Better for Women event conducted by Democrats on the House steps of the United States Capitol on September 24, Greene yells at Rep.

“ALL House Democrats are horrible and will kill unborn infants all the way up to birththen rejoice,” Greene said in a quote-tweet to Dingell later the same day on Twitter.

His emphasis, like many of his teammates, will be solely on winning the game, but he doesn’t rule out the possibility that Greene may pick up the fight again during the course of play.

Aguilar has been a member of the team since he was elected to the position seven years ago.

However, he stated that he doesn’t feel the same way this year.

“So I think that aspect is a bit difficult, when you start thinking about how we came together after that one tragedy and then how separated we are now after this occurrence.” “It’s difficult to wrap your head around.” Aguilar is a member of the committee looking into the incident, which began meeting on January 6.


“We’ve had to play this game in the midst of terrible political times.

According to the author, “it takes place within the framework of what is happening in the nation’s capital and throughout the country.” Trying to put into words how he felt about playing against Greene, notably on Jan.

“It can be, I don’t know what the correct term is, but it can be.” Awkward, intense, and creepy all at the same time.

The possibility of finding a moment of philanthropic common cause and nonpartisanship is undoubtedly appealing.


Her coworkers were taking swings at sharp batting practice pitches delivered by a staff member as we waited along the first base line, waiting for the game to begin.

“It’s more difficult to come into the office every day and be around people that you can’t trust,” Sánchez said.

After pausing when another Democrat went by and handing her his glove, which he’d been using to snag fly balls in the outfield, Sánchez began her speech.

But, you know, the date of January 6th is etched into everyone’s collective memory.

Posted on September 29, 2021, at 17:28 Since January 6, four police officers have committed suicide, according to the latest available data. The cops were incorrectly classified in an earlier version of this report.

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