When Is The Baseball Trade Deadline

Trade Deadline

When it comes to a standard season, the Trade Deadline nearly always* occurs on July 31 at 4 p.m. ET and is the final moment of the regular season at which players can be moved from one team to another. MLB moved the 2016 trade deadline to Monday, August 1, in order to avoid having the deadline coincide with a day game schedule on Sunday, July 31, which would have been inconvenient for players and teams. To prevent players from being traded in the middle of an active game, the deadline was moved back one day to August 1, when no games were scheduled to begin before 7 p.m.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 regular season was postponed until August 31.

A player had to be on a team’s roster by September 15 in order to be eligible to participate in playoff competition.

When a waiver claim was filed against a player, his original club had three options: it could either work out a standard trade with the claiming club (the two sides had 48 hours to agree on a deal), allow the player – and all money remaining on his contract – to go to the claiming club with no return, or it could pull the player back off waivers.

  • It is possible for a player who has been lifted off waivers to be placed on trade waivers a second time, but at that point the waiver request becomes irrevocable.
  • Although trades could be completed after Aug.
  • Under the new rules, players acquired after that date are eligible to be added to their new teams’ postseason rosters.
  • Beyond July 31, players can still be placed on outright waivers and claimed back, but trades will no longer be permissible after that date.

2021 MLB trade deadline: Dates, key info and top targets

Cubs Do you have a need for an additional arm in the bullpen? Is there a left-handed hitter in the lineup? In need of some postseason versatility, how about a utility infielder? Teams in Major League Baseball have only a few weeks left to complete their rosters in order to position themselves for a run to the postseason or maybe the World Series.

All of the crucial information you’ll need regarding the impending trade deadline, including a look at some notable players who might soon be switching teams.

When is the 2021 MLB trade deadline?

The MLB trade deadline for the 2021 season is July 30 at 4 p.m. ET. Because the 31st of July comes on a Saturday this year, the deadline is one day earlier than it would normally be. A source told ESPN that Major League Baseball preferred not to have its trade deadline occur on a weekend, when more day games are normally played in the wake of last-minute trade negotiations.

Will August waiver trades be allowed after the 2021 trade deadline?

Nope, those days and deals are no longer available. The Major League Baseball (MLB) eliminated the August waiver transactions in 2019, which allowed teams to continue making trades after the real trade deadline had passed. If a player passed waivers, he was entitled to be moved while still remaining eligible to be named to the team’s postseason roster. As a result of this transaction loophole, the annual July deadline has come to be known as the non-waiver trade deadline, or, in other words, a deadline that isn’t much of a deadline after all.

If a team want to acquire a player in 2021, the transaction must be completed before the clock strikes 4 p.m.

Which players could be dealt before the 2021 MLB trade deadline?

In the SSA, Trevor Story plays for the Colorado Rockies, who have one of the poorest records in the league. A new front office that has already begun to sell by dealing Nolan Arenado has established itself as a selling force. In free agency, an All-Star-caliber player is poised to earn a substantial payday. It possesses all of the elements necessary for an inevitable trade that will see the power-hitting shortstop depart from the Rockies. SP Jon Gray of the Colorado Rockies No Rockie is safe, especially not a seasoned pitcher who is about to become a free agency and who may be of interest to competing teams, even if it is only as a rental pitcher.

  1. Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs) has three RBIs.
  2. Given that Bryant is hitting like it’s his MVP season in 2016, as well as the fact that free agency is approaching, it’s possible that the Cubs may trade him this year.
  3. Although the average will most likely regress back to the mean, Frazier will be a valuable and versatile playoff addition at the relatively low cost of $4.3 million.
  4. The Pirates, who are currently in last place in the National League, have little use for a strong, seasoned reliever who can hold a lead.
  5. With an ERA of about 2.65 this season, the right-hander would be a welcome acquisition for clubs who are still in the hunt for a postseason appearance.
  6. Teams are aware of what they can expect from Gallo at any given time: a walk, a home run, or a strikeout.
  7. The Scott Boras client, whose name was apparently mentioned at last year’s deadline, will be available for purchase on the open market in 2023.
  8. After missing the majority of the 2019 season and the all of the 2020 season, the former All-Star has rediscovered his form, ranking among the league’s top home run and RBI producers.

With Haniger a year away from free agency and a plenty of outfield prospects in the Mariners’ system, the team is above.500. However, he might become expendable for Seattle and a difference-maker for a competing team.

MLB trade deadline tracker: Every deal made ahead of Friday’s deadline, including Kris Bryant to the Giants

2 minutes to read on July 30, 2021 at 5:35 p.m. ET Photographs courtesy of Getty Images The trade deadline for Major League Baseball in 2021 was on Friday, July 30 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. This season, MLB pushed the deadline forward by one day in order to avoid having it on a weekend day when there were afternoon games. With the arrival of Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees, as well as the acquisition of Max Scherzer from the Nationals by the Dodgers- not the Padres- in a deal that also sends All-Star Trea Turner to Los Angeles, the trade deadline witnessed some blockbusters.

Bryant was traded to the Giants, Baez was sent to the Mets, and Kimbrel was traded to the White Sox.

Our trade tracker, which you can see below, will keep you up to date with all of the activity that occurred immediately before the deadline on Friday afternoon.

2021 MLB trade deadline tracker

Pittsburgh ACQUIRED: INF Michael Chavis
Boston ACQUIRED: LHP Austin Davis
Toronto ACQUIRED: RHP Joakim Soria
Arizona ACQUIRED: Two players to be named later
Atlanta ACQUIRED: RHP Richard Rodríguez
Pittsburgh ACQUIRED: RHP Bryse Wilson, RHP Ricky DeVito
St. Louis ACQUIRED: LHP J.A. Happ
Minnesota ACQUIRED: RHP John Gant, LHP Evan Sisk
Boston ACQUIRED: RHP Hansel Robles
Minnesota ACQUIRED: RHP Alex Scherff
San Francisco ACQUIRED: INF Kris Bryant
Chi. Cubs ACQUIRED: RHP Caleb Kilian, OF Alexander Canario
Philadelphia ACQUIRED: RHP Kyle Gibson, RHP Ian Kennedy, RHP Hans Crouse
Texas ACQUIRED: RHP Spencer Howard
N.Y. Mets ACQUIRED: INF Javier Báez, RHP Trevor Williams
Chi. Cubs ACQUIRED: OF Pete Crow-Armstrong
Oakland ACQUIRED: INF Josh Harrison, C Yan Gomes
Washington ACQUIRED: C/DH Drew Millas, RHP Seth Shuman, RHP Richard Guasch
Toronto ACQUIRED: RHP José Berríos
Minnesota ACQUIRED: SS/OF Austin Martin, RHP Simeon Woods Richardson

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MLB trade deadline: Why front offices are frustrated with 2021’s late draft and July’s compressed calendar

If there is one thing that Major League Baseball’s current attempt to promote its amateur draft has succeeded in, it is to frustrate front offices, if there is anything else. As a result, the league shifted this year’s draft back from its typical June date to coincide with the All-Star Break celebrations in July. The goal was to give the draft more publicity by avoiding competition with regular-season games for viewers’ attention and headlines. Although the adjustment may have been well-intentioned on the part of the league, baseball operations personnel who talked with CBS Sports have expressed concern about the unforeseen repercussions of the decision.

“At some point, you’ll have to have meetings – and not just meetings with your scouts, but meetings with your front office, your executives, and your general managers, among others as well.

Obviously, that sprint has left front-office workers feeling stressed and underprepared for what comes ahead, with one source characterizing their workload as “essentially never-ending” as a result. Please tick the opt-in box to confirm that you would want to be included to the mailing list.

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As one American League talent evaluator put it, “Moving to the All-Star Break added a month of preparation that we didn’t need and placed everyone behind schedule for the trade deadline.” (It is uncertain whether clubs will adopt a more conservative approach before the deadline as a result of the postponed draft.) The new schedule has also thrown a wrench in the well-established routine of scouting departments.

  • According to the previous model, clubs would hold their pre-draft meetings in May, make their draft choices in June, and then repeat the process all over again.
  • Unlike previous years, this year’s late draft did more than just impede the flow; it also changed the piping.
  • There were a slew of draft-eligible players participating in the Cape Cod League, a wooden bat summer league comprised mostly of college underclassmen, as a means of raising their stock at the last minute, something that had not been available to previous classes.
  • Therefore, scouting departments have been striving to balance various classes at the same time.
  • “I’m concerned that individuals won’t be able to complete their tasks since everything is crammed together.” However, one executive argued that general managers had played a more important part in decision-making in recent years, when the draft used to be the domain of scouting directors.
  • The same may be said for other professionals who work in both sectors, such as analysts, special assignment scouts, and hybrid-role scouts, among others.
  • Most likely, the group that is most focused on amateur players will be the least harmed by the changes.
  • Many of the guys that were chosen haven’t participated in a game in more than a month at this point.
  • In the words of one insider, “You’re ramping up men.
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Because of the popularity of college football and basketball, those league’s draftees are more visible, and they are also more relevant to the teams’ short-term outlooks; on the other hand, MLB’s top picks will be doing well if they can make it to the majors on a full-time basis before the 2024 season.

There was unanimous agreement among the people who talked with CBS Sports that the draft should be moved out of July, while there was disagreement on when it should be conducted.

Unfortunately, the signing deadline would have to be followed shortly after, since institutions were getting ready to begin their autumn semesters at that point.

“Baseball is the only sport in which the draft takes place during the regular season.

“What exactly are we doing in October, if not talking about arbitration, men? Take it from me, we aren’t doing sh-, no one is concerned with Rule 5, and no one is concerned with the non-tender date.”

MLB Trade Deadline 2021: Date, End Time, Hottest Rumors, Predictions and More

Associated Press photographer Paul Beaty With the annual trade deadline for Major League Baseball rapidly approaching, the hot stove is getting hotter than ever. Recent adjustments to the MLB trade deadline have had a profound influence on the way teams conduct themselves throughout the trade season. The waiver deadline, which used to be extended until August 31 of each year, was eliminated before to the 2019 season. Another modification to the deadline this year is the change in the date of the deadline.

  • There have already been a few big changes made, but competitive clubs are constantly trying to make even more significant moves.
  • Information about the MLB Trade Deadline in 2021 The date is July 30th.
  • Eastern Time The most recent rumors and predictions Will the Nationals be able to sell?
  • With a 46-54 record, the Nationals are 7.5 games behind the New York Mets in the National League East heading into Wednesday’s game.
  • Stephen Strasburg A common source of trade speculation has emerged as a result of the Nationals’ present placement in the National League rankings.
  • According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the Tampa Bay Rays have held “preliminary negotiations” about signing Max Scherzer to a contract extension.
  • The fact that Scherzer has no-trade rights as a player with at least 10 years of experience and at least five years with the same organization makes him a difficult trade candidate.

Accordin to Jon Heyman of MLB Network, Scherzer has stated that he would want to be dealt to a competitive team in order to play on the west coast.

As of right now, there hasn’t been any indication that any of them will make a move to sign the 37-year-old.

The same could be said about Turner, who will remain under the management of the team until the end of the 2022 season.

Given all of these considerations, it’s difficult to imagine the Nationals entering a full-fledged selling frenzy.

Prediction: The Nationals will not sell their team.

The Chicago Cubs, in contrast to the Washington Nationals, have already said that they want to sell.

Among the players who appear to be significant contenders to be transferred over the next 48 hours are Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Javier Baez.

According to reports, a number of postseason contenders have called to check on the 2016 National League MVP.

Morosi went on to say that the Cubs are “considering” Joey Bart, the No.

Passan also stated that the Rays had inquired about Bryant’s well-being.

If the Giants were willing to include Bart in a trade for Bryant, he would be a strong addition to any package that included Bryant.

17 prospect in the game of baseball.

Following reports from The Athletic’s Andrew Baggarly, the Giants have stated that they “are backing off” any conversations with the Cubs that include Bart.

Wander Franco appears to be unlikely to be traded in exchange for a player who is set to become a free agent at the end of the season.

They would appear to have no trouble covering the balance of Bryant’s $19.5 million salary and benefits package.

Who Do You Think Will Be the Most Valuable Player Traded?

If Bryant is dealt, he will very certainly be the most well-known player to have changed teams.

Following the trade of Cruz to the Rays last week, the Twins, like the Cubs, have already begun selling their remaining inventory.

This season, the Milwaukee Brewers have been one of the greatest teams in the National League.

The success of the Milwaukee Brewers has been primarily attributed to the team’s outstanding pitching rotation.

Third base has been a sore spot for the Brewers this season.

Donaldson is enjoying a fantastic season in 2021, with a slash line of.250/.357/.482 and hitting 16 home runs in 82 games.

It wouldn’t be difficult for the front office to convince itself that this year’s troubles are a one-off rather than a reflection of a deeper problem in the organization.

He is due a substantial sum of money, but his performance implies that the contract will stand the test of time.

A team like Milwaukee, which is geared to win now and has great high-end prospects like Garret Mitchell and Brice Turang that it might include in a trade, should be encouraged to make a significant move this season in order to improve their standing.

MLB trade rumors: Latest MLB news, rumors in 2022

Darren Yamashita is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. Another year marks a new MLB season in 2022, and with it comes a slew of trade rumors and developments regarding the league. Sportsnaut has you covered on everything from the latest news on the MLB lockout through free agency and, eventually, the MLB trade deadline and beyond. Everyone’s attention is currently focused on the lockout. While there is presently no end in sight, we are witnessing movement between the league and the Major League Baseball Players’ Association (MLBPPA).

  • Once the lockout is over, the market for MLB free agents and trades will erupt.
  • Below, you’ll find the most recent MLB trade rumors, as well as news and commentary on everything that’s going on in the league in 2022.
  • Save.
  • This page will be updated on a regular basis throughout the year.

Tampa Bay Rays open to Austin Meadows trade

Austin Meadows is coming off another good season at the plate, in which he hit 27 home runs and drove in 106 runs in 142 games. David Butler II/USA TODAY SportsAustin Meadows is coming off another solid season at the plate. Because he will be available for arbitration until 2024, the 26-year-old will be a valuable asset for teams all across the league. However, according to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, once the lockout is over, the Rays will be open to offers for Meadows since they have a glut of outfielders on their roster.

Seattle Mariners, Mitch Haniger not talking contract extension

Joe Nicholson is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The Seattle Mariners are quietly putting together a team that will contend in the American League in 2020, and outfielder Mitch Haniger is believed to be a key component of their plans. As reported by Ryan Divish of theSeattle Times, the Mariners were not interested in signing the slugger to a contract deal prior to the start of the lockout. Haniger, who will be 31 when the season begins, will be eligible for arbitration for the final time this spring before becoming a free agent.

Latest news on MLB lockout

A report by Kamil Krzaczynski for USA TODAY Sports When the collective bargaining agreement with Major League Baseball ended on December 2, 2021, the league initiated a lockout. Protracted discussions have been dragging on for months, with the league recently setting a March 1 deadline for reaching a deal before formally delaying the season’s opening day. There is, however, some positive news to report. Related:Breaking through the barriers between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) will have a series of in-person discussions beginning on February 21.

Given the fact that numerous club owners will be in New York for these talks, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith, there is at least some optimism that a new CBA will not be reached in the next few weeks.

Juan Soto turned down 13-year, $250 million contract offer

Juan Soto, probably the best hitter in baseball, turned 23 in October and is already in his sixth season in the majors. Brad Mills/USA TODAY SportsJuan Soto is arguably the finest hitter in baseball. Having hit 98 home runs in his career and putting up a.981 on-base percentage, he is a slugger who is in the early stages of a Hall of Fame career. Soto informed ESPN’s Enrique Rojas that the Washington Nationals had given him a 13-year, $350 million contract before to the lockout, which he turned down.

Chicago White Sox requiring minor league players to get vaccinated

Aaron Doster of USA TODAY Sports contributed to this report. It was stated on Feb. 11 by the Chicago White Sox that all Minor League Baseball (MLB) players in their organization must obtain the COVID-19 booster shot in order to participate in spring training. They are now the only known Major League Baseball franchise that requires lower league players to obtain the immunization. It is not mandatory for Major League Baseball players to be immunized. More information on the story may be found by clicking here.

New York Yankees interested in Freddie Freeman

Jason Getz is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. When the MLB lockout comes to an end, anticipate a flurry of activity from major clubs. The luxury-tax threshold is projected to be raised in the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement, providing clubs with large payrolls with even greater spending flexibility. Recognizing this, the New York Yankees are reportedly interested in signing All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman. He is one of the most sought-after MLB free agents available this winter, and the Atlanta Braves may be forced to part ways with him.

Atlanta Braves discussed Matt Olson trade before lockout

USA TODAY Sports’ Jason Getz contributes. Look for major clubs to make a big splash when the MLB lockout expires. Teams with large payrolls will have even greater spending freedom as a result of the predicted increase in the luxury-tax threshold in the next CBA. Realizing this, the New York Yankees are reportedly interested in signing All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman as part of their rebuilding efforts. This summer, he is considered to be one of the best MLB free agents available, and the Atlanta Braves might lose him to a rival team.

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Toronto Blue Jays interested in Cincinnati Reds starting pitchers

Charles LeClaire is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. According to a joint report from Ben Nicholson-Smith and Scotty Mitchell of TSN Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays are interested in three starting pitchers from the Cincinnati Reds, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith. Tyler Mahle, Luis Castillo, and Sonny Gray are all on the radar of the Toronto Blue Jays. Gray is the most likely of the three to be transferred. However, it would not be surprising if Cincinnati is prepared to trade a few of their starting pitchers.

Troy Taormina is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports.

Instead, the All-Star shortstop desired to be patient and wait for the ideal opportunity to present itself.

Given the fact that Corey Seager recently inked a 10-year, $325 million contract, Correa has a strong chance of obtaining his desire. Additional reading:Major League Baseball free agents in 2021-2022: Contract forecasts for Carlos Correa, Freddie Freeman, and others

Los Angeles Angels haven’t started negotiating Shohei Ohtani contract extension

Shohei Ohtani is edging closer to becoming a free agent, according to Joe Nicholson of USA TODAY Sports. Shohei Ohtani is fresh off winning the American League MVP award. The two-way superstar is owed $5.5 million this season and will be eligible for arbitration for the last time in 2023 when his contract expires. Despite the fact that he is on the verge of becoming a free agent, the Angels have not spoken with him about a contract extension. More information may be found by clicking here.

New York Mets to make splash when offseason resumes?

Neville E. Guard is a sports writer for USA TODAY. The free-agent signings of Max Scherzer, Starling Marte, and Eduardo Escobar have already been announced for the New York Mets this offseason. Another significant change, on the other hand, might be on the way. New York hopes to be a contender for the World Series in 2022, and Steven Cohen is expected to make a big impact once a CBA is completed and trades can start in the fall of 2019.

MLB trade rumors: Players who could be traded in 2022

  • Gleyber Torres (2B, New York Yankees)
  • Luke Voit (1B, New York Yankees)
  • JD Davis (3B, New York Mets)
  • Jeff McNeil (IF), New York Mets
  • Will Contreras (C, Chicago Cubs)
  • Kevin Kiermaier (CF, Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Sonny Gray (SP, Cincinnati Reds)
  • Luis Castillo (SP, Cincinnati Reds)
  • Craig Kimbrel (CP), Chicago White Sox

MLB trade deadline tracker: Everything that went down before 4 p.m. ET

The MLB trade deadline for the 2021 season has passed, thanks to a flurry of blockbuster deals that occurred in the 24 hours leading up to 4 p.m. ET on Friday. Whether your favorite team increased or decreased its roster – or fell anywhere in between – here’s our reaction to completed transactions and what you need to know about each team. Every Major League Baseball trade deadline agreement (ESPN+) is graded.

Completed trade tracker

Sources: The Giants have reached an agreement with the Cubs’ Bryant|Grades According to reports, the Yankees have acquired Heaney from the Angels. Soler, a slugger with the Royals, has been acquired by the Braves. The Cardinals have acquired left-handers Lester and Happ in late-season trades. Gibson and Kennedy will be acquired by the Phillies from the Rangers. Mets complete trade with Cubs for Baez, according to sources|Grades Sources: The White Sox have agreed to an agreement with the Cubs’ Kimbrel|Grades According to many sources, the Blue Jays will acquire Berrios from the Twins.

The Braves have acquired Rosario in a deal with the Indians.

The Nationals’ trades continue with the addition of Schwarber to the Red Sox|GradesThe Dodgers sign Scherzer and Turner|Grades The Yankees have acquired Rizzo from the Cubs|GradesThe Dodgers have acquired Duffy in a deal with the Royals|GradesThe Blue Jays have acquired closer Hand from the Nationals|Grades In a trade with Cleveland, the White Sox acquired Hernandez|GradesYankees and Rangers complete the Gallo blockbuster|GradesA’s acquire Marte in exchange for Luzardo|GradesPadres acquire All-Star Frazier from the Pirates|GradesRays remain active by trading Hill to the Mets|GradesRays acquire Cruz from the Twins in a trade for prospects|GradesCubs trade Pederson to the Braves in exchange for 1 The Braves have acquired Vogt from the D-backs in exchange for a 1B prospect.

MLB trade deadline buzz recap

Updates on the 30th of July Kris Bryant is on his way to San Francisco, according to reports. According to sources speaking to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs have reached an agreement on a trade to acquire Kris Bryant from the Cubs. The New York Yankees make another another deadline trade. The Yankees are continuing to add players. According to a source at ESPN, Andrew Heaney of the Los Angeles Angels is now the pitcher. Joey Gallo, Anthony Rizzo, and Andrew Heaney have all been hit by pitches in the recent 48 hours.

  • They’re going to get one.
  • – Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan), on Twitter 30th of July, 2021 The Phillies have acquired a pair of pitchers from the Texas Rangers: Spencer Howard will be traded to the Rangers in exchange for Kyle Gibson and Ian Kennedy, according to ESPN’s sources.
  • Jeff Passan is a writer and speaker.
  • Javier Baez is a blockbuster: Baez joins the team Craig Kimbreland is a writer and musician.
  • Baez is projected to team up with Francisco Lindor to form one of the most entertaining double-play combos in the Major League Baseball.
  • A transaction that sent Kimbrel across town to the White Sox in exchange for two fascinating young players got the Cubs two intriguing young players.
  • In exchange for Alex Jackson, the team first acquired Eddie Rosario from Cleveland, and now it is receiving Adam Duvall from Miami.

The price is not prohibitively expensive.

What will be the response of the National League East?

The Twins and Blue Jays have reached an agreement on Berrios’s contract: Toronto acquired a two-time All-Star to their rotation, but did so at the expense of two promising young players.

They have taken down Diego Castillo, but they may not be finished since they have taken down Trevor Story and Kris Bryant as well.

Even though he’s been excellent in the field, Story may be an improvement at shortstop, and the Blue Jays can still utilize Franco at second or third base.

In that regard, Cruz is useful, but bringing in another right-handed batter makes sense.

David Schoenfield is the author of this piece.

According to reports, veteran catcher Yan Gomescould be the next to be dealt after the Dodgers traded away Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, Kyle Schwarber, and Brad Hand on Thursday.

According to catcher OPS, the Blue Jays are 21st in the majors, hitting.221/.288/.366, while the A’s are 17th with a.679 OPS, according to the same stats.

While he may back up Sean Murphyin Oakland, you could see him taking over the regular starting job in Toronto overDanny Jansen,Reese McGuireandAlejandro Kirk.

After dealing Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees, the Cubs still have Craig Kimbrel and Kris Bryant entering Friday’s deadline.

The Mets remain interested in making a trade with Chicago.

July 29 updates Heaney, Iglesias on the move?

It could mark their last appearances in an Angels uniform.

The Angels, a game above.500, are given only a 6.6 percent chance of making the playoffs and are nowhere near healthy, withMike Trout,Anthony RendonandJared Walshall on the injured list.

– Alden Gonzalez Can San Diego unload Hosmer’s contract?

Hosmer has a 101 OPS+ since joining the Padres, including 102 this year, so he has been about a league-average hitter, which makes him below average for a first baseman.

The only chance of unloading Hosmer’s contract would be to include prospect collateral, but GM A.J.

-David Schoenfield Could the Mets be on the verge of something big?

Rival execs have said that 3BJ.D.

Other industry sources sayTrevor Storyfits the bill, which would eat into the playing time ofJonathan Villarand/orLuis Guillorme.

The Mets have a 78 percent chance of making the playoffs right now, per FanGraphs, so this would be aimed more toward reinforcements for the playoffs than at making it to the postseason.

The veteran right-hander added a new cutter this season, made the All-Star team and has a 2.87 ERA.

He is signed through 2022 (at a reasonable $7 million), and the Joey Gallo trade indicates the Rangers have kicked their compete window down the road.

(who have four starters hitting free agency after 2021).

ERA this year is not good, but he still throws 100-mph bowling-ball sinkers, and as Dodgers look to improve other areas, he’s a potential target.

A source with knowledge of the team’s thinking said the Mariners, coming off an exhilarating come-from-behind win against theHouston Astroson Monday night, have inquired with practically every team about short-term players who could help them over these last two months and potentially get them into the postseason for the first time since 2001;Trevor Storyhas been heavily linked to them in other reports.

  • The organization believes it owes it to the city, given how it stuck behind the team through a lengthy rebuild under general manager Jerry Dipoto.
  • But the organization is also trying to see how far it can take this in 2021 – within reason, of course.
  • andMike Sorokato injury;Marcell Ozunais out followingan arrest on aggravated assault charges being examined under baseball’s domestic violence policy.
  • The question now, following the acquisition ofJoc PedersonandStephen Vogt, is how aggressive they will be.
  • – Buster Olney Will the Padres make another big move?
  • But Padres general manager A.J.
  • “It’s gotta make sense,” Preller said, noting the presence ofYu Darvish,Blake Snell,Joe Musgrove,Chris PaddackandRyan Weathers.
  • “We’ll keep listening over the course of the next four days,” Preller said.
  • But honestly, from our standpoint,something that I think we feel really good about over these last couple of months.” The Padres added Darvish, Snell and Musgrove over the offseason and have seen Weathers emerge as a 21-year-old rookie.
  • There’s also the added element of the Los Angeles Dodgers and theSan Francisco Giants- two teams ahead of the Padres in the NL West – pursuing starting pitching this week.
  • “I think you’re cognizant of the fact that, ‘Hey, there’s competition for these players,'” he said.

Some years we’ve been really aggressive at the deadline, some years we’ve stood pat and just hasn’t lined up for us. Ultimately I never get caught up in what other clubs are doing. I think that’s when you make mistakes.” – Alden Gonzalez

MLB trade deadline analysis

Passan: The top names that are available, as well as the teams who are trying to add them. Five teams must make the most difficult trade deadline choice possible. Rogers: How the MLB All-Stars are dealing with the uncertainty around the trade deadline. What influence the unique standings will have on the MLB trade deadline Schoenfield is a player who all 30 Major League Baseball teams should trade for – or trade away. Doolittle predicts that all 30 MLB teams will make trades before the deadline.

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What Jeff Passan is hearing as Friday’s MLB trade deadline approaches

The 27th of July, 2021

  • Author of “The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports,” a book about the ESPN MLB insider.

Considering the fact that the San Diego Padres and the Tampa Bay Rays are two of the most aggressive teams in baseball when it comes to improving their rosters, it should come as no surprise that both teams have placed themselves squarely in the middle of seemingly every trade discussion as the MLB trade deadline (four p.m. ET Friday) draws nearer. The guys being discussed by executives throughout Major League Baseball are something that takes them by surprise. The Rays, who are the defending American League champions and are well-known for their propensity to win with little payrolls, have held preliminary negotiations with both the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  1. According to league sources, the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant is a third baseman/outfielder.
  2. Outfielder with the Texas Rangers, Joey Gallo , and have made inquiries about additional high-profile players, according to reliable sources.
  3. The cost of acquiring Scherzer, a 37-year-old right-hander, might be prohibitive for the Tampa Bay Rays in terms of money, prospects, or a combination of the two.
  4. While all is going on, the Rays have already defied expectations by signing slugger Nelson Cruz, and their farm system – even after the promotion of shortstop Jose Reyes – is showing signs of improvement.
  5. 1 prospect in baseball.
  6. The $35 million he is owed is being postponed without interest, just as it was for the previous two seasons.
  7. The Nationals’ general manager, Mike Rizzo, will have a number of challenges in the next 72 hours before the deadline, including how the team will handle the money owing to the organization.

This season, he had a record of 7-4 with a 2.83 ERA and 142 strikeouts in 105 innings pitched.

The prorated part of his $28.7 million luxury-tax amount would be charged to clubs that are on the verge of exceeding the $210 million luxury-tax threshold.

It has been reported that the Padres have approached clubs about trading Eric Hosmer, who has four years and $59 million remaining on his contract at the end of the current season.

The desire of San Diego to attach a top talent will determine whether or not the city finds a fit.

Preller for some time.

Abrams or outfielder Robert Hassell, who are widely regarded as the Padres’ two greatest prospects in the business.

The San Francisco Giants and the second-place finish The Los Angeles Dodgers compete in the National League’s toughest division, the National League West.

If Gallo does not agree to a contract extension with the Rangers – the chances of that happening are slim, according to sources – a team with a strong farm system, such as the Toronto Blue Jays, could emerge.

While Gallo’s command provides an advantage, the Cubs may make the case that Bryant is the most valuable hitter in the organization for the year 2021.

Since his arrival, Cruz will have more opportunities to play outfield, which has produced middle-of-the-pack offensive numbers for the Rays so far this season.

Even if the Rays haven’t spent considerably in previous seasons, Tampa Bay’s risk-taking hasn’t changed much.

Even if their pursuit of some of the market’s most prominent names does not result in a trade, the Rays – who are 112 games behind the first-place Boston Red Sox in the American League East with a record of 60-40 – are anticipated to be active as they prepare for another October run in the postseason.

Max effort

When Rizzo informed clubs that they were open for business following the Baltimore Orioles’ sweep of the Washington Nationals over the weekend, the entire nature of the trade market shifted. Even though Scherzer isn’t sure to go, he was one of the top starting pitchers available in a market that was desperate for quality beginning pitching. The Dodgers and the Giants, according to team executives, are the ideal fit for Scherzer’s skillset on the West Coast. After recovering from forearm inflammation that placed him on the injured list, Scherzer may be slotted with Walker Buehler,Tony Gonsolin,Julio Urias, and, assuming he returns healthy from his forearm inflammation that landed him on the injured list, Clayton Kershaw.

  1. As a result of their likelihood of exceeding the third luxury-tax level, they would be required to pay a 62.5 percent penalty on every dollar spent on Scherzer, making him a possibly prohibitively costly rental.
  2. Alex Wood is an undeniably attractive young man.
  3. While there is no time for Scherzer to negotiate a contract extension before the deadline, the Giants are poised to shed more than $100 million from their payroll this winter.
  4. Others will be eligible to participate in the Scherzer sweepstakes.
  5. The best bet is on a club in the National League West.

Go time for the Cubs

After making their first deal of the deadline season late on Monday, the Cubs completed their second trade of the season late Tuesday, sending left-handed reliever Andrew Chafin to the Oakland A’s in exchange for outfield prospect Greg Deichmann and hard-throwing right-hander Daniel Palencia. As a result of that deal and another that brought Joc Pederson to Atlanta, the Cubs have done exactly what other executives said they would do: they have begun to sell some of their lesser-known players.

  1. Craig Kimbrel is a first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  2. According to the current consensus, Bryant and Kimbrel will almost probably be traded, while Rizzo may also be moved.
  3. Despite the fact that he has signed with the likes of Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, the New York Mets, and others, the deadline market for position players is often not as strong as the market for pitchers – even relievers such as Kimbrel – at the end of the season.
  4. He is one of the greatest closers in baseball history, and despite two seasons that were horrible by his standards, he appears to be back to his former self.
  5. For a position player poised to approach free agency, Rizzo’s isn’t particularly strong, but that’s not surprising given his age.

Milwaukee could use a solution at first base as well, though the notion of trading Rizzo to a division foe for what would probably be a meager return seems unlikely at this point.

Too high a return

When the Nationals decided to part ways with their seasoned players, Scherzer wasn’t the only big name to join the open market. Trea Turner, the all-world shortstop who ranks sixth among position players in FanGraphs’ measure of wins above replacement this season, has been given a chance by the Washington Nationals to impress. All-around player Turner bats for average and power, steals bases, plays superb shortstop and is well-liked and respected inside the Washington Nationals organization. He appears to be the type of player that the Nationals would like to sign long-term.

  • It may also be something that is studied more in the winter, according to company leaders.
  • Teams have been advised by the Nationals that they must be completely blown away in order to transfer Turner, and striking out a deal of this nature on such short notice is unusual.
  • When it comes to Jose Berrios and Byron Buxton, the Minnesota Twins have stood firm in their demands for two players who would be ideal core components for the team’s 2022 season.
  • When it comes to the Twins’ expectations, executives who are interested in Berrios and Buxton are hoping that as the deadline near, the Twins’ demands would lessen.
  • As for Jose Ramirez, the standout infielder with the Cleveland Indians: He could even be a better possibility to take us by surprise than Turner, given the fact that his deal runs through 2023 and is worth an incredible $24 million in total.
  • All it takes is one offer to completely change the game.
  • His unfettered agency has come to an end, and with it, his binary outcome.

The Rockies will receive a compensatory draft selection after the first round if they don’t sign Story, who will refuse a qualifying offer and the Rockies would have to pay a couple million dollars to sign him.

To be sure, he would be a fantastic match for the New York Yankees, who could shift Gleyber Torresto to second base, DJ LeMahieu to first, and Giancarlo Stanton to the outfield.

It is possible that Story will be used by a club other than the Yankees – yet there are challenges to overcome.

It’s possible that the A’s are unwilling to pay the money to get him.

They have also placed a high value on bullpen arms.

Crawford from shortstop but might move Story to second base in order to keep pace with Oakland, whom they trail by one game, and make a run at first-place Houston, may move Crawford to second base.

While the Mariners refused at the asking amount Pittsburgh was demanding for Adam Frazier, the Pirates were in the midst of negotiations with the Mariners for Frazier. And, despite having asked about Kansas City’s Whit Merrifield, there has been no progress in those discussions as of yet.

Popularity contest

According to insiders, there are a few players that are attracting a lot of interest: Raisel Iglesias of the Los Angeles Angels says, “It’s a pleasure to be here.” Despite the fact that he has been extremely homer-prone this season, surrendering nine in 45 innings, Iglesias’ strikeout-to-walk ratio of 70-8 has teams interested in speaking with the Angels about their closer. There is interest in starting pitcher Alex Cobb, however there is concern that his blister problem – which has kept him out at three different periods this season – will be a hindrance.

Hudson, the more recent of the Nationals’ two back-end relievers, has 13 strikeouts and no walks over his last eight appearances, while Brad Hand has allowed seven earned runs and blown three saves in his last five outings for the team.

Merrill Kelly, Arizona (Kelly, Arizona): Kelly has three things going for him in this situation.

Second, his deal is stunning: he will earn $4.25 million this year and $5.25 million the next year, which is a very reasonable sum.

Tyler Anderson, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Take a look at Kelly and Merrill.

Ian Kennedy (Texas) says: The Rangers’ closer, a 36-year-old right-hander, has been outstanding in his role.

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