What Channel Is The Baseball Game On Xfinity


Everything about baseball, with the exception of the hotdogs Don’t let a single pitch pass you by. Experience everything that baseball has to offer – every game, every fastball, every curveball, and every surprise triumph — in one place.

Available MLB Channels

Baseball lovers have a new television destination to look forward to. Live games, expert commentary, breaking headlines, and more are all available. Depending on your region, you may choose between 140+ Starter, 220+ Preferred, or 260+ Preferred options.


Check back before the start of the MLB Extra Innings® season in Spring 2022 for price and package details.

Xfinity X1

The perfect sports companion is now available. The X1 entertainment experience will fundamentally alter the way you watch television in the future. Checking scores, getting data, and keeping track of many games all while watching another game live is possible on your television. Additionally, the X1 Voice Remote allows you to discover games quickly, change channels, and perform other tasks. There are certain restrictions. Not all places have access to this service. It is necessary to have a subscription to the Limited Basic TV package (or above).

  • To cancel your membership, please call Comcast at 1-800-Xfinity within 30 days of the date on which you were initially charged, and we will credit your account with the monthly recurring price.
  • There are certain regions where the installment payment option is not accessible.
  • This offer cannot be coupled with any other MLB Extra Innings promotions.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • With the consent of the relevant Major League Baseball entities, Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are utilized.

Major League Baseball Is Back and Better Than Ever with Xfinity

You won’t want to miss a single minute of the excitement as baseball returns to the United States on Thursday, April 1. Learn how to watch all season long on X1, Xfinity StreamandFlex, among other platforms.

Major League Baseball: the best ways to watch on Xfinity X1

This season, baseball enthusiasts who have an X1 may watch live games and get the latest news, highlights, and analysis by just saying “MLB” into their Voice Remote while they are playing a game of baseball. The Sports Zone app on X1 provides fans with everything they need to stay up to date on the latest scores, leaders, and standings throughout the entire NFL. Customers may tailor their game day experience by saying “MLB alerts” into their Voice Remote to like select teams and automatically get notifications for game starts, highlights, and breaking news, among other things.

X1 and *Stream subscribers who wish to “try before they buy” will be able to take advantage of a free preview of MLB Extra Innings from April 1 through April 8.

Click here to discover more about MLB Extra Innings and to gain access to up to 90 out-of-market games every week. To learn more, say”MLB Extra Innings”into your Voice Remote or search for “MLB Extra Innings”in the app.

Now streaming – the MLP App on Xfinity Flex

With the debut of the MLB app and MLB.TV on Flex, Xfinity internet subscribers will be able to catch up on all of the action from the next Major League Baseball season in 2021. Enter the word “MLB” into your Flex Voice Remote to get the latest news and highlights as well as access to the MLB”Game of the Week,” which is streamed live on YouTube. To obtain more extensive live game coverage, you may get it through the newly created MLB app, which gives you access to every out-of-market game from MLB.TV, both live and recorded on demand.

Xfinity TV, Sling TV, and ESPN are just a few of the applications that Flex subscribers may take advantage of to gain access to major networks and select games throughout the season.

Congratulations on the resumption of baseball and the arrival of spring.

* MLB Extra Innings is only accessible to watch in-home on the Stream app, and there are certain regional blackouts involved.

What Channel Is MLB On Xfinity? – Updated Guide 2022

When baseball is your all-time favorite sport, it is critical to know which channel MLB is broadcasting on Xfinity in order to watch the game. After all, this sport is often regarded as the most popular recreational activity in the United States. It is considered a national sport in the United States, despite the fact that it is not as popular as football and other sports. Americans have enjoyed baseball since the 1850s, and the sport has a long history in the United States. For whatever reason, a large number of individuals fell in love with the sport and became devoted followers.

There was a period when there were no baseball-specific television networks broadcasting games on the major league level.

However, due to television networks such as the Major League Baseball Network, you can watch the exhilarating action from anywhere you are in the world.

An overview of MLB Network

MLB Network is a sports network that is solely dedicated to broadcasting baseball games and events. Major League Baseball owns the organization, which has its headquarters in New Jersey. Because there are so few television networks dedicated to broadcasting baseball in the United States, MLB Network has developed a significant fan base. It is one of the most well-known and widely-viewed sports channels in the world. This is due to the fact that baseball fans can always rely on it to provide them with the opportunity to see their favorite teams play.

You may watch live games as well as game highlights, documentaries, and other content related to baseball on this channel.

The station is well-known for going deep into the sport and providing viewers with an inside look at how it is run. Through its discussion programs, they go into great detail into player performances as well as all of the important information about baseball.

What channel number is MLB on Xfinity?

Being up to date on everything that is going on in the world of sports is not an easy feat to pull off. Especially if you’re a die-hard baseball fan, you’ll understand what I mean. You will be spending countless hours searching the internet for the main baseball events and live conferences that will be taking place. In such instance, it makes more sense to receive everything you need from a single source. That is, after all, the expertise of MLB Network. Xfinity TV, on the other hand, is the best way to combine your passion for baseball with your love of television.

Continuing on that note, we’ll put the finishing touches on the cake by assisting you in determining the MLB Network channel number on Xfinity TV.

The Popular shows on MLB Network

This is the channel’s trademark program, and it is a must-see. Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, and Peter Gammons serve as the studio’s primary anchors, with the assistance of other members of the crew (though other reporters and studio analysts join them). It gives in-depth coverage of the Major League Baseball franchises. During the regular season, you can also watch video reports on the network’s website, which is available in both English and Spanish. MLB Network makes this show available for free to fans that log in to watch sports.

ET and continues until 1 a.m.

During the off-season, it often includes news, interviews with players and coaches, highlights, game recaps, and team Power Rankings, as well as other features.

MLB Central

This is yet another excellent program to be broadcast on the network. Commentators and experts present the latest off-season news from the league’s 30 clubs in this section. As well as that, it gives an in-depth look at many areas of Major League Baseball. The show, which airs Monday through Friday at 12:00 ET, will feature live coverage of games throughout the regular season. This channel broadcasts highlights from previous games as well as live reporting from spring training camps throughout the off-season.

Intentional Talk

One of the longest-running shows on the air, Intentional Talk is presented by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar, and it is one of the most popular. In addition to off-color comedy, the show provides in-depth analysis of current events. Rose and Millar discuss the most recent baseball news, games from earlier in the week, or a legendary game from decades ago in their weekly podcast. A wide range of subjects pertaining to pop culture and sports other than baseball are also covered in the show.

Quick Pitch

Quick Pitch is a baseball television show that airs on the MLB Network and provides up-to-the-minute highlights, expert analysis, and opinion. This innovative structure has been created to provide fans with up-to-the-minute coverage of all games as they take place around the league. In the event that you miss a game or two, you’ll be well taken care of.

Using this presentation, you may get a quick and easy overview of all of the games from the league. Also included will be a preview of forthcoming match-ups, as well as information on injuries — for both sides – and player interviews.


This is another another highly rated program on the channel. This show, hosted by Brian Kenny, provides in-depth coverage of all elements of Major League Baseball. It is available on demand. During the regular season, you can also watch video reports on the network’s website, which is available in both English and Spanish. This program brings you the most up-to-date information from throughout the league. It also provides you with a peek at some of the highlights from yesterday’s games as well as previews of forthcoming games.

High Heat

This is a show that has been airing since 2012 and features the well-known radio personality Chris Russo as a guest star. All facets of Major League Baseball are covered in depth by this excellent publication. With in-depth analysis, this program will present you with the most up-to-date news from all throughout the league. Russo is a die-hard baseball fan, and his program is as real as they get when it comes to the sport.


MLB Network is, without a doubt, the best platform for baseball fans to watch live games and root for their favorite players and organizations. Aside from that, it adds to the already impressive collection of excellent films and thought-provoking panel discussions. More than enough to keep baseball fans occupied and delighted.


Comcast Xfinity is one of the cable TV providers that is now offering free previews of MLB Network, along with the other providers. In the near future, a subscription to the channel may be required to continue viewing it without interruption.

What channel is MLB on Xfinity in Houston?

In Houston, Texas, MLB Network can be seen on channel 108 of Xfinity.

MLB.TV Comes to Xfinity Flex

The MLB app and MLB.TV are now available to Xfinity Internet customers with Flex, allowing them to watch every out-of-market game from their favorite teams live or on demand, directly on their Flex device. With the launch of the MLB app and MLB.TV, baseball fans will have access to every out-of-market game from their favorite teams, directly on their Flex device. MLB.TV now has an extended collection of content that includes more than just baseball highlights and interviews, but also incorporates documentaries and vintage games from the Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Network.

Starting on April 1, 2021, new customers may subscribe to any one of MLB.TV’s three packages and begin viewing on their Flex device, just in time for Opening Day on April 1.

Xfinity Flex is available in both black and white.

MLB.TV Help Center – Getting started with Xfinity Flex

Get Things Started The Major League Baseball app may be found in either the Sports section or the Apps Menu on your Xfinity Flex device (Sports Row). How to Get Access to the MLBA You will be offered with the choice to establish an account, pay a subscription, login, or just open the app without signing in after running the MLB application on your Xfinity Flex device.

To avoid this process, you may always log in by browsing any live or archived material available on the site. Follow these steps to register for a free MLB account, which will allow you to access the Free Game of the Day and other content:

  1. Fill up the required boxes with your email address and password
  2. Select “create an account” from the drop-down menu.
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3. After a successful account creation, you can proceed by clicking “Continue.” Please follow these procedures in order to purchase an account:

  1. “Continue” can be clicked after a successful account creation. Please follow these procedures in order to purchase an account.

If you haven’t already, sign into your account by entering your registered email address and MLB account password and clicking “Log In.” Your preferred team will be shown after your initial log-in, and you will have the choice to pick it. This will allow you to select the team that will be offered to you when the MLB app is launched on your Xfinity Flex device, if you so want.

MLB.TV Help Center – Xfinity Flex Viewing/Navigation

The Transport Controls on your Xfinity Flex remote are either the Left/Right Directional Arrow keys or the dedicated Forward/Rewind Buttons on the remote. The Media Control Bar will be enabled/displayed by pressing any key or button on the remote control.

On Demand Video Player Controls

If you are watching a live or on demand video, the current elapsed time will be presented along with the overall duration of the broadcast. The Transport Controls on your Xfinity Flex remote are either the Left/Right Directional Arrow keys or the dedicated Forward/Rewind Buttons on the remote. You can get to different spots in a game by using the transit controls, which can be done at three different speeds. For both Forward and Rewind, one arrow highlight equals ten seconds of jumping, two arrow highlights equals thirty seconds of jumping, and three arrow highlights equals one minute of jumping.

Clickable Line Score

The Media Control Bar can be enabled or shown by pressing any key or button on the remote. Tap the Up Arrow on your Xfinity Flex Remote to activate the Clickable Line Score feature. Playback will continue in the background while you tap the Up Arrow. This view is accessible in Live games if the “Show Scores” option has been activated in the “Settings” menu. To leave line-score mode, use the “Okay/Enter” button on the Xfinity Flex remote control.

Jump to Inning

Jump to Inning may be accessed by pressing the up arrow on your Xfinity Flex remote. From there, the directional arrow keys are used to move the pointer around the screen until you find the inning you want. To start and stop playback, press Okay/Enter on your remote control for the appropriate inning and to restart playback.


There are other choices on the Settings tab, including the ability to log in and out, hide spoilers, pick favorite teams, and autoplay a live featured game. Unless the option “Hide Spoilers” is turned on, the scores and innings will not appear in the Scores and Home screens.

Padres on TV: 2022 Television Coverage

When it comes to baseball, there is no greater snarl than attempting to see your beloved club on local television. Tangled web of old regulations, broadcast limits, and corporate greed has resulted in the television broadcasting rights market. Every year, it appears that the channel bundles and streaming possibilities have changed. As is often the case, it is the supporters who are let down. For the 2022 season, it’s possible that attending games in person may still be beyond of reach for certain people.

Bally Sports San Diego is the channel you need to be aware of (formerly called Fox Sports San Diego). If you’re searching for a thorough television schedule, it’s the network that broadcasts Padres games.

What Channel is Bally Sports San Diego

It is possible to get Bally Sports San Diego on the same channel number as the old Fox Sports San Diego was previously broadcasting on in your television lineup. It is possible to watch Bally Sports San Diego on the following cable and satellite providers, on the channels listed below:

  • AT&T U-verse: 7761776 (HD)
  • Cox Communications: 561056 (HD), and in Spanish, 68406
  • DirecTV: 694
  • Dish Network: 439
  • Spectrum (San Diego): 61322
  • Spectrum (El Centro): 20322
  • AT&T U-verse: 7761776 (HD)
  • Dish Network:

AT T TV Now is the only streaming television provider that provides access to the channel. It is no longer available on Hulu or YouTube. The games will be called by Don Orsillo and Mark Grant, who will also serve as an analyst. Eduardo Ortega, along with former Padres catcher Carlos Hernandez, was featured in the Spanish-language broadcast as “the man, the myth, and the legend.” In addition, a few chosen games will be aired nationally on ESPN, FS1 or FOXSports during the season. The FSSD/ Bally Sports website is a fantastic source of information and televised television schedules.

Streaming / Cordcutters

Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and AT T are some options for cord cutters. Now, the Bally Sports app– Fox Sports Go is the companion mobile app, and it will watch every Padres game that is being broadcast on FOX Sports San Diego / Bally Sports, including the World Series. All of the major platforms (iOS, Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, and Roku TV, among others) as well as the internet (FOXSportsGO.com) will have access to the app, which will be renamed automatically to Bally Sports. Log in using your TV provider’s password at no charge (meaning, at no additional charge on top of your monthly cable subscription).

What about theMLBApp?

The equipment is in place, and the games are being aired on the MLB.TV app. but Padres games will be excluded from the coverage in the local market. Do not confuse this with the standaloneMLBBallpark App, which may be used to navigate your experience at the stadium if you have one.

Padres Spring Training on TV

Are you interested in watching spring training games? The Peoria Sports Complex will host all Cactus League games in spring, which will be aired live on Fox Sports San Diego. Alternatively, you may listen to Padreson on the radio. No matter where you are viewing, please stop by ourPadres Store to show your support for the site and to grab your apparel for the season! Petco Park Insider is a resource for baseball enthusiasts who want to attend events and games at Petco Park in downtown San Diego.

or if you have any questions regarding the content on this page, please contact us.

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  • Detailed information on the Padres Spring Training Guide 2022, Padres Schedule 2022, Padres Day Games, and Padres Playoff Tickets. Postseason History

Comcast adds MLB.TV to ‘Flex’ streaming lineup

Comcast announced that it has integrated access to the MLB app as well as MLB.TV, a premium streaming service that provides live and on-demand coverage of Major League Baseball games in out-of-market areas, into its Xfinity Flex streaming platform, marking the company’s latest addition of a key over-the-top video service. As part of the connection, users will have access to MLB.TV’s enlarged collection of content, which includes documentaries and “vintage” games from the Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Network.

Before the start of the Major League Baseball season on April 1, Flex customers who are new MLB.TV members can go online and choose from one of three packages available: Comcast is also looking at the possibility of integrating the MLB.TV app into its X1 pay-TV platform, though the company did not provide a timeline for when this may happen.

Major league baseball and MLB.TV applications have been added to a growing list of major streaming services that are now supported by Flex, a streaming/smart home product that Comcast is marketing at people with just broadband access.

Comcast, which has already deployed more than 3 million Flex devices, has also been experimenting with the notion of giving Flex to customers outside of its usual cable network coverage area.

Posts related to this one:

  • The number of Comcast ‘Flex’ boxes deployed has surpassed 3 million
  • Comcast has hinted at intentions for Flex that are not limited to its current footprint
  • Why the moment is right for Comcast to expand its operations beyond its borders

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor of Light Reading

How to Watch MLB Games in 2022

DIRECTV’s streaming service is an alternative. DIRECTV STREAM offers its own CHOICE bundle ($89.99 a month) that includes every national MLB channel as well as the same RSN options as the other providers. MLB EXTRA INNINGS is not available as an add-on to DIRECTV STREAM subscriptions, which is a shame because the service is pricey. If you want to watch MLB games in markets other than your own, you’ll need to purchase a separate subscription to MLB.TV. Sling TV is a pay-per-view television service.

Cloud DVR with a 50-hour recording capacity; 30+ add-on channels and packages The information is current as of the date of publication.

  • Local stations and regional sports networks are limited, and a DVR is an additional expense.

Sling TV is the greatest deal for baseball fans who watch the game on a casual basis. For a cheaper monthly fee than DIRECTV, you’ll be able to watch every nationally televised Major League Baseball game, depending on the package you pick. Sling TV does not provide RSNs or out-of-market game add-ons, but it does offer customized plans that are not tied to a commitment. In order to watch the MLB season in its entirety (or just the postseason), you may sign up for a Sling TV package and then cancel it after the season is complete.

The OrangeBlue plan ($50.00 per month) plus the Sports Extra add-on ($15.00 per month) from Sling TV is the best option if you want to watch every national Major League Baseball station.

You’ll pay a total of $65.00 per month, which isn’t too far off the price of DIRECTV’s CHOICE plan ($69.99 per month), but you won’t be trapped into a two-year contract in which the price doubles after the first year of service.

Best streaming app: MLB.TV

MLB.TV Price:$109.99–$129.99/yr. MLB Channels: Every out-of-market Major League Baseball game is broadcast live and on demand. Documentaries on demand, vintage games, and original shows are some of the highlights. The information is current as of the date of publication. Offers and availability may differ from one location to another and are subject to change without notice.

  • Broadcast streams for both the home and visiting teams
  • Access to every Major League Baseball game replay
  • Overlay of live in-game statistics
  • For casual fans, the cost is prohibitively expensive. There will be no live in-market games or nationally televised games.

Of all the numerous solo MLB streaming alternatives, MLB.TV’s All Teams package ($129.99 per year) is the best simply because it provides the most MLB games for the lowest price possible. Given that it is a streaming service that is not available in your area, you will not be able to watch your local team play in real time. However, their games are only viewable on MLB.TV 90 minutes after they have concluded. It is mostly worthwhile to pay for MLB.TV if you reside outside the broadcast area of your favorite team’s home stadium or if you want to remain on top of the league’s happenings in general.

There are several excellent features on MLB.TV, such as DVR options for live games, home and away TV and radio broadcast feeds, and hundreds of on-demand highlights, historic games, and documentaries, among other things.

To subscribe to MLB.TV, you may do so directly on the MLB website, as well as through some third-party streaming providers such as Amazon Prime Video and ESPN+. MLB.TV’s broadcast schedule may be found here.

Cheapest: Over-the-air (OTA) HD TV antenna

OTA Antenna is an abbreviation for “Optical Transmission Antenna.” Recommended antenna:Mohu Leaf Plus ($59.99–one-time purchase) Features:All local broadcast channelsCableTV.com makes use of affiliate connections from Amazon to generate revenue. Amazon.com As of 01/26/22 at 12:00 p.m. MST, the price is $59.99. Please read the entire disclaimer. A decent quality over-the-air (OTA) digital antenna is about $20 to $60 for a one-time purchase, and it will last for years. You’ll be able to watch every Major League Baseball game that airs on your local FOX affiliate network with it.

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We rate this as the most affordable watching option since, after making the initial investment in an antenna, you’ll be able to watch MLB on FOX for numerous seasons to come without having to pay for a subscription.

TheMohu Leaf Plus($59.99 on Amazon) is one of our favorite antennas since it has a 60-mile range and is capable of 4K video capture and transmission.

Mohu Leaf is available on Amazon.

How to watch Spring Training games

Beginning on February 26, 2022, the Major League Baseball Spring Training season will take place. Although not every Major League Baseball Spring Training game is broadcast, the majority of your local team’s preseason games should be shown on your regional sports network. Spring Training games are also shown on MLB Network, albeit they are subject to bans in some areas. Some Spring Training games will also be broadcast on ESPN’s networks, with some games being streamed exclusively on the ESPN+ platform.

How to watch MLB games for free

The most straightforward method of obtaining free access to Major League Baseball games is to purchase an over-the-air (OTA) digital antenna. Yes, you will be required to pay for the antenna itself. However, after you’ve done so, your wallet will be able to return to the dugout. With the antenna connected to your television, you’ll be able to watch every Major League Baseball game shown by your local FOX channel. If you look at it in the big picture, it’s not a lot of games, but you’ll get free ball games every week—including portions of the playoffs and the entire World Series—if you sign up.

  1. Another alternative is to sign up for a free MLB.com account, which would get you access to live streaming coverage of the MLB.
  2. During the regular season, one game is accessible to watch for free online on nearly every day of the week.
  3. Click here to watch.
  4. Baseball lovers will like the DIRECTV CHOICE plan ($69.99 a month)* with MLB EXTRA INNINGS ($21.66 a month)**, which is our top suggestion.
  5. Ultimately, Sling TV is a more affordable choice that offers customized subscriptions that allow you to pick as many of the five national MLB networks as you like without breaking the bank.
  6. However, there is no obligation, and you are free to change your mind at any point during the process.
  7. During the MLB regular season, there is also television coverage for fans who live outside of the market.
  8. In order to evaluate which TV providers gave the most coverage (in terms of channels, in-market access, and out-of-market access) of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, our specialists spent more than 50 hours analyzing TV providers and their plans.

We also looked at the price and long-term commitment choices offered by each service to see which one was the most user-friendly. For additional information on our ranking methodologies, please see ourHow We Rankpage.

How to watch MLB games FAQ

The most straightforward method of avoiding a local MLB blackout is to get a TV package that includes your local sports network (RSN). Any game involving your local team that is not nationally televised will be broadcast on the RSN. In addition to using an internetVPN (virtual private network), which masks your IP address and makes it appear as though you’re viewing from a different location, there are other more difficult workarounds available. This strategy, however, is restricted to live TV streaming and internet watching only, as Major League Baseball aggressively restricts certain VPNs.

How can I watch MLB games for free?

The majority of Major League Baseball games are televised on pay-cable channels, although you may see certain weekend and postseason games for free on FOX broadcast stations. A digital antenna would be required, but it would just be a one-time expense as compared to the monthly membership fees you’d be charged. Major League Baseball also broadcasts certain regular-season games live on its YouTube and Facebook pages, which are often preserved for later viewing. If you happen to have missed a game, this is a great value.

TV is not the same as a television channel.

MLB Network is the name of the league’s dedicated television sports channel, which is available through the majority of major television providers.

Can I watch MLB games on Amazon Prime Video?

MLB.TV is one of the Prime Video Channels on Amazon Prime Video, and you can watch live MLB games there. A separate paid subscription is required in addition to an Amazon Prime membership, as is the case with other Prime Video Channels such asParamount+ and EPIX. While an MLB.TV subscription costs the same as it does through the standalone app, using Prime Video Channels is more convenient (especially if you’re a frequent Amazon Prime Video customer) than saving money. For a period of 12 months, plus any taxes and fees.

  • *An additional fee of up to $11.99/month for regional sports is applicable.
  • The pricing on Amazon.com was last updated on January 26, 22 at 12:00 p.m.
  • Products are priced and made available according to current market conditions as of the date/time specified and are subject to change.
  • This product is sold by Amazon.com.
  • The Amazon website provides some of the material that appears on this site.

What Channel is the World Series On? HD? 4k/HDR?

The first pitch of the 2021 MLB World Series between the Atlanta Braves and the Houston Astros will be broadcast live on FOX on Tuesday, October 26 at 8:09 p.m.

Eastern Time. In addition to standard definition, the World Series will be aired in 4K/HDR with certain providers. Schedule, FOX HD channels, and 4k/HDR channels may be found in the sections below.

2021 World Series Schedule

Game 1 of the Braves vs. Astros will take place on Tuesday, October 26 at 8:09 p.m. ET. Game 2 of the Braves vs. the Astros will take place on Wednesday, October 27 at 8:09 p.m. ET Game 3 between the Astros and the Braves will take place on Friday, October 29 at 8:09 p.m. ET. Game 4 between the Astros and the Braves will take place on Saturday, October 30, at 8:09 p.m. ETA dvertisements On Sunday, Oct. 31, at 8:15 p.m., the Astros will take on the Braves in Game 5 (if required). ET Tuesday, November 2, 8:09 p.m.

ET, Game 7 (if required) between the Braves and the Astros

FOX HD Channel Guide

Verizon FiOS HD FOX HD Channel 505 is available in high definition.

World Series 4k

Choose from a variety of 4K providers, including AT T DIRECTV, Comcast Xfinity, DISH, fuboTV, Altice Optimum and Verizon FiOS TV, to watch the 2021 World Series, which will be hosted by FOX in Los Angeles. Have you noticed a change in the channel lineup with your TV service provider? Please let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us a direct message on Twitter.

Find Marquee Sports and Chicago Cubs Baseball in Your Locality or Cable System

Channel Finder is a program that allows you to search for channels on the internet. The Marquee Sports Network is a regional sports network that broadcasts in sections of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin that are part of the Chicago Cubs’ home television network territory, as established by Major League Baseball. To identify your service provider, enter your zip code or go through the list below. Certain service providers may not be accessible in all areas/zip codes at the time of purchase.

Provider State Market SD Channel Number HD Channel Number
Ace Communications Group/Acen Tek IA Cedar Rapids 22 322
DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT T TV) Multi Multiple 664 664
AT T U-Verse Multi Multiple 740 1740
Auburn Essential Services IN Auburn 82 82
Bernard Communications IA Bernard TBD TBD
Cascade Communications Company – Transport via Aureon IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU 116 416
Cass Cable Tv, Inc / Greene County Partners, Inc. IL Champaign – Virginia and Rushville 20 20
Cass Cable Tv, Inc / Greene County Partners, Inc. IL Champaign – Williamsville 97 97
Cass Cable Tv, Inc / Greene County Partners, Inc. IL Quincy – Pittsfield 97 97
Cedar Falls Utilities IA Cedar Falls 31 432
Charter Spectrum IL Chicago/Rockford 41, 323 682
Charter Spectrum WI TWC Kenosha 67, 312 131
Cinergy Metronet, Inc. IL Chicago See Below for Full Breakout See Below for Full Breakout
City of Bellevue IA Davenport 60 260
Clarence Cablevision – Transport via Aureon IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU 108 308
C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association IA Sioux City 54 454
Comcast / Xfinity IL Chicago/Chicago Metro 84 202
Comcast / Xfinity IL Rockford/Champaign/Bloomington/Springfield 84 672
Comcast / Xfinity IN Indianapolis/Lafayette N/A 80
Comcast / Xfinity IN South Bend 84 202
Computer Techniques, Inc. / CTI Fiber IL Champaign 79 714
Consolidated Communications IL Multiple 204 734
Cooperative Telephone Company IA Cedar Rapids/Des Moines 25 472
Cooperative Telephone Exchange IA Des Moines-Ames TBD TBD
DirecTV Multi Multiple 664 664
DIRECTV STREAM Multi Multiple 664 664
Diverse Communications Multi DAVENPORT-ROCK ISLAND-MOLINE 37 437
Dukerton Telephone Exchange IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU TBD TBD
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (Jesup) IA Cedar Rapids 38 438
Frontier Communications – Ft Wayne IN Ft. Wayne 75 575
Frontier Communications – Peoria IL Peoria 611 611
fuboTV Multi Multiple N/A N/A
Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association IA Grand Mound 31 31
Harlan Municipal Utilities IA Omaha 68 68
Heart of Iowa Cooperative Communications IA Des Moines 61 561
I3 Broadband IL Champaign 95 495
ImOn IA Cedar Rapids 39 839
Indianola Municipal Utilities IA Des Moines 42 42
Keystone Communication IA Cedar Rapids 221 221
La MotteAndrew Telephone IA Davenport 16 416
LaHarpe VideoData Services Co., Inc IL Quincy 109 109
Local Internet Service Co. IA Ottumwa 44 444
Lost Nation – Elwood Telephone Company IA Davenport 109 309
Mahaska Communications Group IA Des Moines 59 59
Mediacom IL/IA Multiple 51 768, 668
Mediapolis Cablevision Company/MTC Technologies IA Davenport 37 37
MTC Communications, Inc. IL Quincy 42 42
MTC Communications, Inc. IL Davenport 42 42
Muscatine PowerWater Cable IA Davenport 32 732
Muscatine PowerWater Cable – Fiber IA Davenport 37 37
New Paris Telephone Quality IN South Bend 33.1 N/A
New Windsor Cable TV IL New Windsor 35 335
New Windsor Cable TV IL Mercer 35 335
New Windsor Cable TV IL Sherrard 35 335
NITCO TV IN Jasper County 817 817
NITCO TV IN Newton County 817 817
NITCO TV IN Lake County 817 817
NITCO TV IN Porter County 817 817
Ogden Telephone Company Cablevision IA Des Moines 38 138
Oneida Telephone IL Davenport 35 435
Palo Cooperative Telephone – Transport via Aureon IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU 724 724
RCN IL/IN Chicago 377 679
Readlyn Telephone Company IA Cedar Rapids 40 440
Reinbeck Communications IA Reinbeck TBD TBD
Rochester Telephone IN South Bend 40 40
Shellsburg Cablevision Inc. – Transport via Aureon IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU 75 1075
Skitter Cable TV – Transport via Aureon IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU 43 1643
Spectrum IL Harvard, Marengo, Richmond, Roscoe 41, 323 682
Spectrum WI TWC Kenosha 67, 312 131
Vinton Communications Utility – Transport via Cedar Falls IA CEDAR RAPIDS-WTRLO-IWC DU 103 103
Viola Communications IL Viola 19 19
Waverly Communications Utility (WCU) IA Cedar Rapids 42 42
Wilton Telephone Company / WTC Communications IA Davenport 32 732
Wyoming Mutual Telephone IA Wyoming 432 432
Xfinity / Comcast IL Chicago/Chicago Metro 84 202
Xfinity / Comcast IL Rockford/Champaign/Bloomington/Springfield 84 672
Xfinity / Comcast IN Indianapolis/Lafayette N/A 80
Xfinity / Comcast IN South Bend 84 202
Further Detail on Metronet Coverage –
Metronet IL Chicago/Batavia, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/DeKalb, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Geneva, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/North Aurora, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Oswego, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Plainfield, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Plano, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Romeoville, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Sandwich, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/South Elgin, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/St Charles, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Sugar Grove, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Sycamore, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Chicago/Yorkville, IL 29 29
Metronet IL Peoria/Bloomington, IL 29 29
Metronet IA Davenport, IA 21 21
Metronet IA Bettendorf, IA 21 21
Metronet IN Lafayette, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Carmel, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Fishers, IN 21 21
Metronet IN New Castle, IN 21 21
Metronet IN South Indianapolis, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Westfield, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Zionsville, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Crawfordsville, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Franklin, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Greenwood, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Greencastle, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Lebanon, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Connersville, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Huntington, IN 21 21
Metronet IN Wabash/North Manche 21 21
Metronet IN Vincennes, IN 21 21
Metronet MN Rochester, MN 20 20
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MLB EXTRA INNINGS vs. MLB.TV – Which Is Better?

Continue to the main content Which one do you think you should get? It all depends on where you live, really.

  • It includes both in-market and out-of-market games
  • It is a comprehensive resource. It is necessary to have a cable or satellite TV subscription
  • Covers games played outside of the market
  • Local games are not included.

The Major League Baseball season has begun, and we know you’ve arrived because you’re looking for the best method to watch the Orioles, the Astros, or the D-backs. However, which service should you subscribe to in order to watch your favorite baseball team? Which is better, MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV? The majority of the time, it comes down to where you reside. If you live in close proximity to your favorite club, you should consider purchasing MLB Extra Innings. If you live a long distance away from your favorite club, MLB.TV will serve you well.

In addition, you will receive more information about which service is most appropriate for you.

How much do MLB Extra Innings and MLB.TV cost?

Both are around the same price as 2–3 baseball caps. Both of these subscriptions, which range in price from $109.99 to $130 for the season, are intended for baseball fans, and we’ve split them down in this chart for your convenience.

You’ll also note that you have access to MLB.TV, which includes MLB Extra Innings. The only way to catch all of those out-of-market games is to subscribe to a subscription package, which includes this feature. What is the difference between MLB Extra Innings and MLB.TV?

Package MLB Extra Innings (Xfinity) MLB Extra Innings (DISH) MLB Extra Innings (DIRECTV) MLB.TV
Price $32.50/mo. (Four payments) $130.00/season $21.66/mo. (Up to six payments) $129.99/season, $24.99/mo. (Up to six payments)
Streaming option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cable subscription Required Required Required Not required
Available off-season No No No $24.99/mo.
Extras MLB.TV MLB.TV MLB.TV, Game Mix, MLB Network Strike Zone At Bat Premium app, MLB Gameday Audio
Learn more View Plans View Plans View Plans View Plans

The information is current as of March 29, 2021. Offers and availability vary from place to location and are subject to change without notice. Still unsure about the service you should choose? In the event that you live in the same market as your favorite club, you should consider getting a cable or satellite subscription that includes MLB Extra Innings. In addition to your local sports channels, you’ll be able to watch 90 out-of-market games each week. And if you reside in San Francisco but are a die-hard New York Yankees fan, you should subscribe to MLB.TV, which is a stand-alone streaming service.

Which is better: DISH, Xfinity, or DIRECTV?

More information on price and channel lineups may be found in our assessments of DISH, Xfinity, and DIRECTV, among others.

MLB Extra Innings vs. MLB.TV contracts

Every TV provider requires you to sign a contract for the remainder of the season as soon as your first month’s bill is received. You won’t be able to receive a refund, so you’d be better off simply sitting back and watching some basketball. You have the option to terminate your MLB.TV subscription at any time. It’s important to remember that if you don’t care for MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV, you should cancel your subscription before the season ends. However, if you enjoy these services, you’ll be automatically charged for MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV when spring training or the 2022 season begins in 2019.

What is MLB Extra Innings?

MLB Extra Innings provides you with additional baseball coverage outside of your local market on top of your local coverage. This implies that in order to subscribe to MLB Extra Innings, you must have a cable or satellite TV subscription. If you already have a cable or satellite TV provider, then making a decision is straightforward. However, if you do not, you will be required to pay far more for MLB Extra Innings than you would for MLB.TV. You’d need to sign up for a cable or satellite service, as well as MLB Extra Innings, to watch the game.

The following are some of the benefits you will receive by using the service:

  • All out-of-market games are included, as is MLB Network access. When you use Game Mix, you may watch up to eight different games at the same time. MLB.TV access is included.

Combining your MLB Extra Innings membership with your cable or satellite subscription grants you access to the full league’s games. That, in our opinion, is a home run. Consider the following list of the most popular cable and satellite services that provide MLB Extra Innings.

MLB Extra Innings pricing and plans

How do the MLB Extra Innings suppliers stack up against one another? In addition to the major debate over MLB Extra Innings vs. MLB.TV, there is a little struggle going on between DISH and DIRECTV. We recommend that you read our evaluation to determine which satellite option is the best fit for you and your family. We appreciate DISH’s one-time contribution of $130 for the MLB season, which is truly a one-time payment. So if you’re looking forward to seeing one of the top MLB trios (Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acua Jr., and Juan Soto), you shouldn’t second guess your decision to get MLB Extra Innings tickets.

  • If you’re fortunate enough to reside in an area that offers Xfinity cable, consider yourself lucky.
  • The most expensive option for MLB Extra Innings is Xfinity, but a few of dollars more each month isn’t too much to ask for if you want a dependable cable TV provider all year.
  • For more information, please see ourXfinity review.
  • All DIRECTV packages have access to your local regional sports channels, even the most basic bundles.

What DIRECTV packages are available to you, you may wonder. In our DIRECTV review, we’ll try to assist you in determining which option is best for you.

Should I get MLB Extra Innings?

Once again, if you reside in the same area as your club, you should subscribe to MLB Extra Innings so that you can watch all of the games. This option is especially appealing if you currently have DISH, DIRECTV, or Xfinity service. Alternatively, if you’ve been debating whether or not to sign up for one, there’s no better time than baseball season to do it. MLB.TV is a streaming service that allows you to watch baseball games that are not broadcast in your area. There is no obligation to sign a contract or to subscribe to a cable or satellite service.

Yeah, baseball all year, that’s right.

Plan Price Available Offers
All Teams $129.99 for the season, $24.99/mo. View Plan
Single Team $109.99 for the season View Plan

Consider the following scenario: you grew up in Los Angeles and are a major admirer of Doyers. Later on, though, you decide to relocate to Texas for a career. If this is the case, MLB.TV’s single-team coverage will be ideal for you. However, if you’re interested in learning more about the competition or if you’re a fan of the league as a whole, all-team coverage will be more appealing to you. A subscription to all teams’ coverage is a better option when one team just isn’t enough coverage. In comparison to single-team coverage, you just pay an additional $20, which is a bargain considering how many hours of baseball you’ll get in return.

  1. With MLB.TV, you can watch as much baseball as you want, with no restrictions on what you can watch.
  2. (And, while we’re on the subject.
  3. And you might not be pleased with it.
  4. Dunh, dunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, duuuuunh, du Each baseball team has an agreement in place with a regional sports network (RSN) that serves the market in which they play.
  5. In other words, if you live in the New York market, you won’t have the option of watching the New York Yankees (or the New York Mets) games on MLB Extra Innings or on MLB.TV.
  6. While living outside of the home market, you will not be subjected to blackouts, which is a relief.
  7. Check to see whether your cable or satellite subscription includes access to the regional network that broadcasts your team’s games to prevent this issue.

Aside from that, if you have MLB.TV and you happen to be in an area where a certain match is being shown, that match will be preserved and made available 90 minutes after it has concluded.

Recap: MLB Extra Innings is the winner.

MLB Extra Innings will get you access to all of the league’s games as well as an MLB.com subscription. Subscription to a television station

  • MLB Extra Innings: $130.00/season (DISH), $32.50/month (Xfinity), $21.66/month (DIRECTV)
  • MLB.TV: $129.99/season or $24.99/month (all teams), $109.99/season (single team)
  • MLB.com: $129.99/season or $24.99/month (all teams)
  • MLB.com: $129.99/season or $24.99/month (all

For serious baseball fans, MLB Extra Innings and a cable or satellite subscription are well worth the investment. If you’re one of them, we know you are since you’re reading this.) You’ll get access to all of the games in the league on a daily basis, and you’ll be able to watch the games on your phone when you’re at church, waiting in line at the grocery store, or taking a lunch break at your workplace. Also included is a one-time $130 ticket to see your favorite team play in the comfort of your own home.

Do you have MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV on your television?

Alternatively, do you prefer a different streaming service to others?

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But, what exactly is HDR?

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