How To Get 5 Star Players In Tap Sports Baseball

How to Improve Your MLB Team in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021

If you want your club to be successful in Major League Baseball, you will need to provide them with all of the available improvements on a consistent basis. Going to the ‘Team’ page and looking at ‘Team Strength’ will give you an indication of how powerful your team is today in comparison to other teams. Several variables influence the value of Team Strength, and it is necessary to adjust these variables in order to raise your team’s total strength. Improving your team’s win/loss ratio in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 is essential if you want to have a successful season, and this tutorial will teach you how to do it by increasing the elements that make up your squad.

Leveling Up Players with XP

The first step that you should take is to personally update each of your players’ equipment. This may be accomplished by selecting ‘Improve’ from the ‘Team’ drop-down menu. Before you invest any resources, you should be aware that each player has a varied function in the game based on where they are on the baseball field, and that this is something that should be taken into consideration. The positions are as follows:

Location Role Role Abbreviation
Outfield (OF) Left Fielder LF
Center Fielder CF
Right Fielder RF
Infield (IF) First Baseman 1B
Second Baseman 2B
Shortstop SS
Third Baseman 3B
Pitcher’s Mound Pitcher P
Catcher’s Box Catcher C

It is vital to remember that pitchers have a variety of classifications that provide you with important information about the pitcher, such as their endurance. During a game, a pitcher’s ability to pitch declines as he or she grows increasingly weary from exertion.

Role Role Abbreviation Description
SP Starting Pitcher The first pitcher of the inning.
SR Short Relief Becomes faded (very exhausted) after one inning.
MR Middle Relief Becomes tired at first and eventually faded after several innings.
LR Long Relief Stays energetic throughout several innings and takes long to be faded.

To level up a player, you’ll need two things: money and experience points (XP). Simply choose the player you wish to improve from the ‘Improve’ option and then click on the tab that provides the amount of cash and XP that you must spend in order to complete the upgrade. When a player levels up, each of their stats is increased, which results in an increase in their ‘Overall’ value – which is similar to ‘Team Strength’ but for the individual players – as a result. When it comes to improving your players, it is essential to treat them equally in each job.

The player with the better starting stats should be leveled first if you happen to have two players with the same job on your team.

Spend Cash to Upgrade Training

In addition to improving your players individually, you can also enhance your entire squad at the same time. Under the ‘Upgrades’ section of the same ‘Squad’ page, you may purchase more advanced training for your team. Trainings can be purchased with cash or gold, depending on your preference. Each training session has a maximum capacity of 20 participants, and the fee increases as you get near to that limit. Aside from that, the trainings are also divided into two categories: offensive training and defensive training.

This does not imply, however, that you should entirely disregard the defensive components of your game. The following are the training enhancements that you may purchase for your group:

Upgrade Description
Hitting Coach Trains batters to reach base more frequently
Base Coach Make more steals and take more bases
Trainer Increases the team’s overall offensive power
Pitching Coach Improves pitcher performance
Pitch Calling Make it harder for enemy batters to successfully bat the baseball
Catcher Arm Stop more opponents from stealing bases
Infield Hands Reduce infield errors
Outfield hands Reduce outfield errors
Outfield Arms Throw out more enemy runners and force them to hold

Recruiting More and Better Players

It is possible that upgrading your players and your team’s training will not be enough, and that you will need to acquire other players. Adding more players is as simple as going to the store and then selecting ‘Players’ from the menu. Three alternatives are available to you for bringing on new gamers from there.

Draft Picks

When you open a draft pick, you will be presented with a random player. Your ability to obtain a player of high rarity and quality is totally reliant on the sort of draft pick that you use to make your selection. The 1st Draft Pick is the finest pick that you may open, but it is also the most expensive because it costs 300 gold — merely to get one person who may or may not be a five-star player. Each draft choice has a certain set of odds of acquiring a player that is considered to be a rarity in the league:

Draft Pick Chances (out of 1000)
1 Draft Pick 5-star = 254.5 star = 75 4-star = 250 3.5 star = 300 3-star = 350
1stRound Draft Pick 5-star = 54.5 star = 20 4-star = 50 3.5 star = 100 3-star = 145 2.5-star = 300 2-star = 380
2ndRound Draft Pick 4-star = 203.5 star = 35 3-star = 50 2.5-star = 265 2-star = 290 1.5-star = 340
Late Round Draft Pick 3-star = 102.5-star = 90 2-star = 300 1.5-star = 300 1-star = 300


Players that work for a franchise are exceptionally excellent players who can be recruited with franchise coins; however, certain players may be acquired with cash as well (albeit a large amount of it). It should be noted, however, that these players may only be employed for a limited number of games at a time. Nonetheless, if you have extra franchise coins or cash to invest, you should try renting franchise players, since they may significantly improve your team’s chances of winning the game.

Player Shop

By visiting the player store, you will be able to purchase players with cash right now. Consider the ‘Overall’ worth of players, and even more significantly the ‘Max Overall’ value of players while shopping for them, since this will inform you of the extent to which their upgrades may be increased. Take into consideration that the inventory of the player shop is updated on a daily basis.

Using Boosts

Using consumables for your team to assist them win the game may be done before the game even begins or even while the game is still in progress. Prior to a battle, you have the option of spending gold to provide boosts to your teammates. It is possible to earn a 5 percent hitting increase by watching a commercial, and it is advised that you do so on a consistent basis in order to benefit from the aforementioned boost. Additionally, you may use consumables such as Ice Wrap and Energy Drink to aid in the preparation of your pitchers’ contents.

These consumables may be purchased with gold in the ‘Store’ section of the game, under the ‘Boosts’ category.

5 Star Vipers Smith – Perfect Game Baseball Association

13 Johnie AlexanderSS 3B, RHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:29 PM 5-11 160 R/R 2026 Matthews, NC
27 Jackson BendisOF 3B, SSAdded: 9/16/2021 12:28 PM 5-10 135 R/R 2026 Fort Mill Fort Mill, SC
11 Tyler CauseyC 3B, RHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:32 PM 5-11 125 R/R 2026 Fort Mill, SC
8 Nolan FrailingRHP 1B, 2B, IF, MIF, OF, SS, UTAdded: 9/16/2021 12:32 PM 5-5 135 R/R 2026 Fort Mill, SC
24 Kenan HeltonOF 1B, LHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:32 PM 5-4 101 L/L 2026 Stuart W. Cramer Belmont, NC
17 Jonathan KalmbachC 3B, OF, RHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:32 PM 5-11 150 R/R 2026 Belmont, NC
28 Cameron MescherOF RHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:28 PM 5-8 135 R/R 2026 Indian Land Indian Land, SC
10 Jackson ShelnuttOF MIF, RHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:28 PM 5-0 85 R/R 2026 Fort Mill, SC
22 Lawson SmithMIF 2B, OF, RHPAdded: 9/16/2021 12:32 PM 4-9 85 R/R 2026 Fort Mill, SC
15 Brodie TuthillSS 1B, 2B, 3B, MIF, OFAdded: 9/16/2021 12:28 PM 5-6 105 R/R 2027 Fort Mill, SC
47 Micah Vanfossen1B LHP, OFAdded: 9/16/2021 12:32 PM 5-6 120 S/L 2026 Charlotte, NC
9999 Chase WaltersOF Added: 9/16/2021 12:28 PM 5-4 100 L/R 2026 Fort Mill, SC

How To Swap Players In Tap Sports Baseball? 9 Responses For (2022), «Sport-Topics FAQ»

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  • FAQ. Many of the following questions are frequently asked by those who are seeking for an answer to the topic «How to switch players in tap sports baseball?» 10+ tap sports baseball 2020 tips and techniques for the early game. is the video solution. 9 further responses
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We have the ability to transfer players!? No way in hell! FAQ Anyone seeking a solution to the query «How to switch players in tap sports baseball?» is in the right place. The following questions are frequently asked:

❓ How to swap players in baseball star?

Please bear in mind, however, that each player has a limit on how many times he or she can be trained while remaining at the same level of rarity.

Green players (Rated E/1-star—the most common players) can be trained five times, Blue players six, Purple players seven times, Orange players eight times, and finally Red players (Rated A/5-star—the most rare and elite players) can be trained nine times while remaining at the same level of rarity.

  • Can baseball players place bets on sports? Can baseball players place bets on other sports as well as baseball? Is it possible for baseball players to benefit from sports nutrition education?

❓ Tap sports baseball can’t swap player?

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2018 is available on every platform. Alternatively, you may contact us Contact Support / Gameplay / Questions My Franchise player isn’t showing up to play. The most likely reason for this is because your newly produced legend is at the same level as your existing legend.

  • When should baseball players wear mouthguards for athletic competitions
  • How to develop players in the Sports illustrated baseball game
  • The best sports players

❓ Baseball players who played other sports?

Of course, baseball and football aren’t the only sports in which athletes may excel in two sports at the same time. Here is a list of prominent Major League Baseball players whose former sport was something other than football. Bob Gibson: While at Creighton University, the future Hall of Fame hurler also competed in basketball, averaging more than 20 points per game over the course of his career.

  • Sports stars who are well-known
  • Approximately 20 baseball players are included in a sports card collection. Is it possible to swap players in baseball tap sports?
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How to recruit five-star athletes for the Tap Sports Baseball 2021 season in a video response. a total of 9 further responses Tia Ziemann responded on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 6:53 a.m. Mobile Major League Baseball Tap Sports Baseball 2020 was released on March 16, 2020 for Android and iOS devices. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 is a game that is identical to Glu’s previous success, MLB Tap Sports Baseball. Duane Ondricka responded to your question on Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 4:40 PM. Sports Baseball 2018 may be found by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

  • .
  • Freda Smith responded to your question on Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 4:37 PM.
  • MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 brings your favorite Major League Baseball game back to life!
  • IN THE TSB2145 MILLION franchise, WHAT’S NEW IS.
  • How to acquire 5 Star Players in your team!
  • Susie Crona responded to your question on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 12:38 p.m.
  • Play nine innings of baseball and help your team reach the top of the standings!

Dulce Ritchie responded to your question on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 3:04 PM.

Form your own baseball club using MLB stars, and you’ll be a winner.


Rooted In Oakland is the official community outreach organization of the Oakland Athletics.

You have arrived in the new.

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We’ve compiled a list of 29 questions that are similar to «How to switch players in tap sports baseball?» for you to read, so you can be sure to get the solution! Do baseball players intentionally foul the ball in sports? Despite the fact that younger players and viewers find baseball’s unwritten rules to be ludicrous, can we come up with a compelling rationale to preserve them as a component of the game? Unwritten rules in baseball, if you’re not familiar with the notion, consist of a long list of dos and don’ts that are intended to promote good sportsmanship in various situations.

  • Baseball is a unique sport in that it places a greater emphasis on ability and agility than on physical strength. Baseball players employ a distinct set of muscles than other sportsmen because of the unique demands of their activity. In contrast to football players, they do not require the large, bulky upper body of hockey players, nor do they require the significant lower-body development of football players.

What is the best way to develop athletes in baseball tap sports? MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 requires two primary resources for leveling up your players: cash, which serves as the game’s common money, and experience points, which serve as the player’s advancement points (XP). Even in the early stages of the game, these resources should be ample, but you should resist the desire to improve all of your best hitters and pitchers at the same time! How do I establish a player account in the Sports Illustrated Baseball Game?

  • (owner of Sports Illustrated magazine) released their first baseball game, dubbed Sports Illustrated Major League Baseball, which was a hit with baseball fans everywhere.
  • Each year over the next two years, they issued new versions that included the most current season’s information.
  • In 1971, Time Inc.
  • It included 20 players from each of the current (1970 season) Major League Baseball teams, who were shown on tri-fold color diagrams.

Video answer: 10+ tap sports baseball 2020 tips and tricks for early game…

How do you construct a players’ club in a sports graphic baseball game? Teams of 25 players each were introduced in 1972, using double-sided color charts that did not require any folding.

The name of the game was changed to Pennant Race in 1973, and the number of players on each team’s roster was lowered to 19 or 20 players. Individual player cards on perforated sheets were used in place of team charts, and there was no color labeling used.

How do you make a players guide for a sports illustrated baseball game? Teams of 25 players each were introduced in 1972, using double-sided color charts that did not require any folding. The name of the game was changed to Pennant Race in 1973, and the number of players on each team’s roster was lowered to 19 or 20 players. Individual player cards on perforated sheets were used in place of team charts, and there was no color labeling used.

Video answer: Tap sports baseball 20

How can I construct a players list for the Sports Illustrated Baseball Game? In 1971, Time Inc. (owner of Sports Illustrated magazine) released their first baseball game, dubbed Sports Illustrated Major League Baseball, which was a hit with baseball fans everywhere. It consisted of 20. How do you obtain the best players in tap sports baseball? This is the method via which I have been improving my team. 3 likes and 3 subs According to a sports writer, baseball players on average are. read more Take a look at the answer.

The researchers chose 29 professional football players and 28 professional baseball players at random from the NFL and MLB, respectively.

Video answer: Upgrading team to gold

Baseball players that have taken steroids in the past are listed below. Crawford, a pitcher, acknowledged to taking steroids (Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, and HGH) and human growth hormone (HGH) during the 2001-2003 season in a piece written by ESPN’s Amy K. Nelson in June 2006. Crawford asserted that steroids “had a grip.” Why do baseball players chew tobacco, according to the sports archives? Baseball players’ images are polished by using tobacco, and present players aspire to be like the greats of the past, such as Babe Ruth, who smoked cigarettes while playing the sport.

  • Past epochs are depicted as What happened to the famous players from the 2019 baseball tap sports?
  • Or even whether they are going to be released at all?
  • Forums Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Bulletin Board to return to the home page.
  • TheApex Registered Users, Member 2 Posts, TheApex Registered Users Tap Sports Baseball 2019 Bulletin Board was updated on May 2019.
  • Are professional athletes overpaid?
  • Compensation should be determined by the significance of the work, not by how much fun it is.
  • Is it true that athletes are worthless?

What kind of contribution do professional athletes provide to society?

What are some famous sports players’ quotes?

It is impossible to place a limit on anything.

— Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps “If I didn’t swim my best, I’d be in trouble.” I’d think about it during school, during supper, and with friends.


AA-level performance.


He is entitled to free access to all Arsenal games! 3. homelessducky in the first level. 3y. I’ve been using acestream for a while now and it’s been a fantastic experience. To get started, look for acestream player and grab the content id from the match subreddit on r/soccerstreams. 2.

Video answer: Mlb tap sports baseball 2021 gameplay

Do professional athletes follow sports Reddit in real time? The answer is no, since I have personal experience to vouch for it. In order to get as many diverse views as possible for game filming, teams have their own video crews set up on the field. Even if the players go home and watch a televised tape of the game, that is not what they are doing to prepare for it. Do professional athletes tune in to sports Reddit streams? Because they are there for the home viewers, not the athletes, they don’t give a damn what they have to say.

  • In sports, how do baseball players dress while they are not on the field?
  • It is required that this number be in a plain Arabic style and be at least eight inches high, and no two players on the same squad may have the same number as another.
  • How can you recruit five-star athletes in baseball tap sports?
  • Please feel free to leave a remark or question in the section below.
  • I’m going to b.
  • Obtaining a 5-Star Team |
  • Tricks and Tips |

Tap Sports Baseball 2019 |


Unless they are beneficial for woh, I would exchange every player who does not have a talent, and even a handful who have single skills, for them.

Those are the ones I use for opening rubbish picks in order to trade them in for bxp.

What are the names of baseball players?

Alternatively, you may search for players in the Baseball Encyclopedia of Players by the first letter of their last name, or you can use the search box above.

A player in bold is currently active, while a + marks a member of the Hall of Fame.

Video answer: Everything you need to know about prime players

MLB Tap SportsBaseball2021 is the most recent installment in the popular mobilebaseballgame franchise, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. You compete against other players in one inning at a time, and your aim is to score as many runs as possible while allowing as few runs as possible to score against you. While attempting to assemble the finest possible squad, you may stockpile elite players, cash, and gold to use in your construction. Not only are your own reflexes a weapon, but so is your ability to work as part of a group.

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The most crucial factor in achieving success over any other player, as well as against the computer, is your ability to choose which photographs to take and when the appropriate moment is to do so.

Eventually, he will learn to identify visuals as well as distinguish between pitches that will be hit for a ball and pitches that will be hit for a strike before reaching the batter.

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  1. In general, the better your batting average is, the more probable it is that a pitch you hit will be a base hit rather than a fly ball or a ground ball.
  2. Having a quick bat is advantageous because it increases your batter’s chances of succeeding in his attempts to steal bases or extend a hit to get additional bases on the board.
  3. Each upgrade requires a specific amount of money and upgrade points, but in exchange, your hitting, power, and speed attributes will improve.
  4. Make sure to start the players in your lineup that have the greatest star rating, as this will ensure that their maximal stat potential is at its peak.
  5. Bronze players are limited to a maximum level of 10, however silver and gold players are limited to maximum levels that are substantially greater, allowing them to progress further.
  6. To do so, simply press on the button that seems to be a television screen, which launches a video commercial that will credit your account with free gold after the ad has concluded.
  7. You will receive free gold if your guess is true.
  8. They might end up being silver or gold players, and even if they are bronze players, they could still be at a higher star level than you are now at.

They are a monthly premium subscription service that provides you with free gold as well as a slew of additional benefits. You will, however, gain a significant edge by purchasing additional money or players altogether.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 – Apps on Google Play

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 brings your favorite Major League Baseball game back to life! Hit it out of the park and build on your MLB dynasty with the finest baseball players in the world! MLB Mobile allows you to watch MLB games on your phone. Tap Sports Baseball allows you to put together a dream team of genuine Major League Baseball players and go to authentic ballparks. Play nine innings of high-octane sports action and help your side to the championship! With simple controls that are easy to grasp, you can hit a home run.

  • The following new event has been added: CLUB RALLY – A rally is a gathering of people.
  • PITCHING has been added as a new mode.
  • Are you capable of throwing a flawless inning?
  • CONNECT your TSB20 account in order to maintain your All-Star Levels, import Keepers from TSB20, and much more!
  • MLB in every sense is authentic — the 2021 MLB Teams, MLBPA Players, and MLB Ballparks are all authentic.
  • COMBINE WITH OTHER BASEBALL FANS to dominate in Club Events and enjoy the spoils of victory.
  • Is he going to be the X-Factor?

ALWAYS UP TO DATE with information and challenges that are based on REAL-TIME MLB events In your MLB baseball game, you may create your own club and MLB dynasty by doing the following: -All Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are utilized with the consent of Major League Baseball.

Go to to learn more.

has granted permission for this product to be sold.

These rights may not be used without the prior written authorization of MLBPA or MLB Players, Inc.

Subscriptions to TSB21 (Weekly) CvC Advantage: One-time prize set, batting boost, and multiplier boost at the start of the game CvC, Bash, and Clash all have extra retry choices.

VIP Power Parcel: Includes a one-time prize bundle as well as daily incentive packs.

Subscriptions are available for purchase through the app.

Payment for the subscription term you choose will be charged to your Google account within 24-hours after the end of the current subscription period you are currently subscribe to.

The fee for the current active relevant subscription period continues to be your responsibility even after you cancel.

You may disable in-app buying by altering the settings on your smartphone.

– In this game, advertisements are displayed.

A network connection is necessary in order to play since the game contains links to social networking sites that are not intended for those who are ineligible under the rules of such social networking sites.

– For more information on how Glu gathers and uses your data, please refer to our privacy statement: If you have any difficulties with this game, please inform us through Twitter @glutapsports.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 Guide: Tips & Tricks To Start Building Your Team

In this year’s edition, the leading Major League Baseball mobile game returns with more content than ever before! In MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020, users take control of their own baseball team and manage the players on it. It is the ultimate mobile baseball game. No baseball enthusiast should miss out on this game, which features real-life Major League Baseball players and clubs. MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 tips & techniques for beginners will cover the fundamentals of hitting, playing effectively, and building up your squad and upgrading them to ensure that they are in tip-top form at all times.

Winning Your First Game

If you are familiar with the MLB Tap Sports series, you will be familiar with what to expect here — the majority of the same gameplay rules apply here as they do in the other games. Please do not be discouraged if you are a newcomer to MLB Tap Sports Baseball. We’ve got you covered, trust us. The batting sections are where the majority of the action takes place. Your hitters will go up to the plate, and they will attempt to hit a home run with their pitches. Keep a tight watch on the pitcher since you’ll need to respond very fast if something goes wrong.

  1. It is important to avoid swinging if it appears that the ball will travel OUTSIDE of the plate (i.e., if it gets over the white lines on the ground).
  2. If you do not swing at the ball and it is determined to be a foul ball, the pitcher will have to pitch again.
  3. This is an uncommon event, but when it does occur, it is quite spectacular.
  4. Your players on the field will sprint to the next base, and whoever completes a full circuit around the field to reach home plate will receive a point.
  5. Although it may seem difficult at first, after a few games, you will get the hang of it quickly.

Get Your New Players

In MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020, everyone of your players are given a 5-star rating based on their performance. The more the number of stars they have, the better their overall performance. When it comes down to it, the team with the superior players will always come out on top, regardless of your hitting ability. As a result, you’ll want to start assembling a group of individuals with exceptional abilities. If you have just recently begun playing the game, you may have taken notice of the numerous launch event bonuses that are now available to you.

The lowest option is a Late Round Draft Pick, but the guys you receive are not particularly talented.

The most expensive method of acquiring new players is through the 1st Draft Pick, which ensures the acquisition of a player with at least 3-stars.

Make sure to take advantage of the launch event perks, which will reward you with a large number of free tickets that will allow you to do the better draft selections for free, as the first thing you should do.

After starting off with a lot of 1 and 2-star players, you will almost certainly have replaced your whole squad by the time you are finished with the drafting process.

Play Bonus Games for Nonstop Action

Your team’s total power has most likely increased significantly as a result of the addition of your new members. You already know what that means — it is time to put them through their paces. Make use of a bonus game to mix things up a bit. Bonus games, in contrast to ordinary games, can be played all the way through to the conclusion, and there is no need to wait between innings in bonus games. Even better, you may have an inning autoplayed, in which case the outcome is determined depending on how strong your team is compared to the opposition team’s strength.

Upgrading Your Team

Players that have a large number of stars have the most potential. This translates into the fact that they have the most upgrading potential! To level up your team, click on the Team icon. You can then level up each individual member by simply tapping on the button next to their name on the team screen. In order to level up a player, you’ll need money and experience points to do so. Experience points may be acquired through winning games, but they can also be earned by trading in old players who you are no longer interested in using.

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When a player advances in level, their three primary metrics will improve.

In addition to individual enhancements, you can engage trainers and coaches to help your entire squad improve their overall performance.

For example, the Hitting Coach offers an accuracy benefit to all of your hitters, while the other coaches increase a variety of stats.

Change Up Gameday Strategies

You are prepared to switch up your strategy now that you have a well-prepared team and a few games under your belt. Changing several aspects of the game, such as uniforms, batting order, and most crucially, strategy may be accomplished by visiting the Gameday area. You may have observed that various suggestions appear during games, such as pondering a bunt or stealing a base. This is normal. These will appear more frequently for players who are very good at a certain action, but you may also determine how frequently they appear.

You have the option of changing it to rare, lots, or extreme.

If you are a newcomer to MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020, you should be good with keeping everything at its default configuration. You should start here if you are a more advanced player who wants to have more control over your team’s tactics.

Join a Club

As a member of a club, you will have access to some of the game’s micro modes, where you will compete in brief battles that will put your skills to the test, such as Walk Off Hero and HR Battles, among other things. Club points and cash may be earned by participating in these entertaining mini games, which are perfect for fast matches. Participating in club activities will earn you club loyalty, which is additional currency that can be redeemed in the club shop for a variety of random items. To give you a sense of what you may earn, draft selections, cash, franchise player coins, evo tokens, and other rewards are all possible!

Please keep in mind that some of the club events have many stages, and in order to receive the awards, you must finish all stages.

The MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 season has come to an end.

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SellingTSB VIP profile

$149.99 is the cost of the item. Tristan Moore, on November 25, 21 Views: 55 Replies: 0 Total: 55 The most recent response was $144.990. Now is the time to buy Tristan Moore is a young man from the United Kingdom. Locked as of November 25th, 21. This is a Sticky Thread.

SellingMLB TSB 21

Bulldawg4l, on the 9th of October, 21 Views: 32 No responses: 0 The most recent response:N/A0purchase now Locked by bulldawg4l on 10/9/21 This is a Sticky Thread.

SellingAndroid and iOSHigh EndPREMIUM Tap Sport Baseball. TSB21

700 dollars (USD) SnakeCT, September 15, 21 There have been 1 response. 95 people have seen this page. 7000 dollars was the last response. Now is the time to buy Michaelohio 9/18/21 LockedSticky Thread Michaelohio 9/18/21 LockedSticky Thread

SellingiOSLow EndTap Sports 21 – 38k team strength – 10 5 star players – 15 hundred gold

$:40 is the price. Griff L., on May 16, 21 Views: 56 No responses: 0 $400 was the last response. Now is the time to buy Griff L 5/16/21 Locked and Loaded This is a Sticky Thread.

SellingAndroidHigh EndHigh end mlb tsb 2020 team

$300.00 is the price. Richard Henkel, February 5, 21 There have been 1 response. 125 people have seen this page. $3000 was the last response. Now is the time to buy Richard Henkel on the 5th of February, 21 Locked

SellingTap Sports Baseball 21

Bulldawg4l, on the 9th of October, 21 Views: 14 Replies: 0 Total: 14 N/A0Contactbulldawg4l 10/9/21 Locked as a last response

SellingiOSHigh End242k overall mlb tap team

$:200.00 is the price. Kyle Muir, September 9, 21 There have been 1 response. 61 people have watched this video. 2000 dollars was the last response. Contact Locked on 9/18/21 by Michaelohio

SellingTradingAndroid and iOSHigh EndMLB TSB 21 (240k TS Diamond VIP, 577,000 Gold)

Eric 1987, July 30th, 21 There have been 1 response. 108 people have seen this page. The most recent response was N/A0ContactMichaelohio on 8/19/21. Locked

SellingAndroid and iOSAverageAll star Lvl 17 – Silver 6

Price: one hundred dollars Chicosbailbonds, 7/15/21 There have been 1 response. 75 people have seen this page. The most recent response: $1000 Contact Michaelohio Locked on 7/17/21

SellingAndroidAverageMLBS TSB ACCT FOR SALE

Price: one hundred dollars Ty Lawson, June 2, 21 Views: 74 Total: 0 Replies: 0 Contact Information:$1000Contact Information: 2nd of June, Ty Lawson Locked

SellingHigh EndVIP with 8 All-Time Greats: 2020 and 2021 Bundle Deal

$325.00 is the cost of the item. YANKEESWON, March 15, 21 114 people have seen this page. $3250 was the last response. Contact YANKEESWON Locked on 3/15/21.

SellingAndroid and iOSHigh EndTap Sports Baseball – VIP Team

$325.00 is the cost of this item. ON 3/15/21, YANKEESWON 114 people have viewed this page and 0 have responded. $2,250 as a final response Contact the 15th of March, 21st YANKEESWON

SellingAndroid and iOSHigh EndMLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 team strength 153,000

MikeSBomb, January 18, 21 Views: 53 No responses: 0 Contact information for the most recent response:N/A0 Locked by MikeSBomb on 1/18/21

SellingAndroid and iOSMLB Tap sports 20 account VIP

$600 is the cost of the item. Nikita Colling, 7/8/20 Nikita Colling, 7/8/20 3 people have responded. 238 people have seen this page. $6004 (purchase now) was the last reply. Nikita Colling was arrested on July 25, 2020.

Android and iOSHigh EndSelling a Diamond club 177k+ VIP Account

BigPapi7 (born 7/12/20) There have been 1 response.

104 people have seen this page. The most recent response was N/A0ContactBigPapi7 on 7/15/20 Locked

SellingiOSHigh End0ver 150k rated High End 2020 MLB TSB VIP Account

$:500.00 is the price. TapSports20, 7/7/20, 7/7/20, 7/7/20, 7/7/20, 7/7/20, 7/7/20, 7/7/20 There have been 1 response. 79 people have seen this page. 5000 dollars was the last response. Locked 7/8/20 ContactTapSports20 7/8/20


Price: 125 dollars Patmazz, April 17th, 2020 62 views, 0 responses, 0 views per page $1253 was the last reply. Now is the time to buy Patmazz 4/17/20 has been locked.

SellingiOSHigh EndTap sports baseball gold 88k team strength 8 Legends 2200+ gold YOGI BERRA

$:350 for the price NickM00, 2/3/20, 2/3/20 Views: 124 Total: 0 Replies: 0 $3500 was the last response. Now is the time to buy NickM00 2/3/20 Locked in a room

SellingAndroid and iOSLow End108k team strength, 160k legend xp, 810 evo, 800k cash

$:60 is the price. Nate Johnson on November 18, 2019 62 views, 0 responses, 0 views per page $600 was the last response. Contact Nate Johnson is an American football player. Locked as of November 18th, 2019.

SellingAndroid and iOSHigh EndSelling 106k team

$:225.00 is the price. Let’s Go, Let’s Go! 9/30/19 There have been 1 response. 114 people have seen this page. $2250 was the last response. Now is the time to buy Let’s Get This Party Started 10/3/19 Threads 1 to 15 out of 36 are shown.

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