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Check for a Discount Sammy Sosa (born November 12, 1968) is a retired Major League Baseball right fielder who is most known for being one of the game’s hardest hitters during a period highlighted by the widespread use of performance-enhancing substances (PEDs). Slammin’ Sammy made his Major League Baseball debut with the Texas Rangers on June 16, 1989. It was against none other than fellow PED userRoger Clemens that he hit his first career home run. The prices of Sammy Sosa rookie cards were now in the trash bin, but they have just begun to rise.


“Long Live Summer.” The following are the best-selling hobby boxes: 1.

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On a related topic, we also appreciated the Michael Jackson documentary “Last Dance” and are looking forward to this summer’s “Long Gome Summer” as well.

Top 3 Sammy Sosa Rookie Cards

We’ve put up a checklist for his rookie cards, as well as three popular selections and a prognosis for the future of investing in sports cards.

1990 Sammy Sosa Leaf Rookie Card220 (buy on eBay)

This is the most sought-after Sosa rookie card among collectors, and it is frequently available for purchase on oneBayauctions. Slamming Sammy appears to be putting down a bunt on the card?! Clark, you can’t possibly be serious! Unfortunately, this is the situation in this instance. If we believe that Sammy was more of a speedster in his early years, it could make sense to show him bunting the ball before assuming that he puts on the afterburners and legged out an infield hit a la Willie Mays.

Sammy topped the Florida State League in triples and was eighth in runs scored when playing for Port Charlotte in 1988.

Our Opinion:This is an excellent card to get in order to take advantage of the expected increase in the value of Sammy Sosa cards (which is already beginning).

1990 Sammy Sosa Bowman Tiffany or Base Rookie Card312 (buy on eBay)

EVERYONE GETS ON THE MONEY TRAIN! For some reason, we find it really enjoyable to type. However, because to the reasons we discussed before, a significant price hike for this card is expected over the coming several weeks. On the card, you can see Slammin’ Sammy, who has a big ole’ smile on his face, against a beautiful blue sky background. The extra-large Bowman card size with the white and yellow border is also a favorite feature. Honestly, they don’t make em like this any longer! It brings us back to the hot summer days of running about in the stream while sipping lemon-lime Vess sodas and collecting crawfish, thanks to the 1908 Bowman Tiffany Sosa rookie card.

We are head over heels in love with the Tiffany version of this card, and we may just get married to it!

The reverse of the card merely displays his vital statistics, as well as a really amazing breakdown of how Sosa hit against each of the teams against which he competed.

These were also significantly more intriguing than the cookie-cutter statistics page, which we also thought. This, as well as the Topps, is our opinion. Due to the release of the “Long Gone Summer” documentary, Tiffany Sammy Sosa rookie cards are expected to see the greatest increase in value.

1990 Sammy Sosa Topps Tiffany or Base Rookie Card692 (buy on eBay)

There’s a common Tiffany version of the 1990 Topps card in the collection, but there’s also a rare Tiffany version of the card that we’re looking for (if available). It differs from the others in that it does not include a quotation on the reverse; instead, it lists Sosa’s major and minor league hitting records. The Topps logo appears on the front of the O-Pee-Chee edition from the same year, but the reverse is multilingual. Information on the card: Numbered692, the reverse of the card just displays his vitals and statistics from his time in the minors.

You might be able to get it on eBay purchase now, but the asking prices are generally unreasonably exorbitant.

1990 Sammy Sosa Score RC558 (buy on eBay)

The 1990 Score rookie card is numbered 558 and is yet another great rookie card. A gem mint variant recently sold for $26.01, indicating that it is absolutely within reach. The backquote has a detailed overview of his early professional life. Information on the card: The reverse of the card, which has the number 558 on it, reads: “Sammy was one of the most exciting rookies of 1989.” He was the third-youngest player in the majors when he turned 20. He was fast and aggressive, and he had a powerful, accurate arm.

In his very first at-bat in the majors, he singled to right field.

After a brief hiatus that saw him hit.367 in 13 games with the White Sox, he returned to the majors with the team in late August.

“He appears to be set for the time being.” Our Opinion:This is a nice card only if the other cards described in this article are not available and you need to acquire anything as soon as possible.

Best Sammy Sosa Autograph Card

If you’re searching for an autographed card of Sammy Sosa, this one could be exactly up your alley.

2020 Topps Luminaries Sammy Sosa HR Kings Auto Game Used Relic Card /10

The use of this contemporary card provides a unique alternative for customers seeking a more exclusive product. While it doesn’t have the same significance as a rookie card, it does have a signature as well as some patches from actual games played. The card was only printed in 10 copies, making it difficult to come by but extremely expensive once it was discovered. On the whole, this card is a really high-end product that might be a good choice for individuals who like current cards to older ones.

Sammy Sosa Rookie Card Value

Slamming Because of the “Long Gone Summer,” the value of Sammy rookie cards is expected to rise significantly over the next few months. Once the documentary is completed, Sosa rookie cards should see a little decrease in value, but they will still be far higher than prior lows.

Do you have a few Sammy Sosa rookie cards and would want to know what they are worth? If possible, please send us a minimum of two photographs at [email protected]

Sammy Sosa Rookie Card Checklist

  • 1989 Topps Major League Debut RC120
  • 1989 Donruss Baseball’s Best324
  • 1990 Bowman RC312
  • 1990 Topps Big League Debut RC120
  • 1989 Topps Big League Debut RC120 Among the items included are the 1990 Donruss Rookie Card489, 1990 Donruss Best American Leaguers Rookie Card104, 1990 Fleer Sportsflics RC548 and 1990 Sportflics RC548. Sammy Sosa Rookie Card RC81
  • 1990 Leaf Rookie Card220
  • 1990 O-Pee-Chee Rookie692
  • 1990 Score RC558
  • 1990 Topps RC692
  • 1990 Upper Deck Rookie Card17

Investment Outlook

Sosa rose to prominence during the drug era, and the charges against him have had an impact on the value of his rookie card in recent years. Sosa went into hiding as his card values plummeted as a result. In fact, we haven’t seen this cat in literally years. We’re curious if this new documentary, “Long Gone Summer,” will pull him out of hiding and potentially help rehabilitate his reputation (at least in the city of Chicago). An opportunity for redemption is always welcome in our opinion, and we believe Sosa should at the very least try to take advantage of his potential celebrity status by showing up at Wrigley Field a few times this summer and seeing how things go.

In any case, his rookie cards should surely see a price increase as a result of the documentary, and honestly, all of his cards should see a price increase as a result of the documentary (even non-rookies).

Sammy It may be better to get Sosa rookie cards right now in order to sell them during the broadcast of the documentary, which is currently scheduled to debut on May 1.

Investment Recommendation: A Good Buy

Sammy Sosa Rookie Card Checklist – Best Rookie Card Options

It is possible that we will receive money or items from the companies featured in this post. Sammy Sosa was a highly regarded right fielder who was most known for his time with the Chicago Cubs, which most baseball fans remember fondly. He is also a seven-time All-Star and a one-time National League MVP winner, which is enough to make his baseball cards coveted on their own. As a result of the Junk Wax phenomena, it is not unexpected that his rookie cards were initially not particularly desirable.

Best Sammy Sosa Rookie Cards

In the event that you are just interested in acquiring a Sammy Sosa rookie card from 1990, these are your finest possibilities.

1990 Bowman Sammy Sosa Rookie Card312 (+ Tiffany)

The 1990 Bowman Sammy Sosa rookie card is likely the most accessible card on our list, making it an excellent choice if you’re a budget collector or searching for an entry-level card. With Bowman baseball cards, especially the ones from the 1990s, there’s always something to get thrilled about. The cards appear to have earned a reputation as being the “must-have” cards for first-time card collectors. To not be captivated by the card’s basic yet classic sense, which is emphasized by the large image of Sammy centered in the centre, as well the green-yellow-red border surrounding it, and its large format.

And, despite the fact that this Bowman wasn’t very expensive at the time of purchase, the worth of this Bowman appears to be increasing all the time.

The Tiffany counterpart of the Bowman card is one of my favorites, even more so than the Bowman base card.

Due to the higher grade card paper used, it is thicker and more robust than the basic card, which means it will age even better than the base card.

The choice is analogous to that of selecting between two different automobiles: the Volvo is safe and dependable, while the Ferrari is sexier and simply superior.

1990 Leaf Sammy Sosa Rookie Card220

Leaf cards were all about showcasing activity rather than being showy and in your face, which was the goal. Anyone who has ever watched Sammy Sosa hit a home run can’t say no to watching him do it all the time. It is the picture on this card that distinguishes it from the others. Those searching for a flashy card with a ton of graphical components will be disappointed with this one. It wasn’t about that in the 90s, it was about displaying as much of the player’s personality and style as possible.

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However, if you are looking for an excellent deal at a reasonable price, the Leaf card is a no-brainer.

Have you ever wondered why?

If you didn’t already know this, you do now.

1990 Topps Sammy Sosa RC692

Topps has long been one of the most prominent brands when it comes to rookie cards, and it is unquestionably the card brand with the most pedigree and history in the industry. However, it is possible that it was not the most popular brand among collectors in 1990, particularly among baseball aficionados. Bowman cards were chosen mostly due to their more visually pleasing design, but Topps cards were not everyone’s cup of tea due to their less aesthetic appearance. The Topps 1990 Sammy Sosa rookie card is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after cards available on the market today.

Essentially, it is the same as the Topps card, but with a multilingual backdrop instead of the English one.

Here’s how the Tiffany comparison works: For starters, this card is more expensive since it is more uncommon, as there aren’t many listings for it on markets these days, which means it is more valuable.

As is the case with Bowman Tiffany, the quality of this Tiffany card is superior to that of the basic card, particularly when it comes to the card paper used.

1990 Score Sammy Sosa Rookie Card558

The 1990 Score Sammy Sosa card is unquestionably a good investment, but it is also a wonderful card to have in your collection if you want to keep it around. It is neither the most costly or difficult to obtain card in the world, nor is it especially difficult to obtain. This card’s appeal lies in its simplicity, as it makes use of a straightforward design and an intriguing photograph of Sammy Sosa in action to achieve this.

It’s possible that this card will make an excellent addition to your collection if you don’t worry too much about collecting the greatest and most costly cards, or if you’re on a tight budget.

1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa Rookie Card17

The 1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa card is distinct from the other cards on this list for a variety of reasons. The artwork on this card is the most significant distinction between it and the other cards. This image of a happy Sammy Sosa will brighten your day since it depicts him in a positive light. In terms of design, it’s possible that this isn’t the most advanced card in the world, and it’s certainly not the most spectacular. Upper Deck has kept things basic for its 1990 collection, with a white border around the card and green and yellow thin bordering at the top of the picture at the bottom of the image.

If you’re a fan of Sammy Sosa, you’ll appreciate that this description is significantly more extensive than the descriptions of the other cards.

Originally, there were a large number of these cards created as a result of the excessive printing that card firms undertook in the 1990s.

1990 Donruss Sammy Sosa Rookie Card489

If we’re talking about Sammy Sosa rookie cards, we’ll be looking at Donruss as the next firm to look at. This one is a little brighter in color than the previous cards we’ve shown you so far, and it also has that distinct 90s vibe about it that we all remember. If you like something that has that feel to it rather than having a traditional design, the Donruss card could be your best choice, according to the company. Fortunately, because of the large number of copies printed, it is also not prohibitively expensive.

1990 Fleer Sammy Sosa Rookie Card548

If you’re looking for a somewhat different design when it comes to Sammy Sosa rookie cards, you might want to look into Fleer’s offerings instead. The artistic features on this card are a little different from those on the previous card. With a red-and-white border and a broader outer white border, it appears to be a good match for the image of a happy Sammy. Fleer is also one of the most recognized companies in the world, with a long history, thus investing in this card should be regarded a risk-free decision.

1990 Star Sammy Sosa Rookie Card61

Back in the 1990s, there were no premium cards like on-card signatures or jersey patches, which are now commonplace in the hobby. As a result, collectors were forced to select between cards with a more traditional sort of style and cards with a more vibrant color scheme. Star was one of those bright and flamboyant card companies, and this Sammy Sosa rookie card from 1990 reflects that. It has a glossy surface, which you’ll find appealing if you’re searching for something that has a somewhat more luxury feel to it than the average product.

These didn’t hold up especially well over time, and there are a number of ungraded cards available on the market, so you’ll have to be picky about which one you choose based on your requirements and preferences.

Other Notable Sammy Sosa Cards

While this article includes all of the important Sammy Sosa rookie cards, it doesn’t mention any of the subsequent cards that have grown popular since then. If you’re seeking for Sammy Sosa cards that are a little bit newer, these could be your best chances.

2003 Upper Deck A Piece of History Sammy Sosa 500HR Game Used Auto

This is a specialty If you’re searching for something truly unique, a Sammy Sosa memorabilia is a fantastic option to consider. Upper Deck baseball cards from 2003 were intended to reflect historic figures in baseball, and fortunately, Sammy Sosa was featured in the list of the 500 greatest players in baseball history. He received his own premium card, which had his autograph and a match-worn patch of his jersey, which was essentially all he needed for a premium card. However, don’t expect this one to be inexpensive.

The majority of the time, they will be in the four-digit range.

As if there was any need to explain why Sammy Sosa was included in the 500 club, it goes on to discuss him as a player and offer the grounds for his inclusion in the club.

1996 Select Certified Sammy Sosa Mirror Gold59

As previously said, the premium cards from the 1990s were distinguished by a shining sort of design and a glossy finish, which is the primary appeal of this particular piece of artwork. Another factor to consider is the fact that there were only 30 of these Mirror Gold cards produced, which will inevitably drive up the price of this card. This Select Certified parallel is one of the most expensive baseball cards from the 1990s, yet it may be tough to track down a copy of this particular card.


The most expensive Sosa rookie card is the 1990 Bowman Tiffany card, which may range in price from several hundred dollars to many thousand dollars depending on the condition of the card in question. Because of the huge print numbers of certain other Sammy Sosa rookie cards, they are not as pricey, and you will have no trouble locating and paying for them even if you are a budget collector. Sammy Sosa rookie cards are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

What Year is Sammy Sosa Rookie Card?

While he was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 1989 and made a few appearances for the team before being traded to the Chicago White Sox in July of that year, 1990 is the official rookie year for his rookie cards. However, his real rookie year was 1989, when he was drafted by the Texas Rangers and already made some appearances for the team before being traded to the White Sox in July of that year. As a result, he was only included in the 1990 set of trading cards.

Final Thoughts

Even after the documentary on Sammy Sosa was published in 2020, he continues to be regarded as one of the most popular baseball players from the 1990s, and his popularity has only grown since then.

In light of these considerations, it may be worthwhile to consider investing in Sammy Sosa rookie cards now, while the cards’ prices have not yet reached the levels that they may reach in a few years.

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Sammy Sosa #265 Prices

Ungraded Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 BGS 9.5 PSA 10
$1.02$0.00 N/A$0.00 $0.99$0.00 $4.73- $1.51 $28.26- $0.12 $60.28- $0.44
volume: 1 sale per month volume: 1 sale per year volume: 1 sale per year volume: 4 sales per year volume: 1 sale per year volume: 1 sale per year
Grade 9 BGS 9.5 PSA 10
$4.73- $1.51 $28.26- $0.12 $60.28- $0.44

Ungraded Sold ListingsGrade 7Sold ListingsGrade 8Sold ListingsGrade 9Sold ListingsGrade 10Sold ListingsGrade 11Sold Listings PSA 10Sold ListingsBGS 9.5Sold ListingsBGS 9.5Sold Listings There are no sales figures available for this game or its condition. There are no sales figures available for this game or its condition. There are no sales figures available for this game or its condition.

Sammy Sosa (1991 Upper Deck) Details

Is Rookie Card: No
Genre: Baseball Card
Publisher: Upper Deck
Card Number: 265
Print Run: n/a
Notes: none
PriceCharting ID: 1951495
Description: none

Sammy Sosa (Baseball Cards 1991 Upper Deck) prices (as well as all other baseball cards) are updated daily for each source listed above. The prices displayed are the lowest currently available bids for Sammy Sosa as of the last time we checked our database. Sales data from the past are completed transactions in which a buyer and a seller have reached an agreement on a price. We do not include the cost of unsold products in our pricing. The price of Sammy Sosa fluctuates between the end of each month and year, based on the data we have collected thus far.

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Sammy Sosa Price List

Price List for Sammy Sosa Date of last publication: October 20, 2021 To be clear, even though this is a recent publication, I sell my products through a variety of channels. Please accept my apologies if I end up being out of stock of something I’ve advertised. A purchase order form may be found at the bottom of the page, however there are further alternatives accessible on theOrdering Processpage.

1989 Replay Games Card (no pic) $3.00
1990 Baseball Card Magazine Insert49(’69 Topps Replica-Robin Ventura/Sammy Sosa) $2.00
1990 Baseball Card Magazine Insert Strip of 3 $3.00
1990 Fleer548 $2.00
1990 Leaf220 (PSA 8) $12.00
1990 Publication International Hottest 50 Rookies Stickers $3.00
1990 Replay Games Card (no pic) $2.00
1990 Sportflics81 $6.00
1990 Statis Pro – Avalon Hill Game Card (no pic) $2.00
1990 Strat-O-Matic Game Card (no pic) $3.00
1991 Classic Purple060 $1.50
1991 Leaf321 $0.50
1991 OPC414 $1.00
1991 Panini Sticker French316 $2.00
1991 Score256 $0.50
1991 Stadium Club6 $0.50
1991 Statis Pro – Avalon Hill Game Card (no pic) $2.00
1991 Strat-O-Matic Game Card (no pic) $3.00
1991 Topps Micro414 $0.50
1991 Ultra82 $0.50
1991 Upper Deck265 $0.50
1992 ClassicT27 $0.50
1992 JKA Vincentown Button76 of 120 (red blue/1 Inch) $2.00
1992 JKA Vincentown Button Proof Square076 of 120 (white back) $3.00
1992 Leaf Black Gold421 (cameo with Kim Batiste) $0.50
1992 OPC94 $0.75
1992 Panini Canadian Sticker129 $3.00
1992 Panini Sticker129 $0.75
1992 Statis Pro – Avalon Hill Game Card (no pic) $2.00
1992 Topps94 $0.50
1992 Topps Gold94 $1.00
1992 Topps Gold Traded109T $2.00
1992 Topps Micro94 $0.50
1993 Baseball Card/Sports Card Magazine Insert88(’68 Topps Replica) $1.50
1993 Panini Sticker208 $1.00
1993 Panini Sticker Panel (Steve Buechele/Kal Daniels/Sammy Sosa/Derrick May/ Ken Caminiti/Steve Finley/Luis Gonzalez/Eric Anthony) $6.00
1993 Strat-O-Matic Game Card (no pic) $3.00
1993 Topps156 $0.50
1993 Topps Blank Back Error $3.00
1993 Topps Gold156 $1.00
1993 Topps Micro156 $1.00
1993 Triple Play151 $0.50
1993 Upper Deck127 $0.50
1993 Upper Deck819 $0.50
1994 Chris Martin Pro Mags023 $3.00
1994 Collectors Choice263 $0.50
1994 Fun Pack162 $0.50
1994 Pacific Spanish112 $1.00
1994 Panini Sticker158 $1.00
1994 Panini Sticker Panel (Eric Karros/Freddie Banavides/Dante Bichette/Eric Davis/ Sammy Sosa/Jose Vizcaino/Rick Wilkins/Brady Anderson) $6.00
1994 Pinnacle Power SurgePS07 $2.00
1994 Sportflics81 $0.50
1994 Sportflics MoverMM7 $2.00
1994 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel80 $3.00
1994 Topps Spanish725 $3.00
1994 Upper Deck268 $0.50
1995 Bazooka4 $0.50
1995 Kraft29 $1.00
1995 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue174 $6.00
1995 Stadium Club Super Team World Series174 $1.50
1995 Stadium Club Super Team World Series238 $1.50
1995 Stadium Club Super Team World Series497 $2.00
1995 Tombstone30 $1.00
1996 Chris Martin Pro Stamps040 $2.00
1996 Info Baseball Game Card (no pic) $2.00
1996 Panini Sticker048 $1.00
1996 Panini Sticker Strip of 3 (Jaime Navarro/Mark Grace/Sammy Sosa) $2.00
1996 Red Foley CardNNO $1.50
1996 Strat-O-Matic Game Card (no pic) $3.00
1996 Team Out Baseball Action Card ‘Trade Outfield’ (Sosa/Griffey) $1.00
1996 Upper Deck Folz Vending Machine Minis11 $8.00
1997 Cracker Jack11 $2.00
1997 Crown Pro Sticker10 (Chicago Cubs Pack) $2.00
1997 Panini Sticker074 $5.00
1997 Sports Heroes FeatsFacts – Baseball Champion156 Pkt.81b variation $4.00
1997 Strat-O-Matic Game Card (no pic) $3.00
1997 Summit244 $0.50
1998 Pacific Nestle10 $4.00
1998 Panini Sticker054 $15.00
1998 Topps Tek28 Pattern 43 $2.00
1999 East End Publishing Baseball Superstars Album Poster 8×10 $3.00
1999 MLBPA Racing Champions Yo-Yo10 $6.00
1999 Spectra Kite Card2 of 6 $5.00
1999 Spectra Star Card and Kite $15.00
1999 Topps Tek06A P-24 $1.00
1999 Topps Tek06B P-18 $1.00
1999 UD Choice SuperstarsS3 $1.00
2000 APBA All-Star Edition (no pic) $2.00
2000 APBA Premiere Edition (no pic) $2.00
2000 APBA SuperstarsNNO $2.00
2000 Cyber Action E2K Mini CD and Pamphlet06 (Scott Rolen/Alex Rodriguez/Bartolo Colon/ Richie Sexson/Todd Helton/Craig Biggio/Chipper Jones/Larry Walker/Sammy Sosa/Jeff Bagwell) $20.00
2000 Cyber Action E2K Mini CD and Pamphlet09 (Sammy Sosa/Roger Clemens/Mariano Rivera/Ken Griffey Jr/ Jose Canseco/Gabe Kapler/Adrian Beltre/Marlon Anderson/Alex Gonzalez/Tony Clark) $30.00
2000 Cyber Action E2K Mini CD and Pamphlet11 (Alex Rodriguez/Craig Biggio/Chipper Jones/Larry Walker/ Sammy Sosa/Mo Vaughn/Nomar Garciaparra/ Frank Thomas/Gary Sheffield/Ivan Rodriguez) $30.00
2000 East End Publishing Baseball Superstars Album Poster 8×10 $4.00
2000 Fleer Sports Cards Magazine Insert34 $3.00
2000 Fleer Twizzlers08 $2.00
2000 Kenner Card $2.00
2000 Venezuelan de las Grandes Ligas Stickers Set of 420254 $8.00
2000 Venezuelan de las Grandes Ligas Stickers Set of 420412 $8.00
2001 CapCure Home Run ChallengeNNO (Nomar Garciaparra/Sammy Sosa) $6.00
2002 Cracker Jack All-Stars22 $2.00
2002 Donruss Super EstrellasES4 $2.00
2002 MLB Showdown All-StarNNO $1.00
2002 Nestle5 $1.00
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