How Many Innings Was The Longest Major League Baseball Game

5 longest MLB games in baseball history

Baseball games are typically played for three hours, five minutes, and eleven seconds on average (as of 2019). Major League Baseball is attempting to accelerate the pace of the game in the future. That would have been a fantastic idea when the MLB games with the longest stretches of play took occurred. The record for the longest game in Major League Baseball history has been widely chronicled over the years. In other words, even though baseball is a slow sport by nature, it is unusual to see a game continue all the way to the 20th inning or even beyond.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how many innings the longest baseball game in history lasted, we’ve got the answer for you.

5. July 21, 1945: Detroit Tigers 1, Philadelphia Athletics 1

The game will last 24 innings. If you were a fan of pitching duel, you were in for a treat in 1945 when the Detroit Tigers took on the Philadelphia Athletics. They played for a total of 4 hours, 48 minutes without stopping, and, perhaps most impressively, just four pitchers took the mound that day (2 per team). Les Mueller threw 19.2 innings for the Tigers, allowing just one earned run, while Russ Christopher tossed 13 innings for the Athletics, allowing two earned runs. They continued on and on until the game was ruled a tie owing to the lack of visibility.

4. April 15, 1968: Houston Astros 1, New York Mets 0

The game will last 24 innings. There have been games in which the defense was outstanding, the pitcher was sharp, and the batting was awful. It all came together in 1968, when the New York Mets and the Houston Astros met in a game that was scoreless until the 24th inning of the 24th inning. The duration of this never-ending game was 6 hours and 6 minutes. This game also holds the record for the most scoreless innings in Major League Baseball history, thanks to the pitching performances of Tom Seaver and Don Wilson.

3. Sept. 11, 1974: St. Louis Cardinals 4, New York Mets 3

25 innings in length This game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets is the oldest continuous Major League Baseball game that has never finished in a tie. It was impressive because it lasted for seven hours and four minutes and concluded far into three o’clock in the morning. One of the most memorable aspects of this game is the fact that the Cardinals had a 3-1 lead into the ninth inning before the Mets knotted it up. Bakke McBrides scored in the 16th inning when Hank Webb made an errant throw that caused him to score.

2. May 8, 1984: Chicago White Sox 7, Milwaukee Brewers 6

25 innings in length The Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers played for 8 hours and 6 minutes, setting a new MLB record for the longest game ever. If you thought the last game seemed to drag on forever, you wouldn’t want to be in the stadium when they played for 8 hours and 6 minutes (in time). This game had been going on for so long that they had to finish it the next day.

Both teams went 17 innings until the game was called at 1:00 a.m. by the umpires. The following day, the Brewers grabbed a three-run lead in the 21st inning, but the White Sox rallied to tie the game once again and eventually won the game on the 25th.

1. May 1, 1920: Brooklyn Robins 1, Boston Braves 1

The game lasted 26 innings. Consider the possibility of a baseball game lasting 26 innings and ending in a draw. When the Brooklyn Robins took against the Boston Braves in 1920, that was just unacceptable, but hey, it was a part of the regulations at the time. The Robins and Braves were the stars of a pitching and defensive masterclass that, amazingly, only lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes, which is just slightly longer than a typical baseball game on the diamond. Because of the darkness, the game was finally declared a draw.

List of Longest MLB Games:

-August 22, 1917: The Brooklyn Robins defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-5. (22 innings) -May 17, 1927: The Chicago Cubs defeated the Boston Braves, 4-3. (22 innings) -June 24, 1962: The New York Yankees defeated the Detroit Tigers 9 to 7. (22 innings) -June 12, 1967: The Washington Senators defeated the Chicago White Sox, 6 to 5. (22 innings) -On May 12, 1972, the Milwaukee Brewers defeated the Minnesota Twins, 4-3. (22 innings) -Aug. 23, 1989: The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Montreal Expos, 1 to 0.

  1. (22 innings) -June 27, 1939: The Brooklyn Dodgers defeated the Boston Bees, 2 to 1.
  2. (23 innings) -September 1, 1906: The Philadelphia Athletics defeated the Boston Americans, 4 to 1.
  3. The Detroit Tigers defeated the Philadelphia Athletics on July 21, 1945.
  4. (24 innings) -September 11, 1974: The St.
  5. (25 innings) -On May 8, 1984, the Chicago White Sox defeated the Milwaukee Brewers, 7-6.
  6. (26 innings)

Longest game in major league history

During the weekend of May 8-9, 1984 in Chicago, the longest game in major league history in terms of time was completed. A three-all tie game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago White Sox was delayed after seventeen innings on May 8th, with the score remaining at 3-3. The game was re-started the next day before the regularly scheduled game time. The Brewers seemed to be on their way to a victory in the 21st inning after Ben Oglivie hit a three-run home run, but the White Sox responded with three runs of their own, two of which came on aTom Pacioreksingle.

Harold Baines hit a home run on the 753rd pitch of the game in the bottom of the 25th inning, with one out, for the Chicago White Sox.

It also established a new record for the earliest time a player has hit a home run in a game.

Also of note, Tom Seaver won the game in relief for the Sox, then went on to start the main game and throw another 8 1/3 innings, giving him a total of two of his 311 career victories in the same day.

It was not the longest game in terms of innings, since that distinction belongs to the historic 1-1 draw between Leon Cadore and Joe Oeschger in 1920, during which they both matched zeroes for 26 innings. Boxscore

MLB Game Length Records

Obtaining baseball game length records (such as the longest and shortest games ever played, the most innings ever played in a single game, and other similar records) is one of the most often requested commodities on the Internet. The Baseball Almanac is proud to introduce an official baseball game duration record book, which is available for purchase. The longest games, both in terms of innings played and time spent playing, as well as several permutations, are given.

Major League Baseball Game Length Records

Time Based Records
Record Lg Teams Time Date
Longest Doubleheader18 Innings AL New York 12 at Boston 4 8h 40m 08-18-2006
New York 14 at Boston 11 08-18-2006
NL Brooklyn 2 at New York 8 6h 46m 08-07-1952
Brooklyn 7 at New York 5 08-07-1952
Longest DoubleheaderWith Extra Innings (by Game Length Time) AL Kansas City 6 at Detroit 7 (Game Length 3:25) 9h 05m 06-17-1967
9 Innings
Kansas City 6 at Detroit 5 (Game Length 5:40) 06-17-1967
19 Innings
NL San Francisco 5 at New York 3 (Game Length 2:29) 9h 52m 05-31-1964
9 Innings
San Francisco 8 at New York 6 (Game Length 7:23) 05-31-1964
23 Innings
Longest DoubleheaderWith Extra Innings (by Total Elapsed Time) (Includes Length of Delay) AL Kansas City 6 at Detroit 7 (Game Length 3:25, 0:15 Rain Delay in 7th) 9h 56m 06-17-1967
9 Innings
Kansas City 6 at Detroit 5 (Intermission 0:36, Game Length 5:40) 06-17-1967
19 Innings
NL San Diego 5 at Philadelphia 2 (Rain Delay Start 1:10, Game Length 2:34, Rain Delay in 4th 1:56, Rain Delay in 6th 2:48) 12h 05m 07-02-1993
9 Innings
San Diego 5 at Philadelphia 6 (Intermission 0:25, Game Length 3:12) 07-02-1993
10 Innings
Longest GameExtra Innings AL Chicago 7 vs. Milwaukee 6 8h 06m 05-08-1984
25 Innings
NL San Francisco 8 vs. New York 6 7h 23m 05-31-1964
23 Innings
Longest Game9 Innings AL New York 14 at Boston 11 4h 45m 08-18-2006
NL Arizona 10 at Colorado 9 4h 30m 06-24-2016
Philadelphia 17 at Pittsburg 5 4h 30m 07-06-2018
Longest Game9 Innings At Night AL New York 14 at Boston 11 4h 45m 08-18-2006
NL Arizona 10 at Colorado 9 4h 30m 06-24-2016
Philadelphia 17 at Pittsburg 5 4h 30m 07-06-2018
Shortest Doubleheader18 Innings AL New York at St. Louis (Gm 1, 1:12) 2h 07m 09-26-1926
New York at St. Louis (Gm 2, 0:55) 09-26-1926
NL Chicago at Brooklyn (Gm 1, uk) 2h 20m 08-14-1919
Chicago at Brooklyn (Gm 2, uk) 08-14-1919
Shortest Game9 Innings AL St. Louis 6 vs. New York 2 55m 09-26-1926
Game 2
NL New York 6 vs. Philadelphia 1 51m 09-28-1919
Game 1
Shortest GameNine Innings At Night AL Chicago 1 vs. Washington 0 1h 29m 05-21-1943
NL Boston 2 at Cincinnati 0 1h 15m 08-10-1944
Record Lg Teams Innings Date

Major League Baseball Game Length Records

Inning Based Records
Record Lg Teams Innings Date
Longest GameBy Innings (20+ Innings) NL Brooklyn 1 at Boston 1 26 05-01-1920
NL St. Louis 4 at New York 3 25 09-11-1974
AL Chicago 7 vs. Milwaukee 6 25 05-08-1984
AL Philadelphia 4 at Boston 1 24 09-01-1906
AL Detroit 1 at Philadelphia 1 24 07-21-1945
NL Houston 1 vs. New York 0 24 04-15-1968
NL Boston 2 vs. Brooklyn 2 23 06-27-1939
NL San Francisco 8 at New York 6 23 05-31-1964
NL Brooklyn 6 vs. Pittsburgh 5 22 08-22-1917
NL Chicago 4 at Boston 3 22 05-17-1927
AL New York 9 at Detroit 7 22 06-24-1962
AL Washington 6 vs Chicago 5 22 06-12-1967
AL Milwaukee 4 at Minnesota 3 22 05-12-1972
NL Houston 5 vs Los Angeles 4 22 06-03-1989
NL Los Angeles 1 at Montreal 0 22 08-23-1989
AL Minnesota 5 vs. Cleveland 4 22 08-31-1993
NL Colorado 2 at San Diego 1 22 04-17-2008
NL New York 3 at Pittsburgh 1 21 07-17-1914
NL Chicago 2 vs. Philadelphia 1 21 07-17-1918
NL Pittsburgh 2 at Boston 0 21 08-01-1918
NL San Francisco 1 at Cincinnati 0 21 09-01-1967
AL Oakland 5 at Washington 3 21 06-04-1971
NL San Diego 1 vs Houston 2 21 09-24-1971
AL Chicago 6 vs. Cleveland 3 21 05-26-1973
NL San Diego 11 at Montreal 8 21 05-21-1977
NL Los Angeles 2 at Chicago 1 21 08-17-1982
NL Cincinnati 7 vs. Chicago 7 20 06-30-1892
AL Philadelphia 4 at Boston 2 20 07-04-1905
NL Chicago 2 at Philadelphia 1 20 08-24-1905
NL Philadelphia 9 vs. Boston 9 20 04-30-1919
NL Chicago 7 vs St. Louis 8 20 08-28-1930
NL Brooklyn 6 at Boston 2 20 07-05-1940
AL Washington 9 at Minnesota 7 20 08-09-1967
AL New York 4 vs. Boston 3 20 08-29-1967
AL Boston 5 at Seattle 3 20 07-27-1969
AL Oakland 1 vs California 0 20 07-09-1971
AL Washington 8 at Cleveland 6 20 09-14-1971
NL Philadelphia 5 vs. Atlanta 4 20 05-04-1973
NL Pittsburgh 5 vs. Chicago 4 20 07-06-1980
NL Houston 3 at San Diego 1 20 08-15-1980
AL Seattle 8 at Boston 7 20 09-03-1981
AL California 4 vs. Seattle 3 20 04-13-1982
NL Philadelphia 7 vs. Los Angeles 6 20 07-07-1993
NL St. Louis 7 at Florida 6 20 04-27-2003
NL New York 2 at St. Louis 1 20 04-17-2010
NL New York 1 vs Florida 2 20 06-08-2013
Longest GameInnings At Night AL Chicago 7 vs. Milwaukee 6 25 05-08-1984
NL St. Louis 4 at New York 3 25 09-11-1974
Longest GameInnings OnOpening Day(EveryOpening Daygame over 14 innings is listed) AL Toronto 7 vs. Cleveland 4 16 04-05-2012
Washington 1 vs. Philadelphia 0 15 04-13-1926
Detroit 4 at Cleveland 2 15 04-19-1960
Cleveland 2 vs St. Louis 1 14 04-16-1935
Chicago 9 vs. Detroit 7 14 04-10-1959
Chicago 3 vs California 2 14 04-12-1966
NL Philadelphia 5 at Brooklyn 5 14 04-17-1923
New York 1 at Brooklyn 1 14 04-16-1933
Pittsburgh 4 at Milwaukee 3 14 04-15-1958
Pittsburgh 6 at St. Louis 2 14 04-08-1969
Cincinnati 2 vs. Los Angeles 1 14 04-07-1975
Colorado 11 vs. New York 9 14 04-26-1995
New York 1 vs. Philadelphia 0 14 03-31-1998
Longest ShutoutBy Innings AL Oakland 1 vs. California 0 20 07-09-1971
NL Houston 1 vs. New York 0 24 04-15-1968
Longest TieBy Innings AL Detroit 1 at Philadelphia 1 24 07-21-1945
NL Boston 1 vs. Brooklyn 1 26 05-01-1920
Record Lg Teams Innings Date
Major League Baseball Game Length Records | Research by Baseball Almanac, Inc.

The Detroit Tigers played in the most straight extra-inning games during the 1908 season (see here for their schedule), from September 9th through September 13th, a stretch that included five games with a total of fifty-four innings. Was it known to you that the 1943 Boston Red Sox competed in a Major League-high thirty-one extra-inning games in the same season, setting a new record? When San Francisco and New York played a double header on May 31, 1964 (Game 1|Game 2), the two clubs set the Major League record for most innings played in a single day with thirty-two innings played between them.

May 8-9, 1984: White Sox, Brewers play for 25 innings, longest game in major-league history – Society for American Baseball Research

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “Baseball has the huge advantage over cricket in that it is completed far sooner.” In 1984, the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers challenged that concept by playing the longest major-league game in history, clocking in at 8 hours and 6 minutes over two days on May 8 and 9. A total of 14,754 fans were treated to 13 runs, 43 hits, four mistakes (nearly all of which were costly), and sleep deprivation during the White Sox’ 7-6 victory against the Brewers in 25 innings at Comiskey Park.

  • Baserunning was a mess.
  • “It was really incredible.” 3Neither team came into this game with a good record.
  • 4The defending American League West champions were in worse shape, sitting in fifth place with a record of 12-15, 312 games behind the California Angels.
  • Sutton’s baseball career came to a close in Cooperstown.
  • 5Despite the disparity in their professional backgrounds, Fallon was on an equal footing with Sutton on this cool May night.
  • (The Brewers managed a total of six victories.) In contrast to Fallon, Sutton was not quite as effective, walking two batters in the first frame and surrendering two singles in the third.
  • In the sixth inning, the Brewers let up a run to the White Sox.

Randy Ready dropped Harold Baines’ foul popup to second base, allowing Walker to be stranded at second base instead.

Ready earned his redemption by driving in the tying run in the eighth inning after drawing a leadoff walk and tied the game at 1-1 with singles by Sundberg and Robin Yount.

After a single in the 11th inning, Sundberg was called out at first base after taking an excessive amount of time to get to first base on his throw to second.

Yount started the game with a hit to left field, and with one out, he stole third and scored on a throwing error by catcherCarlton Fisk.

Despite the fact that pitcher Rollie Fingers came into the game chasing his fifth save of the season, the Brewers’ shoddy defense cost him the opportunity.

“I completely botched it.

“I arrived with plenty of time to spare.

That brought the score for the day to a close, but not the game of baseball.

So far in 1984, the White Sox had played only two games, both of which they won in 10-inning walk-off fashion.

A double by Baines off Tom Tellmann and an intentional walk to Paciorek in the 13th inning gave the White Sox runners at first and second with two out, but they were unable to knock in the winning run.

This was turning into a late-night affair.

when Baines grounded out to second to close the 17th inning on the 506th pitch thrown by the pitcher, as per American League regulations.

The game would restart in a short period of time – 17 hours later, at 6:30 p.m., before the teams’ next match.

“If the first game didn’t drag on for too long, I’d move on to the second game.” They were planning to bring in Bob McClurein when Porter became fatigued,” Porter explained.

In the 21st inning, Ron Reed took over for the White Sox and, after retiring the first two hitters, allowed a single to Cecil Cooper, a walk to Simmons, and a three-run home slam to Oglivie to put the White Sox in front.

A groundball to third base was hit by Rudy Law, which Ready threw into the stands, and the White Sox were on their way to a victory.

There appears to be no record of the song “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” being played during the 21st-inning stretch during the game.

Unfortunately for Stegman, he was unable to apply the brakes as he approached third base and crashed into the arms of third-base coach Jim Leyland, or barely touched him, depending on whose dugout you were in.

Tony La Russa, the manager of the Chicago White Sox, walked out of the game for the duration of the game in protest.

“I don’t believe Leyland was involved in it.” 11 Leyland, on the other hand, maintained his innocence.

The White Sox brought in Seaver, who had been set to start on Wednesday, to throw the top of the 25th inning.

LaMarr Hoyt, who had begun the game before the marathon, was the only one of their players who did not appear in the game after Seaver entered the game.

In the second inning, Dave Stegman was struck out after he bunted foul after two strikes.

Baines stepped up and crushed a 420-foot rocket to center field, 14and the longest game in major league history came to a close, resulting in Seaver being declared the winner.

15 “I wish it had gone on a little longer,” Porter, who was forced to accept the defeat, remarked.

was shown on the center-field scoreboard at 9:12 p.m., 25 hours and 42 minutes after the game began, by the White Sox scoreboard operator on behalf of the whole team.

He went 81/3 innings and earned a 5-4 victory.

Additionally, and were consulted, as was the SABR’s BioProject (accessible through the SABR website), the Sporting News Archive (accessed through the Paper of Record), and the Chicago Tribune (accessed through


The previous record for the longest game in terms of duration (7 hours and 23 minutes) was set on May 31, 1964, between the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets.

The Mets and Giants combined to play for a total of 9 hours and 52 minutes on that day.

In addition to winning the American League East, they lost only one postseason game on their way to capturing the World Series championship.

The Chicago Tribune published a 72-page article on May 10, 1984.

6 “Any Lead Is Unsafe as the Brewers Play 17,” according to Tom Flaherty.

There was a regulation in place at the time that no inning may begin after 12:59 a.m.


Sports 311 in the Milwaukee Journal on May 10, 1984.

The Chicago Tribune published an article on May 10, 1984, with the number 81.12.

The Milwaukee Journal published a story on May 10, 1984, titled Sports 3.13.

14″About L-O-N-G Games,” or “About L-O-N-G Games,” 4.

A major-league home run was hit in the 25th inning, making it the latest inning in which one had been hit.

15 “25 Innings Later, the Chisox Came Out on Top,” by Joe Goddard. The Sporting News published a 4.16 rating on May 21, 1984. “Baseball’s Longest Day Is the Longest for the Brewers,” by Tom Flaherty. Sports 317, according to the Milwaukee Journal of May 10, 1984.

How Many Innings Was The Longest Game In Mlb History? – SLFP

It took 26 innings for the longest game in Major League history to be called due to darkness — and it would have taken much longer if the game had continued for an additional hour or two. As a result, the Robins (the forerunners of the Dodgers) and the Braves were unable to break the deadlock in the last inning. The show lasted only three hours and fifty minutes in total, including commercial breaks.

How Many Innings Did It Take To Play The Longest Game In Mlb History?

When the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings met in the Triple-A International League, it was the longest game in professional baseball history. The game was the longest in professional baseball history. In total, there were 33 innings of play, totaling 8 hours and 25 minutes of play time.

How Long Did The Longest 9 Inning Mlb Game Last?

In the history of Progressive Field, it was the longest nine-inning game ever played, surpassing a previous record of four hours, 45 minutes set by a game between the Red Sox and the Yankees (who else?) that lasted four hours, 45 minutes. The event took place on August 18, 2006, at Fenway Park in Boston.

Has Anyone Ever Pitched A 27 Pitch Game?

It was during a nine-inning game in the Class-D Appalachian League on May 13, 1952, when Necciai recorded his most illustrious strikeout of his career. This year’s victor was the only pitcher to accomplish this feat in a nine-inning professional-league game.

What Is The Shortest Game In Mlb History?

Major League Baseball Game Length Records Time Based Records
Record Lg Teams
Shortest Game 9 Innings NL New York 6 vs. Philadelphia 1
Shortest Game Nine Innings At Night AL Chicago 1 vs. Washington 0
NL Boston 2 at Cincinnati 0

When Was The Longest Baseball Game Ever Played?

On May 8, 1984, the Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers played for 8 hours and 6 minutes, setting an MLB record for the longest game ever (Chicago White Sox 7, Milwaukee Brewers) and setting a new record for the longest game ever. 6 This game will be a disappointment if you thought the last one went on for an eternity.

What Is The Longest At Bat In Mlb History?

What is the record for the longest at-bat in Major League Baseball history? Brandon Belt, the first baseman for the San Francisco Giants, is the recipient of this award. It was Adam Duvall’s longest at bat of the season in the third inning of Game 5 against Houston Astros pitcher Luis Garcia. It was his longest at bat of the year. There were a total of 12 pitches in that game.

How Long Was The Fastest Nine-inning Game In Mlb History?

On this day in 1919, the New York Giants played the Philadelphia Phillies at the Polo Grounds in what was the shortest nine-inning baseball game in Major League Baseball history.

What Is The Longest Mlb Game Without Extra Innings?

A nine-inning baseball game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies took place at the Polo Grounds on this day in 1919, becoming the quickest nine-inning baseball game in the history of Major League Baseball.

What Is The Highest Pitch Count Ever?

On this day in 1919, the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies met at the Polo Grounds in what was the quickest nine-inning baseball game in Major League Baseball history.

What Is The Most Innings Pitched In One Game?

Leon Cadore and Joe Oeschger each pitched 26 innings in a single game on May 1, 1920, tying the record for most innings pitched in a single game.

What Is The Rarest Pitch?

There are numerous different forms of breaking balls, but screwballs are the most commonly seen type. Most baseball pitchers avoid throwing it because of the tax it imposes, making it one among the most uncommon pitches in the game.

Has Anyone Pitched An Immaculate Game?

Major League Baseball pitchers have attempted to throw nine pitches in three strikeouts for a half inning 41 times, with each pitch resulting in a strike.

Moreover, immaculateinnings are well-known in addition to this achievement.

Has There Ever Been A 0 0 Mlb Game?

Regardless, the White Sox and the Mariners battled it out until the 14th inning of the game (whatever the start time was on August 12). The Yankees and Red Sox played until the 15th of August on August 7, just five days before the All-Star break.

What Was The Biggest Blowout In Mlb History?

Baseball’s Biggest Blowout Games is a documentary that takes a look at some of the most lopsided games in major-league baseball history. On August 22, 2007, the Texas Rangers defeated the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 30-3, the largest margin of victory in Major League Baseball history. There is a difference of 27 runs between these two teams.

Watch how many innings was the longest game in mlb history Video

According to the author, “It is the mathematical possibility of a single game lasting forever, in a suspended universe where no clock dominates the day, that links baseball with the dead as much as it does with the living.” Bill Vaughn is correct in his assessment. It is mathematically conceivable for a single game to endure an infinite amount of time. Some would claim that a few people do, in fact, believe that they have. A regulation in baseball’s regular season that places a magic runner on second to open each inning after the ninth helped shorten the length of games in 2021, according to the National Baseball Writers Association.

MORE: Are the regulations for the Major League Baseball postseason different from those for the regular season?

Teams will be required to score in the same manner that they would in any other inning, exactly as they have done in previous seasons.

What is the record for the longest?

What are the longest MLB postseason games?

There have only been three games in the history of the Major League Baseball postseason that have reached the 18th inning, and none have gone on to the 19th inning. All three of them had only lately arrived in the country. The most recent occurred during Game 3 of the 2018 World Series, when the Dodgers and Red Sox advanced to the 18th inning. Max Muncy hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to bring the game to a close. The Dodgers’ 3-2 victory was also the longest in terms of duration, lasting seven hours and twenty minutes.

The duration of that game was six hours and 23 minutes, making it the second-longest game in the playoffs in terms of time.

This one, too, concluded with a home run, as Chris Burke hit a solo shot off Joey Devine to give the Astros a 7-6 lead and send them to the National League Championship Series.

That five-and-a-half-hour match was the third-longest in terms of total duration. Here’s a look at the playoff games that have lasted the most innings in Major League Baseball history.

Teams Series Date Innings Game Length Result
Red Sox vs. Dodgers World Series Oct. 26, 2018 18 7 hours, 20 minutes Dodgers win 3-2
Giants vs. Nationals NLDS Oct. 4, 2014 18 6 hours, 23 minutes Giants win 2-1
Braves vs. Astros NLDS Oct. 9, 2005 18 5 hours, 50 minutes Astros win 7-6
Mets vs. Astros NLCS Oct. 15, 1986 16 4 hours, 42 minutes Mets win 7-6
Braves vs. Mets NLCS Oct. 17, 1999 15 5 hours, 46 minutes Mets win 4-3
Mariners vs. Yankees ALDS Oct. 4, 1995 15 5 hours, 12 minutes Yankees win 7-5
Mets vs. Royals World Series Oct. 27, 2015 14 5 hours, 9 minutes Royals win 5-4
Rangers vs. Blue Jays ALDS Oct. 9, 2015 14 4 hours, 57 minutes Rangers win 6-4
White Sox vs. Astros World Series Oct. 25, 2005 14 5 hours, 41 minutes White Sox win 7-5
Yankees vs. Red Sox ALCS Oct. 18, 2004 14 5 hours, 49 minutes Red Sox win 5-4
Robins vs. Red Sox World Series Oct. 9, 1916 14 2 hours, 32 minutes Red Sox win 2-1

What is the longest MLB game ever?

Those playoff run-times may have totaled the duration of two entire Major League Baseball games, but they were still a long way short of the longest games in MLB history during the regular season. According to the number of innings played, two games have reached the 25th inning. The Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago White Sox both reached the milestone of 25 wins on May 8, 1984. Despite the fact that the Brewers scored three runs in the top of the 21st inning, the White Sox answered with three of their own in the bottom half of the inning to keep the game alive.

  • According to Stathead, the game lasted eight hours and six minutes, making it the longest game played since 1901.
  • It was on September 11, that year, when the Cardinals tied the game at three with a run in the top of the ninth inning.
  • A errant pitch caused McBride to speed around the bases, finally scoring when catcher Ron Hodges lost the ball.
  • Louis a 4-3 victory over the Cardinals.
  • and lasting till 3:15 a.m., the game took seven hours and four minutes and ended at 3:15 a.m.
  • MORE: Even if you think spending almost eight hours at a baseball game is a long day, imagine how the players for the Giants and the Mets felt on May 31, 1964.
  • Juan Marichal threw a whole game against New York, allowing just three runs, as San Francisco defeated the Mets 5-3 in a game that lasted two hours and 29 minutes.
  • Extra innings didn’t appear to be in the cards for the second game in a row.
  • From there, 15 scoreless innings ensued until the Giants scored two runs in the top of the 23rd inning and went on to win the game 8-6 in extra innings.
  • It continues to be the longest doubleheader ever played in the sport to this day.

Longest playoff games in North American sports

When compared to the NFL and NBA, it comes as no surprise that the longest MLB playoffs game continues to hold the record for the longest playoff contest in the sport. There is a tie for the longest NBA playoff game between a 1953 battle between the Syracuse Nationals and the Boston Celtics and a quadruple-overtime showdown between the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trail Blazers in 2019, both of which lasted five hours and forty minutes. It was Super Bowl XLVII between the Ravens and the 49ers, which lasted four hours and fourteen minutes, according to Stathead, which was the longest game in NFL postseason history.

There was a Stanley Cup semifinal game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons that went into six overtimes, resulting in a total game duration of 176 minutes and three seconds on the rink, however it is unclear how much time was spent on the ice overall to complete the game.

Longest Baseball Game in Major League History, 26-Innings Long

As part of a National League clash, the Boston Braves played host to the Brooklyn Robins on May 1, 1920 at Fenway Park. Brooklyn was in second place in the National League with an 8-4 record, one game behind the first-place Washington Nationals. While Boston, on the other hand, got off to a sluggish start, falling down 4-5 early on. It was intended to be just another day at the ballgame in front of 4000 people at Braves Field. But things didn’t go as planned. Nobody in their right mind, on the other hand, could have dreamed that they would one day become a part of baseball history.

  • Brooklyn scored at the top of the fifth inning to take a 1-0 lead, but Atlanta rallied for a 1-1 tie in the sixth inning on a single by Tony Boeckel.
  • Boeckel attempted to score from first base on aggressive base-running, but was thrown out at home on a spectacular relay play from Hood to Cadore to Krueger, preventing the Braves from taking the lead.
  • Joe Oeschger is a professional baseball player.
  • Finally, after 26 innings of play, the game was called due to darkness, and the score was tied at 1-1.
  • For the Dodgers, Leon Cadore scattered 15 hits while walking only five and striking out six hitters.
  • The following is an excerpt from the Boston Globe from May 2, 1920, describing the tension and excitement that had occurred the day before: “When the game was called due to darkness, it had been 26 innings and the score was 1 to 1.
  • On September 1, 1906, the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies of the American League played in Boston and set a new world record for the longest game ever played in major league baseball.
  • Joe Oeschger of the Braves and Leon Cadore of the Robins combined to pitch the entire 26 innings, unquestionably setting a record that will stand for as long as they both are alive.
  • It goes without saying that every single one of the 4000 people made it to the finish of the race.

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Five Longest Games in MLB History

The Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays played a game yesterday in Tampa, Florida. After the top of the first inning, the Red Sox had a commanding 6-0 lead, and it appeared like the night at the ballpark would be brief. Although they were down and out, the Rays came back and knotted it up in extra innings. However, it took the Red Sox 14 innings to win the game, which was completed well after midnight! Even though that game lasted an hour and a half, it was nothing compared to the two games played over the weekend.

  • To make sure they weren’t outdone, the Mets and Marlins played a combined 20 innings (!) to bring their game to a close.
  • Twenty innings of baseball is a long time in the sport.
  • Wrong.
  • May 1, 1920 — 26-inning game between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves The Robins (later known as the Dodgers) and the Braves battled to a 1-1 tie in their first meeting.
  • 2.
  • Louis Cardinals vs.
  • The Cardinals defeated the Mets 4-3 in the National League Championship Series.

There’s nothing awe-inspiring about that.

On May 8, 1984, the Chicago White Sox defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in a 25-inning game.

It took the White Sox to do it.


The A’s were able to stave off the Americans (eventually known as the Red Sox) and win 4-1.

Fifth game of the season: Detroit Tigers versus Philadelphia Athletics, 24 innings, July 21, 1945.

So, how does the Mets-Marlins game from Saturday rate among the other games?

There have been at least 17 games played in Major League Baseball history that have lasted at least 20 innings, according to the Baseball Almanac.

However, we are still just about halfway through the season. There’s still plenty of time for the Mets, Marlins, or any other club to get beyond the 21-inning barrier this season! Photograph courtesy of AP Photo/Paul J. Bereswill

The 10 Longest Games In Major League Baseball History

It was a lengthy game in terms of baseball, especially when it came down to the Red Sox and the Yankees on Friday night. Yes, the game came to a close around 2:15 a.m. local time. Yes, when the game began, Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira was 34 years old; by the time it concluded, he was 35 years old (this is not a joke). With a total playing time of 6 hours, 49 minutes (including a 16-minute delay due to a lighting malfunction deducted), the game was the longest Yankees home game (in terms of time) in franchise history and the second-longest in Yankees history, trailing only their 7 hour, 0 minute contest against the Detroit Tigers on June 24, 1962, on the road (a 9-7, 22-inning Yankees win).

  • The two teams combined for 627 pitches, which were thrown by 17 pitchers, including nine Red Sox pitchers, throughout the game.
  • For the Red Sox, the game set a new record for the longest game in the team’s history (the previous mark was 6 hours, 35 minutes on August 25, 2001 against the Texas Rangers).
  • On April 11, 1992, the Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians in a 19-inning contest (7-5).
  • (4-3 Red Sox loss).
  • In actuality, it narrowly cracked the top ten, ranking ninth out of the top ten longest games in league history (by length).
  • A game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Arizona Diamondbacks in August of that year lasted seven hours and six minutes and featured 18 innings.
  • The game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago White Sox in 1984 lasted a grueling 8 hours, 6 minutes and 25 innings.
  • Other notables include:
  • All 10 games have had the Mets participating in three of them. From a total of 10 games, the Yankees and White Sox have been featured in two games each. Four of the ten games have been played in the past six years (one in 2010, two in 2013, and one in 2015)
  • Four of the ten games have been played in the previous six years
  • In a hint that the game has grown more situational as a result of the deployment of relief pitchers, none of the longest games in Major League Baseball history occurred during the first 50 years of the American League and National League. From the 1960s until the present, all of the longest games have taken place.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the following are the top ten longest games in Major League Baseball history, with extra information provided by

Teams in black denote the winners of the game in question.

1 5/8/1984 Brewers vWhite Sox 6-7 25 8:06 Game was suspended in the top of the 18th with the score 3-3 and was completed May 9, 1984 at Comiskey Park I. W: Tom Seaver L: Chuck Porter
2 5/31/1964 Giantsv Mets 8-6 23 7:23 W: Gaylord Perry L: Galen Cisco S: Bob Hendley. Played at Shea Stadium. This wasthe second game of a double-header
3 6/3/1989 Dodgersv Astros 4-5 22 7:14 W:Jim Clancy L: Jeff Hamilton. Played at Astrodome
4 8/24/2013 Dbacksv Phillies 12-7 18 7:06 W: Trevor Cahill L: Centerfielder Casper Wells. Played at Citizen Bank Park
5 9/11/1974 Cardinalsv Mets 4-3 25 7:04 W: Sonny SiebertL: Hank Webb. Played at Shea Stadium
6 6/24/1962 Yankeesv Tigers 9-7 22 7:00 W: Jim Bouton L: Phil Regan. Played at Old Tiger Stadium
7 9/20/2013 Orioles vRays 4-5 18 6:54 W: Jeremy Hellickson L: Bud Norris. Played at Tropicana Field
8 4/17/2010 Mets vCardinals 1-2 20 6:53 W: Francisco Rodriguez L: Joe Mather S: Mike Pelfrey. Played at Busch Stadium III
9 4/10/2015 Red Soxv Yankees 6-5 19 6:49 W: Steven Wright L: Emil Rogers. Played at New Yankee Stadium
10 6/12/1967 White Sox vSenators 5-6 22 6:38 W: Bob Humphreys L: John Buzhardt. Played at D.C. Stadium

For game durations, we used the Elias Sports Bureau, as well as Baseball Prospectus. Refer to this page for further information on the game. Become a follower of mine on Twitter or LinkedIn. Please visit my website.

The Longest Game by Innings in Major League Baseball History

On the morning of May 1, 1920, it was a gloomy and dreary Saturday morning. As a result of the rain that had fallen throughout the morning, pitcher Joe Oeschger (pronounced esh-ker) didn’t even expect the game to be played. And even if it was played, he didn’t think he would be the starting pitcher because of his lack of confidence. His memory of his manager (George) Stallings is that he “typically pitched me on Sundays since I went to church.” Oeschger did end up becoming the starting pitcher for the Boston Braves on that particular day at Braves Field.

  • Oeschger was relieved to be facing Cadore on that particular day, since “Caddy” had already defeated him 1-0 in an 11-inning pitching battle earlier in the season.
  • The soon-to-be-legendary game began exactly at 3:00 p.m.
  • After a single by Ivy Olson, the Dodgers scored their first run in the fifth inning, giving them a 1-0 advantage.
  • At the time, it appeared to be a typical baseball game, with the score tied at 1-1 and the outcome to be decided in the next inning.
  • After the seventh, eighth, and ninth innings, the match was tied at 1-1, and the game was decided in extra innings.
  • The Braves had an opportunity to put the Dodgers out of their misery in the bottom of the ninth inning when they loaded the bases with one out, but second baseman Charlie Pick grounded into an inning-ending double play to conclude the game.
  • On that particular day, “Cadore had a nice curve ball, and I had a good, live fastball,” Oeschger later remarked.

“It’ll only take one inning, Joe,” his teammates continued assuring him as the game entered the 18th inning.

(Oeschger was no stranger to throwing duels lasting many hours.

The 25th inning and the 26th inning both ended with no runs.

at this point.

Barry McCormick, the plate umpire, saw that the lights were being turned on in buildings on the other side of the Charles River towards the end of the 26th inning.

Players from both sides pleaded with McCormick to reconsider his decision.

Their pleadings and admonitions fell on deaf ears, and the 26-inning 1-1 draw would go down in baseball history as one of the most memorable in the sport’s history.

Some sources state that 2,000 people attended the game, while others state that 3,500 people attended, and yet others state that 4,500 people attended.

When compared to Joe Dimaggio’s 56-game hitting streak or Pete Rose’s 4,256 hits, Joe Oeschger’s 21 consecutive scoreless innings pitched in a single game appears to be a more indestructible record.

Oeschger faced 90 Dodgers in his career.

And feel sorry for Charlie Pick.

(Charlie, on the other hand, made a blunders that day, putting salt to the wound of his dismal performance.) The “stars” of the day in terms of batting were both Braves— Three of their eleven hits came from third baseman Tony Boeckel, while three came from shortstop Walter “Rabbit” Maranville.

After pulling a leg muscle while sprinting around the park, he didn’t throw another pitch for another 12 days as a result of the injury.

After seven days of recuperation, I was back on the saddle and doing my customary turn.” “I didn’t have any soreness in my arm before or after the game,” he said.

The following day, they returned to Boston, where they were defeated by the Braves in 19 innings this time around.

After that, the Dodgers had only two defeats and one draw to show for their efforts.

*Please keep in mind that modern day baseball bats, such as Marucci baseball bats, are based on the historical baseball bats that were used in these games since they were durable enough to survive for several innings.

Consequently, if you’re seeking for a nice bat to employ in your extra-innings games, have a look at themarucci baseball bats. BonusFacts:

  • The Chicago White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers played the longest game in Major League Baseball history in 1984, which ended up being the longest game in terms of duration. The game, which took place at Comiskey Park and began at 7:30 p.m., lasted 25 innings. The game was called off after 17 innings with the score level 3-3. The interruption was necessary due to a regulation that forbade any inning from beginning beyond 12:59 a.m. on any given day. The game was restarted the next day. Both sides scored three runs in the 21st inning to extend the game into the 22nd inning and beyond. In total, 8 hours and 6 minutes were spent on the field during this 25-inning game. On top of that, since another game was scheduled to begin immediately after the first, both sides ended up playing 17-inning games back to back
  • Tom Seaver won the above-mentioned first game in relief, and then went on to win the following game that followed immediately after
  • Moreover, if this game wasn’t enough, there was a single day when two teams played more baseball than the two teams mentioned above combined in the longest double header in Major League Baseball history. These games took place on May 31, 1964, as part of a doubleheader between the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets in New York City. With a 5-3 victory in nine innings, the Giants took the first game. A total of 23 innings were played in the second game of the doubleheader. It took a total of 9 hours and 52 minutes to play the two games
  • One player, Ed Kranepool of the New York Mets, played all 32 innings in what was the longest doubleheader in Major League Baseball history. What makes this even more impressive is that he’d been in AAA the day before and had played every inning of a double header there before being called up to the big leagues (no doubt due to the excitement, which happens to players all the time)
  • He’d also been in AAA the day before and had played every inning of a double header there before being called up to the big leagues (no doubt due to the excitement, which happens to players all the time)
  • During the minor leagues, the longest game in the history of professional baseball was played. The Pawtucket Red Sox of the American Association and the Rochester Red Wings of the American Association met in this game. These two teams battled for 8 hours and 25 minutes over the course of a 33-inning game, with 32 of the innings being played without a pitching change (the game was called after the 32nd inning and taken back up a couple months later). In the bottom of the ninth inning, Rochester was up by one run when Pawtucket tied the game. Rochester gained the lead for the second time in the 21st inning, only for Pawtucket to tie the game again in the bottom of the inning to force extra innings. Finally, Pawtucket scored in the bottom of the 33rd to secure a 3-2 win for the team. Beginning on April 18, 1981, and ending on June 23, 1981, the game was played.

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