What Is An Immaculate Inning In Baseball

Immaculate Innings

After a particularly outstanding performance, a pitcher can be characterized as having thrown “nothing but strikes.” This is exactly right every now and again, if only for one inning at a time. Some pitchers believe that a perfect inning consists of three pitches, which is incorrect. Three fly balls, three groundouts, whatever you want to call it. Simply get it over with and let the defense take care of the rest. These pitchers, on the other hand, understand the beauty of a genuinely flawless inning.

You can probably guess what happens next.

He brushes it off after the first pitch, which was a lucky pitch.

Three strikes and he’s on his way back to the bench, muttering something about how the pitch was actually inside.

  1. He is a victim of the breaking ball, which he is hit by on every occasion.
  2. The final player steps up to the bat.
  3. He has made a blunder.
  4. So here’s to Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan for their contributions.
  5. Congratulations to the individuals who completely re-defined what it means to have an immaculate inning.
  6. He became the first pitcher to accomplish this rare accomplishment once in both the American (1972) and National (1973) Leagues, when he retired the side on nine pitches / nine strikes with the California Angels (1968).
  7. Was it ever brought to your attention that the National Baseball Hall of Fame inducts the first four pitchers in Major League history to accomplish this accomplishment on two separate occasions?

The fact that just one-hundred-three verifiable occurrences (during regular season games) were thrown by ninety-five different pitchers (73 of whom were right-handed and 22 of whom were left-handed) throughout the course of one-hundred forty years of Major League Baseball history is extremely remarkable.

Immaculate inning – BR Bullpen

The term “animmaculate inning” refers to a pitcher who strikes out all three hitters he encounters in a single inning with utilizing the bare minimum amount of pitches- nine. The strikeouts might be of the swinging or caught-looking kind, and foul balls can be included in some of the situations as well. The simplest way to accomplish the accomplishment would be to make nine swings and misses. The term “miracle” was first used to describe the event in the twenty-first century. Immaculate innings were formerly extremely unusual – there were none between 1929 and 1952 – but they began to become more prevalent starting in the 1990s with the development in the employment of relief pitchers, which resulted in the majority of such pitchers being utilized for one inning or fewer at a time.

  1. In addition, occurrences in which a reliever enters a game with no outs in the middle of an inning and gets out of it by striking out the next three hitters on nine pitches are included.
  2. This was the ultimate version of the circumstance.
  3. The first was thrown on June 4, 1889, by John Clarkson of the Boston Beaneaters.
  4. The first known incident in the American League came on July 1, 1902, when Rube Waddello of the Philadelphia Athletics made the announcement.

A bit of an anomaly in that group was Kevin Gausman, the most recent pitcher to accomplish so on August 18, 2019, when he got his second win of the season. Grove and Sale were both able to accomplish this feat twice in a single season.

Further Reading

  • On August 12, 2017, Jonathan Blitzer wrote in The New Yorker about “the ephemeral perfection of the Immaculate Inning.” On August 19, 2018, Ed Eagle wrote in MLB.com about “the immaculate innings: three strikeouts on nine pitches.”
  • The Baseball Almanac maintains a list of perfect innings.

List of Major League Baseball pitchers who have thrown an immaculate inning

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What is an Immaculate Inning in Baseball – How Rare is It?

Chad Green of the New York Yankees, Michael King of the Washington Nationals, and Kyle Finnegan of the Washington Nationals all tossed perfect innings in 2021. The exploits of both pitchers passed by so swiftly that several fans were unable to comprehend what was taking place on the pitching mound. In the event that you were obtaining food, going to the toilet, or looking at your phone throughout the performance, you may have missed some important historical information about the mounds. In baseball, what exactly is a “immaculate inning”?

More information about this subject can be found in the sections below.

What is an Immaculate Inning in Major League Baseball?

When a pitcher throws nine pitches and gets three strikeouts in a row, it is considered an immaculate inning. Hitting the hitters with a mix of throwing strikes and swinging strikes might result in the batters being struck out. Finally, an immaculate inning may occur at any point in the game, whether it is for a starting pitcher or a relief.

How Many Immaculate Innings Have There Been?

In baseball, throwing a perfect inning is an uncommon and prestigious feat. According to Wikipedia, as of September 12, 2021, a total of 105 perfect innings have been recorded in the game. Only eight pitchers have ever pitched more than one perfect inning in their careers, with many of them being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Please keep in mind that the data in this graphic is from June 2021. Since 1889, an immaculate inning has been played at Yankee Stadium. Seasonally, this occurs 78 times.

The figure above illustrates that immaculate innings have been increasingly common in recent years, as you can see.

Why are Immaculate Innings Happening More Often?

Pitchers are throwing harder than ever, and clubs have comprehensive scouting information on all batters, which contributes to more spotless innings in the majors. Increased spin rate for some pitchers who are throwing to batters is another aspect in improving pitching performance, according to the National Baseball Association. To demonstrate how much the spin rate influences baseball in the modern era, consider the following breakdown:

Who Threw the First MLB Immaculate Inning?

The Boston Beaneaters and the Philadelphia Quakers played to a perfect inning in the first official immaculate inning in baseball history in 1889, and it was recorded.

Boston Beaneaters pitcher John Gibson Clarkson threw the MLB’s flawless inning in the third inning of the team’s game against the New York Mets. John Clarkson is now a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, having accomplished this achievement by compiling a 328-178 career record in wins and losses.

Who Threw the Most Recent MLB Immaculate Inning?

According to the most recent immaculate inning, which occurred on September 12th, 2021, Max Scherzer of the Los Angeles Dodgers threw against the San Diego Padres. During the game, he also struck out a total of 3,000 batters. Prior to that, on August 26th, 2021, Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox threw the most recent perfect inning against the Minnesota Twins in the American League. As of July 2021, Chad Green of the New York Yankees and the New York Mets are the owners of the most recent MLB perfect inning, which occurred against the New York Mets.

Because the seventh inning was the final inning of the game, Chad was awarded the save as well.

On the 5th of June in the year 2021, Michael King pitched a perfect inning.

Have There Been Any Pitchers Who Have Thrown Multiple Immaculate Innings?

As of June 2021, a total of seven pitchers had pitched multiple perfect innings during their professional careers. Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Max Scherzer, Kevin Gausman, and Lefty Grove are just a few of the pitchers who have achieved this distinction. In fact, five of the seven pitchers on that list have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Only Max Scherzer and Kevin Gausman are not in the Hall of Fame since they are still actively competing as pitchers in the modern era.

Has Anyone Struck out Four Batters on 12 Pitches in Major League History?

As of June 2021, no pitcher had struck out four hitters in the same amount of time.

Has There Ever Been a 3-Pitch Inning?

As of June 14th, 2021, 191 pitchers in baseball history had thrown a three-pitch inning, according to Baseball-database. Almanac’s It is estimated that 107 pitchers in the National League have pitched 3 pitch innings, with the rest of the league accounting for 84 pitchers have pitched 3-pitch innings. The following is a breakdown of the team’s top 10 three-pitch innings over the last ten games.

  1. There are 15 Chicago Cubs in the league, 10 New York Yankees, 9 Colorado Rockies, 8 Milwaukee Brewers, 8 Texas Rangers, 7 Cincinnati Reds, 7 Oakland Athletics, and 7 Chicago White Sox in the league, with the Cubs leading the way with 15.

Has Anyone Thrown a 27 Pitch Game?

Nobody in baseball history has ever completed a complete game in 27 pitches. However, there was a pitcher who once threw nine innings and struck out a total of 27 hitters. Among others who contributed to this accomplishment was Ron Necciai, who at the time of his accomplishment was a Minor League Pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.


In summary, throughout the course of 132 seasons, a perfect inning has occurred fewer than once every season on average. Perfect innings, on the other hand, are becoming more common as pitchers continue to throw harder and spin the ball quicker, and as teams accumulate more data on how to pitch batters. When thinking about this incredible feat, keep in mind that it happens swiftly, so you could not even notice it when watching a sporting event or a movie.

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Pitchers who have struck out three batters on nine pitches

Thirty-eighth-inning nine-pitch, three strikeout half-inning, literally throwing nothing but strikes, has been pitched by 38 different Major League Baseball pitchers a total of 41 occasions. This accomplishment is referred to as an immaculate inning.

Player Date Team Inning Score Opponent Batters Faced
John Clarkson June 4,1889 Boston Beaneaters(NL) third 4-2 W Philadelphia Quakers Jim FogartySam ThompsonSid Farrar
Rube Waddell July 1,1902 Philadelphia Athletics(AL) third 2-0 W Baltimore Orioles Billy GilbertHarry HowellJohn Cronin
Pat Ragan October 5,1914 Brooklyn Dodgers(NL) eighth 15-2 L Boston Braves Possum WhittedButch SchmidtRed Smith
Joe Oeschger September 8,1921 Boston Braves(NL) fourth 8-6 L Philadelphia Phillies Bevo LeBourveauCy WilliamsEd Konetchy
Sloppy Thurston August 22,1923 Chicago White Sox(AL) twelfth 3-2 L (13) Philadelphia Athletics Beauty McGowanChick GallowaySammy Hale
Dazzy Vance September 24,1924 Brooklyn Dodgers(NL) second 6-5 W Chicago Cubs Sam BohneBubbles HargraveEppa Rixey
Lefty Grove August 23,1928 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) second 3-1 W Cleveland Indians Eddie MorganLuther HarvelMartin Autry
Lefty Grove (2) September 27, 1928 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) seventh 5-3 W Chicago White Sox Moe BergTommy ThomasJohnny Mostil
Billy Hoeft September 7,1953 Detroit Tigers(AL) seventh 6-2 W Chicago White Sox
Jim Bunning August 2,1959 Detroit Tigers (AL) ninth 5-4 L Boston Red Sox Sammy WhiteJim MahoneyIke Delock
Sandy Koufax June 30,1962 Los Angeles Dodgers(NL) first 5-0 W New York Mets Richie AshburnRod KanehlFelix Mantilla
Sandy Koufax (2) April 18,1964 Los Angeles Dodgers (NL) third 3-0 L Cincinnati Reds Leo CardenasJohnny EdwardsJim Maloney
Bob Bruce April 19, 1964 Houston Colt.45s(NL) eighth 6-1 L St Louis Cardinals Bill WhiteCharlie JamesKen Boyer
Al Downing August 11,1967 New York Yankees(AL) second 5-3 W Cleveland Indians Tony HortonDon DemeterDuke Sims
Nolan Ryan April 19,1968 New York Mets(NL) third 3-2 L Los Angeles Dodgers Claude OsteenWes ParkerZoilo Versalles
Bob Gibson May 12,1969 St. Louis Cardinals(NL) seventh 6-2 W Los Angeles Dodgers Len GabrielsonPaul PopovichJohn Miller
Milt Pappas September 24,1971 Chicago Cubs(NL) fourth 6-5 L Philadelphia Phillies Greg LuzinskiDon MoneyMike Anderson
Nolan Ryan (2) July 9,1972 California Angels(AL) second 3-0 W Boston Red Sox Carlton FiskBob BurdaJuan Beniquez
Bruce Sutter September 8,1977 Chicago Cubs (NL) ninth 3-2 W (10) Montreal Expos Ellis ValentineGary CarterLarry Parrish
Ron Guidry August 7,1984 New York Yankees (AL) ninth 7-0 W Chicago White Sox Carlton FiskTom PaciorekGreg Luzinski
Jeff Robinson September 7, 1987 Pittsburgh Pirates(NL) eighth 3-2 W Chicago Cubs Leon DurhamAndre DawsonRafael Palmeiro
Rob Dibble June 4,1989 Cincinnati Reds(NL) eighth 5-3 W San Diego Padres Carmelo MartínezMark ParentGarry Templeton
Jeff Montgomery April 29,1990 Kansas City Royals(AL) eighth 5-2 W Texas Rangers Pete IncavigliaGeno PetralliThad Bosley
Andy Ashby June 15,1991 Philadelphia Phillies(NL) fourth 3-1 L Cincinnati Reds Hal MorrisTodd BenzingerJeff Reed
David Cone August 30, 1991 New York Mets(NL) fifth 3-2 W Cincinnati Reds Herm WinninghamRandy MyersMariano Duncan
Pete Harnisch September 6, 1991 Houston Astros (NL) seventh 3-1 W Philadelphia Phillies Wes ChamberlainDickie ThonJose De Jesus
Trevor Wilson June 7,1992 San Francisco Giants(NL) ninth 3-0 W Houston Astros Jeff BagwellEric AnthonyRafael Ramirez
Mel Rojas May 11,1994 Montreal Expos(NL) ninth 4-3 W New York Mets David SeguiTodd HundleyJeff McKnight
Mike Magnante August 22,1997 Houston Astros (NL) ninth 9-1 W Colorado Rockies Ellis BurksHarvey PulliamJeff Reed
Randy Johnson August 23,2001 Arizona Diamondbacks(NL) sixth 5-1 L Pittsburgh Pirates Tony McKnightGary Matthews, Jr.Jack Wilson
Jason Isringhausen April 13,2002 St. Louis Cardinals(NL) ninth 2-1 W Houston Astros Daryle WardJosé VizcaínoJulio Lugo
Byung-Hyun Kim May 11, 2002 Arizona Diamondbacks (NL) eighth 6-5 W (10) Philadelphia Phillies Scott RolenMike LieberthalPat Burrell
Pedro Martínez May 18, 2002 Boston Red Sox(AL) first 4-1 W Seattle Mariners Ichiro SuzukiMark McLemoreRubén Sierra
Brian Lawrence June 12, 2002 San Diego Padres(NL) third 2-0 W Baltimore Orioles (AL) Brook FordyceJerry Hairston, Jr.Melvin Mora
Brandon Backe April 15,2004 Houston Astros (NL) eighth 6-2 L Milwaukee Brewers Bill HallScott PodsednikCraig Counsell
Ben Sheets June 13, 2004 Milwaukee Brewers(NL) third 5-4 L Houston Astros Pete MunroCraig BiggioJosé Vizcaíno
LaTroy Hawkins September 11, 2004 Chicago Cubs (NL) ninth 5-2 W Florida Marlins Jeff ConineJuan EncarnacionÁlex González
Rick Helling June 20,2006 Milwaukee Brewers (NL) first 10-1 L Detroit Tigers (AL) Curtis GrandersonPlácido PolancoIván Rodríguez
Buddy Carlyle July 6,2007 Atlanta Braves (NL) fourth 7-4 W San Diego Padres Khalil GreeneRussell BranyanJosé Cruz, Jr.
Rich Harden June 8,2008 Oakland Athletics(AL) first 7-3 W Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Maicer IzturisHowie KendrickGarrett Anderson
Félix Hernández June 17, 2008 Seattle Mariners(AL) fourth 5-4 W Florida Marlins (NL) Jeremy HermidaJorge CantuMike Jacobs



  • It has been accomplished in every regulation inning: four times in the first, four times in the second, six times in the third, five times in the fourth, once in the fifth (Cone), once in the sixth (Johnson), four times in the seventh, seven times in the eighth, eight times in the ninth, and once in the twelfth (Thurston). Greve, Koufax, and Ryan are the only pitchers to have accomplished the feat twice: Among them, Grove is the first pitcher in history to accomplish the feat twice in the same season, while Ryani is the only pitcher in history to accomplish the feat in both the National and American Leagues, as well as the only right-handed pitcher to accomplish the feat twice in his career. All three have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. One-third of the players who have done so were in their debut seasons: three of the pitchers who have accomplished the feat are: Eller, Thurston, and Ashby are three of the best. Four of the pitchers who have accomplished the feat are members of the 3000 strikeout club: Johnson, Ryan, Gibson, and Martinez
  • Koufax’s first nine-pitch/three strikeout inning came in the first inning of his first no-hitter
  • Johnson’s first nine-pitch/three strikeout inning came in the first inning of his first no-hitter
  • In addition to throwing perfect games (albeit not in the same game), four of the pitchers who have accomplished the feat have also done so: Guidry’s and Wilson’s flawless innings are the only ones to come in the ninth inning of a complete game. Koufax, Bunning, Cone, and Johnson are the others. Both of these victories were shutouts, and nine of the pitchers who accomplished this feat have been inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, including: Clarkson, Waddell, Vance, Grove, Bunning, Koufax, Ryan, Gibson, and Sutter
  • Clarkson, Waddell, Vance, Grove, Bunning, Koufax, Ryan, Gibson, and Sutter He is the first pitcher in Major League history to accomplish this accomplishment while pitching into extra innings. Grove andRyana are the only pitchers in history to have achieved the accomplishment of 300 career victories
  • With a gap of 24 years and 345 days between Grove’s half-inning and Hoeft’s half-inning, the longest period without a pitcher accomplishing the feat is the longest
  • The smallest period is the one-day gap between Koufax’s half-inning and Bruce’s half-inning. The first year in which the feat was accomplished twice (both times by Grove) was 1928
  • The first year in which two pitchers accomplished the feat (Koufax and Bruce) was 1964
  • The first year in which three pitchers accomplished the feat (Ashby, Cone, and Harnisch) was 1991
  • And the first year in which four pitchers accomplished the feat (Isringhausen, Kim, Martinez, and Lawrence) was 2002. The first year in which four pitchers accomplished the feat was 2002. José Vizcaino, Carlton Fisk, Jeff Reed, and Greg Luzinski are the only guys who have been victims twice, according to the records. A total of three teams have had their pitchers achieve this accomplishment four times, which is more than any of the other teams combined: The Astros of the National League, with Bruce, Harnisch, Magnante, and Backe, the Dodgers of the National League, both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, with Ragan, Vance, and Koufaxtwice, and the Athletics, with Wadell, Grovetwice, and Harden. The Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs have each witnessed the feat accomplished three times
  • As of the 2008 season, the feat had been accomplished twenty-six times in the National League, twelve times in the American League, and three times in interleague play
  • The Braves and Cubs have each witnessed the feat accomplished three times


Here are the top stories from Friday’s Hot Clicks: the Red Sox’s left-handed pitcher joins the likes of Sandy Koufax, Shohei Ohtani’s crazy home run, and much more.

One, two, three

Baseball’s immaculate inning (a single inning in which three strikeouts are recorded on nine pitches) is considered to be one of the sport’s most spectacular accomplishments. Not only is it a very unusual accomplishment (there have been just 104 flawless innings by 95 pitchers compared to 313 no-hitters), but it’s also incredible to witness a pitcher who is almost unhittable in a game of baseball. Only seven pitchers have pitched multiple perfect innings, and Chris Sale joined Sandy Koufax as one of only two pitchers to have thrown three of them on Thursday night against the Minnesota Twins.

  1. Sale stomped on Nick Gordon, Andrelton Simmons, and Rob Refsnyder by making them appear foolish in the process.
  2. It took around three minutes to complete the inning.
  3. In addition, the fact that Sale was able to tie the record in only his third start following Tommy John surgery is deserving of praise.
  4. You could see it with the high heaters going to Gordon and Simmons’ houses.
  5. When asked about the home run, Sale stated, “That was probably the most upset I’ve been on a baseball field in a long time.” “That’s just something that comes out of rage and frustration.” Those F-U fastballs are what I refer to them as because I can’t actually utter the term.
  6. Sale had a good outing in the overall picture.
  7. In general, he was happy with his performance, but he wasn’t ecstatic.
  8. “I would have wanted to have made it through the sixth inning,” says the pitcher.
  9. I want to be a better pitcher the next time out, and I want to complete that inning.

“It gets us off to a good start for the next series against Cleveland.” Sale will need to put up more performances like this if the Red Sox are to maintain their hold on the last wild card place.

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Predictions for the UEFA Champions League on a group-by-group basis. The NCAA’s new NIL standards have drastically transformed the way colleges and universities recruit. Embattled Wings star Arike Ogunbowalei is hoping to put an end to her team’s postseason skid.

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Although the experiment of relocating the mound in the Atlantic League has had no effect on the game, it has enraged the players involved in the trial. After getting struck in the head by a line drive in June, Tampa Bay Rays minor leaguer Tyler Zombro spoke with ESPN about his recovery. A scuffle broke out at Tyron Woodley’s press conference before of his bout against Jake Paul, and his mother got caught in the thick of it.

Keeping them off balance

Oh, and this was the first pitch in a day game after he had thrown the previous night.

The Yankees have now won 12 games in a row, their longest streak since 1961

According to a Michigan driver who claimed that the city of Saginaw violated her constitutional rights by marking her tires with chalk without a search warrant, a federal appeals court has found in her favor. Scientists in Egypt have uncovered the remnants of an ancient whale with four legs that was capable of walking on land. Because of something he read in a book about acting, actor Michael Caine claims that he went through an eight-year stretch during which he strove not to blink on camera.

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What’s an immaculate inning in baseball? Let Chris Sale show you (Video)

Chris Sale is coming into peak form after delivering an absolutely flawless inning in his most recent appearance on Thursday. Chris Sale’s left arm might determine whether or not the Boston Red Sox make it to the World Series. If his first three starts since returning to the rotation for the first time since 2019 are any indication, he’s going to be a monster down the stretch and maybe into the postseason for the Red Sox. Sale threw a perfect inning against the Minnesota Twins, and the lefty appeared to be in peak condition throughout the game.

Chris Sale pitches immaculate inning

You may be a baseball enthusiast who believes that you know all there is to know about baseball, yet you may not have heard of the term “immaculate inning” until today. When a pitcher gets three strikeouts in a row on nine straight strikes, it is referred to as a “animmaculate inning.” It’s the most dominant a pitcher can be in an inning, and it happens here. Sale’s third inning, in which he struck out Nick Gordon, Andrelton Simmons, and Rob Refsnyder, was the first immaculate inning since Chad Green of the New York Yankees accomplished the feat against the New York Mets on July 4.

With his flawless inning, Sale became the fourth player in baseball history to achieve such a feat.

In baseball history, there have been 104 immaculate innings, with seven pitchers completing the feat more than once, including Sandy Koufax, who accomplished the feat three times, and Nolan Ryan, who was the first pitcher to do the feat in both the National League and the American League.

Max Scherzer threw another ‘immaculate inning,’ a feat rarer than a perfect game

  • On Tuesday night, Max Scherzer continued his remarkable season with a great outing against the Tampa Bay Rays. For the second time in his career, Scherzer recorded a “immaculateinning,” a performance even more unusual than a perfect game, in the sixth inning. The fact that Scherzer is in strong contention for his third consecutive Cy Young Award is undeniable. He has a 10-1 record, a 1.95 earned run average, and an NL-leading 133 strikeouts.

Against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night, Max Scherzer showed why he is one of the most powerful pitchers in baseball by striking out 13 hitters and only allowing two runs, helping lead the resurgent Washington Nationals to a 2-0 victory. The start would have been notable for Scherzer’s strikeout total alone – he threw an astounding 81 strikes on 99 pitches – but it was in the sixthinning that he achieved his most stunning feat of the night, pitching the second “immaculate inning” of his professional career.

  • Essentially, the inning begins and concludes with the pitcher and catcher engaging in a game of catch while batters swing futilely and fielders chew bubble gum, as described above.
  • It’s worth noting that the Nationals’ tweet notes that Scherzer’s spotless second inning places him in incredibly elite company; being on a list that includes Lefty, Koufax, Ryan and Johnson is a fairly strong indicator that you’re doing something right.
  • The 6th of June, 2018 To further demonstrate the difficulty and talent required to pull off an immaculate inning, baseball statistician Ryan Spaeder analyzed the stats and discovered that the achievement is actually more unusual than a perfect game.
  • In baseball history, there have been around 2,000,000 innings played, with only 91 perfect innings: 0.0045 percent is 0.0045 percent Ryan M.
  • The 6th of June, 2018 Scherzer’s performance on Tuesday night was only the latest in what has been a remarkable season for the pitcher.

A nearly immaculate game and an immaculate inning plus the Padres’ first cycle

Matt Kemp is a writer and musician who lives in the United Kingdom. A no-hitter has never been thrown by a Padres pitcher. And, until Matt Kemp hit for the cycle in 2015, no Padre had ever done so. Even more unusual than those two occurrences is the occurrence of a “immaculate inning.” In 2002, the Padres were the recipients of one of these contracts. The three games on my list of the Padres’ Greatest Games that take place today cover all three of these categories. Numbers 42–44: Padres 9, Rockies 5 (Aug.

  1. 44 — Padres 9, Rockies 5 (Aug.
  2. Matt Kemp ended his statistical oddity drought with a one-out, run-scoring triple in the ninth inning of a game against the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night.
  3. Kemp opened the scoring with a two-run home run over the center-field fence off Rockies starter Yohan Flande in the first.
  4. Kemp drove in two runs with an RBI double to center field in the seventh inning off Rafael Betancourt after grounding out to shortstop in the fifth.
  5. Matt Kemp is a writer and musician who lives in the United Kingdom.
  6. 43.
  7. The occurrence occurred in the bottom of the third inning, directly following the Padres’ scoring both of the game’s runs in the top of the inning on a two-run single by Ray Lankford in the top of the inning.

Jerry Hairston, the second baseman, was also struck out on three swinging strikes.

Lawrence pitched eight innings, allowing five hits and one walk while striking out seven batters.

Trevor Hoffman was able to save the day.

Padres 2, Reds 1 (July 3, 1975) – Game No.

Three pitchers in Padres history have thrown two one-hitters: Randy Jones, Bruce Hurst, and Andrew Cashner.

Moreover, Jones is the only player to have thrown both passes in the same season.

Louis Cardinals at San Diego Stadium on May 19, 1975, during the 1975 season.

After Tony Perez reached first base on a throwing error by shortstop Hector Torres to start the inning, ending Jones’ bid for a perfect game, catcher Bill Plummer blasted a one-out, two-run double to right-center field to tie the game at 1–1 with one out.

Nineteen of the 27 outs he recorded came as a result of fielding balls.

The walk-off winning run came in the bottom of the ninth inning on a dropped fly ball in right field after Bobby Tolan had doubled and went to third on a Tito Fuentes double. There were no outs. The game, which was played in front of 15,145 supporters, was completed in one hour and 42 minutes.

The Ephemeral Perfection of the Immaculate Inning

This season in the big leagues, hitters have been hitting the ball so hard and so far that pitchers are questioning whether foul play has occurred. The baseballs, one veteran reliever lamented earlier this summer, “have a certain flavor about them that makes them stand out from the others.” “I don’t know how to put a number on it, but the balls just don’t feel the same anymore.” During-bats are on pace to surpass the previous single-season home run record of 5,693, which was established in 2000, at the height of the steroid era, when batters were widely and illegally utilizing performance-enhancing substances.

  • Player home runs surpassed those of any previous month in the history of the game (1,101), often in spectacular manner, like when seven separate players hit grand slams in the same game on one day in late June (another record).
  • Similarly, the league had an unexpected rise in home runs thirty years ago, and players and coaches publicly debated about whether a so-called rabbit ball was to blame.
  • Under the circumstances, it would have been easy to overlook the fact that another major-league record was established this week.
  • It has to do with one of baseball’s most enjoyable and underappreciated accomplishments: the perfect inning (sometimes known as the perfect game).
  • On nine consecutive pitches, he struck out the side, three times up and three times down.
  • Given the nature of baseball, there are specific requirements for earning this distinction: every pitch must be a strike, and every batter must be struck out.
  • (While such high levels of efficiency are uncommon, they are not unheard of.) The immaculate inning, on the other hand, is a show-stopping triumph of trinitarian symmetry.

Working from the windup, he rocks back and lifts his arms over his head before tucking his leg with a gentle kick and rearing toward the plate.

His motion has a rhythm to it, and his crisp strikes land in the catcher’s glove like some sort of declarative punctuation that is neither too loud nor too soft to be heard.

Everything has an air of perfection about it.

Furthermore, the prowess of a moundsman is typically defined in straightforward and objective terms (a win-loss record, earned-run average, the number of strikeouts or walks administered).

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The fact that it couldn’t possibly be sustained for much longer is exactly what makes it so appealing.

The Yankees went on to lose the game.

With a no-hitter, or a perfect game, the sense of expectation mounts as a pitcher works his way into the later innings.

The sportswriter Joe Sheehan, who was at Yankee Stadium earlier this month when Betances threw his immaculate inning, said he only noticed what was happening after five pitches.

When Betances, improbably, struck him out with a slider, there weren’t bells and whistles in the ballpark.

As for the immaculateness this year, it’s true that the increased tendency to swing for home runs comes with an additional likelihood that one will miss: strikeouts have also spiked to record rates.

Batters are hitting home runs, drawing walks, or striking out.

Critics complain that this is a more bloodless and blunted version of the game.

After Porcello’s performance on Wednesday night, I e-mailed John Thorn, the official historian of Major League Baseball, looking for a wise pronouncement about what the single-season record for immaculate innings could mean in a year dominated by the long ball.

There is a power to the immaculate inning.

The object of the offense is to score runs while preserving outs; that of the defense to prevent runs while securing outs. Simple, huh? But the beauty of baseball, like food or wine or art or anything else, lies in the detail, which is why we care about some things our whole lives long.

Here’s What An Immaculate Inning Really Means In Baseball

Photograph courtesy of Adam Glanzman/Getty Images Chris Sale, the pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, has had an outstanding month. His comeback to the mound was announced on August 14 by Fox Sports after being sidelined for the whole 2020 season due to elbow inflammation and Tommy John surgery, which involves replacing one’s elbow tendon with another from another region of the body. For a total of 732 long days, Sale was forced to take a sabbatical from baseball, but he has made up for lost time in recent weeks.

  1. An immaculate inning is defined as a pitcher striking out three hitters on three pitches each, or throwing nine strikes in a row, in the same inning.
  2. Sale’s first two perfect innings in 2019 were less than a month apart; the first came on May 8 against the Baltimore Orioles, and the second came on June 5 against the Kansas City Royals.
  3. Sale described his record-tying performance to ESPN as follows: “My mechanics were probably the most professional they’ve ever been from start to finish today.
  4. I actually found out about it in the bullpen before the game, which was a pleasant surprise.”

How rare are immaculate innings?

Getty Images courtesy of Transcendental Graphics Is it true that a perfect inning is extremely rare? The first pitch made by Sandy Koufax (seen above on the cover of Sport World in 1963) was only the 12th ever thrown in Major League Baseball history when he made his debut in 1962. According to MLB News, the first such such inning was pitched in 1889 by John Clarkson of the Boston Beaneaters, who struck out Jim Fogarty, Sam Thompson, and Sid Farrar of the Philadelphia Quakers during a game against the Boston Beaneaters.

Between 1929 and 1953, no flawless innings were recorded in Major League Baseball, according to the records of the league.

According to ESPN, Kevin Gausman of the San Francisco Giants and Max Scherzer of the Los Angeles Dodgers are tied for second place in the Major League Baseball since 2000 when it comes to perfect innings, each having thrown two of them.

MLB News reports that after Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Kenley Jansen threw one in 2017, he was reported as saying: “I’ve been throwing for seven or eight years now, and I know exactly what I’m doing. But now I understand, and it’s fantastic.”

The Atlanta Braves, Chris Martin, and the oddity of the Immaculate Inning

Statistics may be used to indicate trends in how events can be predicted to unfold over the course of time. They can sometimes take you by surprise – especially when they do so in brief bursts. On Wednesday night, the Atlanta Braves witnessed one of the latter as one of their new bullpen pitchers shut down the Philadelphia Phillies in a spectacular fashion. An inning is referred to as the ‘Immaculate Inning’ when a pitcher takes the mound to begin an inning, tosses nine pitches, records nine strikes, records three strikeouts, and then returns to the bench.

Cesar Hernandez, Jay Bruce, and Logan Morrison all had their bats silenced by the time the 7th inning came around on Wednesday.

There were a handful of foul balls and foul tips, but they all counted as strikes, putting Martin’s name in a very exclusive group of players indeed.

How Rare?

To be honest, you would not think it would be such a difficult accomplishment to do. The sport of baseball has been around for a very long time. How about nine pitches and three strikeouts? As a pitcher, it would seem reasonable to expect that this would occur frequently given the nature of his or her work (throwing strikes). Guess once again. According to baseball-reference.com, there have been a total of 3,930,715 innings played in major league baseball’s recorded history (which dates back to 1871, according to their calculations).

  1. However, how many Immaculate Innings are there?
  2. The Baseball Almanac has Martin’s achievement at number 98 (before Martin’s feat makes it number 99).
  3. Those who have done this are a diverse group of individuals.
  4. There are a lot of ordinary Joes as well.
  5. After all, in order for this to happen, you’ll almost certainly need to have a few’swing and miss’ pitches in your repertoire.
  6. Chris Sale and Nolan Ryan felt the same way.
  7. Randy Johnson and Max Scherzer both have two wins apiece as well.
  8. As an aside, Hernandez has entered an even more exclusive fraternity: he is the second player in big league history to be a ‘double victim’ of an Immaculate Inning, joining Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk, former Red Sox Ellis Burks, Gregory Polanco, and Khalil Greene as the other two.
  9. Craig Kimbrel has one, and he did so while playing for the Boston Red Sox.
  10. Others who have made their mark in recent years include: Cole Hamels, Wade Miley, Kenley Jansen, Rex Brothers (!
  11. Other notables include: Roger Clemens, Rob Dibble, Bob Gibson, Ben Sheets, David Cone, Pete Harnish, Pedro Borbon, and Bruce Sutter.

On Wednesday, it was a pinpoint placement (a called third strike) rather than a swing that brought him out of the seventh inning in style.

The Braves Involved

Before we get started with that historical overview. Presented here is Martin’s 9-pitch “little gem”:

  • A called strike painted on the low outside part of the field
  • Three fouls
  • Two check-swing strikes (one tipped into the glove for a K)
  • Two whiffs

When John Clarkson of the Boston Beaneaters did it in a major league game on June 4, 1889, it was the first time the accomplishment had ever been accomplished — and documented – in a major league game in the history of the sport (the same franchise that became the Braves). He, like numerous others on the list, is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The following is the rest of the Braves’ history in relation to this event:

  • Joe Oeschger, September 8, 1921 (also the fourth time in history)
  • Tony Cloninger, June 15, 1963
  • Joey McLaughlin, September 11, 1979 (the same date as last night. 40 years prior)
  • Buddy Carlyle, July 6, 2007
  • Joey McLaughlin, September 11, 1979

The last time Atlanta was the victim of an Immaculate Inning like this was in the following seasons:

  • The 8th of July, 2011. On September 13, 1998, Juan Perez of the Philadelphia Phillies struck out Jason Heyward, Nate McLouth, and Wilkin Ramirezin the 10th inning. It was on September 2, 1998, when the Marlins’ Jesus Sanchez met with Tony Graffanino, Greg Maddux, and current Braves’ bench coach Walt Weiss (what is it with all of these September dates?). It was the 5th of October, 1914, and Randy Johnsonof the AstrosK’dJavy Lopez,Andruw Jones, andGreg Colbrunn were in the lineup. Possum Whitted, Butch Schmidt, and Red Smith of the 1914 Miracle Braves were all struck out by Dodgers pitcher Pat Ragan. On that particular day, Boston triumphed 15-2.

Matt Joyce, Fred McGriff, Mallex Smith, Emilio Bonifacio, Garret Anderson, and Terry Pendleton are just a few of the Braves and ex-Braves who have been on the wrong end of this. Oh, and who was the last pitcher to accomplish this feat before tonight? Kevin Gausman. in the role of a Cincinnati Red. Weird. This occurrence has clearly increased in regularity over the years, as strikeouts have become more of the standard rather than the exception in this sport. Approximately 90% of them have occurred since the start of the study in 1953.

Still, it’s a notable occurrence, and Chris Martin’s name has now been added to the annals of history with some very intriguing people.

Chris Sale Joins Sandy Koufax as Only MLB Pitchers to Ever Throw 3 Immaculate Innings

Photograph by Michael Dwyer for the Associated Press Sandy Koufax, please step aside. You’re in good company, by the way. Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox threw what is regarded as a “immaculate inning” in the third inning of Thursday’s game against the Minnesota Twins, according to baseball lore. That occurs when a pitcher records three strikeouts on nine pitches in a single inning, as the southpaw accomplished by striking out Nick Gordon, Andrelton Simmons, and Rob Refsnyder in the bottom of the ninth.

Chris Sale and Sandy Koufax are the only pitchers in baseball history to deliver three perfect innings.

Sale has only made three starts this season.

So far, he has exhibited the characteristics of a typical domineering personality.

In his second start against the Texas Rangers, he allowed no runs and struck out five batters in five innings while allowing no hits.

Boston had already established itself as a contender for the postseason before Sale returned to the lineup this season, and it is now clinging on to the last American League wild-card slot, one game ahead of the Oakland Athletics.

The Red Sox should remain a danger in the American League as the season enters the home stretch if he can maintain the kind of performance he has shown in his first three outings this season.

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