What Baseball Cards Are Hot Right Now

Live List of Most Watched Baseball Cards for Sale on eBay

It is always changing, depending on player performance and the popularity of specific baseball card brands. The list of the most popular baseball cards on eBay is constantly changing as well. In order to assist you, we’ve put technology to work and created a live list of the cards that bidders are now interested in purchasing. The’most watched’ list serves as a gauge for what’s hot among the newest and most popular rookie cards, as well as certain older cards that are grabbing collectors and investors’ attention.

When baseball card collectors are looking for the most popular baseball cards, it’s generally the first place they look.

To view which baseball card auctions are currently generating the most interest from buyers, please visit this page: baseball card auctions.

  • EBay’s most popular Mike Trout cards are also the most popular Babe Ruth cards, as are the most popular football cards for sale on eBay, the most popular basketball cards for sale on eBay, the most popular hockey cards for sale on eBay, and the most popular graded rookie cards (across all sports) for sale on eBay.

The Hottest Baseball Cards on eBay . Right Now!

Collectors have been buying and selling baseball cards on eBay since the inception of online auction websites. And, as the hobby has developed in the twenty-first century, the ecommerce behemoth has become even more important in the transfer of cards from people who have them to those who want them. On a normal day, hundreds of new eBay ads are placed, offering up about every type of card you can imagine, while thousands of additional lots are traded between buyers and sellers. However, certain cards — some postings — generate far more interest than others, getting a large number of bids and attracting a large number of additional “watchers” as the sale unfolds.

In order to assist you, we have compiled a list of the most popular baseball cards currently available on eBay, as determined by the number of people who have looked at them.

  • Mike Trout rookie cards that have received the most attention on eBay
  • Mookie Betts rookie cards that have received the most attention on eBay
  • On eBay, there are 25 Alex Rodriguez rookie cards that are the most popular. 25 Aaron Rodgers rookie cards that have received the most attention on eBay

Now, enjoy your trend-spotting! (Please keep in mind that the following material contains affiliate connections to eBay baseball card listings.)

Top 21 Sports Cards and Trading Cards of 2021

A record-breaking year for the world of sports cards, 2021 was no exception. For the most part, the boom lasted throughout the year, though there are hints of a slowdown in some places. The amount of new releases was one thing that didn’t slow down. The year 2021 saw the debut of more than 300 goods spanning all sports and entertainment, including those available on mainstream and internet channels. That is a significant amount. So, what were the most popular sports trading cards in 2021? Whatever perspective you take on the situation, the outcome is a matter of perspective.

There are a few of things to consider in this situation.

Second, while value is undoubtedly a consideration for certain cards, this is by no means a list of “The Most Valuable Cards of the Twenty-First Century.” These are the people who initiate conversations and establish trends, rather than those who follow them.

21 Sports Cards and Trading Cards That Helped Shape the Hobby in 2021

Is it possible for a meme to become a trading card? Bernie Sanders, with mittens, demonstrated unequivocally that it can be done. The card, which depicts the Vermont senator at the presidential inauguration, went on to sell a whopping 91,169 copies in its first week of distribution. For any Topps Now card, this is the most ever sold in a single day. It received a great deal of attention from the media and is likely to have ended up in the hands of many non-collectors who were searching for a timely keepsake from a memorable occasion.

20. 2020-21 Hoops SLAM Kobe Bryant19

In 2020-21, the SLAM inserts will be available solely at retail. Hoops may not be the most valued inserts of the year, but they are still useful. Even yet, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that they were able to tap into anything, particularly recent nostalgia, with cards depicting some of SLAMmagazine’s most memorable covers. Back in the day, when Hoops first came out, this was one of the most popular retail chases. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

19. 2021 Topps Update Ultra Rare Variations Fernando Tatis Jr.US1

For numerous years, Topps Baseball has emphasized the importance of variations in their product. Every year, there are a large number of them, some of them are more noticeable than others. Very quickly, these Ultra Rare cards from the 2021 Topps Update Series were known as the Big Head Variations because of their large heads. Although the odds on these have not been released, they are incredibly difficult. Despite the fact that they are all entertaining, Tatis’ card sticks out even more. The photo’s vibrant energy lends itself well to the caricature treatment.

18. 2021 Topps Now Baseball Wander Franco402

Topps 2021 is available now. Baseball has seen a number of debuts. None was more significant than the one held on June 22 to commemorate Wander Franco’s maiden appearance in the majors. It sold 61,305 copies in a little over 24 hours, setting a Topps Now baseball card sales record for a single day. There were also five tiers of parallelism, each with a number of 49 or fewer, thrown in for good measure. Only a limited quantity of autographed relic copies were produced, and these were sold separately.

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17. 2019-20 Upper Deck The Cup Cale Makar Auto Patch62 /99

The Cup is always released late in the season. As a result of the pandemic, which caused significant delays on a variety of fronts, the 2019-20 Upper Deck The Cup was pushed back all the way to February of 2021. As is customary, the product contains several of the season’s most notable hockey rookie cards, with Cale Makar serving as one of the offering’s standouts.

Even though he is just in his third season, the Colorado Avalanche star has already established himself as one of the league’s finest defenseman. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

16. 2020-21 Panini Chronicles Contenders Optic Historic Rookie Ticket Autographs David Beckham1 /99

In 2021, there were no major rookies on the international soccer scene like there were in some of the releases from the calendar year 2020, such as Erling Haaland on the national team of Sweden. On his first autographs in a long time, one of the sport’s most important modern legends made an appearance in the year 2021. Several Panini goods with David Beckham’s signature will be published in 2021, but the Contenders Optic Rookie Ticket Autograph from Chronicles is our pick because of its association with a long-standing business as well as Beckham’s early years.

Even yet, if you manage to get your hands on one for less than $1,000, you’re definitely getting a good deal considering how quickly these have been selling.

15. 2021 Panini Prizm UFC Color Blast Conor McGregor15

Panini acquired the UFC license in the year 2021. Parallels were a huge draw in bothPrizmandSelect tournaments, with certain low-numbered cards of prominent fighters bringing several thousands of dollars in the first tournament. However, they weren’t the only ones that could pack a punch. As Panini’s rare inserts continue to gain traction, Prizm Color Blast cards have emerged as some of the most sought-after cards in the set. In addition, the first batch of UFC Color Blast fighters, lead by Conor McGregor, are included in this group.

14. 2021 Parkside NWSL Premier Series Vol. 2 Signature Series Trinity RodmanSS-TR

A new UFC license was acquired by Panini in 2021. Parallels were a huge draw in bothPrizmandSelect tournaments, with certain low-numbered cards of top fighters bringing several thousands of dollars in the first event. However, they weren’t the only ones who were able to pack a wallop. Rare inserts such as Prizm Color Blast cards have become increasingly popular as Panini’s rare inserts gain popularity. UFC Color Blast is the first set of fighters to get this honor, and they are led by Conor McGregor.

13. 2021 Panini National Treasures Base Assistant to the Traveling Secretary Jason AlexanderGC /99

This is one of those cards that seems to appear out of nowhere and catch you completely off guard. It unmistakably alludes to the iconic sitcomSeinfeld, what with the actor, portrait, and reference to Alexander’s character with the card number, as well as, of course, his character’s work with the New York Yankees in the classic comedy. The jersey swatch, on the other hand, is not really from the show. If you think of it as a fun card that’s completely aSeinfeldcard, even if it isn’t an official Seinfeldcard, that’s exactly what it is.

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12. 2021 Bowman Chrome Draft Autographs Marcelo MayerCDA-MM

This one was submitted well before the deadline, and it will be released right before the end of the calendar year. Although he was the fourth overall choice in the 2021 MLB Draft, Marcelo Mayer’s Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs have quickly risen to become one of the most valued of the year’s Bowman Chrome Autographs. It’s possible that someone else could emerge over the following couple of years, but for the time being, Mayer is the undisputed ruler of this year’s crop of the most significant baseball cards in existence right now – the 1st Bowman Chrome Autograph.

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11. 2021 SP Game Used Collin Morikawa Auto Shirt69 /299

Upper Deck made a comeback to the golf course in 2021 with Artifacts and SP Game Used cards. Because it had been seven years since the previous release, there were some fresh faces on golf cards. This is where Collin Morikawa comes in. He won’t be 25 until February, but he’s already won two major championships and is presently ranked second in the world according to the PGA Tour. Aside from a few extremely rare inserts and parallels, Morikawa’s First Tee Rookies autographed memorabilia card from the 2021 SP Game Used set is the most important card in his collection.

At the present, this is the benchmark against which all else is measured.

10. 2021 Pro Set Trevor LawrencePS1

The reintroduction of Pro Set was the most significant comeback in the hobby in 2021. After being acquired by Leaf, a multi-sport release that was only available online helped to revitalize the brand that had become synonymous with the pastime in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Trevor Lawrence, which was completed in a print-on-demand style and featured the 1989 Pro Set Football design, got things started by selling a whopping 56,111 copies. A reverse image form of the card is also available, with a print run of 1,000 copies.

9. 2020-21 Upper Deck Kirill Kaprizov451

When it comes to rookies, Alexis Lafreniere was projected to be the star of the upcoming 2020-21 season of the National Hockey League. It did, to a certain extent, but the first overall choice did not ignite the crowd as much as many had hoped. Kirill Kaprizov of Minnesota was the spark that ignited the proceedings. In light of Lafreniere’s Young Guns RC debuting in Series 1 and severe delays pushing a number of prominent hockey releases to the calendar year 2022, Kaprizov’s crucial Rookie Card, which can be found in 2020-21 Upper Deck Series 2, is even more notable.

8. 2020 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Autographed Patches Max Verstappen /10

In 2020 Topps Dynasty, the 2021 Formula 1 World Champion is represented by three normal Autograph Patches cards, each of which is numbered to 10. Autographs in the form of a dual- or triple-patch are also available. No matter whatever card you choose, they are all extremely rare and sell for thousands of dollars. Verstappen may not attract the same degree of attention as Lewis Hamilton, but he is only 24 years old and has plenty of potential. He’s also got a built-in rivalry with Hamilton now, courtesy to all of the drama and the way the historic racing season has played out so far this season.

Due to the continued growth and expansion of Formula One, the 2020 Topps Dynasty should prove to be the crown gem of contemporary racing cards. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

7. 2021 Topps Star Wars Stellar Signature Natalie PortmanA-NP /40

Natalie Portman hasn’t been the most widely available autograph for decades, in any format. Topps was eventually able to obtain the Oscar winner’s autograph on trading cards in 2021, which marked a little improvement over previous attempts. I discovered the ultra-high-end2021 Star Wars Stellar Signatures; there aren’t many of them, but it’s something to look forward to. Most of the time, the first few copies to sell have been in the $4,000 to $6,000 level. This covers one of the most significant gaps for Star Warsactors who do not have official autographs associated with the franchise.

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6. 2021 Topps Project70 Ronald Acuna Jr. by Alex Pardee34

Despite the fact that Topps Project70 did not generate the same amount of excitement among collectors or generate the same sales figures as the related Project 2020, the large checklist nevertheless contains many wonderful works of art. A lot of people took notice of Alex Pardee’s Ronald Acuna Jr. card, which was the first card he drew from the collection. Pardee’s idea, similar to Ermsy’s Mike Trout from Project 2020, pushes the boundaries of what a baseball card can be in terms of design and content.

Pardee hasn’t slowed down in his pursuit of the prize, carrying his Brightmares with him wherever he goes.

Pardee is responsible for five of the top ten best-sellers in the collection, including the top three overall.

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5. 2020-21 Panini Prizm LeBron James1

Please, don’t be ridiculous. That photograph is a work of art. When people look back on James’ career, there will be two things that stand out: his block in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals and this shot. It quickly becomes iconic, mixing athleticism and angles in a way that may cause some to question the existence of gravity. This is coming from a 36-year-old, no less. During a conversation with photographer Andrew Bernstein for Sports Illustrated, Ben Pickman learned how the image came together.

Although this is the case, it nonetheless commands a higher price than you would anticipate from a commonly accessible 18th-year LeBron James card.

If you’re seeking for basketball card perfection, color-match gold or purple Prizms are available in both gold and purple variations.

4. 2021 Absolute Kaboom Mac JonesK44

In the world of inserts, the year 2021 was the year of Kaboom. Despite the fact that the cards were not limited to the sport, it looks that 2021 Absolute Football has received the most benefit from the exciting cards. Mac Jones is listed as one of the leaders on the checklist. In the year 2021, a slew of high-profile cards featuring the Patriots quarterback were issued.

With numerous important RCs, like as Prizm, National Treasures, and Contenders, scheduled to release in 2022, this one stands out even more. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

3. 2020 Panini National Treasures Justin Herbert RC Auto Patch138 /99

Joe Burrow may be the hottest quarterback in the NFL heading into 2022, but Justin Herbert was the top quarterback from the 2020 draft class for the most of the year. From the time of its release in April of 2021, Herbert’s Rookie Card from 2020 Panini National Treasureshas been one of the most sought-after football cards in the hobby, routinely fetching between $30,000 and $60,000 depending on the condition. Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation

2. 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton1

In the year 2021, Formula 1 made a significant impact on the hobby. Prior to the 2020 Formula One season, there have never truly been any mainstream F1 cards to be found anywhere else. That was altered as a result of their partnership with Topps. Lewis Hamilton’s value in the collectibles industry has increased in tandem with the rise in popularity of Formula One. Not only is he one of the best drivers of all time, but he has also had a significant cultural effect as well. Because this is happening on a global scale, it is possible that hobby standards may not be as evident.

The standard version costs more than $100 in raw materials, whereas Refractors and the Image Variation might cost thousands of dollars.

It, too, has the potential to exceed $1,000.

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1. 2020-21 Panini National Treasures LaMelo Ball RC Auto Patch130 /99

A lot of people predicted that the NBA rookie class of 2020-21 would be weaker than the ones in the years immediately preceding it. They were right. That may very well be the case, but it does not rule out the possibility of spectacular performances. LaMelo Ball is resurrecting the Charlotte Hornets to their former prominence, as they were during the era of Starter jackets and Larry Johnson. Ball is one of those guys with whom you never know what is going to happen when you turn on a game or even the nightly highlights package.

Purchase a share of a stock in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation or a partnership in a corporation In case you’re curious about how they compare to one another, here’s our ranking of the best cards of 2020.

Best 9 Baseball Rookie Cards to Buy Right Now (Easy Money)

Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned veteran, the majority of baseball card collectors want to see a reasonable return on their investment when they decide to sell their collection. Rookie Cards of Patrick Mahomes are a top-rated investment.

A list of nine of the greatest baseball cards to buy right now has been compiled, with a variety of possibilities from the last decade on display, and you can see it below. While it is tough to predict the future value of a sports card, these guys should make it a lot easier.

Check out the2021 Bowman Chrome Hobby BoxNow!

Players such as Mike Trout andRonald Acuna Jr. appear on the list, but which specific versions should you be on the watch for? Here’s all you need to know about investing in baseball cards in order to make some good money. Topps Baseball Card Values are among the highest-rated in the industry.

9 Best Cards to Buy Now

The freshest and greatest baseball cards (such as Derek Jeter Cards) are always on our radar, but which ones are the finest to get right now? In addition to the possibility of making a profit, the list contains some of the most talented players in the game today. Considering that many autographed choices are already exorbitantly expensive, we’ve chosen some lesser-known cards that may have gone under the spotlight. While we cannot promise a positive return on investment, or even when the 2020 MLB season will begin, we can expect a significant increase in pricing when the action resumes sometime in the month of July.

2011 Mike Trout Topps Update Rookie CardUS175

MAKE A PURCHASE NOWMike Trouthas a real claim to being dubbed the greatest MLB player of all time, whether you look at the numbers or simply see him on the field for any period of time. From a financial sense, he might still have a decade left at the top of the market, which makes his RC alternatives quite attractive. It is almost certain that Trout will set several records when he ultimately throws in the towel. Take, for example, his 2011 Topps Update, which isn’t the most visually appealing of the bunch at first view.

It’s the first card on our list, and it’s not simply because of his star power that he’s on there.

The following parallels: Black (/60), Cognac diamond, Diamond Anniversary, Diamond Anniversary Authentic Diamonds (/1), Gold (/2011), Canary diamond (/1), Hope diamond (/60), Platinum, and White diamond.

2017 Ronald Acuna Jr. Bowman Chrome RCBCP127

SHOP RIGHT NOW Among all of the cards on our list, we think this one is our greatest long-term investment since we love, love, love it! Ronald Acuna Jr., another well-known name in baseball, has been regarded as a high prospect from his days as a minor leaguer. As a result, his 2017 selections are frequently the most costly available. The Bowman ChromeBCP127 and the autographed version of his Bowman Chrome (CPARA) are the most popular parallels among collectors, but other parallels are a good investment prospect as well.

in the middle of a sprint.

The following parallels: Refractor, Purple Refractor, Blue Refractor, Blue Wave Refractor, Green Refractor, Black Refractor – Jumbo Box Hot Packs only, Blue Bowman 70th Logo Refractor, Gold Refractor, Gold Wave Refractor, Orange Refractor – Jumbo only, Red Refractor, Black Wave Refractor, SuperFractor.

Rookie Cards of Jasson Dominguez are also quite popular.

2011 Mike Trout Bowman Chrome Draft RC101

SHOP RIGHT NOW The second Mike Trout RC to make the cut, his 2011 Bowman Chrome is another excellent pick because to the wide variety of refractors available. Trout is seen ready with a bat lifted in both hands on the card, which also has the RC logo and a bold design that is focused on the colored borders of the card. A strong investment choice is always going to be fishing cards, and the design is really striking when you look at cards like the Gold or Blue variants, which are both rather rare.

Parallels include the Refractor, the Purple Refractor (available exclusively in retail), the Blue Refractor (/199), the Gold Refractor (/50), the Orange Refractor (/25), the Red Refractor (5), the SuperFractor (/1), the Canary Diamond (/1), the Printing Plates (/1), and the SuperFractor (/1).

2018 Ronald Acuna Jr. Topps Update RCUS250

SHOP RIGHT NOW From Trout to Acuna, and back again; his 2018 Topps Update represents yet another excellent investment opportunity. Acuna is represented by three picture variations and multiple signatures in this series, which also includes a landscape variant and SP cards. The base version opens with a dramatic shot of Acuna effectively smashing a ball into orbit, and he looks up at his accomplishments after delivering a devastating blow. Because there are so many options, it’s tough to choose one that stands out above the others.

There are several RC choices for Acuna Jr., just as there are for Trout, and the differences make it even more appealing to baseball enthusiasts.

2016 Fernando Tatis Jr. Bowman Chrome ProspectBCP17

Although Fernando Tatis Jr. was never able to appear in a game for the White Sox, the highly anticipated shortstop did make his Major League Baseball debut with the Padres in 2019. When it comes to 2020, he is a significant talent who might provide a positive return if he manages to put up high statistics. With the exception of an on-card autograph, the only major distinction between Tatis Jr’s Bowman Chrome prospect cards is that one has an autograph on it. The unsigned version of the card is the one we’d recommend because it’s perhaps more reasonably priced in contrast.

Also worth noting is that every serial numbered card is worth adding to your watchlist because there are a variety of fascinating parallels that raise the price even higher.

2019 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Topps Missing Card Number RC

SHOP RIGHT NOW The Vladimir Guerrero Jr. card from the 2019 Topps Series 2 is a bit of a mystery, in that it’s difficult to identify what the precise print number is on the card. It’s a short print, which makes it a fantastic investment item because of its limited size. Immediately following a good hit, Guerrero Jr. is shown standing there admiring the ball as it sails into the air. In addition to his face being next to an RC emblem on the left side of the shot, it is a fantastic image. In addition to the fact that there are no parallels and the print run is relatively small, it’s a straightforward card to seek for, with values expected to grow as Guerrero Jr.

As part of the 2019 Topps set, there is also a second variant card, however you’ll be able to discern the difference since it includes a card number on the reverse ( 700).

2018 Juan Soto Topps Chrome Update RCHMT55

SHOP RIGHT NOW Juan Soto, another highly anticipated prospect, made his Major League Baseball debut for the Washington Nationals in May 2018. His cards made the list because they are quite inexpensive, especially when compared to PSA 10 gem mint copies of the same card. It features the same picture as the ordinary Topps Update set, but the card material is superior, and there are a number of refractor parallels available. His Topps Chrome Update was initially exclusively available at Target, but it’s not difficult to find a few good examples at auction.

2018 Luis Robert Bowman Chrome ProspectsBCP21

SHOP RIGHT NOW Luis Robertcould be the difference between the White Sox being able to compete in 2020 and being eliminated from contention, which should give you an indication of the amount of pressure being placed on the 22-year-old Cuban’s shoulders. It is certain that card pieces will begin to heat up if he is able to make the switch when playing against major-league pitchers. Despite the fact that his Bowman Chrome Prospects cards aren’t as popular as autographed editions from the same year, this is nevertheless his first Major League Baseball card with the White Sox, and the franchise emblem is prominently shown on the card.

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As is always the case, there is a variety of Refractors whose rarity increases through time.

2019 Eloy Jimenez Topps Chrome22

SHOP NOWEloy Jimenez was expected to have a breakout year in 2020 following a strong showing in 122 games last season, batting.267 with 31 home runs. Jimenez will have less than half of that when the season begins, but a strong showing throughout 60 games will almost certainly result in a rise in the value of his rookie card. Despite the fact that it’s difficult to compare it to previous edition cards like as his 2014 Bowman Chrome Refractor, his Topps Chrome will still make for a good investment item.

If you’re searching for a low-cost investment alternative, there’s a good selection of appealing Refractors that can aid to bring the backdrop design to the foreground of the screen.

The following are parallels: refract Must Read: The Very Best Cards of Jo Adell as a rookie

20 Popular Modern Sports Cards to Check Out // ONE37pm

PSA 10 has a population of 16,749 people. A huge boost in value for one of Major League Baseball’s most promising young talents has occurred in only the past year for the Acuna Update (At-Bat in Blue Jersey), which has been arguably one of the most under-the-radar cards to emerge in the previous two years. Multiple versions of this precise card exist, including the “Bat Down” stance and the highly sought-after “White Jersey” SSP, all of which are assigned the US250 numbering system. For many players, the topps update edition of their rookie card has come to be known as the player’s “real” rookie card, and Acuna is no exception.

In the first few weeks after release, PSA 10 copies of the standard “At-Bat in Blue Jersey” card were selling for $125 to $150 on eBay on a consistent basis, and the dedicated Atlanta fan base seemed to be devouring these cards faster than we could keep them in inventory.

In a way that I haven’t seen from a base Topps Baseball Card in a long time, the parallels and short prints on this card almost appeared to feed the enthusiasm for the card to some extent.

Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2021 (Pricing & Review)

When it comes time to think about the hottest baseball rookie cards of 2021, the first thing to consider is who the finest rookies are in the game right now. If it wasn’t evident enough, consider this: However, while reviewing rookie cards, we prefer to add some pre-rookie cards because they may be worth just as much, if not more, than the rookie cards in some circumstances. As a result, we’ll need to think about who the most promising possibilities are as well as who they are. In any case, there isn’t a shortage of alternatives for both enticing 2021 rookies and minor league prospects, so let’s get down to business.

Despite the fact that the men below are hotter right now, Tampa’s young shortstop remains at the top of the prospect rankings. Here are some alternatives for Wander Franco’s pre-rookie cards!

Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2021: Prospects

Among the most highly touted prospects in all of baseball, Jasson Dominguez is considered one of the most promising young players in the game. As a result, it should come as no surprise that his name appears on this list. Bowman Chrome is the most popular trading card in the world (as they will with all the prospects on this list). Some of the less common refractors are selling for almost $10,000, which is a significant increase in value. You can acquire one of the most common editions for less than $100, while the others are more expensive.

2020 Bowman Chrome Luisangel Acuna (Check Price)

While many do not believe he has the same all-out superstar potential as his older brother, he is attracting the interest of a growing number of early-stage investors. Is it because of his name that people dislike him? Is it his natural ability, or something else? Whatever the case, it is taking place, and you may not want to be left out in the cold. Similarly to Dominguez, his best cards from this set may get upwards of $10,000, while the more common cards can fetch as low as $100 per card (and even less, but we’re not talking about $5 cards here).

2020 Bowman Chrome Draft Spencer Torkelson (Check Price)

A “greatest prospect card from 2020” list would be incomplete without Spencer Torkelson’s 1st Bowman card, which was released in 2015. When it comes to the upcoming 2021 season, they are extremely popular goods, and with good reason – Torkelson was the first overall choice in the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft, after all. And with in-demand things come in-demand prices. Some of the less common Refractors, for example, have already sold for more than $5,000 on the secondary market. And that’s before you ever get into the game as a professional.

2020 Bowman Chrome Draft Zac Veen (Check Price)

Despite not being as valuable as the Torkelson’s card from this set, Veen gets close to it in terms of value. So one was fortunate enough to come across his Black Wave Auto Refractor, and guess how much it sold for at auction? More than $6,300 was spent. What do you think of it for a case hit? In any case, there are a plethora of other Zac Veen alternatives available from this collection that are far less expensive. If Veen accomplishes to minor league pitching what he did to his hapless college opponents, you’ll be glad you invested in one, just like Torkelson.

Blasts from the past!

Please see below for our ranking of the Most Valuable Baseball Cards of the 2000s. Remember to keep these in mind. Baseball cards from the 1980s and 1990s are among the most valuable in existence.

Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2021: MLB Debuts

While he has just recently been placed on a 10-day inactive list due to a painful wrist, Kirilloff was raking it in before that. And, after his wrist has healed, he should continue to do so upon his return to the United States. His odds of winning the American League Rookie of the Year are still in the 4th or 5th range, but we think he’ll be the one holding the trophy as long as the injury to his wrist isn’t anything too significant.

To put it another way, get one now before the train departs the station! EVERYTHING IS ABBOOAAARDD!

Ke’Bryan Hayes (Check Price)

Despite the setback, he remains the frontrunner to win the National League Rookie of the Year award. In contrast, Hayes has experienced an early-season injury that has kept him out of all but two games so far this season, similar to Kirilloff. But, unlike Kirilloff, we don’t believe he will be able to bring home the trophy even if he returns to full health. Because of his limited sample size in 2020, his minor league resume just does not justify the buzz generated by his little sample size in 2019.

Randy Arozarena (Check Price)

Despite the injury, he is still considered the favorite to win the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2019. In contrast, Hayes has suffered an early-season injury that has kept him out of all but two games so far this season, as has Kirilloff. Even if he returns to full health, we do not believe he will be able to take home the trophy, unlike Kiriloff. Because of his little sample size in 2020, his minor league track record just does not justify the anticipation generated by his short sample size.

Dylan Carlson (Check Price)

Carlson has been able to hold his own throughout his formal rookie season, but he has yet to genuinely impress. We’re looking for that to happen in the near future, since he’s began to accumulate a significant number of MLB at-bats between 2021 and 2020. Our message is that it is time to go to work on anything! We think he’ll make it in time.

Jarred Kelenic (Check Price)

Kelenic is expected to make his debut as soon as possible, according to the general consensus. And when he does, he will have the opportunity to make a significant impact in 2021. As a result, despite the fact that he is not yet on a major league squad, he nevertheless enters our list of the Hottest Baseball rookie Cards in 2021. Yet. The similarities between Kelenic and Carlson are striking, especially when it comes to both his minor league performance and his meteoric rise up the MLB prospect lists.

Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2020: A Look Back

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the rookies from the previous season. In addition, while his batting average declined, he was unquestionably the most well-known player on the list last season despite not being named Rookie of the Year. In other words, his cards are still the most valuable. Even more so than the 2020 ROY WINNER, who we’ll be talking about next week. In any case, the power isn’t quite there yet, but he’s slapping the ball about like crazy. Take comfort in knowing that if you grab a few of them, you’ll be alright no matter what happens with the electricity.

2020 Topps Chrom Kyle Lewis (Check Price)

Next up is the Rookie of the Year for the 2020 season. No, not Devin Williams, but someone else. Please accept my apologies. You were very brilliant, but you’re not one of the most exciting baseball rookie cards of the year 2020. Kyle Lewis, the American League Rookie of the Year, is on the line. Kyle made up for his lack of average in his rookie season with power, smacking 11 home runs in about 200 at-bats in the process.

When you combine that with a respectable OBP of.364, you have yourself a player who appears to be here to stay for quite some time. And when compared to the runner-up for the ROY, Luis Robert, his rookie card prices are an unbelievable steal. Consider making a purchase!

Ryan Mountcastle(Check Price)

Despite the fact that Ryan Mountcastle had possibly the finest overall performance by a rookie hitter in 2020, Mountcastle’s bat is almost non-existent in 2021. We had great expectations for Mountcastle, but he appears to be a man who will be forgotten in a short period of time. We will not purchase unless we see a significant improvement in the situation.

Dustin May (Check Price)

With a 2.57 earned run average over 12 starts in his debut season, the Dodgers’ top pitching prospect put the rest of the league on notice. And he was well on his way to achieving similar figures in 2021 when he heard the words that no pitcher hates to hear: “You’re done, pitcher.” Yep. May will be undergoing Tommy John surgery this month. Having said that, many pitchers go on to have successful careers after recovering from their injuries, so consider it a buy-the-dip situation.

Gavin Lux (Check Price)

In his few appearances in the Major Leagues, the Dodgers’ top overall prospect has underperformed. Additionally, he has ZERO home runs and is just maintaining an average above the Mendoza line in 2021, among other seasons. This is one that we will avoid at all costs.

Jesús Luzardo (Check Price)

In the absence of MacKenzie Gore, Luzardo possesses one of the most interesting arsenals of any young rookie or prospect pitcher in the game today. However, he did not have a particularly strong showing in his Major League Baseball debut in 2020, and he did not do much better in 2021. It was then revealed that Luzardo had broken his pinkie finger while playing video games. Ouch. The pinkie isn’t going to bother us too much (it’s hard to say no to a good video game), but until his pitching turns around, we’re not planning on buying up one of them.

Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2021 Investment Strategies

Almost every single card on this list will generate a significant level of market interest through the end of 2021. Simply based on that fact, it’s not difficult to foresee some really simple gains being generated. Particularly if you purchase in at an early enough stage. As in right now, as in right now!

Medium (1 to 5 years)

This strategy will be heavily influenced by the player’s overall performance. Once they enter the harsh environment of the major leagues, many promising possibilities quickly fade away. Keep a careful eye on the situation and make a choice on whether or not to continue to hold depending on what you observe.

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Long (5 years plus)

Nope. All of these players are about as inexperienced as it is possible to be. It’s far too soon to be thinking about going long. The hope is that some of the most popular baseball rookie cards of 2021 will go on to become some of the most popular cards of the twentieth century. Only time will tell if this is true! N/A

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Lamelo Ball’s rookie card is at the top of the list. Analyze the rookie card of Anthony Edwards A Buyer’s Guide for Tyrese Haliburton Rookie Cards

Why Did Someone Pay $5 Million for a Baseball Card in 2021?

Rob Gough, holding the 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card for which he bought a world-record $5.2 million last month. Photo courtesy of Berk Communications This time last year, Rob Gough’s only collection of sports cards consisted of the ones he’d gathered as a child. Plastic sheets containing Michael Jordans, Shaquille O’Neals, and other players of the Cincinnati Reds from the 1990s are somewhere in his hands; they were all mass-produced and are only worth about the same as the cardboard they were printed on.

  1. He claims that by the middle of January this year, he had spent $10 million on various trading cards, a frenzy that culminated in his most expensive buy to date: a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle in virtually excellent condition for $5.2 million.
  2. It was a mind-blowing buy, but it was hardly an outlier in a sports-card market that had recently become ablaze with activity.
  3. The previous record for the most expensive sale ever was achieved just months before that, in August 2019.
  4. Overall domestic trading card sales on eBay increased by 142% in 2020, according to the company.
  5. However, another tendency, which had already begun before last March, has played a role in propelling the headline-grabbing, six- and seven-figure acquisitions in recent months.
  6. According to him, the calculus is beginning to shift, and cards are increasingly being viewed as investments first and foremost.
  7. Some of them are also fans of the cards.

This deck of cards is no different from a stock portfolio in their eyes.” Indeed, Gough claims that his acquisition of the Mantle card was motivated more by financial considerations than by enthusiasm.

So, what exactly am I going to do?

Put it in a house where you’ll earn 3 to 8 percent a year, and you’ll be rich.

His justification: Millennials and Generation-Zers who become wealthy in the future.

However, according to Goldin, it is not only individual consumers who are snatching up the best deals.

Goldin Auctions sold a number of autographed baseball cards earlier this year, including those of Lou Gehrig ($801,960), Stephen Curry ($984,000), Patrick Mahomes ($861,000), and Michael Jordan ($738,000), among others.

The general public was alerted in the late 1980s and early 1990s by the sale prices of baseball card rarities such as the Honus Wagner T206, which had long been considered the “holy grail” of baseball cards, that the cards they had collected and, in many cases, thrown away as children could be worth a lot of money.

  1. Ken Griffey Jr.’s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card, which was considered the most sought-after card in the hobby, was later revealed to be not very rare at all: It is believed that more than 2 million of them were created by the corporation.
  2. As a result, the most sought-after of these cards — in the proper condition, as determined by an independent evaluator — are now selling for as much as the most iconic cards from decades past.
  3. In the case of a younger player like Antetokounmpo, his place in history is already well established, but his stock could rise even further in the coming years.
  4. That these modern cards can be even scarcer than the vintage ones — there’s only one of the record-setting Antetokounmpo, for instance, compared to nine 1952 Topps Mantles graded at least as high as Gough’s by the authenticator PSA — only adds to the appeal as a rare asset.
  5. “You have athletes and influencers and celebrities who are into the hobby.

Even those rooting for prices to continue rising indefinitely concede that certain aspects of the hobby are bound to cool off: the demand for less-scarce modern basketball cards, for instance, or the hype around athletes who play above their usual level for a couple of weeks and see their card values spike.

“It depends what your time horizon is,” says Rosenberg. “Will prices ebb and flow? Yes. At some time, the pressure will alter. But what do I see in the short term? There’s still more folks who are finding out about this and buying.” Why Did Someone Pay $5 Million for a Baseball Card in 2021?

Sports card collecting is having a historic boom right now and here’s why

In the event that you have a dust-covered shoebox full of baseball cards stashed away someplace in your home, now would be a good time to go look for it because sports cards are now enjoying a renaissance. And it’s a momentous occasion. According to Yahoo! News, seven of the ten largest sports card sales in history have occurred in the last eight months, with the record for the “most expensive card ever sold” being smashed twice within that time period. According to the Action Network, the current world record holder is a 1952 Topps Micky Mantle baseball card that was acquired for $5.2 million on March 30, 2012.

  1. According to CNN, a rookie card of Michael Jordan was sold at auction for $738,000 in February this year.
  2. That is a 243 percent gain in value in only 14 days.
  3. According to the Athletic, eBay will process 4 million more trading card transactions in 2020 than it did in 2019, or a 142 percent increase in growth.
  4. In all likelihood, more cards are being sold now than ever before, and some of them are fetching ridiculous sums.

What caused the resurgence of sports cards?

As reported by CNN, this increase in trading card popularity is a direct response to the pandemic shutdowns in 2020. With live sports on pause, disinterested spectators began scouring their attics and basements in search of old sports cards and determining their worth. Sports memorabilia has returned to the forefront of people’s thoughts, according to CNN, thanks to the nostalgia wave triggered by the ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance.” In recent years, the hobby has flourished and attracted new devotees thanks to the support of high-profile endorsers such as Mark Wahlberg, Logan Paul, The Ringer’s founderBill Simmons, and Pittsburgh Steeler Cassius Marsh, to name a few.

Social media has also played a significant role in the comeback, as collectors are posting videos of themselves opening boxes of cards on YouTube and TikTok, garnering thousands of views in the process.

Who’s collecting sports cards right now?

Brakken Barben, a card collector located in Utah who has devoted thousands of hours (and thousands of dollars) to the hobby, believes there are three broad categories of individuals taking advantage of the current boom. The following is how he breaks them down:

  • Known as “fast flippers,” these individuals are more concerned with making a quick cash than they are with collecting cards, and often stockpile boxes from local department shops in order to resale them online for a higher price. According to Barben, unopened boxes are difficult to come by these days, therefore scalpers are willing to charge 200 percent or more of the MSRP for them. Consider taking a stroll down the trading card aisle the next time you’re in Walmart or Target. Barben promises that the shelves will be completely bare. “Wall Street types” are those who work on Wall Street. The value of a card fluctuates over time, just as the value of equities. Trading cards are seen as physical equities by those on Wall Street. They put in the effort to investigate value trends and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to purchase low and sell high. Similar to short-term flippers, Wall Street types are involved in this activity for the money, but they deal in greater quantities and appear to take pleasure in the experience. Barben describes himself as a member of the generation known as “nostalgic millennials.” Kids who liked collecting sports cards in the late 1980s and early 1990s are now in their thirties and forties, respectively. A large number of them have houses, jobs, children, and (most crucially) discretionary cash to their names. Now that they are adults, they can invest hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in the pastime and acquire rarer and more expensive cards than they could previously afford.

Lessons from the past: Supply and demand

As reported by The New York Times, the scarcity of sports cards has long been a driving factor in their value, and card producers learned this lesson the hard way in the 1980s. As the popularity of card collecting grew, card makers such as Topps, Donruss, Upper Deck, Fleer, and Bowman overproduced cards in an attempt to keep up with demand, resulting in massive overproduction of cards. They made the error of flooding the market, eliminating scarcity, and thus rendering their cards useless in the process.

For the purpose of ensuring that they do not make the same error twice, card manufacturers are now attempting to create scarcity by designing unique cards that are only available in extremely restricted amounts.

It was recently sold at auction for more than $750,000. The card, which is embellished with Durant’s autograph and a sample of material from one of his jerseys, was recently sold for more than $750,000.

Boom or bubble?

Are there any plans to keep this up when the epidemic is over, or will it go away after the crisis is over? The short answer is that no one knows for certain. However, when it comes to viewpoints, there are a plethora of them. According to Ezra Levine, CEO of theCollectibleapp, the market is on its way down, and he is ready for the upcoming fall. “There will surely be losers whenever the market takes a dip, which it will at some time,” he stated in a recent interview with The Athletic. Many collectors, particularly those who are searching for or investing in less valuable items, may be disappointed when the frenzy subsides.” Ken Goldin, the founder of Goldin Auctions, on the other hand, believes that the sports card market will only experience minor variations in the near future.

In his words, “the difference between cards and stock (is) that no one loves a stock.” “Some people who buy these cards are so attached to them that convincing them to sell is like convincing them to amputate a limb.” Having seized the world by storm this past year, the pastime has taken on a new shape on the internet.

The future is digital

While individuals have been utilizing the internet to purchase and sell cards for quite some time now, the hobby’s online presence extends far beyond simple transactional activities like buying and selling. Today, hobbyists are mostly involved in the purchase and sale of digital items. In February, a video clip of LeBron James dunking a basketball was sold for more than $200,000 on a website known as NBA Top Shot, according to the seller. In a recent story by theDeseret News, NBA Top Shot was described as a blockchain-based online platform that allows users to produce and trade collectible movies, known as “moments,” from the NBA.

In the cryptocurrency world, the term “non-fungible tokens” refers to collectible digital artifacts (such as films, photos, and sound snippets) that users may purchase and sell using cryptocurrencies.

Each NFT video “moment” sold on NBA Top Shots is labeled with a unique serial number that aids in the determination of its monetary worth.

The Welcome to the All-Star Family Challenge will expire on Thursday, April 1 at 10 a.m.

Obtain all five of the needed items.

More information may be found at: NBA Top Shot (@nbatopshot) will release a new video on March 31, 2021.

When customers open their packets, they are given the impression that they are about to discover a rare and very expensive clip as a result of this technique of distribution.

Not to mention that the market for this new digital trading platform is no laughing matter.

26 to purchase one of the 10,600 new virtual packs that NBA Top Shot launched that night, according to the network.

NBA Top Shot allegedly made $150 million in sales in only one week, according to industry reports. Is the future of card collecting, therefore, truly digital? If money is any indication, then the answer is a loud yes, without a doubt.

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