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2022 SEC Baseball Schedule Announced

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SEC Baseball Bracket

The two division champions will automatically be placed first and second in the conference tournament based on their winning percentage in conference competition. The remaining players will be seeded in groups of three through twelve depending on their winning percentage, regardless of division. It will be decided how ties will be broken in the following ways: Links to games, as well as other information, may be found on our Baseball Championship website. There is a tie between two teams. Winning and losing records of the two tied teams’ head to head contests are shown in Table 1.

  • (2) (over the 18-game SEC division schedule).
  • 1 team in their respective divisions (2) (and proceeding through the No.
  • C.If two clubs are not divisional rivals, the following rules apply: (1) The combined win-loss record of the two teams vs the No.
  • (2) (and proceeding through the No.
  • (2) The Commissioner will make a coin flip.

After that, the following method will be followed in the following sequence until a tie is broken: (Please note that if the three tied teams have three different records against each other, they will be placed in the order determined by their best percentage of wins.) Other than that, after the tie has been reduced to two teams, the two-team tiebreaker technique will be employed to determine the winner.

A.If all three teams are common opponents, the following is true: The combined win-loss percentage of all games played between the tied clubs is calculated.

1 seed and, if required, through the No.

C.If three or more teams are still tied after the draw, the Commissioner will conduct a new round of play.

2021 SEC Baseball Tournament

Featured image courtesy of Arkansas Athletics for the 2021 SEC Baseball Tournament. The Arkansas Razorbacks have won the SEC Baseball Tournament in 2021. 25th to 30th of May, 2021 Hoover Metropolitan Stadium is located in the city of Hoover, Alabama. Schedule for the SEC Baseball Tournament in 2021

Date Session Time (ET) Matchup Network
Tuesday, May 25 Session 1 10:30 a.m. Game 1:6 Florida 4, 11 Kentucky 1 Watch Replay Recap
2:25 p.m. Game 2:10 Alabama 9,7 South Carolina 3 Watch Replay Recap
Session 2 6:05 p.m. Game 3:8 Georgia 4,9 LSU 1 Watch Replay Recap
9:15 p.m. Game 4: 5 Ole Miss 7, 12 Auburn 4 Watch Replay Recap
Wednesday, May 26 Session 3 10:30 a.m. Game 5:6 Florida 13,3 Mississippi State 1 Watch Replay Recap
1:35 p.m. Game 6:10 Alabama 3,2 Tennessee 2 Watch Replay Recap
Session 4 5:35 p.m. Game 7:1 Arkansas 11,8 Georgia 2 Watch Replay Recap
10:14 p.m. Game 8:4 Vanderbilt 5,5 Ole Miss 4 Watch Replay Recap
Thursday, May 27 Session 5 10:30 a.m. Game 9:2 Tennessee 12,3 Mississippi State2 Watch Replay Recap
1:55 p.m. Game 10:5 Ole Miss 4, 8 Georgia 0 Watch Replay Recap
Session 6 5:30 p.m. Game 11:6 Florida 7,10 Alabama 2 Watch Replay Recap
9:15 p.m. Game 12:1 Arkansas 6, 4 Vanderbilt 4 Watch Replay Recap
Friday, May 28 Session 7 11 a.m. Game 13:2 Tennessee 11,10 Alabama 0 Watch Replay Recap
1:55 p.m. Game 14:5 Ole Miss 4,4 Vanderbilt 0 Watch Replay Recap
Saturday, May 29 Session 8 1 p.m. Game 15:2 Tennessee 4,6 Florida 0 Watch Replay Recap
4:30 p.m. Game 16:1 Arkansas 3, 5 Ole Miss 2 Watch Replay Recap
Sunday, May 30 Session 9 3 p.m. Game 17:1 Arkansas 7,2 Tennessee 2 Watch Replay Recap

SEC Baseball Tournament

The SEC Baseball Tournament, which will be hosted at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium for the 23rd straight year, will feature the top 12 collegiate baseball teams from the Southeastern Conference. During the first day of the tournament, seeds 5-12 will face off in a single elimination style, followed by typical double-elimination play from Wednesday through Friday. After the first round, the event will resume single elimination play on Saturday. Over the course of the tournament, a total of seventeen games will be played.

Fans who do not have luggage will be able to utilize an expedited gate, which will be open for the game.

Bags must meet the requirements outlined below in order to be permitted entry into the SEC Baseball Tournament:

  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″ in size
  • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ in size
  • A one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (such as a Ziploc bag or something similar)
  • Small clutch purses, no bigger than 4.5″ x 6.5″, with or without a handle or strap
  • Small tote bags, no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″, with or without a handle or strap
  • Medically required objects shall be exempted from this rule after being thoroughly inspected at a gate set aside specifically for this purpose.
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In addition to big handbags and tiny clutch bags, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, seat cushions, baggage of any sort, computer bags and camera bags, as well as any bag that is larger than the acceptable dimensions (12″ x 6″ x 12″), are prohibited from being brought into the plane. Items that are commonly carried in diaper or baby bags must be transported in a transparent bag that complies with the bag policy’s specifications. Fans may still carry devices like as binoculars and cameras (with lenses smaller than 4 inches in length) into each stadium, as long as they are not in cases.

Workers, including journalists, will continue to access the stadium through authorized gates, where they will be subject to the same screening and bag checks that have been in place throughout the competition.

Fans who carry any bag into the stadium or Finley Center should expect to be held up for a short period of time during the search.

  • Animals (except than service animals) and alcoholic drinks are prohibited. Artificial noisemakers are also prohibited. Lenses for digital cameras that are longer in length Coolers and other similar containers
  • Firearms Lawn chairs, laser instruments, and other similar items Food and beverages served outside the home
  • Promotional goods that have not been approved by the SEC Radios that do not have earbuds
  • Signs, flags, and banners
  • Tobacco goods
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras
  • And other similar items. Bags that do not comply with the SEC’s Clear Bag Policy
  • Bags that contain prohibited items.

2021 Southeastern Conference Baseball Tournament bracket, schedule, game times and TV info

The Southeastern Conference Baseball Tournament is planned to take place in Hoover, Alabama, from May 25th to May 30th, 2021. The competition will begin on Tuesday, May 25, at 9:30 a.m. Central Time. The tournament comes to a close on Sunday, May 30 with the final game broadcast on ESPN2. A total of 12 teams compete in the SEC Baseball Tournament, with the No. 5-12 seeds playing in a single-elimination format on the first day of competition. The games will be contested in a double-elimination style from Wednesday through Friday.

The Hoover Met, which has hosted the SEC Baseball Tournament since 1998, is the site of this year’s action.

2021 SEC Baseball Tournament bracket

The downloadable bracket for the Southeastern Conference Baseball Tournament in 2021 can be found by clicking here.

2021 SEC Baseball Tournament schedule

All games will be televised live on the SEC Network in the United States. The final game will be televised live on ESPN2 on Sunday, April 14. SECN is available on DirecTV on channel 611. SECN is available on Dish Network on channels 404 or 408, depending on the receiver. ESPN2 is available on DirecTV on channel 209. ESPN2 is available on Dish Network on channel 143. All timings are in Central Time.

Tuesday, May 25

Florida defeated No. 11 seed Kentucky in the first game of the series. No. 10 seed Alabama defeats No. 7 seed South Carolina in Game 2. 3 Game 3: The No. 8 seed Georgia Bulldogs defeated the No. 9 seed LSU Tigers 4-1. Game 4: No. 5 seed Ole Miss defeats No. 12 seed Auburn 7-4 in overtime.

Wednesday, May 26

Game 5: Florida beats No. 3 seed Mississippi State, 13-1, in seven innings in Tampa. Game 6: No. 2 seed Alabama beats No. 3 seed Tennessee in 11 innings.

Game 7: No. 1 seed Arkansas defeats No. 2 seed Georgia. Vanderbilt 5, Ole Miss 4 in the eighth game of the season. Vanderbilt and Ole Miss will begin play at a time to be determined. The Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss baseball game in the 2021 SEC Tournament has been postponed due to inclement weather.

Thursday, May 27

Game 9: Tennessee beats Mississippi State 2 to the tune of 13 innings. Game 10: Ole Miss wins 4–0 over Georgia. Game 11: Florida wins 7-2 against Alabama. Arkansas defeated Vanderbilt 6-4 in the 12th game.

Friday, May 28

Tennessee 11, Alabama 0 in seven innings in Game 13. Vanderbilt defeats Ole Miss in game 14. 1 UPDATE ON THE SCHEDULE: Because of forecasted weather conditions for Friday, game 13 of the SEC Baseball Tournament will begin at 10 a.m. Central Time (CT). SEC May 27, 2021, Southeastern Conference (@SEC) championship tournament

Saturday, May 29

Game 15: Tennessee defeats Florida 4-0 Game 16: Arkansas defeats Ole Miss 3 to 1.

Sunday, May 30

Tennessee vs. Arkansas, 2 p.m., ESPN2, national championship game

Read more SEC baseball news

  • Mississippi State: How the Mississippi State baseball team may make school history as the SEC season comes to a close
  • Mississippi State: LSU baseball is eyeing another late-season push under Paul Mainieri and has not ‘given up’ on the season. Ole Miss: What having a ‘healthy’ Tim Elko means for the Rebels’ baseball team as they move into the postseason. Baseball at Vanderbilt: The Detroit Tigers are considering drafting Vanderbilt’s Jack Leiter, which would give them two Leiters from the same family. Alabama baseball: “Hit it out of the park, wear plastic jewelry,” as the saying goes: the origins of the state’s home run chain
  • The SEC Baseball Tournament for 2020 has been canceled. The Vanderbilt Commodores baseball team won the SEC Baseball Tournament in 2019. Daniella Medina is a digital producer for the USA TODAY Network, where she works as a reporter. On Twitter, she may be found at @danimedinanews.

SEC Baseball Tournament in Hoover through 2022, but could it be headed to Oklahoma City in the future?

  • The SEC Baseball Tournament will be held at the Hoover Met in 2022, but the venue for the tournament beyond that is still up in the air, according to the league. The SEC’s agreement to conduct the conference tournament at the former minor league stadium in Hoover, Alabama, was extended for another two years in 2019, bringing the total length of the agreement to 2021, according to the league. That would have meant that the tournament in May of this year would have been the final one under the existing agreement, but the league extended the agreement by one year because no event was conducted in 2020 as a result of the season being suspended by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. When Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC, it’s possible that Oklahoma City will be interested in drawing the tournament away from Hoover. In a vote this week, the SEC voted 14-0 to ask the current members of the Big 12 Conference to join the league, and both accepted on Friday. It has been confirmed that both schools have told the Big 12 that they would not be renewing their present grant-of-rights agreements (which allow the conference to negotiate broadcast and other media deals featuring their competitions), which are in effect until 2025. According to current plans, Texas and Oklahoma would join the SEC for the 2025-26 college sports season
  • However, the institutions may opt out of their existing Big 12 rights agreement and join the SEC earlier if they wanted to. More:Tramel: The University of Oklahoma has advanced to the SEC, 31 years after a glint in Roy Kramer’s eye. More:Carlson: Why OU might want to join the SEC even if it meant giving up some of its previous triumphs After hosting all but three Big 12 baseball championships since 1997 (with no event in 2020), Oklahoma City will lose its hosting rights for three years starting in 2022 when the conference tournament relocates to Arlington, Texas. There have been no more announcements, which means that Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, home of the Triple-A Oklahoma City Dodgers, is open to host an SEC event in the near future. Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, and Jacksonville, Fla., all made bids in 2016 to entice the SEC Tournament away from Hoover, Alabama, where it has been hosted since 1998. Nashville won the bid (and in two prior years, with most previous tournaments held at campus sites). The city spent around $80 on renovations to ensure the continuation of the competition. SEC spokesperson Herb Vincent stated that “our members have been delighted with Hoover, especially the addition they’ve done.” The Finley Center fan fair area and surrounding ballfields for teams to train have been designated as a “baseball campus” for the tournament, according to Vincent. After an open bidding procedure, the Alabama Sports Council was given the contract to organize the event in Hoover, which is currently in its second year. It was said by Vincent that the process of determining a new location for the baseball tournament beyond 2022 has not yet commenced. A meeting with SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was scheduled for this summer between Gene Hallman, president of the Alabama Sports Council, and Sankey to discuss the possibility of making Hoover the long-term home of the SEC baseball tournament, similar to how Atlanta has served as home to the SEC football championship game and Nashville has served as home to the men’s basketball tournament, which will be held at Bridgestone Arena every year from 2023-2035. “We absolutely want to keep it in Hoover,” stated a representative from the Hall family. For the tournament, it’s become something of a habit for us to ask people, ‘Are you planning on making it to Hoover this year?’ Hoover and SEC baseball have been a trending topic on Twitter. We’ve been working on it for quite some time now.” “We have a positive outlook for the future,” said the team. Hallman stated that the city intends to make more investments in the stadium and its infrastructure. In her role as special projects manager for the City of Oklahoma City, Sue Hollenbeck, a former sports business director for the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau and now special projects manager for the Oklahoma City Baseball Tournament, encourages her city to pursue the baseball tournament. “I believe the overall answer is yes
  • Pursue your goals to the best of your ability,” she replied. Oklahoma City may possibly have an interest in hosting the SEC Softball Tournament in the future. The tournament has cycled between school locations since 2004, with earlier editions conducted at neutral venues in Columbus, Ga., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Plant City, Fla., among other cities. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, hosted the 2021 edition of the event. The Women’s College World Series is held at Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, and it is the premier collegiate softball tournament in the United States. Additionally, the Big 12 Tournament has been held there since 1996, but the league did not host a tournament from 2011 to 2016. “I personally believe that softball would be the ideal sport to pursue,” Hollenbeck stated of his preferred sport. University of Florida (2022), Arkansas (2023), Georgia (2024), Auburn (2025), Kentucky (2026), Louisiana State University (2027), Missouri (2028), and Ole Miss (2029) will host the SEC Softball Tournament in the future (2029). With the addition of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, it is possible that other championships will be moved to those states in the future. As a result of the presence of multiple institutions west of the Mississippi, Hollenbeck believes the SEC will have to host several finals in that region. Jenni Carlson provided assistance with this report.
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Updated SEC Baseball Tournament bracket, schedule for Day 5

In the SEC Baseball Tournament in 2021, we’ve narrowed the field down to four teams. Friday’s action was confined to a pair of elimination games, in case you didn’t get to see them. Tennessee, the No. 2 seed, earned their vengeance over the No. 10 seed Alabama with an 11-0 run-rule victory in only seven innings. The Volunteers are making their first appearance in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament since 1995. In the second game of the day, No. 5 seed Ole Miss earned a 4-1 victory over No. 4 seed Vanderbilt, avenging their earlier loss.

Teams with perfect records in the tournament — No.

6 seed Florida – will return to competition on Saturday after taking a day off to recover.

No. 2 seed Tennessee vs. No. 6 seed Florida at 12 pm CT

The competition will return to a single-elimination format for the semifinals on Saturday and the title game on Sunday. Here is a look at the most recent version of the SEC Tournament bracket for 2021:

SEC Baseball Tournament

Photograph by Michael Woods for the Associated Press The No. 1 baseball team in Division I will have to go through some of the strongest competition in the country if it wants to win its conference tournament title. The Arkansas Razorbacks were the best team in the Southeastern Conference, a conference that included five teams ranked in the top ten of the most recent Division I poll. Prior to the last weekend of regular-season play, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi State were all rated among the top 10 teams in the country.

  • 2 seed on the opposite side of the bracket from Arkansas, putting them on the opposite side of the bracket from Arkansas.
  • With the surprising move, the Mississippi State Bulldogs won the third seed in the NCAA Tournament.
  • The field for the SEC Tournament in 2021 has been finalized.
  • All timings are in Eastern Standard Time.
  • 9:30 a.m.
  • 6 Florida vs.
  • 11 Kentucky, Tuesday, May 25 At 2 p.m., No.

10 Alabama.

8 Georgia will take on No.


12 Auburn at 9 p.m.

9:30 a.m.: No.


the winner of the South Carolina/Alabama game, 2 p.m.

1 Arkansas vs.


The 27th of May is a Thursday.

the loser of the Florida/Kentucky game, 10:30 a.m.

the loser of the South Carolina/Alabama game, 10:30 a.m.

Georgia/LSU loser vs.

Ole Miss/Auburn loser, 2 p.m.

Georgia/LSU loser vs.

Ole Miss/Auburn loser, 2 p.m.

the winner of Florida/Kentucky vs.

the winner of South Carolina/Alabama, 5:30 p.m.

the winner of Georgia/LSU vs.

the winner of Ole Miss/Auburn, 9 p.m.

Semifinals will be held on Saturday, May 29.

Game of the championship After sweeping the Florida Gators in a three-game series, Arkansas finished the regular season with a 42-10 record overall.

In the SEC, only Vanderbilt has a better overall record.

Kopps is one of just two collegiate pitchers with an earned run average (ERA) under 1.00.

Rob Hensey of Monmouth is the only other pitcher to post an ERA below 1.00, with a 0.96.

Kumar Rocker and Jack Leiter, both of Vanderbilt, are anticipated to be among the top-10 choices in the Major League Baseball draft.

According to MLB.com, Rocker is the third-best overall prospect, while Leiter is the fifth-best.

Counting his 20 home runs, Fabian is tied with South Carolina’s Wes Clarke and Florida State’s Matheu Nelson for the most in the NCAA Division I ranks.

Unfortunately, Gunnar Hoglund, one of the most highly touted prospects, will not be participating.

Hoglund is the 23rd-best prospect in the 2021 draft class, according to Baseball America.

The Nos.

To begin a double-elimination format that will determine the four semifinalists, the four winners of Tuesday’s games will meet the top four seeds in a matchup that will be decided by the top four seeds.

It will be decided which team will be the SEC champion and which team will receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament in the semifinals on Saturday.


The Bruno Event Team is responsible for the management of a wide range of collegiate and amateur athletic events. In addition to offering unique experiences for our sponsors and guests, our team of qualified specialists provides turnkey services. We have collaborated with a wide range of governing bodies and have constantly been able to deliver excellent outcomes for them.


The SEC Baseball Tournament has been held at the Hoover Met in Hoover, Alabama, for the last 22 years, and it has grown to become the most successful and well-attended collegiate baseball tournament in the country. Every year over Memorial Day weekend, the best 12 teams from the Southeastern Conference play for a chance to advance to the College World Series. Additionally, the free, indoor SEC FanFest provides a family-friendly meeting location with food and beverages, interactive games, and live entertainment in addition to outstanding baseball.

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The McDonald’s Magic City Classic presented by Coca-Cola is the largest HBCU Classic in the country, and it is held on the final Saturday in October of each year in downtown Atlanta. Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University compete on the football field for a chance to earn annual bragging rights, but this event is about much more than that. Press conferences, luncheons, a pep rally, a parade, a pre-game tailgate party, and the halftime performance will all take place on Wednesday before the big game on Saturday.


The SEC Women’s Golf Tournament is held in mid-April at Greystone Golf and Country Club in the Birmingham metro region, and it attracts some of the finest female golfers from all 14 SEC teams. The tournament is held at Greystone Golf and Country Club in the Birmingham metro area. The championship will be divided into three rounds of stroke play and two rounds of match play, with the final round on Sunday being broadcast live on the SEC Network.

SEC Baseball Tournament Round 2 Preview

The date is May 26, 2021. Baseball,College Baseball,Gators Baseball,SEC523 views Baseball,College Baseball,Gators Baseball,SEC The opening round of the Southeastern Conference baseball tournament in 2021 began on Tuesday with a single elimination format in the first round. Following their early-season defeats, the Kentucky Wildcats, South Carolina Gamecocks, LSU Tigers, and Auburn Tigers are all eliminated from the Southeastern Conference tournament. After defeating Kentucky by a score of 4-1 in the first round of tournament play, the Florida Gators advanced to the second round of tournament play.

In addition, the LSU Tigers were defeated by the Georgia Bulldogs, 4-1, in a non-conference game.

The top-four seeds in the SEC Tournament earned a bye in the first round, allowing them to proceed directly to the second round of play in the tournament.

The Arkansas Razorbacks, Tennessee Volunteers, Mississippi State Bulldogs, and Vanderbilt Commodores are among the teams competing for a spot in the NCAA Tournament, in that order.

The SEC Tournament Bracket

The second round of the event will begin on Wednesday, March 20. Mississippi State, the third-seeded team in the SEC, will meet the sixth-seeded Gators in the championship game. The second game of the second round will pit the number two seed Tennessee against the number ten seed Alabama. This year’s third game will feature the first-seeded Arkansas against the eighth-seeded Georgia Bulldogs. Finally, in the fourth and final game, the fourth-seeded Vanderbilt Commodores will take on the fifth-seeded Ole Miss Rebels in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Florida game will face the loser of the Tennessee vs.
  • According to the winning bracket, the victors of these two games will square off against each other on Thursday as well as on Friday.
  • Georgia game will face the loser of the Vanderbilt vs.
  • The victors of these games will also face off against each other in the third round of the event, which will take place in November.
  • ET on ESPN2.com.

Check Also

Because to the Liberty Flames’ victory over the Florida Gators, the Gators are currently 1-2 on the season.

Could Oklahoma City be a future site for the SEC baseball tournament?

It will be held in Hoover, Alabama in 2022, the site of the next SEC baseball tournament, which will be held in 2019. However, Tommy Deas of the Tuscaloosa News wonders if the event will be held in a different location. It was announced in 2019 that the SEC’s agreement to hold the conference tournament at a former minor league stadium in Hoover, Alabama, would be extended for another two years, bringing the total length of the agreement to 2021. That would have meant that the tournament in May of this year would have been the final one under the existing agreement, but the league extended the agreement by one year because no event was conducted in 2020 as a result of the season being suspended by the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

  • What is your opinion on the location of the Big 12 baseball tournament in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the year 2021?
  • When Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC, it’s possible that Oklahoma City will be interested in drawing the tournament away from Hoover.
  • It has been confirmed that both schools have told the Big 12 that they would not be renewing their present grant-of-rights agreements (which allow the conference to negotiate broadcast and other media deals featuring their competitions), which are in effect until 2025.
  • The tournament will take place in Arlington, Texas, from 2022 to 2024.

If the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns join the SEC before the start of the 2022 academic year, the conference may look to negotiate a deal to host the conference’s baseball tournament beginning in 2022 and continuing into the future.

SEC Baseball Tournament Tickets

Using Vivid Seats, you can see it firsthand by purchasing SEC Baseball Tournament tickets for all of the events taking place in 2022 and 2023. Vivid Seats Rewards allows you to shop for SEC Baseball Tournament tickets and other College Baseball tickets while earning Reward Credit when you make a purchase. Life happens in real time!

Frequently Asked Questions About SEC Baseball Tournament

The SEC Baseball Tournament is typically regarded as a component of the College Baseball season.

How much are SEC Baseball Tournament tickets?

Tickets for all SEC Baseball Tournament games and festivities will be available at a variety of price points. The current starting price of tickets is $0, with an average price of $0. All SEC Baseball Tournament tickets purchased through Vivid Seats are backed by a 100 percent buyer satisfaction guarantee.

When is the next SEC Baseball Tournament game?

Scroll down to see the complete list of SEC Baseball Tournament games and performances that have already been revealed, which includes performances from all genres of music.

Other Top Sports Events

  • Super Bowl tickets, Major League Baseball tickets, National Hockey League tickets, NBA tickets, and NFL tickets are all available.

SEC gears up for 2021 SEC Baseball Tournament after a year off

Having taken a year off last year owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Southeastern Conference is preparing for the SEC Baseball Tournament, which will take place at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium next week (May 25-30). According to the SEC, attendance will be curtailed, and facial coverings will be required while entering and departing the stadium, as well as in public areas like as concourses, toilets, and concession lines, among other things. According to the press conference, fans would be “encouraged” to wear facial covers while seated.

Instead, as part of the COVID-19 guidelines, all available seats will be booked.

The Finley Center will be closed on Saturday and Although there will no longer be an outside ferris wheel or zipline, there will still be a Hoover ClimbingAdventure center inside the Finley Center, which will be open from 11 a.m.

On the first day of the event, Tuesday, May 25, a total of 12 teams will compete in a single-elimination style, with the seeding 5-12 being determined by a lottery system.

On Saturday, the competition will revert to a single-elimination format for the first time.


The championship game, on the other hand, is slated to be broadcast on ESPN2.

A limited number of $110 ticket booklets valid for all sessions of the event went on sale on May 12 and quickly sold out.

Tickets were available for purchase on SECsports.com and by calling the ticket office at 877-332-7804.

The competition will make use of mobile tickets, and all supporters will be required to provide a mobile ticket in order to enter the stadium. In addition, the SEC’s clear bag policy will be in force for the SEC Baseball Tournament as it has been in the past.

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