Cool Gadgets for Dad's Car

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Although fatherhood has many of its own rewards, the drawbacks may feel a bit discouraging at times. While you once had a vehicle in which you took so much pride, a vehicle where you spent time every day making sure it was perfect, it is now a taxi service for your kids. So, just how can you pimp a ride that has felt the full effects of fatherhood? Spicing up your car can take as little as adding a few cool gadgets that it didn't have before - gadgets that can prove to be not just decorative, but useful too.

Wii games - Your key to Quality Time

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While we’re busy chasing the brass ring, we may not realize that we are actually losing out on the best time of our lives.  That’s why it is very important that we spend quality time with our family - especially with our children who constantly seek our love and attention.  We can enhance that quality time by playing family oriented games on Wii. There are lots of Wii games that are both interactive and fun. Here are a few to choose from:

Making time for your Kids

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Developing a strategy for becoming a better dad can sound like a big joke. To use the term “busy dad” in the current world is really an understatement. A lot of us dads have a difficult time trying to balance our professional or personal demands against spending valuable time with the wife and kids too. Just because your schedule is tight should not mean that you are destined to fail as a parent. 

Tis The Season- For Wrap Rage!

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This is again where e-tail giant Amazon has once again struck a blow for the little guy. With its certified Frustration-Free (tm) Packaging, Amazon has created another niche market. Gone are the impossible clam shells. Gone is the 30' of plastic coated wire. Banished are the plastic clips and staples holding Barbie's hair to the box lid. Amazon has gotten the manufactures to put products in sensible, consumer friendly, and even environmentally friendlier packaging. Those products are easy to find, and will reduce your blood pressure, your kids' frustration, and your footprint. Win Win Win.

Have you ever thought about a Revocable Trust?

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.to protect your assets and property? 

I had a friend at work the other day ask why we have our home and rental houses titled in a Trust vs just our names.  I told her that it helps to have the Trust own the property and then my wife and I are owners of the Trust with our kids as beneficiaries.  This allows them to inherit our estate without all the problems of going to Probate court and so on.  Ours is a living Revocable Trust.  If you want to protect your assets a little ...

How to lose 30 lbs in 3 months without losing your mind

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We guys like things simple; easy to follow; and results driven.  As any wife or girlfriend can attest, we have very short attention spans and can forget almost anything within 10 minutes….even less if there’s been a commercial for beer; pickup trucks, or Hooter’s during a football game on TV.  So I needed a weight loss plan that was so easy even my other brother Darryl could do it.

Risky Android Apps

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Since I got my first tablet, I’ve seen an increasing trend in smartphone applications requesting more than the needed rights for the device upon install.  Bit9 released today that more than 290,000 apps were questionable with “high level access”  on the devices...

Going to Summer Camp

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One way to conquer part of summer boredom is summer camp. Summer camps, when chosen properly, can provide wonderful experiences for your child that last a lifetime. Parents who do their research before the camp experience can rest assured as their child spends time away from home at camp.

Master Suite Remodel Project

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The project du jour is the master suite which was comprised of the bedroom, an incredible cheaply done and inefficient bath and a just-barely-usable closet. So, my wife and I decided we were going to pick a project and figured this was one that could help make our daily routine more efficient. The prior set up was a single vanity, a small shower and the a closet that was "L" shaped and difficult to use to any real extent. 

Fall Festivities

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As the season of fall approaches, leaves reveal their true colors, nights become cooler, and the time is ripe for spending time with your family. From orchards to pumpkin patches and nature trails to hay rides, the many fall activities provide the perfect opportunity to plan that family outing. Not sure what to do? Do a little research and load the minivan.