What Is A Baseball Cycle

Hit for the Cycle: Every MLB Player Who Hit for the Cycle

When a player hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run all in the same game, this is referred to as an official cycle. Completing the cycle, sometimes known as “hitting for the cycle,” is an extremely unusual event in Major League Baseball, and every player who has achieved this feat is included in the table below. Baseball Almanac conducted the research. The American League Players Who Hit for the Cycle and the National League Players Who Hit for the Cycle are the best places to check if you want to see every official cycle, divided up by leagues and listed alphabetically.

They are the Pirates (24 games), the Giants (23) and the Red Sox (14 games) (22).

You may not have known that when Darrell Ward hit for the cycle on May 26, 2004, he and his father, Gary Ward (who had hit for the cycle on September 18, 1980), were the first father-son combo to each hit for the cycle in baseball history?

Did you know that on October 8, 2018, Brock Holthit hit for the cycle during Game 3 of the American League Division Series, making it the first time in the history of the playoffs that a cycle was hit during any sort of postseason game?

Look no further.

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What is a Cycle in Baseball: Mind-Blowing Information for You

Inquiring about a cycle in baseball indicates that you have a strong interest in the sport. In my situation, the first time I witnessed a baseball cycle was during a game between the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves on May 15, 2015. It was also the first time a cycle was completed in a Major League Baseball playoff game or in the history of the league. I was really taken aback by Brock “The Brock Star” Holts’ 2B-B-HR-3B cycle in the 8th inning of the World Series. There is something invigorating about seeing a hitter hit for many bases, including a home run, in succession.

  1. I have, in fact, witnessed something similar to this occur once before.
  2. By the end of the game, having witnessed a home run and other near calls, he realized that baseball deserved to be recognized.
  3. A player’s ability to hit for the cycle is dependent on more than simply his or her talent.
  4. True baseball fans and players will tell you that even attempting to complete a cycle in baseball will require a certain amount of luck because you never know when the process will begin.
  5. The single and triple, on the other hand, required more than half of the same game to get.

I inquired of another baseball player if he began his at-bat with the goal of hitting for the cycle in mind. He said yes. He claimed that no one he knew ever went into a game with the goal of hitting a cycle in mind; instead, it just happened.

What is a Cycle in Baseball?

We have reached the crux of our subject matter for this post. Indeed, many people may be perplexed and wonder what this baseball cycle is all about that everyone keeps mentioning. I’ve come to give you the response you’ve been looking for for those who have this reply in mind. A cycle in baseball is defined as when a hitter hits all four types of hits in the same game, in the simplest words possible. Singles, doubles, triples, and home runs are the four sorts of hits that can occur. While attempting to bat for the cycle, a player can take more than four hits in a row.

  1. Every big league baseball player still dreams of getting a Cycle hit.
  2. There have only been 330 or so cycles reported in the period between 1880 and the present day.
  3. Starting with the first pitch or the first at-bat, a player has at least nine innings to hit a single, double, triple, and home run in any specific order to achieve the feat of completing a cycle.
  4. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting all four of those strikes.

No. of Cycles in Baseball History

As previously stated, there have only been around 330 or more cycles documented throughout the history of baseball. Only a handful of those more than 300 cycles has the ability and good fortune to hit several cycles. Some players have tried for years in between their cycles, and some have given up completely. In the history of the Major Leagues, there have been 33 persons who have had multiple “hits for the cycle.” As a result, don’t be disheartened because even professional players have to wait a long time!

Who made the First Cycle in Major League Baseball History?

In this post, we’re heading into some muddy waters with our subject matter. Many baseball fans and academics have fought over the years about who was the first player to hit a cycle in baseball. The general consensus is that Charles “Curry” Foleymay have been the first player in baseball history to hit a cycle, according to certain accounts. May 25, 1882, marks the 100th anniversary of this historic event. The cycle Curry put together was one of the natural cycles, which means he was able to hit single, double, triple, and home run in that particular order without hitting a single out of the park.

  1. One of the most persuasive arguments against Curry completing the first cycle is that baseball hits and statistics like as cycles are inconsistent.
  2. Many people, however, do not believe this assertion to be accurate for a variety of reasons.
  3. They assert that George Hall of the Athletic Club of Philadelphia hit the first baseball cycle on June 14, 1876, and that this was the first time this had happened.
  4. But at the time, most newspapers reported that Hall had at least two triples, if not three, in a game in which he had at least five hits.
  5. On the contrary, John Thorn, the Official Historian of Major League Baseball, expressed his dissatisfaction with Hall’s alleged cycle of accomplishments.

As a result, this claim is still up for question, therefore I’m going to go with Curry being the first hitter in a cycle. While the first cycle was critical, the final cycle is not nearly as crucial.

Why is a Cycle so Difficult to Do?

Right off the gate, I’d want to inform you that getting even four hits in baseball is quite difficult. However, hitting four separate, more harder shots, such as home runs, is a far more difficult proposition. That is why the possibilities of hitting for the cycle are so difficult, and even in Major League Baseball, they are extremely unusual. I previously claimed that there is a fewer than one percent probability of seeing a cycle in a baseball game, which you will recall is correct. Even more unlikely is the occurrence of several hits for the cycle in the same season as well.

For the most part, hitting a single or a double isn’t all that difficult to do.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with baseball terminology should know that a single is when you get one base and a double is when you get two bases.

TriplesHR in Cycle

Hitting a triple or a home run, on the other hand, is substantially more difficult. In recent years, hitting a home run has grown more difficult than hitting a triple. Since 2015, the proportion of triples has remained less than two percent, and it has not grown in the following seasons. Because of the field layout and the fact that players were all playing the same game, we witnessed more triples than home runs until 1930. According to a research article, the distribution of hits from 1901 to 1929 was such that the triple percentage was twice as high as the percentage of home runs.

The most obvious reason for the low number of triples is that the field has altered.

Triples are extremely rare unless something unexpected occurs.

What do you Need to Hit for the Cycle?

A triple or home run, on the other hand, necessitates a huge increase in effort. Home runs have been more difficult to hit in recent years, while triples have become more difficult. The percentage of triples was less than two percent during the 2015 season, and it has not grown since then. Because of the field layout and the fact that all players were playing the same game, we witnessed more triples than home runs until 1930. A study found that the distribution of hits from 1901 to 1929 was such that the triple percentage was twice as high as the percentage of home runs.

Simply put, the field has shifted, and as a result, the triples are down.

Triples are extremely rare until something happens.


In the first place, we’ll discuss and examine the significance of the batter’s power and its use. More precisely, how strength or a balance of power contributes to base-hitting success is discussed. Recently, players have been employing all of the resources at their disposal to build themselves up in a balanced manner. By producing greater power, athletes are able to raise their batting average while also boosting the number of base hits.

While most people would tell you that speed is what you need, we believe that you need both speed and power. As a baseball player attempts to bat for the cycle, he or she will use all of their strength.


The second factor to consider is the player’s speed. As previously said, many people still believe that speed is the most important factor in baseball. While it is right in some respects, because sprinting through bases is how you score in baseball, it is incorrect in others. However, if you do not go at the appropriate pace, i.e., exit speed, you will not get anywhere. Knowing when and how to run is another important aspect of being fast on the road. Stretching a single into a double or a double into a triple will be particularly important.

For the reasons stated above, learning how to use speed more effectively is more important than simply running faster.

As a result, teaching children how to train for speed and how to improve their speed practice should begin at an early age.

Some Tips for Hitting for the Cycle

As far as advice on how to hit for the cycle goes, there isn’t much to rely on because it is so uncommon. However, there is a wealth of knowledge available on how to hit better and throw longer. Putting that information to use can help you become a better baseball player who is less specialized. Generally speaking, most coaches are looking for hitters that are more evenly matched in terms of speed and power. As a result, the majority of your attention should be focused there. Drills for both hitting and pitching will need to be practiced in equal quantities if you want to become more balanced.

  1. Keeping these pieces of advise in mind, I will now attempt to provide you with some suggestions to the best of my abilities.
  2. What you can do, though, is boost your chances of hitting for the cycle by utilizing all of these strategies.
  3. Paying close attention to your batting and running mechanics will help you enhance your overall baseball numbers.
  4. At the end of the day, all I can give you is a means to improve your baseball battering skills.
  5. Nonetheless, here are some suggestions I’ve gleaned from my studies about baseball cycles that I hope will be of assistance to you.

Higher Bat Contact

Increasing a batter’s batting average is a logical and straightforward suggestion, but it is difficult to implement. It appears simple in theory, but it is difficult to put into practice. Many people consider even having a batting average of 0.275 to be a positive accomplishment from the start. As a result, the higher your batting average is, the more hits you will earn. As a result, the greater your chances of hitting home runs and securing doubles will become. Surprisingly, boosting your bat contact % isn’t that difficult to accomplish, especially when you’re a young player.

  1. Learning about proper batting etiquette is something that comes later and is easier to understand than the others.
  2. Increased Bat Contact When it comes to making contact with the ball, there are two things that batters should keep in mind.
  3. If you want to hear the “POP,” you’ll need to strike the ball in the middle of the barrel, for example.
  4. Furthermore, hitting below the middle, as opposed to above the middle, will not provide you with adequate power.

Batters who want to improve their batting average should only hit pitches that they recognize as excellent, and let the rest pass them by. As an added plus, hitters will experience fewer slumps as a result of this.

Greater Exit Speed

After making contact with the ball, your task isn’t over since you still have to swing the bat and propel the ball into the air. When you make firm contact with the ball, you must maximize your hip movement in order to gain that extra swing speed. While making contact with the center of the barrel is important, it is swing speed that allows the ball to fly. Batters will find it simpler and more common to get extra base hits as their swing speed continues to improve. Making singles into doubles, in particular, will be easier to accomplish than ever before, and home runs will no longer be a pipe dream.

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Because the cycle must be completed in a specific order, having a faster exit speed is critical.

Have More Discipline

Many athletes believe that having discipline is essential to achieving success as a professional athlete. While having greater speed with your swings is beneficial, it is meaningless if you are unable to strike the ball. When at bat, batters must be able to make their presence felt. Batters must maintain a watchful eye on the pitcher at all times and make sound judgments even when they are not on the field. In terms of height, I have little control, but I can control my strength and speed, and I’m working hard to improve in those areas.

Pitchers will have more time to stress you out with a variety of pitches if you take too many safe swings.

Instead, batters should force the pitcher to fire his or her best fastballs in order to make solid contact with the ball.

More Movement Speed

I don’t want to say anything else that has already been stated a hundred times, so I won’t say it again. However, it will be good to remember that speed is what distinguishes baseball from other sports. Furthermore, some people may have stated that you may extend a single base into a double base and a double base into a triple base by increasing your running or movement pace. At the same time, keep in mind that increasing your running pace will not benefit you if you disregard the other aspects.

More movement speed is desirable.

This is especially true when the bat contact is made at the swing speed necessary to propel the ball.

Keep your focus on the overall picture rather than on one specific detail at any given time. This will assist you in determining where you need to concentrate your efforts in order to improve yourself.

Enjoy Yourself

This piece of advise may be difficult to accept for individuals who are too firmly entrenched in their beliefs. In order to become a superb baseball player, though, you must be able to enjoy yourself while doing so. A disproportionate number of coaches and parents attempt to make their players excessively competitive or strict in order for them to appreciate the activity. When it comes to your pastime or potential future employment, you should be able to have fun with it and like it. Take it easy and enjoy yourself.

Maintain your cool and work your way through different regions, soaking up as much knowledge as you can.

Some Stats about Cycle in Baseball

  1. Christian Yelich is the first player in MLB history to hit multiple career cycles or “hit for the cycle” on the same team in the same season, and he did so on two different occasions.

Christian Yelich is a professional soccer player.

  1. To complete his many cycles, George Brett had to wait 11 years between each one.

George Brett is an American businessman and philanthropist.

  1. At the first round of the 2018 playoffs, Adrián Beltré hit three cycles in the same stadium, making postseason history.


This is where I get off the hook because I believe I have done my bit. I trust that you have gained a thorough understanding of baseball’s cycle strategy. Everything, from what a cycle is to what you need know about hitting them, has been covered. Final thought: watching a cycle is far more intriguing than watching a grand slam, in my opinion. It is now up to you to take everything you have learned from this essay and apply it to your own attempts to hit a cycle in baseball.

These are the coolest cycles ever

All of the cycles are enjoyable. Hitting for the cycle is not only one of baseball’s rarest accomplishments, but it is also one of the most entertaining to witness in real time. The cycle results in a box score that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There’s something special about hitting a single, a double, a triple, or a home run, no matter what the situation. However, certain cycles stand out even when compared to other cycles. Here are some of the most amazing bicycles ever built. Shaohei Ohtani of the Angels was born on June 13, 2019.

  • Anyone who knows Ohtani knows that he can hit.
  • Ohtani started his cycle with a 111-mph three-run home ball in the top of the first inning at Tropicana Field, then ripped a double, triple, and finally the single in the seventh inning to complete the feat in front of the home crowd.
  • Brock Holt of the Boston Red Sox on October 8, 2018.
  • There has only been one cycle in the history of the Major League Baseball postseason, and it took more than a century.
  • A home run was required for Holt to complete the feat in the ninth inning of a 14-1 Red Sox victory against the New York Yankees.
  • Holt drove Romine all the way to the right-field porch to complete his second career cycle and became the first player in postseason history to do it.
  • The reason it was cool: He went 6-for-6.
  • It’s fair to say that Yelich’s two cycles in 2018 are some pretty beautiful adornments on his MVP crown.
  • As a result, he became only one of four players in MLB’s Modern Era to record a six-hit cycle (along with Ian Kinsler in 2009, Rondell White in 1995 and Bobby Veach in 1920).

A few weeks later, Yelich hit for the cycle once more, this time against the Reds, to become one of only three players in the Modern Era to do so multiple times in a season (the others being Aaron Hill in 2012 and Babe Herman in 1931), and the only player to do so twice against the same team in the same season (the other two being Aaron Hill and Babe Herman).

  1. It was cool since it was a Father’s Day walk-off.
  2. The Rockies were behind by one run in the bottom of the ninth inning at Coors Field, and the winning runners were on base.
  3. He was in desperate need of a home run.
  4. He was up against New York Giants closer Mark Melancon at the time.
  5. What happened at the conclusion of the story?
  6. Arenado hit a walk-off home run to left field to seal the victory and complete the cycle.
  7. In the words of Rockies radio commentator Jack Corrigan, “It’s a cycle that will go forever!” Bengie Molina of the Rangers was born on July 16, 2010.

Catchers aren’t the same as speedsters.

The Molina Brothers are the last people you’d expect to hit for the cycle, which, as you may recall, needs a triple in order to be completed successfully.

The good news is that you don’t have to picture what a Molina cycle might look like since the stars aligned in reality for one incredible day at Fenway Park.

Eventually, the huge guy chugged into third, becoming one of only a handful of catchers to hit for the cycle in their careers.

Beltré and Drew made a rare cycle connection by accomplishing the feat on the same day, despite being thousands of miles apart.

Once before, on September 17, 1920, a pair of players each hit for the cycle for the Tigers and the Giants, respectively.

In fact, Beltré has hit for the cycle three times in his career, making him one of only three players in the Modern Era to accomplish this feat three times.

Beltré’s second and third cycles came after he signed with the Rangers, and both took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

17, 2019 Why it was cool:Family cycles It’s always cool when an MLB father and son parallel each other on the baseball field, whether it’s Ken Griffey Sr.

hitting back-to-back homers, Vlad and Vlad Jr.

Craig did it as a 36-year-old veteran in the 15th season of his Hall of Fame career.

Pretty awesome.

Mike Lansing, Rockies – June 18, 2000 The reason it was cool: He did it in the first four innings This might be the craziest cycle of them all.

Some need extra innings.

At the hitter-friendly Coors Field, the Rockies’ second baseman tripled in the first inning, homered in the second inning, doubled in the third inning and singled in the fourth to polish off the fastest cycle of all time.


The surprise is how old Winfield was when he did it.

Winfield became the oldest player to hit for the cycle when he did it at Royals Stadium midway through the 1991 season.

Leon Culberson, Red Sox – July 3, 1943 The reason it was cool: An inside-the-parker, and a natural No one has hit for a cycle like Culberson’s in the near-80 years since it happened – that is, a cycle with an inside-the-park home run.

By the time the ball was relayed back to the infield, Culberson had already circled the bases.

The other cool thing about Culberson’s cycle: it was a natural cycle. He got each hit in order: first the single, then the double, then the triple, then the home run. That’s rarer than you might think; there have only been 14 natural cycles in MLB history, most recently Gary Matthews Jr. in 2006.

What Is A Cycle In Baseball?

The fact that you could witness something you have never seen before when you attend a sporting event might be one of the most enjoyable aspects of being in attendance. In sports, even if you have attended thousands of games, there is always the potential of witnessing something completely different each time. This is what adds to the excitement of sports. You just never know what you’re going to see or experience whether you’re participating in the game or simply observing it. The possibilities might make you feel like you’re on the verge of losing your mind.

  • Sports may be quite beneficial in a variety of ways.
  • It is brimming with potential.
  • The game moves at a slower speed and is dictated by numbers.
  • In baseball, for example, someone hitting for a cycle is a possibility.

What Is A Cycle in Baseball?

As explained above, in baseball, a cycle is defined as the process by which one or more batters hits consecutive singles, doubles, triples, and home runs at any time during the game and in any sequence. This is a remarkable achievement, and the statistics indicate that the chances of completing a cycle are quite slim. According to the statistics from the 2009 season, a batter has a.0059 probability of hitting for a cycle in a single season. This equates to around 2.5 cycles each 162-game season in the big leagues, where there are a total of 30 clubs in the league.

  1. What would it be like to be at one of the games when this extremely unusual occurrence occurs?
  2. Maybe it’s a home run or even a triple to start the game.
  3. The enthusiasm fills the stadium with life, and you are able to enjoy the experience with individuals in your immediate vicinity.
  4. We’ve included answers to several of the most frequently asked questions concerning the baseball cycle in the section below.
  5. I’ve been close to seeing a player on several occasions, but I’ve never really seen one.
  6. Can you fathom what that would be like?
  7. On April 12, 1992, the Boston Red Sox’s Matt Young did not hit the Cleveland Indians in the game I was attending.
  8. That seems like a long day at the stadium.

Here is a list of instances in which a pitcher pitched a no-hitter but still lost the game. Let’s not waste any more time talking about no-hitters and get back to hitting for the cycle. Make certain that you develop into a disciplined hitter! Tips are provided below.

Why is a Cycle So Difficult?

To begin with, a hitter must collect four hits, which is a difficult feat to do. Another component of this is the possibility of hitting for a triple, which is also extremely uncommon. Then there’s the need of hitting a home run, which for some athletes isn’t something that happens very often. In the end, everything must come together as planned. It is the most improbable component of the cycle since the ball must be hit down the correct field line and bounce in the right direction, or it must strike one of the gaps and pray for a good bounce to complete the cycle.

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However, it is uncommon that a player will hit a triple and a home run in the same game.

What skills are needed to hit for a Cycle?

Power and speed are the two most important characteristics for a cyclist. First and foremost, you must possess the power to hit a home run. Many players only hit 10-20 home runs every season, which is considered average. In terms of speed, the batter must be able to push the limits of the game and maybe go for the triple. In the absence of top-end speed, some batters may only manage two or three triples every season. Speed is something that is tough to acquire later in life, but it is possible to build speed in children with the proper training.

As the top players become five-tool stars, you will see less and less specialization in baseball.

You will discover suggestions to assist a player in becoming a five-tool player.

It is critical to act quickly.

Who has the most career cycles in the Major Leagues?

The record for the most cycles hit in a career is three. This challenge has been completed by four separate individuals. In the history of Major League Baseball, there have only been a total of 330 total cycles. This is extremely incredible and demonstrates how uncommon the cycle is in baseball. When you consider how many home runs are presently being hit and the fact that the cycle has only occurred a few hundred times in the lengthy history of the game, it is mind-boggling.

The players with the most career cycles in the major leagues include:

The triple is by far the most hardest to complete. In baseball, singles, doubles, and home runs have all become commonplace. The triple requires a well-placed hit down into a corner, as well as a base runner with above-average speed, in order to succeed. In today’s game, just 2% of the hits result in a triple game, according to the statistics. Recent years have seen a shift in this dynamic, as the strength of players has increased and the capacity of ballparks has shrunk. Many of the ancient stadiums had more than one purpose and held both baseball and football, allowing for plenty of room in the outfield on both occasions.

For instance, Camden Yards in Baltimore and Progressive Field in Cleveland are both baseball stadiums.

With the construction of these new ballparks, the ballpark experience became more intimate, as opposed to the cookie cutter circular multipurpose stadiums that were constructed in the early and middle 1900s. These ballparks have less room in the gaps than their predecessors.

Would you rather see a cycle or a player hit 4 home runs in a game?

The fact that a single player hit three or four home runs adds an extra unique touch to the game. The home run is the most thrilling play in baseball, and many baseball fans like seeing the long ball go into the stands. It is for this reason that home run derbies are held at all levels of baseball. Hearing the crack of the bat and the ball blasting out of the park is a memorable and enjoyable experience when you’re at a major league baseball stadium. However, because of how seldom it occurs, the cycle has a unique quality to it that makes it stand out.

A large number of individuals are fans, coaches, parents, or athletes.

Here at sportswarrior365, we are constantly striving to improve the game and provide assistance to our readers.

5 Tips for Hitting for a Cycle

Although it may seem apparent, the key to getting the most out of your at-bats is to make solid contact with the ball a larger proportion of the time and put the ball in play. Players must make certain that their shots land in the middle of the barrell before moving on. This indicates that you should swing at good pitches rather than pursuing bad pitches. When we are in slumps, it is far too frequently because we are swinging at terrible pitches, which results in no contact or poor contact.

Tip2 – Increase Exit Speed

Second, after good contact has been established. Exit speed may be increased to get more additional base hits, which is good news for the team. The most effective technique to ensure that this occurs is to increase the swing speed and the center of the barrel contact. For center barrel contact, repetitions are essential, and swing speed regimens can aid in increasing swing speed. Here is an example of a swing speed technique that is effective. The SuperSpeed Slugger System, which can be obtained here, comes highly recommended.

Tip3 – Be A Discipline Hitter

Swinging at high-quality pitches is the most effective approach to improve as a bat. There haven’t been many great hitters in the history of the game who constantly swing at terrible pitches. A hitter’s ability to manipulate the count and compel the pitcher to deliver a fastball over the plate is critical to his success. It is critical to be aware of the situation and understand what the pitcher is attempting to achieve. Make sure you are paying attention while you are not at bat so you can observe what the pitcher is doing in specific scenarios.

There is a narrow line between being overly cautious at the plate and making sound judgments in game situations.

Tip4 – Get Faster

When it comes to baseball, speed is an excellent skill to have.

If you want to be of assistance to your team and be able to take the extra base, you must have a faster than her age running pace. This will not only assist the batter with infield hits, but it will also assist the hitter in turning singles into doubles and doubles into triples as well.

Over the course of a season this can mean extra runs for your team. Here is a video below that can help you increase your running speed:

A large number of parents or coaches might detract from the game’s enjoyment for children. Instead, whether you’re a participant, a coach, or a parent, make the experience enjoyable. Consider how lucky you are to be associated with the game of baseball, as well as the numerous lessons and friendships that may be gained and enjoyed as a result of your involvement. Continue to be patient with a player’s growth and to put in the necessary effort.

And Finally…Take Action!

Baseball is a game that may be enjoyed for a lifetime. Both playing and watching it may be enjoyable at the same time. The beginning of each baseball season has a special significance since it heralds the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. There are numerous places in the globe where this is unique. Find a way to take pleasure in and participate in the game. As players, coaches, and parents, sports have always played an important role in our lives at sportswarrior365.com. We hope that everyone can contribute to instilling a passion for the game and ensuring that it continues for many more generations.

Sports, on the other hand, assist keep youngsters out of trouble and give adults with a vacation from the strains of everyday life, whether you are a participant or a spectator.

What is your favorite sport?We have plenty of posts on other sports such as football, soccer, basketball and even racquetball.

We are here to assist you, whether you are a player, coach, parent, or fan. Take a look at some of our finest tips, which can be found in a number of our articles.

What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean in Baseball – Why is it Rare?

“Hitting for the cycle” is an uncommon and exciting occurrence in baseball, and it is one of the most difficult to achieve. It’s possible that you’ll hear this phrase during a baseball game, but what does it mean? When a baseball player in Major League Baseball completes a cycle, this article will explain all you need to know about what it implies.

What Does Hitting For the Cycle Mean in Baseball?

It is possible for one hitter to hit for the cycle in the same game by hitting singles, doubles, triples, and home runs all at once. The hits, on the other hand, can be in any order. Hitting for the cycle has only occurred 333 times as of September 4th, 2021, which means that it occurs in fewer than 1% of all baseball games, making it an extremely unusual accomplishment. Cycles occur on a par with no-hitters in terms of frequency. Only 27 players have ever completed a cycle throughout their careers.

However unusual, the Miami Marlins are the only MLB organization in whom a player has never hit for the cycle, despite their numerous attempts.

What Does a Natural Cycle Mean in Baseball?

Within a single baseball game, a natural cycle occurs when a baseball player hits the cycle in the proper sequence. This means that they hit a single, double, triple, and home run in that order during the course of a single game.

What Does a Reverse Cycle Mean in Baseball?

In baseball, a reverse natural cycle is just the opposite of the normal cycle.

It’s the same when a baseball player hits a home run, then a triple, a double, and a single, all in the same game, and the sequence continues. The sequence of a natural cycle is simply reversed in this case. If you are a player who has struck the reverse cycle, you can look at this website.

What Baseball Player has Hit the Most Cycles in Their Career?

The most cycles struck in a career is three, which is the current record.

  • Bob Meusel hit three cycles for the New York Yankees in 1921, 1922, and 1928
  • Adrian Beltre hit one cycle for the Seattle Mariners in 2008 and two cycles for the Texas Rangers in 2012 and 2015
  • Bob Meusel hit three cycles for the New York Yankees in 1921, 1922, and 1928
  • Bob Meusel hit three cycles for the New York Yankees in 1921, 19 Beltre hit for the cycle with three different teams in the same ballpark, Globe Life Field, making him the only player to do so with three different teams in the same ballpark
  • Babe Herman hit for the cycle with the Brooklyn Robins twice, both in 1931, making him the only player to do so with three different teams in the same ballpark. Trea Turner hit three cycles for the Washington Nationals in 2017, 2019, and 2021, all while playing for the Chicago Cubs. He previously hit a cycle for the Chicago Cubs in 1933. In 2017, Turner was just 23 years old, making him the second-youngest player ever to hit a cycle in Major League Baseball history
  • John Reilly also hit three cycles, all for the Cincinnati Reds, two in 1883 and one in 1890, but these were all hit before the modern era
  • And John Reilly also hit three cycles, all for the Cincinnati Reds, two in 1883 and one in 1890, but these were all hit before the modern era
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What Baseball Player Hit the First Cycle?

Curry Foley, while playing for the Buffalo Bisons of the National League in 1882, became the first player in baseball history to complete an official cycle. Besides a home run in the first inning, Foley also had a triple in the second, a single in the third, and a double in the fifth innings to help his team win. However, there is still controversy about whether George Hall, playing for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1876, was the first to complete a cycle.

Most Recent Player to Hit for a Cycle?

On August 18th, 2021, Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves became the most recent player to complete a cycle. This particular game was against the Miami Marlins, and Freeman finished with a cycle in only six innings. Jake Cronenworth of the San Diego Padres hit a cycle against the Washington Nationals in 2021, which was the most recent cycle to occur before Freeman.

Interesting Baseball Cycle Trivia

Christian Yelich, an outfielder with the Milwaukee Brewers, made history in 2018 by becoming the first player in Major League Baseball history to hit for the cycle twice against the same opponent in the same season. In the span of three weeks, he hit for the cycle twice against the Reds of Cincinnati.

Notable Hall of Fame Players to Hit for the Cycle

As of August 2021, a total of 65 Baseball Hall of Famers have hit for the cycle throughout their careers. Here’s a short sample of some of the names on that list, just to get you started. If you want to see the whole list of Hall of Fame players who have hit for the cycle, you can do so by clicking on this link. Finally, there are baseball players such as Mike Trout, Adrian Beltre, Nolan Arenado, Shohei Ohtani, and others who have hit for the cycle and who will very certainly be inducted into the Hall of Fame one day in the near future.

  • Jim O’Rourke, Bid McPhee, Roger Connor, Sam Thompson, Honus Wagner, Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Carl Ripken Jr., Kirby Puckett, Vladimir Guerrero, and many others.

Has a Baseball Player Ever Hit for the Cycle in a Postseason Game?

It’s important to remember that hitting for the cycle is an uncommon accomplishment! The Boston Red Sox’s Brock Holt is the only player to hit for the cycle during the postseason’s first week. In the ninth inning of Game 3 of the 2018 American League Division Series against the New York Yankees, he hit for the cycle for the first time in his career.

Has a Baseball Player Ever Hit for the Cycle in an All-Star Game?

In the history of the MLB All-Star Game, no player has ever hit for the cycle.


Briefly stated, hitting for a cycle occurs fewer than one percent of the time throughout a baseball game. Getting four hits in a baseball game is difficult, but getting four hits in a cycle is even more difficult. If, on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to watch a cycle during a baseball game, consider yourself fortunate!

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MLB: 6 Facts About Hitting the Cycle, One of Baseball’s Rarest Feats

In baseball, hitting the cycle is considered to be one of the most spectacular achievements. To complete a cycle, a player must hit a single, a double, a triple, and a home run all in the same game, all at the same time. Against the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night, Washington Nationals shortstop Trea Turner completed the 328th cycle in Major League Baseball history. Turner was in the midst of his second cycle of his professional life. In addition, Trea Turner’s first cycle, which occurred on April 25, 2017, was against the Rockies, making Turner only the third player in history to hit multiple cycles against the same team.

1. Cycles happen about as often as no-hitters do

Curry Foley of the Buffalo Bisons recorded the first certified cycle in Major League Baseball history against the Cleveland Blues on May 25, 1882, during a game against the Cleveland Blues. When George Bradley of the St. Louis Brown Stockings pitched a perfect game against the Hartford Dark Blues on July 15, 1876, it was the first time a no-hitter had been officially documented. There have been 328 cycles and 301 no-hitters documented in the history of baseball, dating back to the very beginnings of the sport, before the American League was even established.

There have been more cycles than no-hitters throughout history, but the cycle is still the far more unusual feat, as can be seen in this chart.

If neither side manages to record a no-hitter, the game is a draw.

2. 34 Players have hit for the cycle multiple times

Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images of Adrian Beltre running around the bases after hitting a home run Turner became became the 34th player in history to hit for the cycle more than once in his career with this accomplishment (and the 27 thto do so in the modern era). Reilly, Meusel, Babe Herman, and Adrian Beltre are the only four players in history to hit for the cycle three times in a single season. Beltre hit all three of his home runs at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas; once as a guest with the Seattle Mariners and twice as a member of the host team, the Texas Rangers.

3. George Brett went over 11 years in between his two cycles

George Brett, a future Hall of Fame pitcher, recorded his first cycle against the Baltimore Orioles on May 28, 1979, when he was 26 years old. Brett hit for the cycle for the second time in his career on July 25, 1990, against the Toronto Blue Jays, this time as a 37-year-old veteran. The period of 11 years and 58 days between baseball seasons is the longest in the sport’s history.

4. John Reilly and Tip O’Neill only needed a week

On September 12, 1883, John Reilly became the third player in MLB history to complete a cycle. On September 19, 1883, he backed it up with the fourth cycle in Major League Baseball history. Tip O’Neill duplicated this one-week accomplishment in 1887, striking for the cycle on April 30 and then again on May 7, completing the cycle twice.

Aaron Hill has the shortest period between cycles in the modern era, with an 11-day interval between his first and second cycles in 2012, when he recorded his first on June 18 and his second on June 29.

5. Brock Holt has the only postseason cycle in MLB history

Photo by Christopher Evans/Digital First Media/Boston Herald via Getty Images of Brock Holt celebrating hitting for the cycle with a home run | During the postseason’s history, just two no-hitters have been recorded: Don Larsen’s perfect game for the New York Yankees during Game 5 of the World Series in 1956 and Roy Halladay’s no-hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies during Game 1 of the National League Division Series in 2010. It took until October 8, 2018, for the first cycle in the history of the playoffs to take place.

It was the second cycle of Holt’s professional life.

6. Christian Yelich hit two cycles against the same team in one season

The following attributes are allowed: ” src=” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture;” allowfullscreen=””> Christian Yelich created some cycle history during his 2018MLB NL MVP season, which took place last year. On August 29, Yelich struck for the cycle against the Cincinnati Reds, and then 20 days later, on September 17, he hit for the cycle against the Reds once more, this time against the Reds.

Cycle – BR Bullpen

Hitch-hiking for the bicycle is a somewhat uncommon achievement. Obtaining a cycle requires a player to hit a single, a double, a triple, and a home run all in the same game. A four-hit game is unusual enough on its own, but to have each of the four hits is a remarkable accomplishment. In fact, it’s on par with the ano-hitterin rarity when it comes to rare. In a game, a “natural cycle” is defined as hitting a single, double, triple, and home run in that sequence. It is, without a doubt, considerably more unusual.

  • George Hall, while playing for the Philadelphia Athletics on June 14, 1876, became the first player in history to hit for the cycle.
  • Long John Reilly, Bob Meusel, Babe Herman, and Adrian Beltre are the only players to have completed three cycles in their careers.
  • Thirty-one players have hit for the cycle on two separate occasions.
  • In 2018, Christian Yelichbecame the newest member of the club after hitting two cycles against the same team, theCincinnati Reds, in less than a month.
  • Bob Watson, John Olerud, and Michael Cuddyer are the only players in either league to have hit for the cycle.
  • In order to do this, a hitter must gather three extra-base hits and add a fourth extra-base hit to his or her total (be it a double, triple or homer).

In the case of a player who needs only a single to complete the cycle but hits a ball that would normally result in a double or triple, the player faces a difficult decision: should he stop at first and add his name to the prestigious list, or should he continue to the next base, ensuring that his game will be forgotten?

It was his “single” in the 7th inning that allowed a baserunner to advance all the way from first base, and after the game, he stated that he had been instructed by his coach and manager to stop at first base.

This was made possible by the fact that the Blue Jays held an insurmountable advantage at the moment.

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