Why Do People Like Baseball

Nine Reasons to Love Baseball

Photograph by Scott Boehm/Getty Images While division battles heat up and teams continue to make their bids for baseball championships, the 2010 Major League Baseball season is entering its final stretch, which begins this week. Consequently, in anticipation of the last weeks, here are nine reasons to enjoy this sport, one for each inning of the game. 1. There is no time limit. Baseball, in contrast to other sports, does not have a time restriction. The excitement of an extra-inning baseball game is second to none, so don’t count out your team until the last out is thrown.

On May 1, 1920, the Major League Baseball team played the longest game in history.

Is that enough time for you?

Since the beginning of the season, clubs have began to take advantage of the fact that they do not have a time restriction on their games.

  • 2.
  • Unlike football, baseball does not have a challenge flag or a video booth where the umpire can look at a tight play for an extra second.
  • 3.
  • Baseball is mostly concerned with stats.
  • The ball is hit, the ball is fielded, the ball is thrown, and the ball is caught.
  • The Presence of the Prospect of Failure In most sports, a success rate of less than 30% is not regarded to be productive.
  • In baseball, the frequency with which you fail is less significant than the time with which you succeed.

It’s a Game of Inches, You Know.

That is the precise distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate in a baseball game.

And those are simply rules and regulations.

When facing a 96 mph fastball, the hitter has only a fraction of a second to respond.


Everyone on the 25-man roster has a role to play.


It is the ultimate goal that every squad works towards throughout the year.

The playoffs is the light at the end of the tunnel, whether it’s winning the division, receiving the wild card, or taking home the award for being the best of the rest.


David Ortiz, for example, is well-known for his outstanding postseason performance in 2004.

October,” is a professional football player.

Joe Carter Among his numerous playoff records is Derek Jeter’s back-handed flip to preserve a run against the Athletics in game 3 of the 2001 ALDS, which is considered one of the best ever.

.and of course, Steve Bartman, who confirmed that the Cubbie Curse is still very much alive (apologies to Cubs fans).


Baseball is as patriotic as the Fourth of July and apple pie, and it is a game that reflects the colors red, white, and blue in America.

Baseball is a game that symbolizes the spirit of the United States of America.

As such, there you have it: nine reasons to be a fan of the magnificent game known as baseball. Prepare yourself for another incredible end to a highly competitive season, and take pleasure in the great American pastime of baseball.

Why Do People Like Baseball?

Dear Sports Enthusiast, Could you perhaps explain to me what it is about baseball that appeals to you? Cricket is unquestionably a greater sport, although it has failed to gain popularity in the United States. Because baseball is the cousin of cricket that has had some growth difficulties, do you believe the game is simply too intellectual for American audiences? (which I would disagree with since NFL football to me is one of the most cerebral sports and you concussively need to use your brain a lot).

  1. Thanks, Jango Greetings, Jango.
  2. What it boils down to is a four-hour outdoor barbeque with excessively costly drinks.
  3. While watching a baseball game, you could do anything you wanted — knit, iron, or even compose the next great American novel.
  4. In contrast, the incentives for die-hard admirers are quite different.
  5. Aside from that, because the baseball season is so lengthy (162 games), there is a good possibility that your club will be playing on any given day.
  6. You’ll get more engaged in them as the season progresses, even if they aren’t very good at their positions.
  7. However, the sport’s ongoing appeal is founded more on tradition and the unique role it has had in our (and other nations’) athletic history than anything else.
  8. So, I understand that it appears to be sluggish, that games are too lengthy, and that it appears as though nothing is happening- yet it is a sport that can be observed and studied.

On a variety of levels. Or, at the very least, it can provide an excuse to sit outside and drink pricey beers for four hours. Is it truly the worst thing that might happen? Thank you for your query. Dean Russell Bell is an American businessman and philanthropist.

Why Fans Love The Game Of Baseball

Every baseball fan’s mind and emotions are pried open by the game. The winter months keep us occupied with football, hockey, and/or basketball. but we always return to what’s going on in the world of Major League Baseball in the spring and summer months. Because the months are lengthy, and the offseason moves at a slower pace than a regular season game, it is difficult to get excited about anything. Even though it is mid-January, the best free agents in the game—Bryce Harper and Manny Machado—have not yet committed to a team for the 2019 season.

  1. What is it about this game that people adore?
  2. Why do we appear to be wasting our time by watching many hours of major league baseball games on television?
  3. Why do we spend so much time looking at the standings?
  4. Because we are deeply rooted in baseball history and are familiar with every facet of the game’s lore.
  • The ability of batters such as New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge to make us stop and pay attention with every at-bat. The sight of Judge stepping into the batter’s box and taking aim at a pitcher is priceless. especially when he connects for a 500-foot home run.
  • A look back at the game’s history as well as the iconic figures who contributed to its current status, such as Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby, as well as Ted Williams and Stan Musial. Other notable figures include Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, and Hank Aaron, as well as Mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson, among others. “Baseball is 90 percent mental,” says Yogi Berra. “The other half is a matter of physicality.” “It’s no longer a destination for anyone.” “It’s far too crowded here.” “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” as the saying goes. “It’s like a rerun of deja vu all over again.” “I’d always assumed the record would stand until it was beaten,” says the author. Baseball record books are surrounded by numbers that instantly connect the mind to the historical facts that surround them.

In 1941, Ted Williams had a batting average of.406 and a streak of 2,632 consecutive games played. In the same season, Babe Ruth had a total of 60 home runs, Roger Maris had 70, Mark McGwire had 73, and Barry Bonds had 73 to set and break the single-season home run record. In the same season, Pete Rose had 4,256 hits. In the same season, Joe DiMaggio had 56 hits and a streak of *511: Cy Young’

  • High-velocity pitchers such as Jacob deGrom, who overwhelm batters with devastating fastballs, are becoming more common.
  • The sound of a ball being struck by a bat
  • When the ball hits the mitt, it makes a loud thud. The scent of a freshly tanned leather glove
  • In addition to having the correct specifications of 90 feet between bases and 60 feet/six inches between the pitching rubber and home plate
  • The distinctive characteristics of each ballpark—especially with the demise of the cookie-cutter stadiums of the 1970s. Baseball uniforms, particularly the traditional game-day apparel worn by the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, and Cardinals, which has remained almost unchanged for decades
  • And baseball hats. Music played by street vendors who are selling beer, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy
  • The sound of venders shouting and yelling
  • And/or the sound of venders advertising their products. In the stadium intercom, the voice introducing players, particularly the distinct sound of Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard, “Now batting for the Yankees, No. 2, Deh-rik Jee-Tuh.”
  • Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech
  • And the Yankees’ World Series victory parade.
  • A number of the game’s finest players—Cobb, Ruth, Gehrig
  • DiMaggio
  • Mays
  • Mantle
  • Aaron
  • Jackie/Frank/Brooks Robinson
  • Sandy Koufax
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Pete Rose
  • Johnny Bench
  • And others—have accomplished legendary exploits. Historic radio or television calls by Russ Hodges (Bobby Thomson’s pennant-winning home run for the Giants), Joe Buck (Ozzie Smith’s game-winning home run in the 1985 NLCS), Vin Scully (Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series), and Milo Hamilton (Hank Aaron’s 715th career home run) are included in this category.
  • Harry Caray’s mispronunciation of a player’s name or his personal challenge to speak and read names or words backwards are examples of his personality. Defensive catches that go over the wall and prevent hitters from hitting home runs
  • Willie Mays’ over-the-shoulder catch in the 1951 World Series
  • Brooks Robinson’s defensive prowess in the 1970 Fall Classic
  • And White Sox outfielder Dewayne Wise’s acrobatic catch that rescued pitcher Mark Buehrle’s perfect game are just a few of the memorable moments in baseball history.
  • Defensive plays that have the potential to win the game
  • Tossing in a double play in order to end a possible rally
  • In baseball, this is known as “picking the runner off the first base.” Catcher who throws a precise pickoff throw in the middle of the runner’s stride Pitchers catch line-drive screamers with lightning-quick reflexes
  • Line-drive screamers are caught by pitchers with lightning-quick reflexes. Foul balls are caught by infielders who dive into the stands to make amazing catches. The forgotten art of bunting, which is responsible for the creation of a run
  • During a defensive shift, bunting to the opposing side of the field is necessary. A sacrifice bunt. and the players that are truly capable of laying one down in order to advance a runner to second base
  • The act of running away and stealing home. especially if it is a straight steal This is the double steal, which occurs when a runner breaks for second from first base and draws an infield throw, allowing the runner from third base to score. Being able to see Javier Baez tag base runners who are attempting to steal or advance bases
  • Outfielders with rifles taking out runners who are attempting to score
  • Formerly, there was a Nolan Ryan fastball, a Bert Blyleven curveball, an Andy Pettitte slider, a Phil Niekro knuckleball, and a Bruce Sutter split-finger
  • Now there is a Jordan Hicks fastball, Clayton Kershaw curveball, a Kyle Hendricks changeup, and a Max Scherzer slider. Plays that cause audience members to gasp in amazement
  • Base runners who hustle by advancing bases on singles and beating out infield grounders for hits
  • Base runners who hustle by advancing bases on singles , beating out infield grounders for hits
  • The occurrence of unexpected base hits by pitching staffs
  • The triple or the inside-the-park home run are two of the most thrilling plays in Major League Baseball. The delivery of walk-off home runs, particularly when two outs are required and the team is down in the score
  • Rare hitting accomplishments, such as hitting for the cycle, clubbing three or four home runs in a game, or having six hits in a game
  • Pitchers who strike out at least ten hitters in a single game
  • Closeout pitchers swarming to one side of the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning to keep the game alive
  • A pitcher who has just completed a no-hitter
  • When a no-hitter is broken up by a batter
  • The accomplishment of a player who hits a home run in his first Major League Baseball at-bat
  • Having a soft spot for your hometown team
  • Memories of attending a baseball game with your father
  • Participating in a sporting event with your friends or family
  • A foul ball or a home run ball being caught in the stands
  • Preparing for games by watching before exercises and batting practice
  • The Home Run Derby, the All-Star Game, and many more events are held throughout the year. Games in the postseason
  • Being in attendance at a game and watching a team come from behind to win a game is a rewarding experience.
  • Beauty of the game that endures over time
  • Baseball cards that will remain fresh and flawless in your collection for the rest of your life
  • Using a pencil and a scorecard to keep track of the game
  • Debating who is better—Willie, Mickey, or the Duke from baseball’s distant past, or Trout, Betts, or Harper among current players—is a waste of time. Rose is being compared to Cobb, Aaron is being compared to Ruth, Johnson is being compared to Ryan, Ivan Rodriguez is being compared to Bench, Williams is being compared to DiMaggio, Pujols is being compared to Musial, Trout is being compared to Mays, and Henderson is being compared to Brock The bottom of the seventh inning
  • Extra-inning marathon that had you up all night
  • Infield grounders who beat out a runner on a simple infield grounder
  • A single is being extended into a double
  • A double is being stretched into a triple
  • And so on and so forth. A home run batter takes a swing and misses against a pitcher who throws fastballs in his direction
  • Home plate umpires who make piercingly clear strike calls
  • These are some of the most well-known nicknames: “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio,” “The Sultan of Swat,” “Charlie Hustle,” “The Beast,” “Hammerin’ Hank,” “The Commerce Comet,” “The Iron Horse,” “Say Hey Kid,” “The Rocket,” “The Ryan Express,” “Rapid Robert,” and “Splendid Splinter.”
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It is the extraordinary performances of Major League Baseball players that have helped to establish baseball’s widespread appeal, and it is these miraculous accomplishments that have helped to instill a passion for the game in the hearts of baseball fans.

Why Is Baseball So Popular in the USA – Sports Ecyclopedia

1162 people have seen this page. Baseball is the sport that brings back fond memories for many people in the United States. It is often regarded as the national pastime of the United States. The National Football League and the National Basketball League are popular among most Americans, but Major League Baseball is their favorite. The professional baseball game has been a part of the culture of the United States for more than 150 years. It’s one of the most straightforward games, and anyone of any age can pick it up and start playing right away.

  1. My top seven reasons for why baseball is more popular in the United States than other sports are as follows: Very easy to get to Baseball is a humble and rural sport, and the majority of baseball players begin and emerge from nowhere.
  2. This is in contrast to sports such as basketball, hockey, and football, where there is always a young player being heralded as the next great thing to come along.
  3. Furthermore, the unique character of the games can result in dramatic tales, as as the story of Dave Freese, who was named World Series MVP in 2012, for example.
  4. Eventually, he earned his way through the Los Angeles Dodgers’ minor league system, where he played for his hometown team, and helped them win the World Series.
  5. Since the team’s inception, the Chicago supporters have shown unwavering support, and there is no indication that this will change anytime soon.
  6. They’re one of the most anticipated teams to make it to the World Series every season, and they’re rightfully so.
  7. Nostalgia Baseball is a nostalgic sport for a nostalgic nation, and baseball is a nostalgic sport for a nostalgic nation.

In contrast to other countries, America does not have a thousand years of history to draw upon or a consistent presence in it.

Because the United States is so diverse when compared to most other nations, there is no unified culture that can be defined in the conventional sense here.

Baseball, despite the fact that we may not be able to explain it, has a nostalgic, magical feel to it.

In addition to American history, it is also about the family history of the individual concerned.

It evokes a sense of nostalgia since dads have been passing it down to their sons for decades on end.

Celebrates the rich history of the United States As previously said, baseball has a long and illustrious history in the United States.

Among those who have come out of the game are some of the greatest American icons, like as Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Jackie Robinson, Dorothy Schroeder, Tone Stone, and many others.

Making an appeal to the American public In contrast to other sports, where the majority of the time, only one percent of genetically gifted individuals can stand out and genuinely make it in the games, only one percent of genetically gifted individuals can stand out and truly make it in the games.

  • What precisely do I mean by this?
  • Anyone who falls between these areas has a realistic chance of succeeding and even excelling in baseball.
  • Furthermore, because of the structure of the game and the availability of several positions, no single talent, such as speed or power, is dominating.
  • In other words, anyone with athleticism, dedication, and guts can achieve success in this game, regardless of their prior experience or education.
  • The game, in its own way, brilliantly captures the essence of the American experience and worldview.
  • You will be able to witness your favorite club or your home team play practically every day during the Baseball season as a result of this.
  • You may even begin watching the big leagues in the middle of the season and still comprehend the game.
  • The opportunity for baseball fans to enjoy some of the finest players from their favorite teams to ever walk the field is presented by The Hall of Fame.
  • Conclusion Baseball has an unique place in the hearts and imaginations of many people in the United States of America.

The rivalries (New York Giants vs. Brooklyn Dodgers) and friendships formed between the clubs in big cities demonstrated a wonderful sense of passion and dedication that was unsurpassed by other well-known professional sports teams.

Why Do I Like Baseball?

The following is a 2,700-word description of why I enjoy baseball: The brief answers are listed in the bullet points at the conclusion of the document if you don’t want to read it because it’s too long. ******************** Growing up, I was a little child with little natural athletic ability. My parents did not enroll me in sports such as soccer, basketball, or football since I never shown a genuine interest in any of them. As a result, when we would play them at recess, my so-called buddies would make fun of me because I didn’t catch the ball or didn’t make the basket, I didn’t show any interest.

  • As a result of that, I developed an interest in baseball.
  • I had the ability to steal a base whenever I wanted, and I could bat good enough to be considered a top-of-the-order kid.
  • In order to avoid becoming frustrated when I didn’t make a play, I would spend a lot of time in my backyard, either by myself against the garage wall or having my father pitch and hit to me.
  • Despite the fact that I was on the JV squad during my junior year, I continued to participate (playing every position but catcher).
  • We were a really solid team that made the playoffs, and I was a part of that because I caught everyone’s bullpens and threw batting practice in the cage when I wasn’t hitting or in the outfield working on drills when I wasn’t hitting, but I didn’t see much action in the games itself.

It was the week before that I had gone to the team meeting and learned about the tryout location and decided that I should focus my efforts on figuring out where my classes were instead of attempting to make a baseball team, which seemed unlikely given how often I was given opportunities in high school.

  1. I’ve participated in softball a few of times and loved it because it was similar to baseball in many ways.
  2. What is it about the sport that has captured my interest and won’t let go?
  3. What kept me coming to Coors Field long enough that I was able to meet up with my wife and other common friends there?
  4. These are the kinds of things I’ve been asking myself recently, so I decided to compile a list of all the reasons why I still adore baseball.
  5. Baseball is the summer sport.
  6. At the most basic levels, children can walk outdoors and play catch with their friends, siblings, parents, strangers (which is not suggested), or even the neighborhood brick wall (which is not recommended) (be careful of windows though).
  7. For a few of weeks this year, I went outside and played catch with my wife.

Baseball does not have to be physically demanding or performed at a high level in order to be enjoyed as a recreational pastime.

When I was younger, I used to grab a tennis ball (one that was softer so that I wouldn’t damage anything) and hit it about in my backyard.

Perhaps a buddy will come over and pitch, and you will be able to turn out the lights.

In addition, hunting down the balls after they have been hit into a random field may be a calming activity after a hard hitting session.

When I say that baseball is a sport that everyone can participate in, I mean it.

A line drive was caught and turned into a double play on one of my teammates because he didn’t “freeze on the line drive,” as he had done previously.

Miracle Leagues for players with physical or mental limitations may be found all across the country.

Jose Altuveis is classified as 5′ 6″, and he just received the American League MVP award for his efforts.

Marcus Stroman(5″ 8″) may compete on the mound with Chris Youngor Randy Johnson(6′ 10″) at the same level as the other pitchers in the rotation.

The kid of a friend of mine is eight years old and has tried basketball but believes he is too tiny for the sport.

I haven’t had the opportunity to ask him why he enjoys baseball so much, but I’m confident that he would respond, “Because it’s enjoyable.” With more experience, I’ve come to appreciate the real game-play aspect of the game.

It is quite simple to learn for anyone of any skill level.

There is more to it than that because the ball can be caught in the air for an out (there are three per inning) or after reaching the “bag in the ground,” the runner attempts to reach the other three bags in the ground to score a run, and the team with the most runs at the end of the game (9 innings) wins, but it is not difficult to pick up on because it is new (although it is not as easy as European futball, which has fewer rules).

  1. Growing up, I didn’t understand how much I appreciated the intricacies of the game, and those intricacies have continued to entice me.
  2. It is the only sport in which the team on defense is the team in possession of the ball.
  3. Anyone, at any time, has the ability to do something unusual or unexpected.
  4. If a fan is rooting for the opposing side or if a stressful moment is approaching, the unexpected might cause them to jump out of their seat or perhaps keep them hooked to it.
  5. Baseball is a team sport in which two persons, a pitcher and a batter, play against each other.
  6. Based on pitch sequencing and the specific strengths of the players, both the pitcher and the batter are expecting the other’s move.
  7. Should the pitcher go to his weakness or should he stick with his strength in order to test the hitter’s strength?

The options are virtually limitless.

Before the ball is struck, there is a sense of ambiguity since it might go anywhere, but everything becomes synchronized after contact, with players running across the field in unison to prevent runs from being scored on them.

Is the catcher have to run down the line in order to back up a throw, or does he have to stay at home since a runner is on second and the play may be imminent?

But here’s the kicker: all of these maneuvers must be completed before the ball may be sent into play.

When I was growing up, I played baseball, and there are so many potential scenarios and possible outcomes for each given plate appearance.

There is something I enjoy about possibilities, shifts in direction, and the unknowns.

In order to decide whether or not to throw a ball home to stop a run or to second in order to keep the runner from progressing up, the outfielder must first determine whether or not the runner on second is moving quickly and what the score is.

In addition, the game lends itself well to analytical and mathematical thinking, which is something I like as an engineer.

The amount of hits, runs scored, and mistakes in a game were all kept track of by the score keepers during a game.

A fantastic concept, fantasy baseball was born and has grown to become more popular than ever before.

Many people use the new statistics (WAR, wRC+, OPS+, FIP, etc.) to determine how well a player or team is performing.

The growth from three important statistics to many has kept me interested in baseball because arguments can be made for or against a player’s talent or worth based on any number of factors, and more than one perspective can be right at any one time.

Even though the game of baseball doesn’t vary much from year to year, the analytics side of the game is intriguing and growing on a daily basis.

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Baseball originated more than 170 years ago in the northeast (with the New York Knickerbockers in 1845) and has progressed and altered into what we have today as a sport that can be enjoyed by anybody.

98 mph fast balls, elbow and ankle protectors, tapered baseball bats, and instant replay are all part of the modern game.

Baseball has remained consistent over the last 120 years because of the few rule changes (such as lowering the mound height and eliminating the spit ball) that have occurred.

As sports viewers and participants, we are always comparing the present state of the sport to that of the past.

became the first player in the National League to smash lead-off home runs in both games of a doubleheader on the same day.

Grandfathers may tell stories about seeing Willie Mays or Ted Williams, moms can tell stories about seeingBarry Bonds and Greg Maddux, and today’s kids can be enthusiastic about seeingMike Trout and Clayton Kershaw, among other legends.

Baseball is a family sport, and it is quite simple for a family to get outside and attend a game together.

These kind of games are typically both cost-effective and interesting for the entire audience.

When it comes to minor league baseball, players are frequently available for autographs and photographs before the game, and after minor league games, because they must go through the crowd to get to their locker room, you may meet the vast majority of the players.

******************** So, there you have it: the reasons why I enjoy baseball so much.

Competitions in a team sportOne-on-one competitions On the field, you can be completely yourself – individuality is encouraged.

There are no minimum or maximum size requirements or physical restrictions.

Physical contact is kept to a minimum.

It is possible for extraordinary events to occur.

a game for the whole family History that is exceptional Baseball cards, of course!

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10 Reasons Why I Love Baseball

BBRT presents 10 excellent reasons to enjoy our wonderful game. and welcomes you to share your thoughts. As a result, let’s get this conversation started. 1.Baseball arrives every spring, brought by sunlight and a sense of possibility. Baseball is a herald of better days to come, as the saying goes. It heralds the end of winter (which is no minor accomplishment if you’re from Minnesota, as BBRT is) and the arrival of spring, a season of rebirth, fresh life, and an abundance of optimistic expectation.

  1. Successful seasons may still be enjoyed, but failed seasons can be forgotten (although opposing fans may attempt to jog your memories), and replaced with hope and eagerness for the coming season.
  2. 2.The fast-paced nature of the game encourages introspection.
  3. Baseball is, without a doubt, a game for rational thinkers.
  4. The clock does not stop ticking.
  5. No matter what the final score is, your team will receive its 27 outs and will have an identical chance of securing victory.
  6. And then there’s the idea of an unending number of “extra” innings, or additional baseball for absolutely nothing.
  7. Baseball, although being a game of inches, is also a game that takes up a significant amount of area.

These individuals are widely dispersed, each with his or her own area of duty and each performing (in the context of an ongoing drama) in their or her own time frame.

In addition, baseball’s specific spacing and timing make it easy to watch the game even if you are not physically in attendance.

In my opinion, he was completely correct.

As a result, on summer nights across the country, you’ll find radios tuned to the national pastime playing in parks, backyards, and garages.

The scorecard is a useful tool.

It provides a variety of functions.

Maintaining the score card also lets you feel more a part of the game, in a sense that is only understood to other supporters.

“Oh, Johnson is the next one on the list.

Finally, a well-kept score card improves the whole playing experience and provides a genuine sense of success following the game.

According to several observers, baseball is a marathon rather than a sprint game.

For football fans, the lengthy season is also a litmus test for their dedication to the game.

Moreover, and in the end, the rigors of a 162-game season test your own and your team’s endurance.

7.Baseball invites, promotes, and, in certain cases, necessitates dialogue.

In addition to this, I enjoy the fact that whenever baseball enthusiasts get together, their enthusiasm for the game shows through in discussion — and they have much to speak about:

  • Here are ten excellent reasons to enjoy our wonderful game. and we welcome your feedback. As a result, let’s get the conversation started. Each spring, baseball returns, bringing with it brightness and a sense of possibility. Baseball is a herald of better times to come, according to some. BBRT believes that it heralds the end of winter (which is no minor accomplishment if you’re from Minnesota) and the arrival of spring, a season of rebirth, fresh life, and an abundance of hope. The beginning of each season is a fresh start. Successful seasons may still be enjoyed, but failed seasons can be forgotten (although opposing fans may attempt to jog your memories), and replaced with hope and eagerness in the coming season. It is possible for all of us to be in contention on Opening Day, at least in our hearts. Two, the game’s fast-paced nature encourages players to reflect. The time between innings, between hitters or pitchers, and even between pitches, allows us to reflect on what has just transpired, guess on what could happen next, and even share our opinions with other spectators who are watching from a close proximity. Ballgames such as baseball need players to think on their feet. 3.Baseball is a timeless sport that, in the end, provides equal chance for all players. Not a single second passes without the clock striking 12. In sudden death overtime, there is no coin toss to determine who receives the first pass. No matter what the final score is, your team will receive its 27 outs and will have an identical chance of securing the win. It’s hard to think of anything more reasonable. On top of that, there’s the chance of a limitless number of “extra” innings, which amounts to free bonus baseball. The distinction between plays and players (in space and time). Even while baseball is an inch-by-inch game, it is also a game that takes up a significant amount of area. A defensive line or elbow-to-elbow under a basket are not used to organize the players’ movements. It is a large group of people, each with his own area of duty and each playing (as part of a larger drama) in his or her own time frame. (For example, the first baseman won’t be able to collect the ball until after the shortstop has thrown it). Each play may be followed and understood in depth by fans, who can then critically critique it (albeit not necessarily properly). The distinct spacing and timing of baseball games also allows fans who are not physically there to see the game. Several people chuckled when President Gerald Ford said that he “listened to a lot of baseball on the radio” during his time in office. He was absolutely correct, in my opinion. Even if you only hear a brief description of a baseball game on the radio, you may “see” the game in your head. That’s why, on summer nights, you’ll find radios tuned to the national pastime in parks, backyards, and garages all throughout the country. This is number five on our list: the scorecard. It’s hard to imagine anything more fulfilling than keeping an exact scorecard at a baseball game. There are several applications for it. Your ability to pay attention to what is going on on the field is enhanced by the use of a scorecard. As a result of keeping the score card, you become a more integral part of the game, in a sense that is only understood to other fans. It also allows you to go back and check the progress of the game at any point thanks to that amazing combination of names, numbers, and symbols. Then it’s Johnson’s turn. His walking and grounding have happened twice now. When a person in the row behind you inquires, “How many strikeouts does Ryan have today?” it serves as a great conversation starter. It also leaves you with a permanent record of the game (if you choose to preserve it), allowing you to recreate it in your head (or share it with others) whenever you choose. Last but not least, a well-kept score card improves the whole playing experience and provides a genuine sense of accomplishment following the game. Season six is quite long. Numerous people have noted that baseball is more like a race than it is like a marathon. A long season provides plenty of opportunities to show yourself as well as several opportunities to make amends for your past mistakes. It is also a test of your dedication to the game for fans who endure a long season. For the diehard baseball fan, endurance is a part of their makeup. A 162-game season will test your mettle, as well as that of your squad, at the conclusion of the campaign. But baseball is there for you on a daily basis, just as a good buddy would be. Conversation is encouraged and even demanded by baseball since it invites, promotes, and even requires participation in the game. Reason number two alluded to the significance of dialogue, stating that the fast-paced nature of the game allows players to have time to reflect on the action (both past and future) and express their opinions with their teammates and opponents. But what I really like about baseball is that anytime fans get together, their enthusiasm for the game shines through in discussion — and they have much to speak about, including:
  • Story after story after story. Baseball and its supporters get together to commemorate the game’s rich heritage. And I’m not just talking about numbers here
  • I’m talking about everything. I’m referring to the narratives that give this fantastic game its color, character, and characters, among other things. A call shot by Babe Ruth, Louis Tiant’s wind-up, Willie Mays’ basket catch, and Dock Ellis’ LSD-fueled no-hitter are just some of the highlights from the game’s history.
  • Trivia, trivia, and more trivia! Despite the fact that this falls close to the “stories, tales, and more stories” category, baseball fans like the knowledge that surrounds our national pastime — whether the information is classic or humorous in nature. The irony is that the legendary Babe Ruth has the greatest winning percentage of any pitcher who has made 15 or more decisions against the Yankees (17-5,.773)
  • And the best winning percentage of any pitcher who has made more than 15 decisions against the Yankees (17-5,.773)

Basically, it took me a long time to express my delight in the idea that baseball fans would passionately discuss something that happened in today’s game, yesterday’s game, across time, or even in a game that occurred on August 4, 1947. A plus is that all of this talk – all of the facts, anecdotes, and trivia – makes baseball games, moments within games, and personalities in baseball (heroes, goats, and plain participants) as timeless as the game itself. 8.The final score in the box. The accordion was once referred described as “an orchestra in a box” by the mother of a BBRT editor.

  1. Some might argue that the box score lowers the game to a collection of numbers; I would argue that it raises the game to the level of history.
  2. When and where did the games take place?
  3. It’s all there and more — a plethora of information organized for baseball lovers in a convenient and logical way.
  4. 9.
  5. The notion of “team” is critical to the game of baseball, which is odd considering how much emphasis is placed on individual statistics and how much accountability is demanded by the spacing of the players.

In contrast to other sports, where you can deliver victory by repeatedly handing the ball or puck to your best runner, skater, receiver, or shooter (particularly as the clock runs down), in baseball, your starting lineup determines who will be “on the spot” and at the plate when the game is on the line.

  1. Despite this, even though the batter is a vital member of the squad, he is completely alone in his struggle with the pitcher.
  2. One does not score 100 runs without the assistance of a teammate who drives them in (albeit the number remains your measure of achievement).
  3. Are there any other sports in which the team-oriented “sacrifice” is kept track of, much alone celebrated?
  4. A solid infield behind a ground ball pitcher, for example, is critical to maximizing his statistical presence in the “win” column.
  5. Furthermore, an outfield assist can be earned even when the third baseman misses the ball, resulting in an error.
  6. One excellent and one terrible individual performance were emphasized, but without the essential teamwork – solid play on both ends – a negative conclusion in terms of the game was achieved.
  7. Baseball’s assault on the senses is number ten.
  8. The warmth of the sun or the crispness of a cool evening wind The smell of freshly cut grass or hot dogs sizzling on an open fire.
  9. Baseball is an assault on the senses, and not in a bad way.
  10. However, in order to protect myself – and the readers of BBRT – I’ve restricted myself to 10.
  11. Baseball is love,” would have definitely saved me a lot of time and words had I started with it instead.

That sums it up well. What motivates you to like baseball? Do you have any personal motives for doing so? Or perhaps you have something to offer to these insights. Feel free to express your ideas in the comments area below.

Why I Love Baseball

I’m the author of three middle-grade children’s novels, as well as a blogger on the sideline. Movies, literature, and pop culture are some of my favorite things to discuss. PNC Park will host a night game. Laura Smith, courtesy of Canva

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Why Baseball?

Sports are either adored or despised by the general public. Whether they’re watching them or participating in them, they either can’t get enough of it or even a little is too much for them. It may either be a bonding activity or a source of alienation for those who don’t know how to or are unable to participate. Baseball is the sport of choice for me. I recognize that baseball isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially among sports enthusiasts who aren’t even baseball fans. It has been derided as uninteresting, spoiled by drugs, rigged by its organizers, perverted by segregation, and is still exclusively played at the highest level by males at the professional level today, despite all of this.

The following are some of the reasons why I enjoy the game and why it is so important to its supporters.

A Fan Having Fun With His Horse Mask

Laura Smith is a woman who lives in the United States.

The Pacing

The following quote came from one of my high school teachers: “I’d rather watch paint dry than watch a baseball game.” Some folks find it to be too slow-moving for their tastes. If your favorite team has a perfect inning, it might be defined as three strikeouts with no movement on the field or at bat. Baseball fans like the anticipation that builds during the game. Almost anything may happen at any point in time. There is no time restriction on this. As a result, the length of the game is determined by the players’ performances.

Some baseball fans maintain meticulous records of every pitch and swing.

A genuine baseball fan will never get bored while watching a game since there is always something interesting to see no matter what is going on.

Crossing the Clemente Bridge.

Laura Smith is a woman who lives in the United States.

Warm Weather

Baseball season begins with the arrival of mild weather, which is especially significant in the northeast after a long winter. Opening day coincides with the thawing of the spring thaw, and the majority of the season is played at the height of summer. Many summer hobbies, such as sitting on the back porch swatting at mosquitoes, waiting for a movie to start at the drive-in, or fishing by the lake, can be enhanced by a game being played on the radio while performing these activities. As the days grow longer and the evenings become warmer, spectators may sit at the stadium in shorts and t-shirts beneath the brilliant stadium lights at night.

The players must wait out weather delays as the field is covered by a massive tarp to prevent injuries. As the season draws to a close, the long days get shorter and shorter, eventually folding in on themselves until the World Series concludes the season and we return to our homes for the winter.

Players Warming Up on the Field

Laura Smith is a woman who lives in the United States.

Uniforms and Equipment

How many sports, let’s be honest, require its players to wear a headgear and a belt as part of their overall uniform? Baseball players’ appearances have a distinct style all their own. A slim, lanky appearance is achieved by the use of short pants and long stockings. It’s a casual and laid-back look, although the cleats are robust and aggressive in nature. With their wiry masks and protective padding, catchers give the impression that they are preparing to tame a wild animal. The first time I put on catcher’s gear, I thought I was going to pass out, but once the bat started swinging over my head, I realized how fortunate I was to have it between me and the flying things.

  1. In terms of equipment, it can range from the most basic (a bat and ball) to the most complicated (major league-approved equipment).
  2. For our game ball, we used a tennis ball instead of a baseball since we didn’t want to have the fielders take off their gloves.
  3. You have to try on hundreds of dresses before you discover the one you like.
  4. You clench your fist into the shoe’s deep palm and tighten the laces around your feet.
  5. The next day, it is loose and form fitting, and it is ready to trap flies and grounders.
  6. Getting a feel for the weight and swing of the perfect bat is similar to putting on a new pair of shoes.
  7. The crack it produces when it connects with the ball, as well as the split second when you watch the two objects meet before the bat pushes it forward, are the closest any human can come to experiencing time slowing down.

A Baseball Card.

I’m a big fan of numbers. Even though I’m not a gambler, I enjoy knowing the odds, and baseball is a game where you can learn a lot about them. Every action a player makes on the field is meticulously documented, from how many times he swings left vs right to how many strikes he has thrown throughout his professional baseball career. The way everything is collected, catalogued, and referred to during the game as both an intriguing factoid and an indication of how each action is going to work out for each player is one of my favorite aspects of the game.

  1. A team’s winning streak in a certain kind of uniform may be determined by looking at which players are most likely to be hit by a pitch.
  2. A reassuring aspect of statistics is that they demonstrate how flawed the players really are.
  3. Although no fan is perfect, we want our athletes to perform at the highest level possible in their jobs.
  4. There will be more failures than successes, and that is perfectly normal and to be anticipated.
  5. It is preferable when a pitcher hits a home run than when a great player hits two home runs in a game.
  6. The fact that someone overcomes the odds helps us all feel better about our own chances.
  7. Having given up an extra-base hit, a pitcher must immediately shift his focus to the next hitter and hope that his nerves don’t get the better of him.
  8. Many of us require a moment’s rest after tripping and falling in our daily lives.
  9. The player who strikes out to conclude the inning must rush to the dugout and get his or her glove in the hope that they can at the very least contribute to defense.

It’s exciting to witness athletes continue to do their jobs under extreme circumstances, even if they’re not conducting heart surgery or putting out a fire, as is the case in many other industries.

A Fan Keeping Score

Baseball, despite the fact that it is not a contact sport, can become violent, frightening, and even deadly. Balls and broken bats can be launched into the audience and upon other players. Players can sprain muscles and fracture bones while sliding into bases, sprinting into walls, or clumsily tossing a ball into the field of play. The worst case scenario is when someone is struck in the head or face. I’ve witnessed blood splatter in the fans and players fall to the ground on the field. Storms are always a potential hazard to life and property.

And every now and then, the rivalry becomes so intense that the dugouts are cleared and the two teams begin to pound one other.

The Pirate Parrot Entertaining the Fans

Laura Smith is a woman who lives in the United States.

Between Innings

A family-friendly sport for generations, baseball has always been a spectacle for the spectators who fill the seats to watch every game. The atmosphere in the stadium is reminiscent of a game show, with everything from door prizes and raffles to dancing cameras and player introductions. In place of cheerleaders, organ music and chants are played instead. T-shirts are hurled from cannon launchers into the air. In the seventh inning, the whole stadium rises to their feet to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” These activities provide something to do in addition to watching a pitcher warm up and grounds staff level up the field between innings during a baseball game.

The Remaining Wall of Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA.

Laura Smith is a woman who lives in the United States.


Baseball is the most American of all sports, and there is no better example. Our sport has survived wars, attacks, conflicts, and other issues, and it will continue to do so in the future. The right to play has been battled for by many, and many have demonstrated that they are worthy of the opportunity. Baseball players are among the most well-known and adored sports characters in the world, and for good reason. Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Hank Aaron are three well-known sports figures. Even those who are not sports fanatics may identify a New York Yankees cap or recognize that Wrigley Field is located in Chicago.

They’ve moved from bleachers to foldable chairs, which is a significant improvement.

However, the field does not alter, the rules do not change, and the game itself is stored such that it may be understood by any generation still alive on this planet.

A Statue of Roberto Clemente Outside of PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA.

Laura Smith is a woman who lives in the United States.

Baseball in Film

Baseball movies account for a large proportion of the finest sports films ever created. It’s a very photogenic sport that makes excellent use of the noises, visuals, and anticipation aspects to generate exciting films and television shows. Watching the kids from The Sandlot score home runs while fireworks burst on the Fourth of July, or watching the ladies from A League of Their Own slide into third base while wearing a skirt, are both legendary moments in television history. In the movies, everyone from angels to dogs to housewives to underweight youngsters participates in baseball, proving that baseball is a sport for everyone.

Every strength is utilized, and the numerous strengths come together to produce a successful outcome.


Inquiry: Which baseball club is your personal favorite, as the author of this article? Answer: Without a doubt, the Pittsburgh Pirates, because they are my hometown club. Laura Smith (author) wrote the following on June 10, 2015, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Definitely. Thank you for your feedback! On June 10, 2015, Larry Rankin from Oklahoma wrote: Beautiful! Football is my primary and foremost passion, but I also enjoy baseball. Some folks just don’t comprehend what the sport is all about.

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The 18th of May, 2015: Exactly!

My favorite ballpark in the majors, and one of my favorite places in the world.

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