Home Made Oak Threshold

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floor oak trimI’ve been hunting through every hardware store around trying to find just the right transition threshold to go between my hardwood floors and the kitchen tile. This should be an easy purchase and install, but with the opening over 7 feet wide, most of the little three foot long pre-made thresholds just won’t work. So I made my own. Here’s how…

Teaching Your Kids to Catch a Baseball

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girl baseball catchingSome kids just have a natural physical ability to play sports, specifically baseball or softball. The rest of us had to learn and practice, practice, practice. Personally I had the reflexes of a cat and was an aggressive and mean child growing up…perfect for playing Little League baseball.  As a follow up to my previous article on how to teach your kids to hit a baseball, here are some helpful tips for how to help them learn to catch a baseball…

Mythbuster: Baby Video Monitors

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One of the “mistakes” my wife and I made, we were told, was purchasing a video monitor for our child. The logic was that we’d be glued to the screen with every sound, and we’d constantly see terrible sleeping positions that would prompt us to rescue our child from non-existent harms. Now, with two-plus years of video monitoring under our belt, I couldn’t disagree more. I find myself on the opposite end of the argument – I believe these are an absolute must.

How To Cut Countertops

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circular sawAs our remodel job progresses, this weekend I tackled installing our new laminate countertops. This wasn’t a big job, but it was one I had never done before so the anxiety level was elevated. You know – the old fear-of-failure mechanisms kicked in and I tried to over analyze everything. So with a moderate level of planning and a go-for-it attitude, you can do it too. Here’s how I did it…

Baby Gift Suggestions - My "Go To" List

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Two years ago I’d never changed a diaper, I’d never fed a baby, and I’d certainly never been publicly humiliated by a two-year-old on a consistent basis. But, oh, how times have changed. Routine baby duties are now second nature. I’ve learned the magical powers of prunes. And I’ve been embarrassed in public so many times that our son is going to have to truly step up his game if he wants me to ever utter “Uncle!” again. Two years with a newborn-turned-toddler has also provided me with some valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to baby gifts. And with that in mind, here’s my can’t miss list of “Go To Gifts” for a friend who is about to enter the world of parenthood: If you have $15 to spend...

I Hate Checkout Lines

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checkout line waitingChanneling my inner Andy Rooney - It has gotten to the point where I avoid going to Walmart simply because of their checkout lines. It is beyond any argument or logic why they insist on opening so few registers. They have 30 registers and only open up 3 of them. At the point when all my shopping is done and I am ready to give them my money, they act indifferent. Does this make business sense to anyone?

Kids and Sports - the Dos and Don'ts

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Ever since my child could talk, he’s had sports on his mind. How else do you explain the fact his first word (and the next 1,000 as well) was “ball?” As a doting parent, I had no choice but to accommodate his wishes. So I got him a basketball. And then a football. And then a baseball. And then a golf ball. And then a tennis ball. And then… You get the picture. As a result, I suspect...

Toddler Travel

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Travel alert! One of the perks of having a child under the age of two is they can fly free of charge on domestic flights. The drawback, of course, is you’re about to be stuck on a plane with a child under the age of two, surrounded by people who were pleading to a higher power as you sauntered down the aisle that you weren’t going to be seated close to them. Much to their chagrin there you are, child in tow. Your job is to keep your child entertained in the 2x2 space commonly referred to as your lap. That’s a daunting enough task when you’re at home, complete with a fridge full of food and a closet full of toys. But there’s no home court advantage 30,000 feet in the air. What’s a parent to do?

How To Pull Out Fence Posts

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fence postsIn the midst of a landscaping job, my wife decided she wanted the gate to our wooden privacy fence moved. Along with this “easy job” was the removal of fencing and the associated fence posts too. Taking off the fencing material was not too bad once I broke out the Dewalt cordless saws-all. Removing the ten buried 4x4 fence posts was another matter altogether. They were cemented in….

The Speed Square

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speed squareIn my never-ending and epic battle to remodel our son’s 1960’s built house, I’ve had the added perk of getting to buy some of those unique tools that make guys happy. We all know that for guys it always boils down to “tools and toys”. Either one enables us to hold an animated conversation with a perfect stranger. Well this past week I spent a lot of time on my knees working on either vinyl flooring or wood flooring at the house. The Speed Square was just the ticket for a number of tasks and it will stay within reach in the workshop. Handy doesn’t begin to describe it….