How Much Is A Baseball Signed By Babe Ruth Worth

What’s a Babe Ruth Signed Baseball Really Worth?

In other words, what is the value of that Babe Ruth autographed baseball? What is the monetary worth, you may wonder? Really, it all depends on the situation. If you are in possession of a Babe Ruth signed baseball, you should consider yourself quite fortunate. However, don’t make the mistake of believing that you’ve just won the lotto. The value of a Ruth autographed baseball can range from $1,000 to $10,000 and perhaps more. In order to properly evaluate a Babe Ruth signed baseball, various things must be taken into consideration.

Below, we’ve selected a handful for you in descending order of importance:

Strength of the signature.

This is, without a doubt, the most crucial component. A beautiful ball that is flawlessly white but with a faint signature remains at the lower end of the value scale despite its beauty. Take a look at the following two examples: Have you seen any differences? I’m very confident you can determine which ball is significantly more valuable than the other from the above description. As you might expect, the value of a Babe Ruth autographed baseball can fluctuate significantly.

Condition of the baseball.

With a gorgeous Ruth signature set against a backdrop of a ball similar to the one seen in The Sandlot, you’re not in the same league (excuse the pun) as a signature with a pristine, white creamy surface (which is what you want). What you truly want is the best of both worlds — the signature strength of the ball combined with its overall condition. The value, or worth, of a Babe Ruth signed baseball is dependent on a number of factors. Here’s an illustration of what I’m talking about:

Babe Ruth Single Signed Baseball – Sold through Imperial Sports Auctions, c.2010.

Number of autographs on the baseball.

Almost every time, a single signed baseball will outperform a multi-signed baseball nine times out of 10. The majority of Ruth ball collectors greatly prefer a single autographed ball to a ball with several signatures. In the majority of situations, this is also true with team-signed balls.

Location of the Ruth autograph on the baseball.

The value of a Babe Ruth autographed baseball. In general, most vintage signed baseball collectors prefer baseballs that have an autograph that is in the “sweet spot.” In other words, the signature will be situated where the seams are the most closely spaced apart from one another (see images above). There are a few Ruth single signed baseballs in this collection that are not autographed on the sweet spot. Ruth is in the coveted sweet spot for the great majority of people, so this is often not a problem.

Make no mistake about it, Ruth signatures are not exceptionally rare, especially when compared to the rest of the Ruth autograph collection.

Ruth autographs are really straightforward to appraise because dozens of them are offered for sale throughout the year, making it simple to determine their worth.

Searching Amazon or even eBay, we may find a number of individuals and businesses asking for rates that are completely absurd. These things, on the other hand, are not always being sold at the same high asking prices as the previous ones.

Are You Looking to Sell your Babe Ruth Memorabilia?

Baseball signed by Babe Ruth is worth a lot of money. A “sweet spot” autograph is preferred by the vast majority of vintage autographed baseball collectors over a signature that is too small. For better or worse, the signature will be located where the seams are the most closely spaced apart (see images above). It is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to single signed Ruth baseballs that are not autographed on the sweet spot. Since Ruth is located in the highly sought-after sweet spot, this is usually not a problem.

Without a doubt, Ruth signatures are not very rare, especially when compared to the rest of the Ruth autograph collection.

Due to the fact that hundreds of Ruth autographs are offered for sale throughout the year, it is extremely easy to determine their worth.

Searching Amazon or even eBay, we may uncover a slew of individuals and sellers that are asking for outrageous rates.

Here’s Why Autographed Babe Ruth Baseballs Aren’t So Valuable

Babe Ruth is a name that is connected with baseball history. Ruth was baseball’s original legend and the sport’s most lasting player, despite the fact that it has been over a century since he first stepped onto the field. Given Babe Ruth’s prominence in the game, one would assume that an autographed Babe Ruth baseball would be the most valued possession a fan could own. Would it surprise you to find that Babe Ruth baseballs aren’t quite as valuable as you would have assumed they would be?

Babe Ruth’s career

The following attributes are allowed: ” src=” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture; picture-in-picture;” allowfullscreen=””> Ruth started his professional baseball career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He was baseball’s first Renaissance Man, performing many roles before it became typical for players to specialize on one or the other. Ruth had an important role in the Red Sox achieving one of their most successful stretches in team history.

Ruth went on to become the greatest New York Yankee of all time, driving the team to unprecedented heights in the process.

Ruth was a regular contributor to the Hall of Fame. According to legend, he “called his shot” during the 1932 World Series, pointing to the outfield bleachers at Wrigley Field and hitting the ball exactly where he pointed.

The most expensive sale of an autographed Babe Ruth baseball

A baseball autographed by Babe Ruth is on display at the Smithsonian Institution | NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images Any baseball fan would go crazy if they came across memorabilia with Babe Ruth’s signature on it. On ESPN, a signed Babe Ruth baseball was sold for the record-breaking sum of $3.8 million in 2013. Ruth’s other more famous ball, which sold for slightly less ($250,641) but had even more historical significance, sold for slightly less ($250,641). Prior to a game in the 1926 World Series, Ruth signed this ball for a little fan who had come to see him.

So Ruth inscribed on a baseball, “I’ll knock a home run for Wednesday’s game,” and handed it to him as a gift.

Newspaper articles at the time quickly reported that Sylvester’s condition had abruptly improved, in part as a result of the incident.”

Why autographed Babe Ruth balls aren’t so valuable

The Sultan of Swat has arrived! Crash is the King of Crash! The Colossus of Influence! The Most Magnificent Bambino! Babe Ruth, you’re a legend! Consider this remarkable signed Babe Ruth baseball that one of our authentication specialists just came across. — PSAcard (Twitter handle: @PSAcard) The 24th of January, 2019 Ruth was well-known during his career for having a number of vices, to put it mildly. Although he was known to be a problem off the field, he was never one to turn down a request for an autograph on the field.

In the words of Brigandis Coins and Collectibles: “He was more than accommodating, often writing his signature hundreds of times every day.” Ruth enjoyed interacting with her admirers, particularly youngsters, and was known for her outgoing personality.

No other player has left as large an impact on the game of baseball as Babe Ruth, whether that mark is referring to his bat or his writing instrument.

Babe Ruth-signed baseball sells for world-record $183,500

Babe Ruth autographed a baseball on August 15, 1948, the night before he passed away. The autograph was validated by PSA/DNA and scored a perfect 10. The baseball was sold for $183,500, which was later confirmed by PSA to be the highest price ever paid for a single-signature ball. Photograph taken at Grey Flannel Auctions SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The city of Scottsdale, Arizona, is home to the University of Arizona’s Scottsdale campus. In addition to its extensive list of accomplishments, Grey Flannel Auctions has added a new world record with the sale of a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth the night before he died, for a six-figure sum.

  1. The property was sold after twenty-four offers were received, with the winning bidder outbidding the field of competitors for a heart-stopping $183,500.
  2. The crew at Grey Flannel has handled numerous historically significant autographed baseballs, but they were convinced that the Ruth ball submitted to the January auction will go down in history as one of the most significant ever.
  3. ” Not only was it the best Ruth signing we’d ever seen on a baseball, but it was also the best autograph we’d ever seen on any other piece of sports memorabilia, not just baseballs.
  4. This is the highest possible grade for an autograph.
  5. Evidently our bidders shared our sentiment since it was a dogfight till the bitter end.” Babe Ruth’s life narrative is enhanced by the tale behind the ball, which is a charming addendum.
  6. Ruth’s health was deteriorating at the time.
  7. Ruth first rejected, but later on he returned and inquired of the waiter about the girl’s name, which turned out to be “Loraine.” Ruth autographed the ball and then walked away.

The 1902 Baltimore Orioles C.B.

Graded 9+, with a letter of authenticity from the player’s family accompanying the piece.

Photograph taken at Grey Flannel Auctions Several additional record-breaking prices were recorded at Grey Flannel’s first auction of the year 2020, which brought in $1,415,000 in total.

The garment sold for $48,871.

Michael Jordan’s ‘Dream Team’ basketball sneakers, which were both signed and game-worn during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

The property was sold for $52,417. Photograph taken at Grey Flannel Auctions Call 631-288-7800 or send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in consigning sports memorabilia to a future Grey Flannel Auctions event. You may learn more about the firm by going to their website.

A Babe Ruth-Signed Baseball Is Now on Sale at Costco (Yes, Costco) for $64,000

Costco Wholesale Corporation (Costco) is a multinational corporation headquartered in the United States. A rare piece of sports memorabilia is available for purchase at Costco, which is a billion-dollar wholesale distributor of bulk items. As an illustration, consider the following: Abaseballautographed by the late, great Babe Ruth has just been featured on the store’s website for sale for $64,000 dollars. The baseball in question is one of Spalding’s “Home Run Special” baseballs, which was personally autographed by the Sultan of Swat.

  1. Costco believes it is one of the finest specimens of its kind in existence, and it is selling it with a full letter of authenticity among common necessities such as toilet paper and soap.
  2. In fact, a New York Yankees jersey worn by the slugger continues to retain the world record for the most expensive item of sports memorabilia ever sold, fetching a jaw-dropping $5.64 million at an auction in 2011.
  3. In addition, the Sultan of Swat personally autographed the baseball.
  4. It’s worth noting that Babe’s ball isn’t the only collectible available at Costco.
  5. Ty Cobb’s signed bat, which has the following inscription: “With Best Wishes Sincerely—3/14/49,” is the most notable of the bunch.
  6. Intriguingly, Costco’s entry into the sports memorabilia industry appears to be a smart move—and it’s possible that it was the right move.
  7. According to the Wall Street Journal, experts credit this to the wealth of baby boomers, the entry of millennials into the market, and the rising interest of foreigners in the United States market.
  8. The Babe Ruth baseball will be available for purchase at Costco from January 15 through February 15.

1929 Babe Ruth ball comes with rare video of Babe signing autograph, slugging home run

The ball was autographed by Babe Ruth in 1929, and when collector Steve Kittredge agreed to purchase it, he couldn’t wait to get it for his baseball card shop in Boca Raton, Florida. As Kittredge learned more about the ball’s provenance and its history, he became even more enthusiastic about the prospect of attending. 71-year-old James B. Tonking III of Ft. Lauderdale was the proud owner of the ball, which came with a film of Ruth signing the ball for a young Tonking at Yankee Stadium on the same day that he hit a home run.

  1. To commemorate the occasion, Tonking II brought one of the cameras to Yankee Stadium and placed it up near the Yankee dugout.
  2. When he went it to Ruth to get it autographed, his father used his camera to record the entire event on tape for him.
  3. A Trip Down Memory Lane Tonking II also captured Ruth hitting two home runs on that particular day.
  4. When Kittredge acquired the ball from Tonkin III in March 1993, the ball came with a video of Ruth signing it, which he had shot himself.
  5. It was one of his most cherished memories.
  6. Kittredge’s baseball and film were acquired from him in 2012 by famed collector Dr.
  7. as part of theThomas Newman Collection, which is being auctioned until July 10 at Memory Lance Inc.
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In 1929, Babe Ruth autographed a piece of paper for James Tonking III.

Ruth, as noted by Memory Lane, is believed to have signed more autographs than any other athlete in history, setting the bar for the value and chase of autographs, as well as for subsequent players who make money from their signatures in the future.

Ruth accepts the ball from Tonking III and carefully signs it before passing it to another guy, who then passes it on to the small kid, as shown in the video.

Babe Ruth autographed the ball that was given to James Tonking III.

According to a press release from Memory Lane, “the narrative mixes the Babe’s famed kindness toward autograph seekers with a youngster’s passion of baseball.” James Tonking III is a member of the Tonking family.

Ruth then hits a home run and rounds the bases during the game, which is shown in the video.

After decades of possession, Tonking III finally sold the ball in 1993 to Kittredge, who was delighted.

Newman, who passed away in January at the age of 73, left behind one of the most valuable and spectacular sports card and memorabilia collections in the world, as well as a bequest to the National Sports Collectors Association.

Among his most valuable items is the highest-graded 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth53, which Memory Lane believes has the potential to break the all-time sports card record.

In all, there are more than 950 vintage and current sports cards up for sale, including some of the highest-graded and most famous cards in the history of the hobby. Please see for further details.

The Infinite Supply Of Signed Babe Ruth Baseballs Cannot Meet The Demand

Babe Ruth ate (a lot), slept, caroused, played baseball, and autographed baseballs, but not necessarily in that order. Babe Ruth was born in New York City in 1869. A month doesn’t go by without a prominent auction house putting up a stunning specimen for bidding on the block. Any meaningful baseball memorabilia collection would not be complete without an autographed Babe Ruth baseball, no matter how many thousands upon thousands of times he scrawled his name on the ball. As of right now, Hunt Auctions is offering a “exceptionally bold” Babe Ruth ball from the 1930s at an auction that will conclude at Yankee Stadium on June 15 and has a pre-sale estimate of $40,000 to $60,000.

  • Similarly, Lelands has its own “bold and clear” autographed Ruth ball, with this particular example going back to 1927.
  • Over the past decade, the price of Ruth balls has increased by at least a factor of two.
  • Official American League baseballs are the most desirable, commanding a premium.
  • Ruth enjoyed interacting with her admirers, particularly youngsters, and was known for her outgoing personality.
  • I believe it is safe to say that this was the beginning of the hobby of baseball autograph collecting.
  • The Babe’s talent with a pen is documented in Jane Leavy’s current new book, The Big Fella.
  • “Ruth and Gehrig signed everything except blank checks,” the Evening Bulletin reported.
  • The Bambino very certainly suffered from writer’s cramp.

* “As scripted, Ruth would call a small group of kids — about five or six — to the stage to receive batting tips and an autographed baseball on opening night in Minneapolis,” according to the article.

“He was met in his dressing area, where Ruth was joyously juggling signed baseballs,” says the stage manager in Riverside, California. * It was stated that “the charming youthful Babe’ signed two hundred baseballs before the game in Kansas City,” according to the Post. “One thousand signed baseballs and handkerchiefs were handed to youngsters and girls assembled at the Knights of Columbus Hall in the San Francisco Bay Area,” Ruth and Gehrig said in a statement. * When Ruth and Gehrig arrived to Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, they “climbed to the top of the bleachers and began hurling one hundred signed baseballs to the hundreds of youngsters who had gathered on the field below.” The sight of his feet being stomped by smaller children had become old to Ruth.” * “When the barnstorming tour came to an end, Ruth’s agent, Christy Walsh, announced a slew of uncorroborated numbers, including the fact that they had traveled 8,000 miles, performed in front of 220,000 people, and signed 5,000 baseballs.” * It was in 1948 when the Associated Press published a piece regarding hist final at bat: “A parcel from Memorial Hospital in New York City came yesterday.” Among the items were baseballs for three young gentlemen in Los Angeles.

Each ball was autographed by their hero in his old, familiar handwriting.

Then, before the guys had a chance to collect their treasured relics, Babe Ruth passed away.

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Art, antiques, and nature are some of my favorite things. Science(4,494) Books(115) Coins from the United States, the rest of the world, and antiquity (20,369) Comics Illustrations in Comic Books (15,752) Currency(7,176) Entertainment(3,627) HistoricalBooks(1,257) Jewelry and timepieces are among the most popular items. Accessories for the affluent (590) Posters for motion pictures (1,686) Sports(4,528) Wine(1,565)

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= one hundred dollars (2,471) a range of $101 to $1,000 (2,453) The range is $1,001 to $5,000. (1,379) $5,001 to $10,000 in value (292) a range of $10,001 to $50,000 (869) $50,001 to $100,000 (plus tax) (220) $100,000(166)

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  • “Space. The Unexplored Territory.” For Star Trek: The Original Series, a signed copy of the creation memo signed by John D. F. Black
  • A male Starfleet Buff Tunic from the 1st Pilot Episode: “The Cage” of Star Trek: The Original Series(Paramount TV,
  • Majel Barrett “Number One” Starfleet Tunic from the Pilot Episode: “The Cage” of Star Trek: The Original Series(P
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  • (2) Star Trek: The Original Series (total of two items)
  • Replica (three) Landing Party Set: Tricorder, Type-2 Phaser, and Communicator, all manufactured by Mark E. The original screen-matched pair of antique dueling pistols used by William Shatner as Captain Kirk and William Campbell as Trelane are being offered for sale (total of three items). (Total of 2 items)
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Babe Ruth Signed Baseball. PSA at Amazon’s Sports Collectibles Store

In the world of sports collecting, a high-grade baseball signed by Babe Ruth on the “sweet spot” is regarded as the Holy Grail because of its rarity. This is an example of such a baseball. Historically, the Babe’s signature has been considered the safest option in the hobby. Every great sports memorabilia collection begins with a Babe Ruth single autographed baseball, which has long been a well-known fact in the community. An authentic American League baseball (William Harridge, President) bearing an original, dark black fountain pen autograph of the man who created baseball throughout the decade of the 1920s is being offered to the most discriminating of collectors.

It was in the 1990s that we first came across this treasure, which was handed to us by the original owner, who had acquired it straight from the Bambino himself when he was a teenager.

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The Babe’s totally readable signature has survived in its original top-tier form with uncompromising firmness, and one thing is certain: the Babe has exquisite calligraphy.

Even the greatest known Ruth single-signed ball sold for $388,000.00 at a public auction in 2012, and many feel that exact same ball, like one of his game worn bats or jerseys, would cost a seven-figure sum in the future (the highest of which was hammered down recently at a price in excess of 4 million dollars).

They’re seldom seen in better condition, and even if they were, the price would be too expensive. The item is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from PSA/DNA.

1927 NY Yankees WS Champs Team Signed Baseball Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig PSA DNA COA – Autographed Baseballs at Amazon’s Sports Collectibles Store

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Authenticity Provided By Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)
Grade Rating Excellent
Autographed Yes
Athlete Name Babe Ruth
Team New York Yankees
  • By entering your model number, you can ensure that this fits. It is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from the PSA/DNA. Baseballs that have been autographed fall under this category.

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By entering your model number, you can confirm that this fits. Each piece comes with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. Autographed Baseballs is a category that contains baseballs that have been signed by the player.

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The New Orleans Pelicans selected Zion Williamson with the first overall choice in the NBA Draft, making him possibly the most highly awaited draft pick since LeBron James was selected.

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Despite being in last place in their division at the beginning of December, the St.

Eventually, they reached the Stanley Cup Final, where they defeated the Boston Bruins to win their first Stanley Cup championship in team history.

Now, the NHL season 2019-20 appears to be shaping up to be another exciting campaign.

While the Colorado Avalance are led by a young group of stars such as Nathan MacKinnon, Gabriel Landeskog, and Cale Maker, they will look to build on their previous season’s success this season.

The NHL Draft brought in more youthful talent to the league, with players such as first overall pick Jack Hughes, who was taken by the New Jersey Devils, and Kaapo Kakko, who was selected by the New York Rangers as the second overall pick in the same draft.

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Following their victory over Ohio State, the Alabama Crimson Tide are your reigning NCAA football champions, while the Baylor Bears are celebrating their first-ever victory in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, often known as the UFC, is a mixed martial arts competition that features forceful punches, hard kicks, and vicious knockouts.

Conor McGregor, also known as “The Notorious,” is currently the dominant force in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Conor defeated Eddie Alvarez to capture the UFC Lightweight Championship belt at UFC 205, establishing yet another UFC record by becoming the first fighter to hold two crowns in two separate weight categories at the same time.

in the most highly anticipated boxing match in the history of the sport.

In the world of boxing memorabilia, Muhammad Ali, on the other hand, continues to reign supreme as the undisputed king.

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Baseball signed by Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, original Hall of Famers shatters record price at auction

Signed memorabilia has always had and will continue to have value, so how about a collection of baseballs autographed by numerous baseball legends? SCP Auctions revealed on Monday that a baseball autographed by 11 players of the National League’s inaugural Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1939 achieved a world record when it was sold for $623,369, setting a new auction record. Among the ball’s most prominent signatures was that of Babe Ruth himself, who now had at least a hand in the balls that have sold for the three most expensive sums in history.

  • Lou Gehrig, who was unable to attend the event owing to sickness, is the only inductee who was not present.
  • The ball has clearly yellowed with age, but the autographs are still clearly visible on the inside.
  • It’s also perfectly reasonable that Owen hung on for as long as he did given his circumstances.
  • Even still, more than half a million dollars is an excellent consolation reward, especially in the current economic climate.
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Autographs That Are Worth Millions of Dollars

Photograph courtesy of Chris Hondros/Getty Images Photograph courtesy of Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Signature Collections

Whether it’s sports, diplomats, or artists, we all have a certain amount of respect for some well-known persons. Some people pay astronomical sums of money in order to reclaim their former goods or, in some cases, even simply their signatures. A selection of the most costly signatures and autographed artifacts ever sold at auction, arranged in descending order of price from the lowest to the highest. Sponsored: Locate a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA). Finding a good financial advisor does not have to be a difficult process.

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JFK’S ‘Last’ Autograph

Price:$39,000 Several hours before he was slain in his motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed a copy of the Dallas Morning News, which announced his and First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s impending visit in the city.

PotentiallyKennedy’s final autograph, it was auctioned by the newspaper in 2009 for $39,000. At the same auction, a hat worn by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby when he fatally shot Kennedy’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, got for $53,775. Related:Destinations That Defined the 1960sMPI/Getty

Jesse James Photo

Price:$51,240 From 1866 through 1876, train robber Jesse James achieved popularity as a Robin Hood-style bandit but seldom signed autographs due to the price on his head. One of those that remained was a renowned image thought to be theonly photo of Jameshe personally signed, which sold in 2011 for more than $50,000. Related:Towns Where You Can Still Experience the Wild West Bettmann/Getty

Albert Einstein Letter

Price:$75,000 In December 1925, scientist Albert Einstein addressed a letter to engineer Giovanni Giorgi, in which he expressed his appreciation for his work. In 2015,it was auctionedfor $75,000. According to Einstein’s letter, God created the world with greater intellect and elegance, and he made reference to his most famous scientific contribution, writing, in part, “God created the world with greater intelligence and elegance. I do not dispute the validity of the theory of relativity. Bettmann/Getty

Albert Einstein Tongue Photo

Price:$125,000 According to some sources on the internet, Einstein is almost as well-known for sticking out his tongue as he is for his theory of relativity. But this is not the case. It’s no surprise that a signed copy of the extensively memed photograph sold for over $75,000 at an auction in 2009. Another auction-goer recently paid $125,000 for a matte-finish reproduction of the identical photograph, which was autographed by Einstein in German and framed. The statement is translated as follows: “This gesture will appeal to you since it is directed at the whole human race.

Jimi Hendrix’s First Contract

Price:$191,00 Icon of a guitar The late Jimi Hendrix was one of several 1960s musicians who were tricked into signing contracts that, more or less, stripped them of their earnings and potential royalties from the songs they wrote. In Hendrix’s instance, he signed a contract with PPX Enterprises in 1965 in return for a one-time payment of $1 and a one-percent share of the earnings from the sale of his music. The contract, which caused a court struggle following Hendrix’s popularity, was sold at auction for $191,000 dollars.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Book

Price:$191,000 Autographs by literary hero F. Scott Fitzgerald, a member of the Lost Generation, are somewhat unusual in general, but the signature that sold for $191,000 at auction in 2015 had a history that went well beyond its rarity. “The Great Gatsby” author F. Scott Fitzgerald included a note in the first edition of his renowned novel “The Great Gatsby” that was addressed to screenwriter Harold Goldman, whom Fitzgerald labeled “the original Gatsby.” Rodin Eckenroth courtesy of Getty Images

Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe Baseball

Price:$191,200 Joe DiMaggio, a New York Yankees pitcher, and actress Marilyn Monroe were one of the most talked-about celebrity couples of the twentieth century.

During a 2006 auction, a baseball autographed by both of them sold for $191,200. Surprisingly, another ball autographed by Monroe and inscribed with her given name, Norma Jean, sold for only $50,000 at the same auction. Photograph by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Babe Ruth Baseball

Price:$388,375 Even the combined celebrity of DiMaggio and Monroe cannot equal to that of the Great Bambino. At a 2012 auction, a baseball signed by renowned Yankee pitcher and slugger Babe Ruth sold for $388,375, an increase from $86,000 a few years earlier. The same sale also saw Ruth’s 1927 game bat sell for exactly the same price, bringing the total price of the auction to $388,375. WPA Pool/Getty Images

Banned First Edition Of ‘Ulysses’

Price:$398,000 When Irish novelist James Joyce’s landmark book “Ulysses” was published in 1922, it was immediately prohibited in the United States and the United Kingdom due to its sexually explicit nature, making early copies difficult to come by and correspondingly expensive. In 2009, a signed copy from the work’s initial printing of 100 copies sold at auction in London for 275,000 pounds, the highest sum ever paid for a first edition of any novel published in the twentieth century. Except for the raunchy portions, the book was in immaculate shape and had not been read.

Hall of Fame Baseball

Price:$632,369 As valuable as Babe Ruth’s autograph was on its own, the value of the autograph when it was joined by the autographs of ten other original baseball Hall of Famers surged. The most expensive autographed baseball ever sold at auction for $632,369 in 2018 bears the signatures of 11 early baseball greats, including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Connie Mack, and Honus Wagner — the only surviving members of the Hall of Fame’s original 25 inductees when it opened in 1939. The ball was auctioned for $632,369 in 2018.

Obscure Founding Father’s Signature

Price:$722,500 Button Gwinnett is a founding father of the United States of America, albeit he is hardly known today. He wasn’t well-known before to the Continental Congress, and he was killed in a duel 10 months after signing the Declaration of Independence, proving that he wasn’t well-known at all. Since only 51 of Gwinnett’s signatures are known to survive, one such example on a business document from 1773 sold at auction in New York for more than $722,500. Another example on a document from 1773 sold at auction in New York for more than $722,500.

John Lennon Album Owned by His Killer

Price:$850,000 A copy of John Lennon’s latest album, Double Fantasy, was autographed for Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980. Chapman, a mentally ill admirer, would go on to murder the rock musician and former Beatle the next day, on December 9. The autographed album, which was later discovered in a planter outside Lennon’s New York home, has changed hands twice for exorbitant prices: first for $150,000 in 1999 and then for $850,000 in 2010. The album was discovered in a planter outside Lennon’s New York home and later sold for $150,000 in 1999 and again for $850,000 in 2010.

Related: John Lennon’s Inspiring Quotes (Part 2) Bettmann/Getty

Babe Ruth’s Yankees Contract

The cost is $2.3 million. Babe Ruth left the Boston Red Sox to join the New York Yankees in 1919, and in his first season with the organization, he set a number of baseball records, which he would continue for the rest of his 15-year career with the franchise. Almost a century later, the contract Ruth signed with the Yankees, which was the first of its kind in baseball history, was sold at auction for $2.3 million in 2017, the highest price ever paid for a sports document.

(Ruth’s World Series ring from 1927 was sold at the same auction.) Both had formerly belonged to star Charlie Sheen.) Photograph by Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Rock Star Guitar

The cost is $2.7 million. The Fender Stratocaster signed by a collection of U.K. rock icons, including Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Brian May, was once the world’s most expensive guitar ever sold at auction until Kurt Cobain’s non-autographed Martin replaced it in 2020. The Martin was replaced by Kurt Cobain’s non-autographed Martin in 2020. The guitar was purchased for $2.7 million in a Qatar auction, with the funds going to the Reach Out to Asia program, which strives to guarantee that young people have access to educational opportunities in Asia.

Another Albert Einstein Letter

The cost is $2.9 million. The great Albert Einstein makes his third appearance on our list, this time with a handwritten letter about God. He doesn’t want to be surpassed by Babe Ruth. This famous correspondence from 1954, which sold for nearly $3 million at a 2018 auction, is where Einstein expresses his religious beliefs (or lack thereof) candidly and in depth. He writes, “The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, and the Bible is a collection of venerable but still somewhat primitive legends.” The Library of Congress is a federal government institution that collects and organizes information.

Abraham Lincoln Letter

The cost is $3.4 million. Genuine writings may be found on the internet. A letter from Abraham Lincoln to Abraham Lincoln sold for an astonishing $3.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2008, setting a new world record for such a piece of history. A petition signed by 195 youngsters, urging that Lincoln “free all of the small slave children in our nation,” prompted Lincoln to write this letter in response. While the 16th president does not have the authority to fulfill all of their requests, he does so in the following way: “While I do not have the authority to grant all of their requests, I pray they will remember that God does, and that, as it seems, He wills to do it.” Things You Didn’t Know About Presidential Inaugurations is a related article.

RFK’S Copy of the Emancipation Proclamation

The cost is $3.7 million. A printed copy of the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, signed by President Abraham Lincoln and once possessed by one-time presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, was auctioned off by Kennedy’s estate in 2010 for more than $3.7 million, exceeding the estate’s expectations. This specific copy of the historic act was one of 48 that were initially signed by Lincoln, only half of which are believed to have survived, with about eight to ten of those remaining in private possession.

George Washington’s Annotated Constitution

The cost is $9.8 million. When he was alive, the first president of the United States retained a bound volume of the Acts of Congress, which included the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which he signed as proof of ownership and which he annotated with handwritten notes. The historic papers, which date back to 1789, smashed auction records in 2012 when they were sold for an extravagant $9.8 million, according to auction records. Sponsored: Locate a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA). Finding a good financial advisor does not have to be a difficult process.

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