My Stupid Mouth

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stupid mouthHave you ever wished you had not said something? This is a daily occurrence for me since I was a child; a teenager; in college; and yes even now. It’s really like some form of cosmic karma that continuously sends words straight from my brain out my mouth. It’s possible that they even skipped the brain part of the journey. Boy I wish there was an on-deck circle for my random thoughts… some sort of a verbal waiting room for them to sit patiently in until they have been properly vetted.

Reinstalling Windows 7: Not a Genuine Version of Windows

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Frustrated Computer AgainFor some reason my HTPC got corrupted and gave me the great message of "Not a Genuine version of Windows."  - Great!   After poking around for a few minutes, I saw that my Windows Update was no longer working.  Oh Great!  I spent an hour trying to restore Windows Update with various suggestions I Googled.  No luck.  Even went back to the Microsoft Technet site.  Now, we're getting deep.  Still nothing was working.  I tried various fixes, patches, and registry hacks.  No dice.

Don’t Let Downspouts Be Your Downfall

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Downspouts gutters problems repairThe last thing you would ever worry about are downspouts. What could possibly go wrong with something so simple? They don’t do anything and worse case the rainwater will come down somehow. First thing to consider with downspouts is that much like a leaking roof, you never notice there is something wrong until it’s raining. So that is the perfect time for you to go outside and try to fix them while you get to experience lightening, thunder, pelting rain, blowing wind...ahh the joys of homeownership. Well let me give you some hard-learned lessons about how badly downspouts can ruin your day….

Surviving The Easter Egg Hunt

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easter egg hunt little girl basketI don’t believe in cheating but when it comes to kids and candy anything’s possible. As any parent knows, taking your kids to the local Easter egg hunt means dealing with a mixed bag of nuts for other kids and their parents too. You know what I am talking about… your little Ricky gets cross-checked by a future NFL lineman; rendered unconscious by some MMA wannabe; and screamed at by the local Walmart greeter parents. Thoroughly traumatized and exhibiting PTSD symptoms, your child returns empty-handed and with trembling lips utters an expletive describing the Easter Bunny’s illegitimacy. Here are some suggestions for helping your child survive this ordeal (and for you too)…

Sugar Cookies

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Crafting with kids can be such an enjoyable experience for both, and offers an opportunity for some very special parent-child bonding time, too. Nevertheless, it can be far too easy to fall into the worry trap: that awful place in which your worry about mess overwhelms your desire to indulge your child’s creative side.
The best thing to do in those situations can be to stop, take a deep breath and spend about a minute and a half thinking about how much fun you used to have making mud pies. You’re still here: nothing permanently horrendous happened. Your mother might have set the washing machine on overdrive for a couple of days, but that’s probably all.

Changing Your Attitude

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attitudeI discovered something that you may find surprising – There is very little in this world that I can change. I cannot change the weather. I cannot predict the lottery numbers, nor can I tell you what women are thinking. I can’t fly...leap tall buildings...or see through clothes (all childhood dreams). I cannot change whether my boss is a continuous pain, or whether the people who work for me are either (btw – they’re not). I cannot change Wall Street; the Government; taxes; same-sex marriages; cancer; immigration laws; or Lance Armstrong’s drug tests. The one thing I have total control over and can change is my attitude....

Lessons on Saving and Spending

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piggy bank money savings kids learnI’ve always told my kids that if they learned this one simple trick they could double any money they earned. “Just fold it in half and stick in your pocket!” Today that advice is not so easy to follow since everyone uses credit cards and debit cards and eChecks or PayPal. But this time-honored and wealth generating logic still holds true: there are only two ways to financial well being. You either make more or spend less….and doing both is even better. Let me show you how we taught our boys to save and spend responsibly….

Fatherly Love on Valentine's Day

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Though Valentine's Day may seem like a yearly tribute to Hallmark, this holiday revolves around expressions of love. You give a card to your mom, roses to your wife, but what about to your kids? They may not be expecting a Valentine from you, but such a surprise could show them how much you truly care.

Should I Drop Our Home Phone?

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antique phone oldI am currently in the middle of this conundrum about whether to keep or cancel our home phone line. We are currently paying about $60 a month for this landline and with our cell phones we hardly seem to use it at all anymore. So the analysis and second-guessing is in full swing as I try to answer this question. What would you do….

Are You An Average Dad?

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Dad baby kissI'll bet you think that you're just another average Dad - but believe me you're not.  I was trolling through the US Census databanks looking for demographics for another project and came across some very interesting statistics about us Dads.  I’d recommend you better sit down to read these numbers…whoops – it appears that 67.8% of you already are sitting down. Here are some other facts you did not know…