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A portion of ourDFS Baseball 101series is contained within this article. For many baseball fans—particularly those of us with a little more “life experience” under our belts—the back of our prized baseball cards served as our statistical hub for each player long before the invention of the internet was a reality. In that place, we knew we’d come across what we believed was the end-all, be-all collection of numbers that would provide us with a comprehensive picture of that player’s success, or lack thereof, from year to year throughout his professional career.

Everybody knows how far we’ve come from the days of what are now almost considered “primitive” metrics, and many modern-day fans, analysts, and DFS players would scoff at the notion of simply looking at seasonal stats to determine much of anything about any given player in the modern era.

So some of our traditional performance indicators for baseball, such as batting average, have become proverbial relics, gathering dust in the corners of baseball museums.

On-Base Average with a Weighted Composition (wOBA) How to Play wOBAO (What’s Your Best Option) As a newcomer to MLB Daily Fantasy Sports, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the plethora of unfamiliar jargon and acronyms that seem to be thrown around with abandon.

  1. Simply put, the weighted batting average (wOBA) is a statistic that is intended to eliminate many of the inconsistencies that exist in traditional batting averages.
  2. To be sure, there was a time in baseball analytics when we thought that batting average was a perfectly adequate measure of performance.
  3. Despite the fact that these broad assumptions were frequently correct in a roundabout way, we were never aware of the specific ingredients that went into generating that three-digit number.
  4. Was the 305 average mostly comprised of singles and walks, or did it include a decent dose of doubles and home runs?
  5. As a result, just as doubles, triples, and home runs become increasingly significant in a real baseball game, they gain increasing importance in determining a hitter’s wOBA.
  6. The only exception is deliberate walks, which the hitter has no control over and are thus not counted as plate appearances in the wOBA calculation.
  7. Fangraphs gives an explanation of the formula in their sabermetrics library for individuals who are interested in knowing more about the exact weight distribution for each hitting “event” that is used to determine wOBA.

DFS Lineup Decisions Are Made Using the wOBA What precisely do we do with wOBA now that we’ve shown that it’s a powerful analytical tool for setting our daily fantasy baseball lineups is the next step.

When evaluating our performance metrics, it is good to begin by acquiring a general sense of them, much as we did years ago when we first became acquainted with traditional batting average.

To understand how wOBA works, it’s useful to know that it’s set to the league average on-base percentage (OBP), which means that it will nearly match that statistic in any given season.

You can find it by clickinghere.

On the other hand, anyone with a wOBA of less than.311 is deemed to be below average in the field.

For we have that information in hand, we can naturally determine the total offensive worth of a batter at any given time in the season by looking at his wOBA, and this information is invaluable when putting up our daily fantasy baseball lineups.

Using wOBA splits for both the batter and the pitcher, you can frequently discover exploitable matchups as well as “stay-away” situations.

Consequently, the significant wOBA difference between a lefty batter’s performance against righties and that of a lefty batter’s performance against pitchers who match his handedness can be one of the most important factors in determining whether or not to include that player in your lineup on any particular day.

  1. Using the example of Texas Rangers left-handed veteran sluggerMitch Moreland, we can see how he has benefited from right-handed pitching throughout his career.
  2. Given what we learned previously about how the wOBA assigns a weight to each hitting event based on its relative worth within the real field of play, Moreland’s wOBA is extremely likely to be comprised of the types of significant hits that will help you increase your fantasy point total.
  3. When we take a look at his career versus left-handed pitching, we find a considerably less remarkable CV, as one might expect.
  4. Moreland has a subpar.288 on-base percentage and has hit only 12 of his 90 career home runs versus southpaws in 555 plate appearances, according to Baseball Prospectus.
  5. Pitchers Are Being Judged By Their Performance It is possible to use wOBANaturally to either support or exclude a pitcher when creating a daily fantasy baseball lineup by using the wOBANaturally tool.

Over the course of five-plus major league seasons, Braves right-hander Julio Teheranhas demonstrated a particular weakness against left-handed hitters, surrendering a robust.350 wOBA to left-handed batters over a 1,367-batter sample, as well as 60 doubles, ten triples, and fifty home runs during that time span, among other statistics.

What does Teheran’s example teach us about the nature of human relationships?

In contrast, if we want to consider him against a primarily right-handed lineup in a situation that also has some other favorable factors, such as a pitcher-friendly ballpark like Teheran’s home stadium of Turner Field, then depending on your salary and the type of DFS contest you’re participating in, he could be a wise choice to consider.

  1. It is logical that the validity of a batter’s wOBA grows with the size of the sample, and like with any other type of statistics, we may easily be deceived if we don’t put in the effort to conduct our due diligence.
  2. We also want to examine year-by-year breakdowns of plate appearances and innings when assessing pitchers, in addition to making certain that we’re studying a sufficient number of plate appearances and innings when evaluating hitters.
  3. A competent big league pitcher in general, Cain has four straight seasons with at least ten wins between 2009 and 2012, including a double-digit victory season in 2010.
  4. Right-handed hitters have a 290 wOBA against him.
  5. His wOBA has steadily increased since then, with statistics of.307,.310, and.357 over the next three seasons, according to his season-by-season wOBA breakdown after that time.
  6. In that circumstance, a three-season history of gradually declining effectiveness vs that handedness of batter, along with his arm being a year older, would appear to lead to an eventual regression, despite the recent outlier stats resulting from a very small sample of players.
  7. A hitter’s walk-off batted ball average (wOBA) is a useful and adaptable statistic to use when trying to predict his or her future value in your daily fantasy baseball team.
  8. When utilized in conjunction with other supporting analysis—and while taking elements such as sample size into consideration—it can unquestionably function as an important component of your daily fantasy baseball study.
  9. The fact that they will be utilizing their own accounts to participate in these games raises the possibility that they will utilize players or employ other techniques that differ from those recommended in the preceding section.

On the daily fantasy sports website, Juan Carlos Blanco uses the following user names and passwords. DraftKings: jcblanco22, FanDuel: jc blanco22, DraftPot: jc blanco22, FantasyDraft: jc blanco22, OwnThePlay: jcblanco22 are all user names for jcblanco22.


Consider the following scenario: Getting that particular card you’ve been holding onto for years finally autographed by the athlete who is depicted on it seems like a dream come true. You will be overcome with a sense of enormous contentment and, yes, fulfillment. Call it a quest, but it’s a genuine opportunity. Aside from that, rookie cards are now fair game for autographs as well. The joy of finishing the work results in absolute ecstasy for the autograph hunter who has accomplished his goal.

  • However, if you decide to keep them, you will want to put them on display.
  • And what better way to display your cards than within a PSA holder that has been encapsulated?
  • Perhaps a PSA Mint 9 or a PSA Gem Mint 10 would be appropriate.
  • Let us not forget that card preservation is essential, and PSA’s encapsulated holders give this benefit as well.
  • At home, I have a China cabinet in my dining room that is stocked with everything but Chinese porcelain and porcelain dishes.
  • It includes autographed baseball cards from celebrities such as Larry Bird, Barry Sanders, and Joe Montana, as well as single-signed balls from players like as Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, and David “Big Papi” Ortiz, among other names.
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There are a variety of methods to display your cherished collection. You may arrange them side by side within your display case (or China cabinet), or you can prop the enclosed cards up on your mantel with the assistance of PSA’s attractively designed single card display supports (available separately). The cost of one unit is $5.00. Just keep in mind that it’s critical to keep the cards out of direct sunlight to avoid fading, which is never a good thing. For a little more money, you may invest in one of the various enormous display cases that are readily available for your cards.

Granted, these cases are not inexpensive, but the ability to display your most prized possessions in a stylish manner is invaluable.

It should be viewed as an investment in your future trading card collecting endeavors.

The beautiful thing about it is that you can switch out the cards whenever you like, giving it a new appearance every day, every week, every month, or whenever you feel like changing things up. Take great pleasure in displaying your PSA card collection. You’ve worked hard for it!

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Terry Melia is a long-time hobbyist who has worked in a variety of public relations and marketing jobs for industry leaders such as The Upper Deck Company and SCP Auctions. She is presently employed as PSA’s Public Relations Specialist and is a member of the PSA Board of Directors.

r/baseballcards – Best way to display cards?

1 year ago, I was at this level. PC: The Rockies, both contemporary and historical I just use black tiny art easels from Hobby Lobby for exhibiting my artwork on the shelves that I already have in my home. They come in a set of four, and the pricing of the packs isn’t too expensive! They perform admirably when used to display cards in toploaders. I have them holding regular size, 79 pt, and 108 pt, and there have been no difficulties with any of the sizes remaining on the easel. The fact that I haven’t tried them with a slab means that I can’t comment on that aspect of it.

  1. 1st grade I was just thinking about this today and wondered if you have any available space on a wallcard display after looking around.
  2. If you’re interested, I can also make these to order for you.
  3. If you’d like, I’ll be delighted to email you some photos in a minute.
  4. Would you be willing to send me the specifics via private message?
  5. If it’s okay with you, I’d like it if you could send me some photographs and price information.
  6. No matter if it’s in four 50-card display cases or something similar to that.

Baseball Card Display Cases

Sports trading cards are once again gaining in popularity, thanks to the resurgence of collectors who enjoy the nostalgic experience of tearing open packs of cards. Due to the fact that card producers have found out the best formula for meeting supply and demand demands, cards currently have some of the greatest values in the history of the pastime. Avoid letting your slabbed pricey cards languish in a box, instead put them on display in a display case for everyone to admire. Memorabilia Displays is the top online vendor in the baseball card display case market today, working with every manufacturer in the industry.

Memorabilia Displays provides you with the most possibilities to pick from, allowing you to be confident that you made the proper decision.

20 Non-Graded Card Cabinet Style Display Case

  • With the return of sports trading cards to the public eye, their appeal is being propelled by the nostalgia that comes with tearing open packs of cards. Card producers have found out the best formula for meeting supply and demand demands, resulting in some of the greatest values in the history of the hobby today, according to industry analysts. Avoid letting your slabbed valuable cards languish in a box, instead put them on display in a display case for all to see. Currently, Memorabilia Displays is the top online vendor in the baseball card display case market, working with every manufacturer in the industry. We provide free shipping on all of our sports card display cases, so you can look for the appropriate display case without having to worry about unexpected shipping charges when you arrive at the checkout counter. With the greatest alternatives to pick from at Memorabilia Displays, you can be confident in knowing you made the best decision. In creating this organization, we wanted to bring instances from all different financial backgrounds together in one place.

9 Graded Card Cabinet Style Display Case

  • When it comes to displaying your precious trading cards, this 9 Graded Card Cabinet Style Display Case is an ideal choice. UV-protected glass will prevent the fading of your signatures and trading cards. $184.58

30 Non-Graded Card Cabinet Style Display Case

  • When it comes to displaying your precious trading cards, this 30 Non-Graded Card Cabinet Style Display Case is an ideal choice. UV-protected glass will prevent the fading of your signatures and trading cards. Starting at $222.50

36 Sports Card Display Case Wall Mount Cabinet

  • Handcrafted using Australian beech wood that was imported specifically for this project. However, despite its gorgeous design and structure, it is also quite reasonable. It has a highly detailed and appealing design and construction, but is also very affordable. It’s the best way to go. $88.99

20 Sports Card Display Case Wall Mount Cabinet

  • Handcrafted using Australian beech wood that was imported specifically for this project. In addition to its exquisite design and workmanship, this furniture-grade card display cabinet is extremely detailed and elegant while being reasonably priced. It’s the best way to go. $66.99

How to Build a Baseball Card Wall Display

How to Make a Baseball Card Display for Your Wall Image courtesy of spxChrome/iStock/Getty Images.

Baseball cards are significant collector’s goods that are sought after by both baseball card collectors and baseball enthusiasts. DIY baseball card wall displays are a great way to showcase your collection since they allow you to be creative with how you display your cards and how they look.

Take Measurements and Gather Supplies

Before you begin construction of your own baseball card display case, you must first establish the size of your frame. As a reference, choose the matboard that will be used to surround the baseball cards and put the cards down on top of it to form a grid. Make the necessary adjustments to ensure that all of the cards are appropriately placed. Then, using an X-Acto knife, trace the card’s shape onto the matboard and cut out the windows so that they are slightly smaller than the guide. Matboard is used to create a barrier between the glass and the actual artwork being shown.

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Matboard windows are often smaller than artwork to allow the artwork to be attached to the rear of the matboard window.

You’ll need to build an inner frame, an exterior trim, and a hardboard structure.

You will also need an 8-foot piece of 1 x 3 light-colored timber and a 4-foot length of 1/8 x 2 hardboard in addition to the other materials (this is a thin slab of wood or composite like plywood).

Cut the Lumber for the Frame

Using a circular saw, cut the timber to the desired lengths for the DIY trading card display frame once you have acquired your components. Cut two 14 1/4-inch pieces for the top and bottom outside trims from the 1 x 2 whiteboard, as well as two 13 3/4-inch side edges for the outer trims from the 1 x 2 whiteboard. Cut two 9 1/4-inch pieces for the top and bottom of the frame from the 1 x 3 whiteboard, and two 12 1/4-inch pieces for the sides of the frame from the 1 x 3 whiteboard. In the end, cut the top and bottom parts of the first layer of hardboard (2 1/8 by 14 1/4 inches), two sides of the first layer of hardboard (2 1/8 by 8 inches), two sides of the second layer of hardboard (2 1/8 by 10-inch), as well as the glass and picture retainer, from the 1/8 x 2 hardboard (8 by 10-inch).

Create the DIY Trading Card Display Frame

Making the inner frame is as simple as arranging the four whiteboard pieces into a rectangle and making sure the two shortest pieces are on the outside. To ensure that the edges are flush and absolutely square, use a carpenter’s square to check them, then clamp them down to keep them in place. Wood glue should be used to join each component, and then a finishing nailer should be used to set it in place. Begin the procedure of connecting the outside trim to the body of the vehicle. To begin, place the inner frame on top of three pieces of hardboard to create an offset that will be used to connect the outer frame later.

Once the hardboard pieces and glass are dry, check to see that they are a good fit.

Allow the frame to dry completely before adding the hardware.

Make sure to safeguard the baseball cards by placing them in a card sleeve and aligning them with the back of your window. Apply tape to the cards to keep them in place, then place the matboard within the frame and shut the frame to complete your DIY trading card display frame.

Best 3 Baseball Card Display Cases (Top Sports Card Display Case) – Gold Card Auctions

Many collectors keep their most valuable cards concealed, and it is not uncommon for pricey versions to be stored away in safety deposit boxes or attics, where they remain undiscovered for years. As the value of playing cards continues to climb, it may be tempting to put them on display in a special display case. Mike Trout is the best baseball card investment you can make. Rookie Cards are cards that are given to people who are new to the game. If you’ve opted to showcase your growing baseball card collection, we’ve compiled a list of the top baseball card display cases, which can also be used to display a variety of other sports cards and memorabilia.

Top 3 Baseball Card Display Cases

First and foremost, you should be able to display your cards, regardless of their size. Because a number of historical sets were cut in a unique way, it’s important to check that they’ll fit inside a standard case before purchasing. You don’t want them to be rattling about within the cabinet, so seek for shelves that are specifically designed for baseball cards, or for graded solutions that are available. The majority of high-quality cases will have UV protection to prevent fading, as well as a locking design, so you won’t have to worry about curious children with sticky fingers who can’t resist the temptation.

You should seek for cases that are particularly designed to hold PSA/BGS graded cards, such as the ones we’ve listed below, if your cards have been graded.

20 Sports Cards Collectible Card Display (buy on eBay)

It’s difficult to overlook this entry-level alternative if you’re looking for a straightforward case that will hold 20 unsleeved cards. It’s quite economical, and it’s small enough to potentially accommodate a couple of cases on either side of the table if necessary. Each of the four rows of five cards has a horizontal display, and it comes with a lock on the side as well as UV protection. However, because it can only hold 16 hard-cased cards, it is only appropriate for tiny collections. Because it may be used for a variety of purposes, it is ideal whether you are just getting started in the hobby or simply want to show a few high-end cards.

35 Graded Sports Cards/Collectible Card Display Case Wall Cabinet (buy on Amazon)

A collection of 16-20 cards is fine and dandy, but what if you want to show a major collection, or perhaps a large piece of a complete set itself? For those who have the room, a 35-card case is a fantastic alternative, while this display has been particularly designed for graded copies due to its double size. Due to the fact that there are five rows of cards with seven cards each, the space in the centre may be utilized as a centerpiece.

It is sent completely completed, with a pair of latches that are lockable and for which a set of keys is included. The hardwood has a black finish, which gives it a striking appearance. Book also has a five-star rating on Amazon, which is impressive considering that it has had over 120 reviews.

36 Graded Sports Card Display Case (Buy on Amazon)

Display Gifts has been in business since 2003, and they specialize in a wide variety of different frames and showcase displays for various occasions. If you buy from “a tiny, family-owned firm situated in South San Francisco, California,” then you may be assured of a high-quality construction. |Education: Why Should You Invest In Baseball Cards? |Resources: This case, which has four rows of nine cards rather than the three rows of nine cards in the previous case, has one extra slot than the one in the previous case.

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However, this means that the lock is located at the bottom of the display, making it difficult to open if you want to install it.

Best Baseball Card Display Cases: Summary

If you’ve invested a large amount of money and effort in building up an excellent collection, there’s no need to be afraid to show it off. You may always have the cards insured, and it’s preferable to store them in a container that was designed particularly for the purpose rather than depending on an outdated display. Many older windows cannot provide the same amount of protection as modern windows, especially when it comes to yellowing with time, so pay close attention to the quality of the glass being used.

It’s a tiny expenditure in the broad scheme of things when you consider the normal worth of the cards they’re protecting, and you wouldn’t want to be left with a subpar product that may potentially harm your card.

Sports Card Case – Buy on Amazon

Pennzoni Display Co. 50 Baseball card display case
50 Baseball card displays case will hold 50 ungraded baseball cards P306
50 Baseball card displays case will hold 50 ungraded baseball cards Glossy golden oakHolds cards that are under 4″ tall x 1/2″ thick. THIS CASE IS 33 X 25 X 3/4. check out our full site to see all the info cards lean forward against the glass for th

Price on the shelf: $89.95 $69,95 is the price you pay. You save a total of $20.00. (22 percent ) AVAILABLE IN STOCK


$89.95 is the list price. 69.95 dollars is the price you pay. 20.00 dollars are saved by you! (22 percent ) AVAILABLE NOW

Detailed Description

This glossy golden oak 50 baseball CARD WALLMOUNT CABINETcard display case will show off your very best hockey cards, baseball cards, basketball cards, Nascar cards, football cards, and other sports cards that are less than 4″ tall and 1/2″ thick. It holds cards that are less than 4″ tall and 1/2″ thick and less than 4″ tall and 1/2″ thick. THE SIZE OF THIS CASE IS 33 X 25 X 3/4. IT CAN BE SETTLEMENT JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE! There are hangers provided for installing the cabinet, which is made of solid hardwood with an ACRYLIC FRAMED IN DOOR.

Cards tilt forward on the glass in order to have the finest viewing angle.

Product Reviews

Once a week, my father would take me to the baseball card store, where I would spend hours looking at baseball cards. This place smelt ancient, like a vintage baseball glove, and we’d spend at least an hour in there before we left. It took me a while to decide, but once I did, I bought a pack – sometimes more – of cigarettes and we were off and running. After making my purchase, I declined to open it on the way home because I knew I would have to take care of it if it contained a Ken Griffey Jr.

  1. I needed to keep it safe.
  2. There are several storage options available, but that wall unit was ideal for me.
  3. All of those qualities were offered by my wall unit, and the adjustable shelves assured that all of my favorite belongings were given their own particular spot to rest.
  4. The Griffey Jr.
  5. I proudly displayed my collection on my wall unit, and anybody who dared to visit my room was treated to an exhibition of my best pieces.
  6. I reasoned that if I kept these cards in good shape, I might be able to sell them for a profit one day, and who knows, I could even be able to utilize the money to purchase a home with the proceeds.
  7. However, they now serve a different role.
  8. However, when we moved from one house to another, his whole collection was lost.
  9. In spite of the fact that my kid has not yet celebrated his first birthday, some of the most valuable cards he has amassed are exhibited in his room on, you guessed it, a wall unit with movable shelf similar to his father’s old one.
  10. When I first started collecting baseball cards, I did it because I like baseball and because I hoped to one day sell them for a profit.
  11. Even though my kid is too young for me to take him to a baseball card store, if I organize the movable shelves on his wall unit properly and add some bespoke glass doors and drawers, I can transform his room into the inside of a baseball card store.

I’m simply not sure whether my wife would agree to let me make it smell like one of those things.

Collector Sports Card Wall Display Frame by Studio Décor®

Embrace the opportunity to show off your sports card collection! The display case will keep your cards safe while also allowing you to exhibit them! Details:

  • Overall dimensions: 18.31″ x 15.20″ x 0.71″ (46.507cm x 38.60cm x 1.803cm)
  • Holds wallet-sized pictures measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″ (6.35cm x 8.89cm)
  • Color: black Ideal for 20 cards and images from your collection. Attached is the hanging hardware.

Display your collection of sports cards with pride! The display case will keep your cards safe while also allowing you to exhibit them! Details:

  • Overall dimensions: 18.31″ x 15.20″ x 0.71″ (46.507cm x 38.60cm x 1.803cm)
  • Holds wallet-sized pictures measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″ (6.35cm x 8.89cm)
  • Color: black Ideal for 20 cards and images from your collection. Attached is the hanging hardware.


The majority of items may be dispatched by normal ground (delivery in 3-5 business days), second day, or next day delivery options. Orders ordered by 11:00 a.m. Central Time utilizing second day or next day shipping will be shipped on the same day, unless otherwise specified. View the whole shipping policy and pricing information.


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within two months (60 days) after the date of purchase. To be eligible for a return (with the exception of sample goods), the item must be unopened, unused, and in its original packaging. You have the option of returning the item to a Michaels shop or mailing it back. View Our Complete Return Policy Jump straight to the Manufacturer’s website. Customer Testimonials The Collector Sports Card Wall Display Frame by Studio Décor® has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews.

Posted on the 14th of February, 2022, and rated 5 stars by Michele F Ffrom Vintage Postcards on Display It has a beautiful display and is simple to operate.

It appears to be excellent!

Superb quality, especially for the price.

Each card comes in its own separate container, making it quite simple to transfer stuff about.

2022-01-23Rated 2 out of 5 by Pete9097from Sports Card DisplayDate published: 2022-01-23 The level of quality is lesser than I would have expected for the money.

It appears to be of high quality, and it is simple to insert cards.

It looks fantastic displayed on my wall beside my collection of collectible cards!

When cards are shown, they look fantastic! Date of publication: January 4, 2022 J Allard gave it a rating of 5 out of 5. Perfect for what we were looking for Perfect for what we were looking for. This is displayed in our basement man cave. Date of publication: January 2, 2022

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