The Challenge of Chores

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Grumbling, complaining, and outright refusing: these are a few of the responses a dad might receive when he begins the dreaded task of assigning chores. Kids will never find chores fun, despite what Mary Poppins might say, but being consistent and offering rewards can result in a happier household.

A chore chart is the basic organizational tool for scheduling and assigning chores. These charts can take different forms according to how relaxed or strict you would like them to be. For instance, assigning a specific chore for each day of the week, such as "wash dishes on Tuesdays" is great for younger kids who respond well to routine. As kids become older, you might want to let them have more control over their chores by putting a list on the refrigerator and giving kids a week in which to complete those assigned to him.

Flash Still Avaliable on Android Download Now

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Google Play removed Adobe's Flash Player from their website.  Not to worry, flash can still be downloaded from the Adobe Flash Archive.  Since it's not on Google Play, you'll have to by pass the security settings to allow content from an

Braiding Hair and Having Tea: Not Just for Mommies

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Many parenting tasks and treats don't have to be gender-specific, even if society has forced them to become just that.  Spend a few minutes surprising and delighting your child and yourself by taking on those roles usually intended for your spouse. 

Daddy I'm Bored...Joining a Club

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One method for overcoming boredom in your child is to do a little advanced thinking.  Although you don’t want to overwhelm your child by providing too many options, several opportunities exist that can provide hours of activities your child can do during those “I’m bored” times.   By thinking ahead some, you may be able to decrease the frequency of those moments...

Picking a Summer Camp

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One way to conquer part of summer boredom is summer camp.  Summer camps, when chosen properly, can provide wonderful experiences for your child that last a lifetime.  Parents who do their research before the camp experience can rest assured as their child spends time away from home at camp.

Water-bound with Toddlers

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While it may be true that “Those who are lucky enough to live on a lake are lucky enough,” for those of us who are not lucky enough, we must pull our wet and wild goodies from beach bags not from our lakeside cabanas.  Thirty-six years of being a water bug have taught me I absolutely must have these... 

Daddy, I’m bored!!

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Daddy, I’m bored!! Ever hear that statement from your child? Sometimes it seems as if they could stand in the middle of a room full of toys, and they are still bored. This is your time to create those memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

You vs. GRE

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A senior in high school perseveres through the SAT/ACT by saying “I’ll never have to do this again.” Wrong. Most aiming for graduate school must overcome the GRE monster. It is a four hour soul sucking exam that literally determines the rest of your life. Unlike undergraduate schools, graduate schools mainly look for three things; high GRE scores, excellent letters of recommendation, and an above average GPA.  Grab a notebook and jot down these tips to help your college student survive tidal waves of vocab, essays, and critical thinking.

Paint the Town Neon

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Target is the hot spot for summer shopping. Neon trends, tribal prints, page turners, and must-have technology are assembled for your convenience in one place. Shopping for your teenage daughter does not have to be a mystery with the top ten Target items she is sure to use all summer long from pool side to car rides.

Tricks and Treats of Move out Day

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The dizzying atmosphere of sleep deprived college students moving out is the polar opposite of move in day. With finals over and friends saying goodbye, the last thing a college student wants to do is linger and be the last one to leave. Simplify move out day with these tried and true tips....