When Do The 2022 Baseball Bats Come Out

Upcoming Releases – 2022 Line Ups

When will the new 2022 baseball bats be released? What about a new pair of gloves? When will we be able to get our hands on any new models? Will there be any new bats or will there not? Listed here are all of the future 2022 Releases’ answers! Inventory will be quite busy throughout this Season. We are attempting to stock as much as possible in order to provide for our consumers! Having said that, the dates shown are approximate shipping dates that are subject to change depending on the manufacturer’s inventory.

MARUCCI: In Stock Now!

  • Included are ALL Cat9 pastimes, such as Alloy and ConnectComposite.

Wilson: In Stock Now!

  • Restock of Samurai Catcher’s Gear, Fielding Gloves, Batting Gloves, and Footwear for the 2022 BBCORUSSSA season.

VICTUS: In Stock Now!

  • Nox BBCORUSSSA (-10, -8-5) Bats are back in stock, as is the Victus Vandal 2 BBCORUSSSA (-10, -8-5) Bat. Pro Model Wood Bats are also back in stock.

Anderson Bat Company: In Stock Now!

  • Restocked ghost catchers sets
  • New ADV HypeAlpha ALX bats
  • New Maxum Ultra USSSA bats
  • Restocked Jen Schro catchers sets
  • Helmets, bags, and batting gloves are also available. Fielding Gloves that are brand new

Rawlings: Beginning September 30th

  • Batting gloves, baseballs, softballs, and accessories are all in stock. Heart of Hides gloves, R9 gloves, Sandlot gloves, Pro Preferred gloves, and batting gloves are also in stock.

ALL STAR: Beginning October 1st

  • GlovesMitts are back in stock, as is new AFx Fastpitch Catcher’s Gear. System7 Axis for all ages is back in stock, as are new League Series Youth Catcher’s Kits.

Louisville Slugger (Fastpitch): Beginning October 13th

  • New 2022 Meta BBCORUSSSA (-10, -8-5)
  • Limited Edition 2022 Omaha BBCOR – Only available in-store or over the phone
  • New 2022 Meta BBCORUSSSA (-10, -8-5)

DeMarini (Baseball):Beginning Late October

  • Limited Edition 2022 Voodoo BBCORUSSSA (-10, -8-5)
  • New 2022 CF BBCORUSSSA (-10, -8-5)
  • New 2022 Voodoo One BBCOR
  • New 2022 The Goods BBCORUSSSA (-10-5)
  • New 2022 The Goods One Piece BBCORUSSSA (-10-8)
  • New 2022

Nokona: Beginning November 1st

  • Gloves from X2, SKN, AmericanKIP, Alpha, and Walnut are restocked.

Diamond: November 1st

  • Supplies of iX5 catcher’s gear (available in black, navy and scarlet royal only)
  • Supplies of baseballs, softballs, mitts, and accessories
  • And supplies of bags, baseballs, softballs, mitts, and accessories.

Again, these are estimated shipping dates that are subject to change depending on the manufacturer’s stock levels.

New 2022 Baseball Bats

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Jr. Big Barrel Baseball Bats

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2022 The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat for the 2022 season


Power must be channeled. The quake that shook the world 2022 The Merchandise (-3) Introducing the BBCOR Baseball Bat, which has the same enormous X14 Alloy Barrel that has made it popular among the game’s most powerful hitters for over a decade. Half + Half technology, which combines a silver metal barrel with an ultra-stiff ParaflexTM Plus Composite Handle, provides an unparalleled combination of feel and performance in a single package. With a stiff feel and maximum energy transfer, the Direct Connection system of this 2-Piece Hybrid construction is designed to maximize barrel performance and unlock your raw power at the plate.

  • Season202106
  • Sub-DepartmentBat
  • Sub DepartmentBat
  • Barrel MaterialAlloy
  • Barrel Diameter2 5/8
  • Model TypeStandard


  • An extremely large alloy barrel built exclusively for top power hitters, the X14 barrel is a gigantic alloy barrel. Connected via Direct Connection Increases the stiffness of the feel in order to offer even more power output
  • Tremor Cap at the end of the tremor The barrel has been redesigned with stronger materials to ensure barrel integrity while increasing power. Construction on a half-and-half basis Featuring a rigid composite handle and a huge alloy barrel for a stiff and powerful swing, this stick is a continuation of DeMarini’s unique technology.

New Look, Same DeMarini: Introducing the RAYZR’D Logo

Ray DeMarini, the company’s creator and namesake, embodied the spirit of risk-taking. A man driven by the desire to make baseball bats more widely available to the public, Ray moved from producing bats in a dirt-floor barn to owning a factory in Hillsboro, Oregon. When it came to designing and manufacturing DeMarini slowpitch softball bats in Hillsboro, Ray wanted his bombastic attitude — the mentality that inspired game-changing bat technology – to shine through in the finished products. “He was really concerned with the whole impact,” said Hodad, who worked as DeMarini’s Creative Director for more than two decades.

With more than 30 years of history behind the DeMarini bat manufacturer in Oregon, the current line of DeMarini bats is poised to carry on Ray’s tradition while sporting a fresh new style as well.

A prominently displayed RAYZR’D logo on the DeMarini 2022 D-Lab Zoa BBCOR Bat and the USA Softball Signature Series CF Fastpitch Bats commemorates DeMarini’s history as a leader in bat design and product innovation, while also pointing to the technological innovations that will be introduced in the future.

Origins of the RAYZR’D

The RAYZR’D DeMarini logo represents the beginning of a new era in the development of revolutionary baseball and softball bats. Both the DeMarini 2022 D-Lab Zoa – the first BBCOR bat to feature DeMarini’s game-changing continuous fiber composite barrel technology – and the 2022 USA Softball Signature Series CF Fastpitch bats – the very first bats to feature the RAYZR’D logo – are already altering the landscape of the game’s competitive landscape. The RAYZR’D logo will be boldly displayed on the barrel taper of the newest DeMarini bats, which will include the 2022 The Goods BBCOR Bat, the 2022 Voodoo One BBCOR Bat, and the 2022 CF Fastpitch Bat, among others.

As part of his desire for the new logo to be intimately associated with DeMarini’s enthusiasm for baseball and softball, he included the outline of a home plate into the middle of the RAYZR’D.

More recently, a D logo on the barrel taper has functioned as the major DeMarini marking, particularly on baseball and fastpitch softball bats, particularly in the United States. Early DeMarini bats were distinguished by the presence of a wordmark on the barrel and a trademark on the taper.

DeMarini Logo History

Ray DeMarini was well-versed in the art of creating buzz in the softball industry, having done everything from generating noise on the slowpitch circuit to producing a series of instructional hitting DVDs. As a way to capitalize on Ray’s reputation, the first DeMarini bats were designed with his last name written along the whole length of the barrel, as shown above. Although this early design assisted DeMarini in getting off the ground and out of the dirt-floor barn, Ray and Hodad had no intention of following the industry norm.

Getting logos and patterns onto cylindrical barrels and the taper towards the handle has always been a difficult task, but the form of the new RAYZR’D allows DeMarini technicians to experiment with a far larger logo than previously possible.

Ray, the original creator of DeMarini bats, is honored with a salute in the form of the crisp RAYZR’D.

New DeMarini Logo Steps Up to the Plate

In June 2021, the RAYZR’D logo made its commercial premiere on a trio of DeMarini Signature CF Fastpitch Bats, heralding the beginning of a new era of innovation in baseball. In preparation for their international battle with the United States Softball Association (USSSA), Ali Aguilar, Valerie Arioto, and Amanda “Chiddy” Chidesterall constructed bespoke CFs, with their bats displaying the new corporate logo. “It’s really fantastic. In terms of the new emblem, Aguilar believes it has a “different vibe to it.” “It’s edgy and just sort of cool, and I think it’s fantastic that I’m the first to do anything like this.” Chidester, who developed a red, white, and blue CF ahead of the 2021 tournament, said her friends, social media followers, and USA Softball colleagues expressed excitement in the new logo as soon as she began teasing it ahead of launch day on Facebook and other social media platforms.

It’s pretty good, in my opinion.

“I’m looking forward to using it, and I know a lot of people have taken note.” The RAYZR’D logo was prominently displayed during DeMarini’s most recent trip to the Omaha Experience, which took place during collegiate baseball’s national championship.

Following the introduction of the DeMarini 2022 baseball and fastpitch bat lines later this year, the RAYZR’D will be prominently featured on the majority of DeMarini baseball and fastpitch softball bats, ushering in a new era of innovation for the company.

2022 DeMarini The Goods Review

Unfortunately, this bat is quite difficult to come by, and we do not advocate purchasing it on the secondary market for an exorbitant price. So, for the time being, sit tight and have a look at alternative bats such as the Marucci CAT 9 Pasttime, Easton Hype, or Axe Elite. (From the original draft): We’ve been spending some time with the new DeMarini The Goods in BBCOR for the year 2022. As promised, the bat is really great. We enjoy the 2022 edition of the bat just as much as we did the 2021 version (and that was a lot).

  • The bat hasn’t changed in a long time.
  • However, the bat still does an excellent job of hitting it.
  • The 2022 DeMarini The Goods, on the other hand, will appeal to the 16 to 18-year-old who can hit the ball hard.
  • So, for the time being, sit tight and have a look at alternative bats such as the Marucci CAT 9 Pasttime, Easton Hype, or Axe Elite.
  • As promised, the bat is really great.
  • We should, as well.
  • They did make a slight modification to the endcap in order to make it a little more sturdy.
  • I would say it’s a little on the heavy side, and it’s definitely not ideal for a 14 or 15-year-old who is just getting used to the fast pace of the game.
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2022 Easton Hype BBCOR Baseball Bat

Anonymous gave it a rating of 5 out of 5. Lives up to the Expectations Some of the gentlemen have chosen this model, and they adore it! Posted on February 15, 2022; rated 5.0/5 by Anonymous from the United Kingdom. That’s a fantastic bat! We recently purchased this bat in preparation for the start of the practice season, and he has been absolutely hammering the ball. It appears as though the ball leaps off the bat. It’s fantastic! The date this article was published is 2022-02-07. Anonymous gave it a rating of 5 out of 5.

  • You will not be disappointed with this excellent pop.
  • The date of publication is: 2022-02-03; the rating is: 5 out of 5 by Anonymousfrom I really like the colors.
  • The date of publication is: 2022-02-03; the rating is: 5 out of 5 by Anonymousfrom HOMERUN My kid has been working really hard to get the ball over the fence, and the addition of this bat was just the icing on top of the cake.
  • This is an excellent bat.
  • The date of publication is: 2022-02-03; the rating is: 5 out of 5 by Anonymousfrom You won’t be dissatisfied with this bat at all.
  • A fantastic pop, as well as a stunning bat to match.
  • The date of publication is: 2022-02-03; the rating is: 5 out of 5 by Anonymousfrom Contact with the barrel Excellent Balance and Barrel Contact on the Ball!

This is a fantastic buy! There’s nothing quite like a brand new bat! The date of publication is: 2022-02-03; the rating is: 5 out of 5 by Anonymousfrom LOTS OF CHARM! My son really like this bat since it has a lot of pop to it. Date of publication: 2022-02-03.

Best Baseball Bat 2022: Top Picks For High School, College, And Youth Level

When looking for the greatest baseball bat, there’s a lot to consider, especially when considering the large range of models available. It might be difficult to determine how much you should be prepared to pay in order to obtain a high-quality piece of equipment. Fortunately, we’ve examined some of the best baseball bats on the market, based on features, price, and user ratings, to identify our outstanding recommendations, allowing you to start your search in the most productive manner possible.

We’ve also included some of the most recent news on baseball bats, which we’ll keep up to date with the most recent information in order to assist you in making any future purchasing decisions.

Best Baseball Bat

  • DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat
  • DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat A meta-analysis of the Louisville Slugger 2022
  • Easton Ghost Advanced (also known as Easton Ghost Advanced)

Best BBCOR Baseball Bat – DeMarini CF BBCOR Baseball Bat

To see a larger version, please click here. Image courtesy of DeMariniBrand:DeMarini |Material:Aluminum |Size:30″ – 30″ Image courtesy of DeMariniBrand:DeMarini |Material:Aluminum |Size:30″ – 30″ When you’re walking up to the plate, the last thing you want to be doing is waiting for a pitch with a subpar bat in your hands. If such is the case, theDeMarini CFbat may be of interest to you because it has been approved by the BBCOR, which should validate this bat’s credentials as a high-quality item.

DeMarini also claims that the bat’s Paraflex Plus composite barrel has a large sweet spot, which should boost your chances of hitting a home run every time you swing it.

Best USSSA Baseball Bat – Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta

To see a larger version, please click here. Photograph courtesy of Louisville Slugger Louisville Slugger | Material: Composite | Size: 27″ – 32″ Brand:Louisville Slugger | Size: 27″ – 32″ If USSSA baseball is more your style and you want a bat with a greater performance threshold, the Louisville Slugger 2022 Metam could be the bat for you. It has a higher performance threshold than the previous model. One of the most notable aspects of this bat is its EKO composite barrel, which is lightweight and huge in size, allowing you to smash the ball with the most amount of power possible.

Additionally, the 2022 Meta is available in a three-piece design that includes the VCX2 Vibration Reduce Connection System, which is designed to allow independent movement between the barrel and the handle in order to control vibration and deliver an unrivaled sensation when in touch.

Best Softball Baseball Bat – Easton Ghost Advanced

+Click to see a larger version 8 Easton is credited with this image. Easton |Material:LaunchComposite |Size:30″ – 34″ |Brand:Easton |Size:30″ – 34″ Because of its quality build and cutting-edge technology, this Easton Ghost Advanced appears to be an outstanding choice for softball games. In the first place, Easton claims that the Ghost Advanced gives players with a barrel that is longer, lighter, and stronger than ever before, allowing them to reliably strike the ball every time they walk up to the mark.

In the end, we believe it’s difficult to overlook the Easton Ghost Advanced if you’re searching for a top-tier fastpitch softball bat for the money.

Best Slowpitch Baseball Bat – Easton FireFlex 240

+Click to see a larger version 8 Easton is credited with this image. Easton |Material:Carbon Fibre |Size:34″ Easton Brand |Material:Carbon Fibre When it comes to slowpitch bats, the Easton FireFlex 240 is a bat that we believe is hard to beat for its features. Easton claims that their new designed structure, which has a triple-wall design, provides outstanding pop and durability straight out of the box. The two-piece bat is also weighted, which helps to optimize the weight distribution for a smooth and effortless swing.

Best Wooden Baseball Bat – Victus MH17 Pro

plush to view full size 8 Easton’s photo credit Carbon Fibre is the material of choice for this brand and size. Easton is a well-known name in the world of fashion. If you’re looking for a loaded slowpitch bat, the Easton FireFlex 240 is one of the best options out there. Using a triple-wall architecture, Easton claims that its revolutionary designed structure provides outstanding pop and durability straight out of the box. The two-piece bat is also weighted, which helps to optimize the weight distribution for a smooth and consistent swing.

Latest Baseball Bat News

Because baseball technology is continuously improving, we’ve chosen to keep you up to date on all of the newest developments in the world of bats right here on our website.

Louisville Slugger Collaborate With Atlanta Street Artist Greg Mike

+Click to see a larger version 8Image courtesy of Louisville Slugger Atlanta street artist Mike Gregg has collaborated with famous company Louisville Slugger to produce a one-of-a-kind Artist Series Limited Edition Wood Bat, which is available only via Louisville Slugger. The laser-carved, black-coated maple bats have a one-of-a-kind and detailed design, and each of the 250 sets that will be made will be labeled with a unique number and hand-drawn signature to confirm their authenticity. If you’re interested in purchasing one of the limited edition bats, you can see them listed at theLouisville Slugger shop right now.

New Dove Tail Baseball Bat Features ProXR Technology

+Click to see a larger version 8 Dove Tail Bat Co. provided the image. At the recent American Baseball Coaches Association conference, Dove Tail Bat Co. was recognized for their ProXR knob technology, which was used on a metal bat for the first time. The company got one of the best in show honors for this innovation. Using ProXR, you may expect to see a reduction in compression, which should result in improved control, precision, and power from your shot. Specifically, we’re talking about the new Polar Power bat, which you can get from the DTB store right now.

Louisville Slugger Adding High-Speed Cameras And Pressure Plates To Training Facility

Louisville Slugger, one of the world’s leading baseball bat manufacturers, is partnering with Novi, Michigan-based V1 Sports to install high-speed cameras and pressure mats at its upcoming Hitting Science Center, a baseball and softball training facility set to open in Louisville this year.The Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center is the world’s first diagnostic and analytic swing lab for baseball and fastpitch softball players, and it will be the first of its kind in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball Bats

With such a wide range of restrictions and types of bats available, you’re certain to have a few questions. But don’t worry, we’re here to answer some of the most often asked ones.

How Much Should You Spend On A Baseball Bat?

This will ultimately be up to your own preference; however, there are a plethora of reasonably priced alternatives to pick from, which you can discover in our list of the best baseball bats under 200 dollars. If you’re just getting started in baseball, it may be more useful to choose a somewhat inexpensive bat as a starting point, which you can then build on and enhance if you’re convinced you’ll like the sport as much as you think you would. When it comes to those who are more experienced and in the market for something slightly more sophisticated, you may find yourself gravitating towards some of the more costly alternatives, which will almost certainly be composed of high-end materials and include the most up-to-date technology.

What Do BBCOR And USSSA Mean?

BBCOR and USSSA are two of the most widely used bat certifications available, although there are some significant discrepancies between the two organizations. Broadly speaking, BBCOR is an abbreviation for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution and quantifies the ‘trampoline impact’ created by each bat. They are also available in a variety of barrel diameters, and are most commonly utilized in the high school or college levels of baseball competition. The USSSA, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for the United States Specialty Sports Association, which is the regulating organization for the vast majority of travel baseball events in the United States.

What Size Baseball Bat Should You Use?

According to Dicks Sporting Goods, one of the most accurate methods of determining what size baseball bat you require is to measure the distance between the center of your chest and the end of your outstretched arm (see illustration). Approximately the length of your bat should be shown by this. Alternatively, you may measure the distance from the floor to the palm of your relaxed arm and obtain a value that is almost identical. If you’re still not sure, most manufacturers include a helpful sizing chart that you may use to compare your height and weight to in order to get the appropriate baseball bat for you.

How Do You Know If A Baseball Bat Is Too Heavy?

In addition to experiencing bat drag, which is when you find yourself consistently hitting the ball into the ground, or having an excessive uppercut, there are other signs your baseball bat is too heavy. One method of determining this is to hold your bat out in front of you with your dominant hand parallel to the ground, as seen below. If you are unable to maintain the bat firm in this posture for at least 20 seconds, the bat is most likely too heavy for you.

What Is The Bat Performance Factor?

The Bat Performance Factor, or BPF, is a criterion that determines how ‘alive’ a bat is in terms of its ability to reproduce. The speed after the hit of the bat is measured in relation to the speed of the ball prior to impact, which is essentially what this term implies in practice. It also takes into consideration the trampoline impact of the bat when compared to the trampoline effect of the ball.

After these measurements have been taken, a BPF number is assigned to the bat, and manufacturers strive to get a BPF that is as near to the maximum number as possible in order to achieve the highest performance possible from their bats.

Why Do MLB Use Wooden Bats?

MLB employs wooden bats for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is for player safety. Although professional baseball players already strike the ball quickly enough, using an aluminum bat would allow them to strike it even quicker, putting the field in danger. This is one of the reasons why one of the MLB regulations specifies that a bat should be composed of a single piece of solid wood. You could argue that this rule could be changed, but baseball is typically a sport that is bound by tradition, and because wooden bats are what has always been used and on which all of the data is based, it is likely that wooden bats will continue to be used in Major League Baseball for the foreseeable future.

Louisville Slugger Unveils 2022 Bat Lineup

Louisville Slugger is fully prepared for the year 2022. The new performance bat lineup for the next season will be unveiled on November 24 and will feature models from the Meta, Meta PWR, Omaha, Select PWR, and Solo lines, among others. “The Louisville Slugger 2022 lineup is essentially about making sure that every type of player gets the right bat,” says Jake Misener, product manager for Louisville Slugger. The models are available in the BBCOR, USSSA, and USA Baseball classifications, and there are customization options available.

  • With a 3FX Connection System for a firm feel and a GT1 End Cap to enhance barrel length, it was created for maximum performance.
  • According to James Earley, director of innovation at Louisville Slugger, “EKO Composite” is a patented barrel design that makes use of aerospace-grade carbon fiber in its construction.
  • According to Earley, each successive layer is placed slightly offset from the prior one, resulting in increased strength in the finished product.
  • The low-profile design, which incorporates a GT1 End Cap, works in conjunction with the EKO Composite to enhance barrel length and prolong the sweet spot.

According to Misener, “The Meta is ideal for that contact hitter, and we fine-tuned the Meta PWR to be even stiffer with a more end-loaded feel.” This is clearly a game for the heavy hitters.” The 3FX Connection, which may be found in a variety of bats, is intended to provide a firm sensation throughout the swing.

It is a three-piece design with a robust composite handle, stiff 3FX-PWR Connection System, and an alloy barrel with weight put towards the end cap to aid in increasing exit velocity.

The Solo, which is available in both BBCOR and USSSA versions, is one of two one-piece alloy bats in the lineup, and it was designed to enhance swing speed and barrel control while maintaining a light weight.

Due to the elongated barrel profile created by the new SPD Composite End Cap, more constant contact may be achieved.

The MX 7U1+ Alloy Barrel is designed to work in conjunction with a Vibex vibration-dampening handle.

Featuring revised designs and hues ranging from orange to gunmetal gray, all of the 2022 bats are available.

“”We used some more vibrant colors and high-quality finishes to assist with this,” he explains, “while also tying them together in the graphic components that leverage the initial letter of the bat names to form the visual packages.” This establishes a common theme among the bats while yet allowing viewers to detect the difference between them even when seeing them from a long distance.” Baseball America’s Tim Newcomb writes about equipment and business.

Follow him on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @tdnewcomb.

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