How To Play Baseball Drinking Game

Baseball Drinking Games

Baseball the drinking game is a game in which participants pitch a pingball ball across a table into a row of four cups and then play flip cup in order to score additional bases by stealing bases from their opponents. Beer Pong and Flip Cup are incorporated into one game, which attracts twice as many players as Beer Pong.

What You Need

  • The following items are required: 14 red cups, one ping-pong ball, one table (either a beer pong table or a ping-pong table), one bottle of beer.

Setting Up

Placing the table in a space where you will have plenty of room to walk around it on all four sides is essential. In a similar vein to the beer bong, position the table in an area that will be easy to clean up after. Then, in the middle of one of the table’s short sides, arrange four cups in a straight line perpendicular to the table’s edge, in the center of the table. This configuration should be repeated for the other side of the table, as seen in the image below. After that, grab three more cups for each team and arrange them down the long side of the table close to the middle, as shown in the figure above.

  1. After that, place a cup for the opposite team across from each of the other cups.
  2. These are the at bat cups, as the name suggests.
  3. Completely fill the Homerun Cup (the cup closest to the end of the table), then fill the next cup (the Triple Cup) 3/4th full, the next cup (the Double Cup) 1/2 full, and lastly the cup furthest away from you (the Single Cup) 1/4th full before moving on to the next cup (the Triple Cup).
  4. Fill each of these cups about a third of the way.
  5. Now that the game has been set up, it is time to choose your sides.
  6. You may either gather a group of your friends to take on the other side, or you can assign team captains to choose the participants for the match.


Throughout the game, each team alternates between being at bat and covering the bases, and they exchange roles after one team is eliminated. The game is played in a manner that is extremely similar to that of baseball. The team that is at bat has three outs until they have to switch with the other team, at which point the other team takes over as the team that is at bat. There are three methods for a team to get out of a batting position. In the first instance, the shooter receives three strikes, which occurs when the shooter fails to construct a cup after three attempts.

Finally, you can get out by losing a heist game of stealing.

After nine rounds, the winning team will be selected based on who has accrued the most number of points. Shorter games can be played to a maximum of six rounds and are referred to as “small league” in this context.

At Bat:

In order to score points, the team at bat will have to hit the ball over the table and into the straight line of cups in front of the other team, which is called the strike zone. A player who produces a cup must drink that cup as well as all of the cups below it, according to the rules (lower in base number). For example, if you make it to the finals of the Double Cup, the opposing team is required to consume all of the beer from the Double Cup and Single Cup. Following the consumption of a cup, the cups must be replenished.

Base Running:

When a player hits a cup, they are considered to be on base. Their position at the base is determined by which cup they turned it into. Consider the following scenario: if you hit it into the second cup, you would get a double and would advance to second base. It is possible for a runner to advance and earn a point for his team in two different ways. When one of his team members makes it into one of the shooting cups on the same round as him, he can advance to the next round. If your colleague creates a cup, that teammate is assigned to the relevant base based on which cup they created, and you are assigned to the base that corresponds to the number of cups that were created.

The other method to make progress is to take from others.

Base Stealing

To steal a base, all cups must be appropriately filled with water. If you attempt to take a base while the opposing team is replenishing a cup, you will be returned to the base from where you started the game. So, you’re wondering, how do I go about stealing a base. To steal a base, you must play flip cup against the guy who is guarding the base on the other side of the field. When all of the cups are full, you can immediately begin playing. It will then be up to the person in charge of guarding the base to reply by attempting to beat you at flip cup.

Runners advance to the next base if they are able to defeat the person defending them.

runner loses the base and his team receives an out

Other Interesting Articles

After three missed shots, your turn is ended. Baseball, the drinking game, is a turn-based team drinking game in which the victor is determined by talent rather than chance. After three missed shots, your team’s turn is finished. Drinking Games for a Get-Together:

What equipment do you need for Baseball

  • 12Solo Cups (plus an additional 2 for water)
  • A single ping pong ball The number of drinks varies depending on the manufacturer.

How many players do you need for the drinking game Baseball?

Baseball the drinking game may be played with a group of 6-12 people.

Baseball drinking game setup

Two teams are assigned to opposing ends of a long rectangular table. Cups are placed in a straight line (with spaces in between) to depict the bases, which are represented by a grid of cups.

The nearest cup (single) has been filled1/4 of the way. Afterwards, the next farthest cup (double) is filled 1 2 full, followed by the next cup (triple), which is filled 3 4 full, and lastly the last cup (home run), which is totally filled.

  • In addition, three cups are set in the center of the table to symbolize the bases. The first base cup is one-half full
  • The second base cup is three-fourths full
  • And the third base cup is completely filled. In front of them, a fourth cup is put, which represents a catch made by the other side, and it is one-third full.

Rules of the drinking game Baseball

In the drinking game Baseball, an inning is comprised of each team shooting in a turn-based way (between themselves) until they have missed three times, which represents three outs. Unlike most other ballcup drinking games, where teams take turns at the plate, each side takes turns at the plate in this game. Following the creation of a cup, the player advances to the cup in the middle of the table that represents the base he is now on, and the next player from his team is called to the plate.

Read this if you have the time: Rules & Instructions for the Vietnam War Drinking Game Base stealing is performed by first getting on base and then electing to play an improvised game of flip cup against the other team’s catcher, who is continually standing at his team’s “catcher cup,” which is located opposite the base cups in the centre of the table, to steal the base.

Ultimately, the base runner advances to the base symbolized by the cup he used to drink his drink.

The teams switch once three outs are recorded.

Finally, the game comes to a close after nine innings of play.

Special Rules of Baseball

  • In the event that someone is skipped, they will be kicked from the field. If the catcher lifts his cup before the base runner, the base runner advances one base (a steal may only be initiated by the base runner himself). A theft cannot be completed until the other team has completed their setup and replenished their cups.

Alternate Rules of Baseball

For a more authentic baseball experience, you may give each hitter three strikes and implement a rule that allows you to score an out if you catch a ball before it reaches the table or the ground.

Full Baseball Drinking Game Set:

On Amazon, you can acquire a whole set of baseball equipment for for $11.99: Ping Pong Balls + Red Cups = Fun!

Dangers of the drinking game Baseball

When dealing with alcoholic beverages, it is always vital to proceed with caution. A game of baseball is unquestionably one of the most exciting drinking activities available. We hope you have a good time with Baseball. ✍️ The 9th of November, 2018

How to Play the Baseball Drinking Game: Beer Pong + Flip Cup!

Learn how to play baseball (Beer Pong + Flip Cup) now that you’ve mastered the game of beer pong. Without a couple rounds of our favorite games, beer pong and flip cup, no visit to Bodega would be considered complete. They get a little messy very soon, but they always finish up having a fantastic time. But now we’ve taken drinking games to a whole new level with something that combines the finest aspects of each of those games while also getting you completely fucked up- drinking baseball! Here’s how the night’s festivities unfold!

The Setup

If you are familiar with the rules of baseball, you are already ahead of the game. Each team has one batting team and one fielding team, and you take turns playing until you get three outs, at which time the teams trade positions. Does it appear to be straightforward? It is, but it is the process of getting out that is the most enjoyable! Start with two teams of four individuals each at each end of a long table, and then go down the table. Set four cups in a straight line at either end of the table, with the cups pointing away from the edge of the table at right angles to one another.

After all, the objective of being drunk isn’t it?

Fill the cup that is furthest away from you with one fourth of its capacity to signify 1stbase.

Every time you hit a home run, make sure your cup is filled to the fullest with your winnings.

At long last, arrange three additional cups along the long side of the table. These are the extra bases that you can’steal,’ and it all contributes to the influx of alcoholic beverages. Fill these cups as much as you like with whatever you want!

Beer Pong First

Pick up a ping pong ball and get ready to play when you’re ready. One team will be designated as “at bat,” and they will be the ones to start the tossing. As in baseball, they will continue to bat until three members of their team are struck out, at which point the opposing team will have their retribution! Beer pong is the only way to describe the initial part of the game. You’re attempting to hurl your ball into the cups of the other teams, so take your time and aim properly. If you hit a cup, they have to drink the contents of that cup, as well as the contents of all the cups below it.

Do it because it’s entertaining to see them struggle!

If they fail after three attempts, they are eliminated from the game and the next team member takes their place.

Flip Cup Later

So far, so good; we’re having a nice time playing beer pong. The flip cup, on the other hand, has arrived! Once a player has successfully placed their ball into a cup, they are said to be ‘on’ that base. You’d be on second base if you hit the second cup in the lineup, which would put you in second place. Move to the location of the appropriate cup that you had placed around the side of the table since it is now time for you to run the bases! If another member of your team also makes it to first base in the same turn, you will be able to advance the same number of cups that the opposing team did in the previous turn.

  • So, what exactly is the aim of being stationed at the base?
  • Once you’ve gotten to base, you can steal a base at any moment throughout the game while the cups are all filled.
  • This is now known as the traditional flip cup technique: pour the drink into the cup, place it upside down on the edge of the table, then flip it upright again.
  • If you lose, you’re out of the game.
  • We’re going to announce that the game will officially stop after nine innings, just as a genuine baseball game would.
  • You’ll do it like a fuck!

Honestly, the game comes to an end once we embark on one of our almost-daily pub crawls, so I wouldn’t worry about keeping score too much; you’ll forget about it the next morning. Learn how to play Fear Pong, the wilder older brother of Beer Pong, in this additional drinking game!

This Drinking Game Actually Makes Baseball Entertaining

Baseball is, objectively speaking, the least interesting sport to watch. So even I, who is a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, can confess that the games are slow-paced and lack action. They are also long and boring. Attending sports is frequently a horrible experience, as is sitting in the scorching sun for hours in the middle of the afternoon while you watch the grass grow on the field. Why would you force yourself to go through an infuriating game when there is a simple solution available? Drink. Baseball fans do it all of the time, eating enormous amounts of alcohol throughout each inning of the game.

Take a sip if: provided the animated gif.

  • A bat breaks
  • A ball strikes the batter
  • A batsman is struck by a ball When a run is scored, it is divided into three parts: a single, two doubles, and three triples
  • And The weather forecasters began to talk about the game’s outcome. In this video, a player from either team is seen spitting up his chewing tobacco. A runner steals a base from the opposition. The mascot does something completely absurd provided the animated gif.

Take a shot if:

Thanks to for the animated gif!

  • A hitter hits two or three doubles or triples
  • Home runs are scored by the batter in the following ways: one shot for single, two for double, and three for triple
  • Home is stolen by a runner
  • The ball is misplaced
  • The game is interrupted by a squirrel or some other little creature. During the seventh inning stretch, the vocalist was terrible
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Finish your drink if: provided the animated gif.

  • A crazed fan rushes onto the pitch
  • A fist fight breaks out between two or more players. The game has progressed to the 15th inning. A perfect game

Chug all of the alcohol in the building if: provided the animated gif.

  • The New York Yankees declare bankruptcy
  • Derek Jeter makes his triumphant return
  • Aliens abduct the visiting squad
  • And the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. provided the animated gif. Let’s get this party started!

Baseball Beer Pong

In this drinking game, just like the good ol’ American game of baseball, you must go to home plate in order to score the most runs in nine innings. Teams must battle it out and grab bases in order to earn more points, which is similar to the principles of Flip Cup and Beer Pong. Baseball is a very competitive sport, therefore remember that there is no weeping in baseball!

What You Need:

Two equal teams of four or more players compete against each other. There are a total of 14 cups (7 for each team) A Table and One Ping Pong Ball (standard long white table, professional BP table or ping pong table) There is plenty of space.

Set Up:

Four kissing cups are set up in a straight line, with the arrows pointing directly at your opponent. These will serve as representations of the bases you will receive if you create one of these four cups. Each of these four cups is supposed to be filled in a different manner. It is possible to make them gradually more difficult to chug as you travel from base to base, or progressively less difficult to chug. The home run cup, which should be placed at the edge of the table, should always contain the most beer.

Three cups are placed on either long side of the table, evenly spaced apart.

Each of these cups is filled approximately one-third of the way.

How To Play:

Teams are positioned at either end of the field, depending on whatever inning it is. Either you are at bat or you are on defense, ensuring that your bases are protected. Batting: The side in the batting position has three outs, and there are three possible outcomes.

  1. If a shooter fails to make his or her shots, he or she is given three strikes. It occurs when a shot bounces off of a cup or air-balls and the defender captures the ball before it reaches the goal
  2. You may be able to escape by stealing a base, which will be detailed in further detail below.

The batter hits the centre line of the four cups with a vengeance. If a shot is successful, the defending team is required to drink from the cups below. This allows the person who is hitting to take the base that they created. A batter who has successfully formed a cup stands in front of their base of operations. In addition, if another batter makes a base, any batter can advance. Alternatively, you may try to steal a base. Stealing a Base is a simple process. When you’re on base, you’ll have your base cup in your hands.

  1. Unless a cup is being replenished, a base can be taken at any point during play.
  2. By picking up and drinking your beer, you begin the process of stealing a base.
  3. If an intruder attempts to steal a base, the catcher must remove them from the game by taking up and drinking the Home base cup.
  4. If the base stealer is the first to turn their cup over, they are awarded the opportunity to move to the next base cup.

Whenever the catcher wins the flip cup game, the base stealer is eliminated. Let’s get this party started. In the outfield, there were nine innings of intoxicated angels. Keep track of the score until a winner has been determined. Have a Beer World Series party in your honor!

How To Play Baseball: The Drinking Game That Mirrors The Sport

Baseball, the party game, is played in a similar manner to the actual sport — with the exception that your baseballs are ping pong balls and your bases are red Solo cups instead of baseballs. Moreover, instead of batting, you’re shooting, and rather than sprinting, you’re flipping and chugging! We’ll go over all of the rules you’ll need to know to play Baseball the drinking game in the section below.

What You Need

  • 14 red solo cups are available for use. The following items are recommended: many ping pong balls (for when one of them invariably rolls under the sofa)
  • Brewskies, and many of them

Baseball Drinking Game Setup

You’ll need a table — any table will do, even a ping pong table would do. Four cups should be lined up perpendicular to the short end of the table on either side of the table’s long end. Hitting a single, double, triple, or home run are represented by these numbers. There are three cups on either side of the table, one for the first base, one for the second base, and one for the third base. There should be a little beer in each of these glasses (a small, chuggable amount).

Which Cups Have Beer in Them

Beer is always present in the cups that represent first, second, and third base, respectively (a small, chuggable amount). You have complete control over the cups into which the batter is shot. Some individuals play with beer in their cups, in which case the team on defense must drink the beer from the cup in which the ball lands. When it comes to drinking beer that has a disgusting ball in it (can you really trust the cleanliness of your friend’s floor? ), you may substitute water for beer. During this version, all of the liquid will be derived from the foundation cups.

Where People Stand

To begin, everyone forms a line behind their respective bases. The batting team will have a batting order and will shoot in the order in which they are listed. It is expected that the defensive team will have a player who will act as catcher until the time comes for them to advance onto the bases as defense.

How To Play Baseball The Drinking Game

Each hitter receives three strikes, and each side receives three outs, just as in actual baseball. The first hitter attempts to score a single, double, triple, or homerun by hitting a ping pong ball against the wall. Three strikes, much as in actual baseball, is the limit. If they do.

  • Whenever players land the ball in a cup, they advance to the next base (for example, a double advances them to second base). In the event that they miss the cups entirely and don’t hit anything, they are out
  • An out, which means they attempt again
  • A strike means they hit the edge of the cup without the ball entering
  • In baseball, if you hit the edge of a cup and the catcher manages to grab the ball in the air, you get out.

When the second batter comes to the plate, they perform the same thing to try to get on base as the first batter. They have the ability to move other base runners up the field, just as in the real game. So, if the first batter is on first base and the following hitter hits a double, the second batter is moved to second base and the first batter is moved to third base, as shown in the diagram. A home run, in a similar vein, results in an immediate point for the hitter as well as everyone else on base.

Stealing a Base

This is when the cute little flip cup games come in handy. At any point throughout the game, a hitter on base might choose to engage in a flip cup fight with the defensive player on the other side of the field. They each guzzle the beer, and the one who flips their cup first is the winner.

If the hitter wins, he or she advances one base. The batter is out if the defence wins the battle. The flip cup may be a terrific method to get some additional points for your team, but only if you are confident in your flip cup abilities.

Scoring and Winning

Keep note of the number of runs each team receives. You may determine the winner based on who has the most points at the conclusion of nine innings, but let’s be honest, no one is going to make it through the entire nine innings. Alternatives include playing the “small league” version and stopping after six innings, or just setting a score (such as 11 or 15) and declaring that whomever reaches the score first wins. Good luck, be cautious, and remember to keep enough of water on hand at all times!

Beer Pong Baseball

Baseball is a drinking game in which participants attempt to land a beer pong ball into one of four cups of beer at the opposite end of a table. The game is played between two teams of equal numbers, with one team stationed on either side of a table and four cups put up on each side of the table. The cups are arranged in a straight line, indicating the bases, with the last cup placed at the far side of the table to symbolize the top. Every time a ball lands in a cup, the defending team is required to drink all of the beer contained within that cup, along with all of the cups below it.

  1. The cups are filled in the order in which they are placed on the table.
  2. A second cup filled with water should be available so that you may wash the balls between tosses.
  3. The game is divided into nine innings, with each team getting one “at bat” during each inning.
  4. Each game has three outs, with each side getting three every inning.
  5. The game can alternatively be played under to “small league” regulations, in which case the game is ended after six innings of play.

How to Play Baseball Drinking Game?

Let’s be honest about this. How many times have you gone to a party just to leave because you were bored? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to step up and make your events more exciting by hosting a baseball drinking game. In contrast to a traditional baseball game, it includes an alcoholic component, as implied by the name. It’s a cross between beer pong and flip cup drinking games, with the rules of real baseball thrown in for good measure.

Because you are already familiar with the sport or have witnessed it, the regulations are straightforward. It’s an exhilarating game to play with your friends and family, and it’s free. So, are you prepared to participate in the baseball drinking game?

What do you need to play the baseball drinking ball?

You don’t require much in terms of resources. You simply require a few things.

  • A table: a large rectangular table about eight feet in length, with a square top. You may use any normal one you choose, but it should be large enough to accommodate the game. The number of participants is as follows: In order to participate in the baseball drinking game, you must have at least eight participants. You can, however, invite more guests. Just make sure that each side has an equal number of participants
  • Otherwise, the game would be unfair. One ping pong ball is used in this exercise. You can also bring extras in case one of yours gets misplaced or becomes stuck while you’re playing. Alcohol: You are free to use any beverage of your choice. It is not, however, required to do so. This game may be played with either water or soft drinks. Cups: a total of 14 solitary cups. It is preferable to carry disposable containers rather than glass.

The setup

To begin, split the participants into two groups. It is required that both groups have an equal number of members. Every individual is committed to the foundations of their own beliefs. The fielding team will have a catcher who will catch the ping pong ball and throw it out of the game to force the batter out. Please keep in mind that if you have more participants, you can form more than two teams. After that, you can compete in friendly matchups to determine the final winner, much like a qualification round in a real-world game.

  • There shouldn’t be any space between the two of them at all.
  • After that, place three more cups on either side of the table near the edge of the table.
  • Additionally, there should be sufficient space between each cup.
  • Now, fill each cup halfway with booze.
  • Each cup should be delivered in full, with the exception of the home run cup, which should be supplied in 3/4th part (75 percent), the triple cup 1/2th part (50 percent), and the single cup 1/4th part (25 percent ).

How to play the baseball drinking game?

There are two teams, just as there are in a regular baseball game. The first is a defense squad, while the second is a batting side, and so on. Each team gets three opportunities to score a goal. After three strikes, a player from the same group is given the opportunity to bat. Furthermore, three outs imply that the opposite team will have their time to shoot next. However, before you can begin playing, you must pick who will bat and who will field the ball. That’s something you can decide by tossing a coin.

After then, assign a role to each of the players.

The goal of the game is to score more points than your opponent in order to win.

They are basic and straightforward to comprehend.


The shooter or batter is the player who is responsible for shooting the ball. He or she will throw the ping pong ball into the cups that have been lined up vertically at the end of the table. He or she has three opportunities to score. When the batter hits the ball into the single cup, the batter is advanced to first base. A double allows him or her to advance to second base, and a triple allows him or her to advance to third base, and so forth. Whenever the ball is hit into the home run cup, the player receives one point right away.

  • When a player scores, the opposing team is required to chug the alcoholic beverage from the cup in which the ball landed.
  • Additionally, you must refill the glasses once you have consumed the beverages.
  • When the winner receives triple, the opponent is required to drink alcohol from the triple, double, and single cups.
  • Additionally, if a player is on second base and the batter hits a triple, the former moves to third base and the latter moves to second base, as shown in the diagram.

These are the routes that can be used to get to the bases. Now, let’s see if you can figure out a way to get the batting team out. There are four different ways in which a player can get out of a game.

  • First and foremost, when he/she fails to score the ball into the cups on three separate occasions
  • Second, if he/she is unsuccessful in stealing a base
  • In a third instance, when the catcher manages to capture the ping pong ball just before it touches the table or ground after bouncing off the edge of the cup
  • In the end, while tossing the ball, he or she entirely misses the cups and the table, the game is over.
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Strikes can be obtained in a variety of ways.

  • When a player tosses the ball but does not score, the action is referred to as a strike by the referee. The ball, on the other hand, should strike the cups or the table. A strike is also a ball that bounces after touching the cup and lands on the table or the floor, resulting in a forfeiture of your match. If the catcher fails to catch the ball before it hits the ground, the play is not counted. You will be kicked out if you do not comply

Stealing a base

It also serves as a secondary means of advancing to the base. This is where the Flip Cup drinking game comes in to play, as you can see below. Stealing a base is only possible in one situation: the one described above.

  • During the course of the game, at any point. Every cup, on the other hand, must be filled with alcohol

To steal a base, you must first consume the alcohol contained within that cup. When attempting to reach the second base from the first, it is necessary to guzzle the contents of the second base cup down. After that, you should place the cup on the table’s edge. It should be positioned in such a way that half of the cup is suspended in the air at all times. By touching the bottom of the cup with your finger, you can now turn the entire cup around! Furthermore, it must land upside down appropriately in order to steal a base.

To progress farther, the contestant must adhere to the same rules as before: drink alcohol and toss the cup in the other direction.

It is possible for the other side to prevent you from doing so.

The same rules apply to the opponent: consume alcoholic beverages and flip the cup.

Scoring and winning

Getting points in the baseball drinking game is a piece of cake. Is that correct? Throwing the ball, on the other hand, is dependent on your abilities and precision. There are two methods to earn points: first, through completing tasks.

  • Whenever a player is on third base and you hit a single, double, or triple with that player, you receive one point. If you hit a home run, you will receive one point.

The winning team is the one that scores more points than the other team. You have the option of penalizing the losing team if you so want. It may be anything, as long as it is amusing and does not cause harm to others in any manner. Take it in turns to play. You may either schedule a time for each team to take turns or play according to the number of innings. Rules for the baseball drinking game are as follows: Extra rules or modifications of the game are what you might term these.

  • You have the option of filling the glasses completely or partially with alcohol. It is all up to you: if the batter manages to sink the ball into the cup before the defensive player drinks the alcohol, the batting side receives four runs to their credit. It is referred to as the Grand Slam.

If you’re interested in trying out other similar drinking games, check out the following:

  • Drinking games such as the Kings Cup, the Pyramid, and the Quarters are all popular.

In addition, you may watch this video to have a better understanding of the baseball drinking game. To summarize, here is how you go about playing the baseball drinking game. That’s really intriguing, isn’t it? If you play your cards well, any party or gathering may be fun and thrilling. So get out there and have a good time with your friends and family. Keep in mind to drink in moderation. So, how enthusiastic are you about participating in the baseball drinking game? CottonbrofromPexels is credited with this image.

Baseball Drinking Game – The Chuggernauts

Given the fact that baseball and alcoholic beverages go together like peanut butter and jelly, why not get some buddies together and play the Baseball Drinking Game?

Every hit, every run, and every huge play will be that much more thrilling as a result of the addition of this game. Choosy fans may choose their side and prepare to watch friends become bitter foes when their teams square off in a fun and thrilling addition to any baseball game.


Any baseball game, as well as a few beverages.


A baseball game will be selected by the players to watch. They will then be divided into two groups, each of which will represent one of the teams participating in the designated baseball game. After that, players will drink in proportion to how well their team performs.

Baseball Drinking Game Rules:

  • An out is awarded to the opposing team. At the conclusion of an inning, your team is behind. It is a foul ball that is struck by a member of your team. A run is scored by the opposing side. During a game, the opposing side is given credit for a hit

Drink three whenever:

  • During a baseball game, the opposition team hits a home run
  • There is a mistake on your team’s part.

Finish your drink whenever:

  • A player from the other side performs a spectacular bat flip
  • A Grand Slam is achieved by the opposing side. Your team loses the game by a margin of 5 runs or more.

Optional Rule:

Each club has the option of designating one player on their roster as the “star player.” Drinks are multiplied whenever the star player is responsible for a certain number of drinks. If you choose your pitcher to be the star player, then every time he strikes out a batter, the opposition side must drink three drinks instead of two to commemorate the official out. The Baseball Drinking Game is most effective when used with Major League Baseball games, but it may be used with any other baseball game you would wish to watch as well.

Just pray that your opponents don’t choose Judge as their main player and that he doesn’t go on to win a Grand Slam.

– Sport

Mini Baseball Pong – Better Than Beer League – The Chuggernauts

This small baseball pong board, which was just produced by theScienz Group, allows you to play a 9-inning drinking baseball game in the style of pong. It comes with a set of miniature launchers that fire a little ping pong ball that is also attached to the board by a magnet, which is included in the package. This game is essentially a variation on the baseball coin drinking game that is taken to the next level.

Setting it up

After taking the board out of the box, set one shot glass in each of the four slots on the board, and another shot glass on each of the four metal flingers. Set up the ball launchers on either side of the board, in their proper places on either side of the board. Take a handful of the pegs and place one on each of the zeros to designate the beginning point. One on first base to indicate the pitcher who will follow him. One on the “inning 1” slot to signify the start of the inning, and a final one on the “0 outs” space to show the number of outs left in the game to be played.

The Goal of the Game

The purpose of the game, similar to that of conventional baseball, is to score more runs than the opposing side during nine innings of play. This is accomplished by firing the ball from one side into the cups of the opposite team. Single, double, triple, and home run are represented by the four cups. As a result, anytime you sink a ball, you must adjust the pegs accordingly.

How to Play Mini Baseball Pong

Teams of players take turns shooting the ball at the four cups on the other team’s side of the field. If they make a mistake, they are given an out. Move the “out” peg one position to the right. After three outs, their turn at bat is finished, and it is the opposing teams’ chance to bat. If they are successful, they will be able to move their pegs up a number of spaces equal to the cup in which they landed. For example, if someone has a player on home base and first base, and they hit a “double,” they will be able to move their pegs up to second and third base.

Every time someone sinks a cup, the other side is required to drink from that cup. They have the option of choose who on their squad will consume it. Every time a player scores a run, the score peg moves up one position.

Stealing a Base

Players can choose to steal at any moment when they have a player on a base under their control. To accomplish this, they must grab one of the shot cups located on the flingers and guzzle it quickly. Using the flinger, they attempt to flip the object such that it lands on its side upside down. Whenever they make contact with their cup in an effort to steal it, someone on the opposite team can do the same thing to them as well. Unless the other team is able to chug and flip first, then the team that attempted to steal receives a “out” and one of their hitters is forced to come off the base paths.

Mini Baseball Pong Drinking Game Review

Because we’d previously played this drinking game with a coin and regular-sized cups, it piqued our interest to see how it would play out on a smaller scale. Everything on this board, from the pegs to the flicker, is in perfect working order. We had no problems at all, and it was quite simple to comprehend and get started. The few times we tried it out, it was played nonstop into the night each time. However, be careful that it can rapidly deplete a case of beer, especially if players start to get rather proficient at it.

  • We recommend that you play in groups of at least three people.
  • I suppose here is where the mercy rule would have came into play if we hadn’t been so obstinate in our refusal to bend.
  • Simply simply, it’s one of the most entertaining drinking games we’ve ever encountered, and we want to engage in it more frequently in the future.
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  • In addition, there are a plethora of other items, with many more on the coming, available at their online store.

Baseball Drinking Game

Place the four shot glasses on the other end of the table in a row so that they create a line that is pointing away from you, as shown (the home base where you will be shooting from across the table). Each member on the visiting squad gets a turn shooting the quarter at the shot glasses in the corner of the room. The first glass signifies a single, the second represents a double, the third represents a triple, and the final glass represents a home run, respectively. You’re out if you get three strikes (misses on all three shot glasses).

Game Rules

The game is played in the same manner as conventional baseball, and runs are scored in the same manner (except that you have to keep track of the runners on base in your head). The act of drinking takes place in the following ways:

  • Fill the shot glasses half-full of beer. If a player successfully converts a quarter into a shot glass (gets a hit), they are required to drink the contents of the shot glasses immediately behind the one they converted from.

Example: If they hit a single, they must drink the remaining three shot glasses full of beer from their pitchers.

If they hit a triple, they just have to drink one drink instead of three. If they are given an out, they are required to drink all four.

  • The opposing squad is required to consume one drink for every run the other team scores.

For every run the opposing team scores, the opposing team must consume a drink.

Baseball Drinking Game

Baseball, the drinking game, is a turn-based team drinking game in which the victor is determined by talent rather than chance. After three missed shots, your team’s turn is finished, and a running score is kept track of the game’s progress during the “innings.” Sponsored


Two teams are assigned to opposing ends of a long rectangular table. Cups are placed in a straight line (with spaces in between) to depict the bases, which are represented by a grid of cups. The nearest cup (a single) has been filled to a quarter of its capacity. Half of the following cup (double) is filled, followed by 3/4 of the next cup (triple), and finally the entire contents of the last cup (home run) are placed in the bowl. Additionally, three cups are set in the center of the table to symbolize bases; the first base cup is half full, the second base cup is 3/4 full, and the third base cup is completely full.


During an inning of Baseball the drinking game, each team shoots three times in a row (between themselves) until they have missed three times in a row, indicating three outs. It’s not like most other ballcup drinking games, where teams take turns at the plate, where each team takes turns at bat. After a cup is created, the player advances to the cup in the middle of the table that represents the base he is now on, and the next player from his team is called to the plate to take his place. Bases may be advanced in two ways: by advancing the amount of bases that the batter after you makes (for example, if they make a double, you both move two bases), or by stealing.

  1. Anyone on base has the ability to steal at any point while their team is still in the batting order.
  2. If the catcher wins, the base runner is forced to leave the field.
  3. The side that isn’t at bat concentrates on collecting air balls and ensuring that their catcher prevents any base stealing from taking place throughout the game.
  4. There are a few exceptions to this rule as well:
  • Shooting out of order leads in the skipped participant being ejected from the competition. A steal occurs when the catcher lifts his cup before the base runner (only the base runner has the ability to begin a steal). A theft cannot be completed until the other team has completed their setup and replenished their cups.
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Optional Rules: To make the game more like traditional baseball, you may give each hitter three strikes and introduce a rule that allows you to get an out when you catch a ball before it reaches the table or the ground. Please remember to drink responsibly like you do every time! You should be aware that this alcohol drinking game is not intended to result in you being ill as a result of excessive alcohol intake.

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Baseball Beer Pong – Drinking Game

A turn-based drinking game that incorporates the concepts of baseball with those of beer pong and flip cup, Baseball Beer Pong is a hit among baseball fans. The best aspect of the baseball drinking game is that, unlike regular beer pong, it can be played by teams consisting of more than two individuals. Find out how to play the baseball drinking game at your next party by watching this video. Players between the ages of 4 and 10.


  • Players sit on opposing sides of the table, similar to how they would in a game of beer pong. Four cups should be placed in a straight line on each side of the table. Fill the glasses halfway with beer
  • Each cup corresponds to a base in the game. The first cup represents first base, the second represents second base, the third is third base, and the farthest cup represents a home run. Place an additional full cup on each of the left and right sides of the table. Those cups will be flip cups, with one for each team.

Diagram of the setup for the baseball drinking game/baseball beer pong

How to play Baseball Drinking Game

Baseball beer pong is divided into nine innings, each of which is played once. An inning is made up of two teams each taking a turn at bat. A turn consists of the team shooting the ball until they get three outs, which is the end of the turn. Each out in baseball is made up of three strikes, much like in football. The winning team is determined by the number of runs scored after nine innings.

Offensive Play

  1. Choose a team that will be the first to “At Bat.” It is necessary to choose a member of that side to take a shot first
  2. The first person at bat gets three opportunities (counted as strikes) to toss the beer pong ball into one of the opposing cups
  3. If the player misses three times, the player is out, and the next teammate attempts to sink a cup. The opposing side is required to drink the contents of the cup and then refill and return it if a player places the ball in a cup. In this situation, the club with the “At Bat” logo now has a player “on base,” and when that player returns home, they will receive a run. Players can progress by either A) striking another cup with the next player or B) stealing (see below for further information). For example, if Player A hits the second base cup and Player B hits the first place cup, this would be represented as a player on first and a player on third, respectively. In order to steal a base, players must first rush to the flip cup zone on the side of the field and begin drinking and flipping the cup. It is at this stage that the other team may also send a player to defend with the flip cup. If the defending team wins the flip cup comeback, the offending team is ejected from the game. If they win, they may be able to progress. Continue changing turns and attempting to score runs until the team earns three outs
  4. The next team is now in the batter’s box. Continue until all nine innings have been completed
  5. The team with the most runs at the end of nine innings is declared the winner.

Additional Rules

  • This results in a “OUT” when the ball bounces off of the cups and is captured by an opposing team before touching down on the ground
  • In the case that the table is totally missed, it is considered an OUT. It is considered a “grand slam” if the defensive team has an incomplete “death cup” on the table and the attacking team sinks the ball into the cup. This counts as FOUR runs in the game.

This game has the potential to result in excessive alcohol consumption; thus, if you find yourself becoming excessively inebriated, please leave the game. Don’t overindulge yourself. Do not drink and operate a motor vehicle.

Baseball Drinking Game

Four shot glasses, a bottle of beer, a quarter, and two teams of individuals are required. Set up the four shot glasses in a row such that they are facing away from the starting point (thedesignated shooting spot for the quarter). Each member on the visiting squad gets a turn shooting the quarter at the shot glasses in the corner of the room. The first glass signifies a single, the second represents a double, the third represents a triple, and the final glass represents a home run, respectively.

After three outs, the opposite team will take the field.

The act of drinking takes place in the following ways:

  • Fill the shot glasses halfway with beer
  • If a player successfully converts a quarter into a shot glass (gets a hit), he or she must drink the contents of the shot glasses immediately behind the one in which the quarter was converted. Consider the following scenario: He hits a single and must drink the remaining three shot glasses full of beer. If he hits a triple, he simply needs to drink one glass of water. The opposing team must drink for each run the other team scores if he gets an out
  • If he gets an out, he must drink all four.

This game is quite easy, but it is a lot of fun (and involves a lot of drinking)! Collection at is the game’s source. Drink Recipes, Discussion forums, a book shop, a bar, a web index, and feedback Copyright is protected from 1995 to 2020. The Webtender is a person who creates websites. About Us|Disclaimer|Privacy Statement

Cheers To The Best Baseball Drinking Games

To us, baseball games are about getting out in the sun, snatching a foul ball from an innocent child, and downing pricey beers in the stands (and inexpensive beers, pre-game). But what about watching games on television? Baseball’s postseason and World Series games are worth tuning in for, but what about one of the billion regular season games? We require a motivating factor, and any of these baseball drinking games can provide that motivation.

The Gambler

This wild drinking game is fun, but it has the potential to knock you off your feet if you aren’t cautious. It may be played with both beer and shot glasses, depending on your preference. The rules of the game are as follows: as the batter steps up to the plate, the participants must put their bets on whether they believe the batter will get a hit or whether they believe the other side will get an out.

Losers, of course, partake in a beverage. Repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Baseball Cups

Divide your group into two teams and arrange either beers or shots in a row on your table, making sure that each team member is hiding behind the other team member. In addition, you’ll need a ping-pong ball or a quarter. At the beginning of the game, one player bounces the ball or quarter off of the table and attempts to get it into one of the six cups. The player on the opposing team who is closest to the cup is referred to as a “single,” and he or she must drink the cup and all of the cups behind it.

After that, the third and fourth cups are played, and so on.

The Home Team

The rules for this game are based on the fact that each player must support a particular club. When one of the teams gets on base, scores a run, or strikes out a batter, the players who are rooting for that team take a sip of their beverage. This particular game will leave you sloshed because, well, it’s baseball, and you’ll undoubtedly see a lot of runs, strikes, and other such events. Make a play for it!

Total Bases

First and foremost, we recommend that you stay with beer for this one. How it works is that whenever a baseball player gets on base, each participant in the drinking game takes a swig for each player who is currently occupying a position on the field. That’s all there is to it. Simple, straightforward, and boozy.

Flip Cup

We’re guessing we don’t have to explain how to play flip cup to you at all. The’relay race variant, in which teams compete to be the first to complete all of their flips, is ideal for when everyone has finished watching the game. There isn’t a set of rules that is exclusive to baseball. It’s as simple as flipping the cup. And that’s sufficient satisfaction for us.

The Crotch Grabber

No, you won’t be forced to take a handful of your friend’s stock and beans, so don’t worry about it. However, we recommend that you drink a beer with a lower alcohol content in order to make the enjoyment continue longer; otherwise, you will become too drunk too fast. Those who take part in the game are required to drink every time they witness a player grasp a crotch on camera, as well as smack their team’s ass on the back (on or off the field). Is there not a lot of slapping and grabbing of the crotch going on?

The RBI Baseball Drinking Game

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On a lonely October evening in 1997, two angry drinkers named Mark Stehling and Gantry Zettler were concocting a plan to get rid of some beer that had accumulated in their Dekalb apartment. It is said that our two heroes purchased a case of Sam Adams Double Bock a week ago in the reject ward of an Artificial Insemination Center, according to gossip. They had no idea that this beer was so terrible that it would not be touched by a rational person or a college student. First, they were able to sell some of the bottles to a group of inexperienced college students who happened to wander into their flat around 3 a.m.

An investigation at Northern Illinois University found that throwing away beer was illegal, so these emerging geniuses had to come up with a strategy to get the rest of the beer consumed despite the fact that no moderately cognizant individual would go near it.

After exerting all of their combined mental energy to devise this wonderful scheme, the mental tiredness experienced by these two masochists rendered them incapable of doing anything other than reaching out and grunting.

However, Mark was able to obtain two Nintendo controllers, and the simple simplicity of this game allowed for the establishment of drinking rules solely by the use of grunts. Everything else is, as they say, history.


It may surprise some people to learn that the conventional set of rules for the RBI Drinking Game is a little different than they expect. First and foremost, you should adopt a Straight Pitchthrowing style of play. Second, with two strikes, the slow-ball pitch is completely prohibited, regardless of the circumstances. Despite the fact that this may appear basic and incongruous, it is important to remember that the aim of this game is to drink. When pitchers throw curveballs and strike out batters, the game becomes overly sluggish and low-scoring.

  • Curves of any kind are not permitted on the mound, however the pitcher may move about on the mound.
  • The first two persons to arrive to the house/apartment where the game is to take place earn their coveted positions by yelling “first game” as soon as they enter the house/apartment where the game is to take place.
  • Following the determination of the winner of the first game, the two opponents shake hands, and the loser is left with two obligations to complete.
  • Second, the loser is relegated to the role of beer bitch for the following game.
  • It feels nice to be the victor.

Drinking Rules

RBI has a plethora of drinking regulations, all of which are oddly fulfilling.

Drink One

Giving up only one thing Having to give up a stolen base The ball is grounded out to the right fielder. Each out following a 1-2-3 inning is considered a strikeout. After the third consecutive foul ball, each subsequent foul ball is considered a separate foul ball.

Drink Two

Getting Rid of It Having to give up a double Making a double play is a great feeling. On the third pitch, bunting is called out. The pitcher receives a single after allowing it. Getting robbed or caught stealing is a terrifying experience.

Drink Three

Having to give up a triple Getting into a 1-2-3 inning with a hit

Drink Four

Pitching a double to the opposing pitcher Giving up a home run that remains in the stadium is a disappointment.

Drink Five

Following the first 1-2-3 inning, each subsequent 1-2-3 inning is a tie. Allowing a home run to escape the stadium is a mistake. Allowing a home run to be hit into the lights is unacceptable (The Natural) Grounding to the third baseman and having him beat you to first base is a frustrating experience (the Tony Armas play)

Drink Six

Giving up a triple to the pitcher was a mistake. Giving up a home run in which the ball is never visible on the way down is a terrible feeling.

Drink Seven

The act of allowing a home run that goes over the outfield wall or is plainly foul is unacceptable.

Drink Ten

Taking a stand Getting savagely slaughtered Getting a triple-double is a great feeling.

Giving up a grand slam home run is a tough pill to swallow. Ozzie Smith was hit by a pitch for a home run. allowing the same hitter to hit five home runs in a row Using an unlawful pitch to knock out an opponent is prohibited.

Permanent Retirement

Giving up a home run to the pitcher is a bad thing (yet to happen)


ABop(aka Error) AGlitch TheStatue of Liberty Play TheComputer Assistance Play

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