Have you ever thought about a Revocable Trust?

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I had a friend at work the other day ask why we have our home and rental houses titled in a Trust vs just our names.  I told her that it helps to have the Trust own the property and then my wife and I are owners of the Trust with our kids as beneficiaries.  This allows them to inherit our estate without all the problems of going to Probate court and so on.  Ours is a living Revocable Trust.  If you want to protect your assets a little stronger look into a Irrevocable Trust. 

By no means am I a legal expert or lawyer.... but here are some articles on this which covers more than I did.  I found this article "Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts" by Julie Garber at about.com and this article "Protect Your Assets With A Trust" at Axa Equitable to be very informative.





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Making time for your Kids

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Developing a strategy for becoming a better dad can sound like a big joke. To use the term “busy dad” in the current world is really an understatement. A lot of us dads have a difficult time trying to balance our professional or personal demands against spending valuable time with the wife and kids too. Just because your schedule is tight should not mean that you are destined to fail as a parent. 

The #1 Thing to Teach Your Kids About the Internet

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girl on pcAt some point every parent will eventually realize that our kids are more technically savvy than we ever will be. What was innovation and magic for us is commonplace for them. They grew up with computers; cell phones; tablets; ipads, ipods, iphones; i-this and i-that devices are everywhere. They don’t have conversations…they text; tweet; post; blog; and Reddit / Pinterest their daily encounters. So here is the hardest thing you will ever teach your kids about the internet…

You vs. GRE

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A senior in high school perseveres through the SAT/ACT by saying “I’ll never have to do this again.” Wrong. Most aiming for graduate school must overcome the GRE monster. It is a four hour soul sucking exam that literally determines the rest of your life. Unlike undergraduate schools, graduate schools mainly look for three things; high GRE scores, excellent letters of recommendation, and an above average GPA.  Grab a notebook and jot down these tips to help your college student survive tidal waves of vocab, essays, and critical thinking.

Water-bound with Toddlers

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While it may be true that “Those who are lucky enough to live on a lake are lucky enough,” for those of us who are not lucky enough, we must pull our wet and wild goodies from beach bags not from our lakeside cabanas.  Thirty-six years of being a water bug have taught me I absolutely must have these... 

How To Cut Countertops

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circular sawAs our remodel job progresses, this weekend I tackled installing our new laminate countertops. This wasn’t a big job, but it was one I had never done before so the anxiety level was elevated. You know – the old fear-of-failure mechanisms kicked in and I tried to over analyze everything. So with a moderate level of planning and a go-for-it attitude, you can do it too. Here’s how I did it…