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10 Best Baseball Gloves for 2021

Is it time to start looking for the greatest baseball glove for the athlete in your life? Do you know where to look? Whether you’re looking for a brand-new catcher’s mitt for a high schooler or the ideal multipurpose glove for a young baseball player, our selection of the best baseball gloves for 2021 has what you’re looking for. We have gloves from the most well-known names in baseball, like Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno, and others, all of which are available at JustGloves with free shipping and free returns.

There is no specific sequence in which these gloves are displayed.

  1. 11-inch Baseball Glove (WBW100084115) manufactured by Wilson A2000 1786 (WBW100084115).

Second base, shortstop, and third base are the positions available. When discussing the best baseball gloves available, it is impossible to overlook the Wilson A2000. The quality of the Pro Stock leather alone makes an A2000 a worthwhile investment for the money spent on it. Consider the dual-welting for stability and the flat-finger binding for comfort, and it becomes clear why so many professionals use Wilson. Specifically developed for serious infielders, this particular 1786 model features a pattern that is exclusive to this model.

This allows for rapid transfers.

And to describe an infielder as “smooth” is the highest compliment you could possibly offer them.

Among the notable characteristics are:

  • 11.5-inch glove size
  • I-Web
  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining
  • Rolled Dual Welting
  • 11-inch glove size

The Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.25″ Kris Bryant Baseball Glove is the second option (PROSKB17C) Baseball players are assigned to the infield (third base) and outfield positions. Do you wish to stand out in a crowded hot corner like Kris Bryant, a professional baseball third baseman and outfielder who plays on the hot corner? If you play a defensive game that requires versatility, this Rawlings Pro Preferred glove is a great choice for you. The pro adviser staff worked with Bryant to develop this one-of-a-kind KB17 pattern, which delivers the ideal blend of depth and mobility for the modern game.

In addition, the creamy camel shell has an amazing appearance that is likely to instill confidence in you while you play.

When you combine it with the fact that it is made with professional-grade leather laces, you have a glove that will last you a long time.

  • The use of 100 percent wool padding aids in the formation of pockets and the retention of their shape
  • A padded thumb sleeve
  • Pittards Sheepskin Palm Lining that wicks moisture and provides superior comfort
  • Standard Fit – standard finger stalls and a wrist opening ranging from 7 to 7.5 inches.

The third option is the Easton Professional Collection Hybrid. 11.75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a.m. to 11:75 a “Glove for baseball (C32) Second base, shortstop, and third base are the positions available. Because of its simple design, the Easton Professional Collection Hybrid infielder’s glove is particularly designed to satisfy the demands of infielders who predominantly play on the left side of the diamond.

At 11.75 p.m “This hybrid glove has a lot to offer, not the least of which is its size and the use of an innovative yet trustworthy single post web.

The rolled welting increases the glove’s lifetime and form retention by providing remarkable resilience.

The combination of Horween leather (palm) and Japanese Pro Reserve (shell) in the manufacturing results in a glove that is simple to operate and will last you for several seasons. Among the notable characteristics are:

  • The following features are included: 11.75″ glove size, single post web, professional grade lacing, steerhide binding, and stiff arrival.

RAWLINGS HOH Mark of a Professional 11.5 “Glove for baseball (SP204-19MOW) Second base, shortstop, and third base are the positions available. Not interested in shelling out the cash for aHeart of the Hidefrom Rawlings? JustGloves is pleased to provide this special product to our customers. In order to maintain the same high-grade “Heart of the Hide” leather quality, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Mark of a Pro series uses a lower-cost leather blend. Furthermore, it is sent with a good amount of break-in time, saving you the time and effort of breaking in your new baseball glove.

You may anticipate a typical width in the palm, as well as the deepest pocket in the infield, to easily catch and hold every ground ball and line drive that comes in.

This is due to the fact that the Mark of a Pro line is designed exclusively to fit the needs of adolescent and teenage players.

Among the notable characteristics are:

  • Size: 11.5″ Gloves
  • Index Finger Pad
  • Soft Heart of the Hide Quality
  • Leather Reinforced Palm Pad
  • Low Effort Glove Break-In

5.Wilson A2K SuperSkin Baseball Glove, 11.75″ in circumference (WBW1000631175) Pitcher and infielder are two positions. Due to the pro lace and modified T-web on this A2K, it is one of the most popular alternatives for pitchers and infielders alike. When you combine the web with Wilson’s SuperSkin SnakeSkin, we’re talking about the likelihood of this being the greatest solution for the job at hand. The endurance and strength of this type are unmatched since it is made of leather that is twice as robust as conventional leather.

Other important characteristics are as follows:

  • 11.75 inches in length
  • Double palm construction – a thin, strategically cut piece of leather is sandwiched between the palm liner and the outer shell to provide maximum pocket stability
  • 11.75 inches in length
  • Double palm construction The Dri-Lex Wrist Lining is made of ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking material
  • The Rolled Dual Welting on the Backs of Fingers creates a perfect pocket with long-lasting shape
  • The Dri-Lex Wrist Lining is made of ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking material

RAWlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove, 12.75″ in circumference (PRO3039-6TC) Outfield is the position. Finding the ideal outfield baseball glove for the year 2021 might be challenging. This year, there haven’t been many outfield-specific models introduced by manufacturers. The Heart of the Hide from Rawlings, on the other hand, could well be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Due to the high-quality leather and professional-grade laces used in this glove, you can eliminate all of the tension associated with looking for a baseball glove since you will know that it is one of the most durable on the market.

With a traditional open back and a cushioned thumb sleeve for enhanced protection, it’s easy to understand why the HOH is regarded as one of the best baseball gloves for the next season in 2021.

Given the 3039 glove pattern, you may expect an exceptionally deep pocket depth as well as a thumb that can be used to carefully shut the glove. Looking for a glove that is used by the finest players in the world? Look no further than this product. Among the notable characteristics are:

  • 12.75″ Glove Size
  • Break-In: 60% Player, 40% Factor
  • Thermoformed Hand Opening
  • Pro H-Web
  • Designed to Fit Adult Hands

Baseball glove from Nokona Alpha Select Plus Series (S-7T) Outfield is the position. Nothing compares to the feel of a handmade baseball glove made entirely of leather. Although it is not a new baseball glove for the year 2021, the Alpha Select Plus is still a fantastic baseball glove for the year 2021 and for the foreseeable future. Nokona is a company that always delivers. The Nokona Alpha Select, which is hand-cut and made in the United States, is an absolute no-brainer for anybody searching for their ‘forever glove.’ In addition, the 12.5″ size lets players to easily play any of the three outfield positions, and the six finger trap web provides a little additional reach while diving for balls or robbing home runs in the outfield.

However, if your outfielder takes his game seriously and practices regularly, you should be able to get at least 3-5 seasons of usage out of it.

Among the notable characteristics are:

  • BuffaloStampede Leather
  • Game-Ready Feel
  • Handcrafted in the United States
  • Intermediate Fit – Comfy but not too tight. Controllable

Mizuno Pro 12 is the eighth option “Corey Kluber Baseball Glove Corey Kluber (GMP2CK-100DT) Pitcher and third baseman are two of the positions available. In the history of Major League Baseball, only twenty-one pitchers have ever won multiple Cy Young Awards. In comparison, the total number of persons who have walked on the moon is only nine people greater. Wild! What if we told you that you had a chance to use the same glove as one of the pitchers? Would you be interested? Isn’t that intriguing?

  1. You have the option to acquire the exact model glove that Corey Kluber, the two-time Cy Young Award winner, uses on the mound.
  2. It provides a completely closed web that keeps all of your pitches hidden from the perspective of any onlooking batter.
  3. If you intend to utilize the Mizuno Pro Corey Kluber model for the upcoming 2021 Spring season, we recommend that you get it as soon as possible because the break-in process may be a bit longer than with most other gloves.
  4. Among the notable characteristics are:
  • The Corey Kluber Game Model has a 12.00″ glove size, a closed basket web, US Kip leather, a shell leather palm pad, and a closed basket web.

Wilson A2000 PF33 33 9.Wilson A2000 PF33 33 “Catcher’s Mitt for Baseball (WBW10016233) Catcher is the title of this position. Those of you who are brave enough to take up the job of catcher deserve our admiration. A unique kind of person is required to get behind the dish every game. As a way of assisting you in your duties, we wish to provide you with our ultimate choice for the best catcher’s mitt of 2021. It is the Wilson A2000 PF33 33 that we are discussing “A catcher’s mitt is a baseball glove.

  • When you put it on your hand, you receive a sense of invincibility, which is essential for dealing with the nicks and bruises that come with the job.
  • Wilson’s PF33 has Pro Stock leather as well as Super SnakeSkin technology in its construction.
  • This design provides a huge target for any pitcher to throw to when it is used.
  • Because it is made entirely of leather, the break-in period will be longer than it would be for an infield or outfield glove, but this is to be expected.

In the meanwhile, when it comes to the greatest catcher’s glove for the year 2021, the Wilson A2000 PF33 is the model to look out for. Among the notable characteristics are:

  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap
  • 33″ Mitt Size
  • Pedroia Fit (smaller wrist opening and shorter finger stalls)
  • Two-Piece Closed Web
  • Pro Stock Leather

10.SSK Prospect JB9 Series 11 (SSK Prospect JB9 Series 11) “Baseball Gloves for Children (S19JB3902) Occupational Title: Utility In order to complete the list, we had to include our favorite youth baseball glove for the year 2021 as well. It should come as no surprise that our pick is drawn from the Javier Baez collection of SSK & Company. Baez, one of the game’s most gifted defensive players, makes his income by putting on spectacular defensive displays all over the field for his team. It’s one of the primary reasons SSK based the Prospect glove on his game-model hand.

At eleven o’clock “A player who is just learning the game may successfully play every position on the Prospect because of its large size.

The SSK Prospect baseball glove is smooth, trustworthy, and manageable, making it one of the best baseball gloves for younger players in the world in 2021 and beyond.

  • Gloves have an 11.00″ circumference, a fully closed web, full grain pigskin leather, and Dimple Sensor Technology.

That brings us to the conclusion of our list of the finest baseball gloves for 2021. While we strongly support each of these models, we hope you recognize that each player’s game is unique, and that his or her glove should be tailored to that game. Consider using our Glove Coach if you are still seeking for assistance when shopping for gloves. Alternatively, you may contact us via phone, email, or live chat with one of our Glove Experts. We wish you all the best of luck in your baseball seasons in 2021.

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Best Baseball Gloves

So, I had no intention of reviewing and compiling a list of the finest baseball gloves available until the opportunity presented itself. However, something happened lately that compelled me to take on this task. When I was looking for a nice baseball glove for children to purchase a few days ago, I learned how difficult and complicated it can be to find one from among so many different brands and models. The most often asked question I receive is regarding selecting the proper size for a baseball glove.

I’ll make every effort to make this post your one-stop shop for all of your Baseball Glove needs, regardless of the type.

Best Baseball Gloves Brands

Wilson and Rawlings are often regarded as the greatest baseball glove brands available today. So we ended up with a tie between these two renowned producers in the baseball glove sector, each of whom has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that are entirely dependent on the preferences of the consumer. Rawlings is without a doubt the most widely used glove by professional players worldwide. People who have used it are aware of the high degree of material quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of these gloves.

Since it first began manufacturing gloves, the Wilson firm has never looked back. Wilson gloves are used by professionals like as Clayton Kershaw and José Altuve. It is also admired and cherished by high school players and everyone who has ever had the pleasure of owning one.

8 Best Baseball Glove Series for Adults 2022-2021

Model Material Web Good for Price
Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Gloves Kip leather with Pittards sheep skin lining Multiple Web Options All Positions Check Price
Wilson A2K Baseball Gloves Pro Stock Leather Multiple Web Options All Positions Check Price
Rawlings HOH Baseball Gloves Traditional leather shell cut from top 5% of steer hides Multiples Options All Positions Check Price
Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves Pro Stock Leather (American Steerhides) All Web Options All Positions Check Price
Nokona X2 Elite Baseball Gloves Stampede SteerhideKangaroo Leather Almost all Options All Positions Check Price
Mizuno Pro Baseball Gloves US Kip Leather Multiple Options All Positions Check Price
All Star Pro Elite Baseball Gloves Japanese tanned US steer hides Catchers Check Price
Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Bio Soft Leather Mutiple Web options All Postions Check Price

Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Gloves Series

Glove Specifications Material:Kip leather with a lining of Pittards sheep skin For the following positions: infielder, first baseman, third baseman, outfielder, pitcher, and catcher. Patterns on a web page: a collection of patterns Factory break in: 30-40 percent of the workforce It is without a doubt that the Rawlings Pro Preferred baseball glove line is one of the best baseball gloves ever created. Pro recommended gloves combine a top-of-the-line pro game-day pattern with high-quality pro-grade material in one package.

Rawlings pro recommended gloves are available in a range of web kinds, as well as for a variety of different positions.

The pro-recommended gloves have a firmer feel and give a reasonable degree of padding to the hands, although this is entirely a matter of personal opinion.

It’s important to remember that some players find it difficult to break in a mitt made of this thick leather.

  • The leather is of reasonable quality
  • Abrasive and rigid
  • Player break-in rates of 60-70 percent
  • For all roles, I am available
  • There are a variety of webbing possibilities.

Wilson A2k baseball gloves series

Glove Specifications Pro Stock leather is the primary material used. Good for the following positions: infielder, outfielder, first base, pitcher, and catcher. Patterns on a web page: a collection of patterns Break-in time is three times faster. The Wilson A2k is the company’s premier baseball glove, and they don’t make a finer glove than this one. Of fact, the A2K series deserves to be referred to as one of the greatest baseball gloves available, since it is capable of competing with virtually any glove on the market.

  • All you have to do is pitch a tent and sleep for a few days and you’re set to go.
  • The hoopla around twin palm construction is accurate, and it really helps by increasing the overall solidity of the pocket.
  • There are also a variety of web-based choices available to you.
  • Due to the rolled twin welting, it has an excellent pocket and retains its form for a long time.
  • Leather of reasonable grade
  • A hard and rigid feel
  • A 3X quicker break-in time For all roles, I am available
  • The use of a dual palm structure is advantageous.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Gloves Series

Glove Specifications This shell is made of traditional leather, which is cut from the top 5 percent of steer hides. Infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers are all good candidates for this position. Patterns on a web page: a collection of patterns Factory break-in accounts for 30-40 percent of total break-in, with 60-70 percent of total player break-in. This hide mitt is constructed using Rawling’s classic hide leather, which is selected from the best 5 percent of Rawling’s hides leather for use in its construction.

The Rawlings HOH glove features a traditional back and a variety of webbing choices, and it is already a highly popular choice among players.

Your hands will remain comfortable in all situations thanks to Rawlings’ patented thermo-formed wrist liner, which is constructed of breathable, moisture-wicking material. It comes with an index finger pad, which may appeal to individuals who enjoy using finger pads on their hands. Pros

  • Leather of reasonable grade
  • Abrasive and rigid
  • Player break-in rates of 60-70 percent
  • For all roles, I am available
  • There are a variety of webbing possibilities. Break-ins occur more quickly

Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloves Series

Glove Specifications Pro stock leather is used as the primary material (American steerhide) Infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers are all good candidates for this position. Patterns on a web page: a collection of patterns Break in:Quicker break-in A2000 baseball/softball gloves from Wilson are obviously the most popular right now; some people believe that they are the only option available, but we all know that this isn’t the case. Moving on to the features and construction of the bag, it is constructed entirely of pro stock leather, which ensures higher durability and a quicker break-in period.

  • The glove is available in black.
  • Moreover, it is also unsatisfactory for people who seek a strong and rigid glove.
  • This baseball glove is recommended for those looking for a lightweight and soft baseball glove at an affordable price.
  • Pros
  • High-quality leather is softer and easier to break in than lower-quality leather. There is availability for all roles at a reasonable price.
  • Bad-quality laces are being used. It has a floppy feel about it. There isn’t much cushioning.

Nokona X2 Elite Baseball Gloves

Glove Specifications Nokona’s exclusive Stampede SteerhideKangaroo Leather is used in this product. Infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers are all good candidates for this position. Trapeze, H-web, and closed web patterns are examples of web patterns. Break in: Get into game-ready form Here comes the Nokona X2 elite glove, which is particularly designed and manufactured in the United States, attracting a large number of purchasers. Despite this, it is deserving of being referred to as one of the greatest baseball/softball gloves available, and its youth edition is equally as outstanding and popular.

The Nokona X2 elite fielding gloves are ideal for people who prefer a softer and lighter feel in their fielding gloves.


  • Generally excellent quality leather
  • Soft and light weight
  • Handcrafted in the United States
  • Game ready

Mizuno Pro Series Baseball Gloves

Glove Specs for a Reasonable Price Kip leather from the United States Infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers are all good candidates for this position. Patterns on a web page: a collection of patterns The Mizuno Pro Series may not be as well-known as the gloves described above, but I must admit that our list of the finest baseball gloves for adults would have been incomplete if it didn’t include this model from the Japanese company. Manufactured from high-quality US kip leather, as well as a palm liner that is also made from the same leather, this glove is extremely robust and holds its form for a long time after breaking it in.

Their recommendations are for shallow pockets for middle infielders, deep pockets for shortstops and third basemen, and a standard pocket that may be utilized by any player who wants to use it.

For those who want their gloves to be softer but not too soft, and firmer but not too stiff, this is the glove you’ll want to wear. Furthermore, it is within a reasonable price range. As a result, I consider this to be a fantastic deal at this pricing. Pros

  • Made of kip leather from the United States
  • Moderately stiff and durable
  • The linings are likewise made with kip leather. Budget-friendly solutions
  • A variety of webbing alternatives

All Star Pro Elite (Best catcher’s mitt)

Glove Specifications Japanese-tanned steer skins from the United States It is beneficial for (Position):Catchers. It takes around a week to break in. Some may say that the Rawlings pro preferred is superior to the All star pro elite, while others may disagree. However, in terms of catcher’s mitts, we believe the All Star Pro Elite is the finest of the best and outperforms them all. Leather used in the construction of the All Star Pro Elite is Japanese tanned US steer skins leather, which is both fashionable and long-lasting.

It has been pre-treated with oil to aid in the break-in process.


  • Best for padding
  • Soft and stiff
  • Comes pre-oiled for break-in
  • Best for padding
  • Catcher’s glove has the best performance, light weight, and reasonable pricing.

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

Gloves under $100 that are the best value for money Glove Specifications High school, travel, and recreation are the levels of play. Bio soft leather is the type of leather used. Steer Soft is the palm liner. Type of Welting: Split Infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers are all good candidates for this position. Patterns on a web page: a collection of patterns As we stated in the opening, this list will present the Best baseball glove for each and every one of you who is looking for one.

  1. It is constructed of Bio soft leather, and the interior is made of steer soft leather, making it extremely pleasant to hold in one’s hands.
  2. It is the ideal alternative for folks who have a lesser starting hand and do not participate in professional competitions.
  3. Craftsmanship isn’t really impressive, and I’m confident you won’t be expecting it at this price.
  4. As a result, it will last longer and will provide a more professional appearance.
  • Break-ins occur more quickly because of the lower cost. Softball equipment that may be utilized
  • Equipment that is available for all positions
  • Web-based alternatives
  • Not very long-lasting
  • The quality of the craftsmanship is not particularly high.

Final Verdictabout Best adult baseball gloves

I hope you have found your ideal baseball glove with the aid of our guide, and thank you for visiting us today. As promised, we’ve taken care of all of the necessary requirements and attempted to highlight all of the incredible gloves and mitts that are now available. However, sometimes personal preference takes precedence over any recommendation. For example, people who prefer a premium quality glove with hardness and stiffness at the same time would purchase the Rawlings pro preferred series, whereas people who prefer a similar quality glove but a softer glove with good linings would purchase the Wilson A2k.

It is not a matter of justice whether I favor one of these two great baseball gloves over the other; rather, it is a matter of personal taste. Both products are excellent in my opinion, but Rawlings Pro Preferred is my preferred choice.

Rawlings Pro Preferred

Rawlings Pro preferred is, without a doubt, the greatest baseball glove for practically all positions, and we suggest it as well as anybody else. The infield does not have a counterpart for this one.

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Wilson A2K

In terms of the best infield fielding gloves, Wilson comes in at number two on our list of recommendations. If you are a fan of Wilson and exclusively use their gloves, then this is the glove for you.

What is the Best Outfield Glove for Adults?

The Rawling’s Pro Preffered Gloves and the Wilson’s A2k Gloves are the two candidates for the best outfield gloves award this year. And the winner of the top outfield glove award has been announced. Sorry, but it’s another tie this time. We’re not in control of the situation. You’ll have to make up your own mind about which one you like most.

Rawlings Pro Preferred

You would be purchasing it if you wanted the most premium material that was both firm and rigid at the same time. Although it takes some time and work to break in, once you have, the shape of the outfield glove becomes one that will last you a lifetime.

Wilson A2K

The glove is of similar quality, but it is softer and stiffer as well; if you like a softer glove, you are in luck. It does take some time to get used to, but not nearly as much as the Pro liked. Furthermore, it is less difficult to break in.

What is the Best Catcher’s mitt?

We now have a clear winner in the contest for the greatest catcher’s mitt. In addition to being the most popular, All Star Pro Elite’s catcher mitt also boasts the qualities that have led to it being dubbed “The Best Catcher’s Mitt Ever.”

What is the Best Batting glove?

Choosing a decent baseball batting glove is not nearly as tough as selecting a top-notch fielding glove for the sport of baseball. However, it is a good idea to seek professional guidance and to solicit feedback from those who have previously used a number of the services in question. We do this because some inexpensive gloves may have loose stitching and be less durable than others, and even some more costly gloves may have severe problems with durability, perspiration, or cushioning.

Franklin Baseball Batting Gloves

Franklin is the most well-known manufacturer of batting gloves on the market. They produce batting gloves for adults, youth, and softball players, among other things. There are a plethora of baseball gloves for children available, but as is often the case, we have selected the best young baseball glove for you. And the Nokona Alpha Select S200 is the greatest glove for your child, however it is not the most affordable option. However, it is well worth the investment.

Nokona Alpha Select S-200 Youth Glove

The Nokona Alpha Select child glove is a high-quality glove that is manufactured in the United States. If your children consistently make the all-star team or have a strong desire to pursue a career in baseball, this is the finest juvenile baseball glove for them. If you are searching for a T-ball glove or a glove for practicing at home, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on it. Simply look for less expensive alternatives.

Bottom Line for Best Baseball Gloves

We’ve come to the end of our exhaustively researched and impressive list of the greatest baseball gloves, and we hope you found it useful. In our fielding editions, we discovered that Rawlings Pro Preferred is the most popular and greatest baseball glove available, regardless of whether it is for infield gloves or outfield gloves (see below). However, when it comes to catcher’s mitts, we do not believe that Rawlings Pro Preferred is the greatest option. Yes, it is excellent, but the All Star Pro catcher’s glove is something that we regard to be the finest catcher’s mitt.

We will also be collecting a comprehensive list of all of the infield, outfield, catcher’s mitt, and batting gloves that will be available. You can find out more about them by clicking on the headers.

The Best Baseball Gloves

To be successful on the baseball field, you must have faith in your equipment. Investing in a high-quality baseball glove may benefit your game in a variety of ways. When it comes to fielding ground balls or outfield flies, the perfect glove may elevate your defense to new levels of performance. Finding the ideal baseball glove might seem more difficult than completing an unassisted triple play in today’s world of many possibilities. We’ve sifted through the potential and prepared a list of the greatest mitts the year has to offer.

Are you unsure which glove is best for your job description?

*Disclaimer: Inventory may change owing to product availability.

The Best Baseball Gloves

  • A2000 Series
  • Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series
  • A2K Series
  • Rawlings Pro Preferred Series
  • Nokona Walnut Series
  • Mizuno Pro Series
  • Rawlings Custom Glove Series
  • Wilson A2000 Series

Wilson A2000 Series

A baseball glove series that has been a mainstay on all fields since its creation in 1957, the Wilson A2000 has set the standard for innovation in the sport. In order to improve durability and break-in lifetime, the Wilson A2000 is equipped with Dual Welting along each finger back. Wilson’s Pro Stock Select American Steerhide structure, on the other hand, may ensure that this mitt lasts a long time in your possession. The Wilson A2000 is also equipped with some outstanding athlete-specific technology, such as DRI-LEX wrist lining.

  1. Wilson’s Spin Control Technology, which is the newest addition to the Wilson A2000 series, is a game-changing innovation.
  2. In order to reduce the spin rate of the ball while in the pocket, this design is meant to create friction when fielding a ball.
  3. There are a variety of colours, sizes, and web designs to pick from, so you can choose the right glove for your position and personal style.
  4. Wilson A2000 Series products are available for purchase.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series

Look no farther than this Blue Ribbon baseball glove to take command of the diamond. Look no farther than Rawlings Sporting Goods’ Heart of the Hide Series for a quality baseball bat. These baseball gloves, which are made from the top 5 percent of available cowhide, are constructed with their Heart of the Hide leather. An high-quality leather alternative can assist to improve the fit, feel, and longevity of this essential baseball accessory. A Thermoformed Wrist Lining also contributes to the comfort of this baseball glove by increasing airflow and wicking away moisture from the player’s hands.

This advantage can help you decrease the break-in process and get you closer to game-day domination by giving you a head start.

Choose the most appropriate web pattern, size, and colour for your specific requirements. You’ll be making plays until the cows come home if you’re wearing a Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series baseball glove. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide Series is available for purchase.

Wilson A2K Series

Baseball gloves are more than simply a piece of sporting equipment. They are also a fashion accessory. They are a work of art that has been meticulously made. Few gloves better represent this concept than the Wilson A2K Series of gloves. Wilson’s Pro Stock Select Leather is used in the A2K, which is selected through a triple-sorting process to ensure uniformity and flawlessness. This high-quality material can aid in the reduction of break-in time while yet providing outstanding durability. In addition, the Wilson A2K Series makes use of a Double Palm Design.

The act of moulding this baseball glove adds a last touch of artisanship to it.

Wilson A2K Series jerseys are available in a variety of colorways, sizes, and webbings to accommodate every player’s preference and to accentuate their on-field excellence.

BONUS PRO SUGGESTION: Want to get a closer peek at what goes on behind the scenes at Wilson Sporting Goods?

Rawlings Pro Preferred Series

Do you like your baseball glove to have a more customized feel? The Rawlings Pro Preferred Series is able to do just that. Because it is made of full-grain kip leather, this baseball glove has the ability to break in beautifully for a really unique fit. Because of the 100 percent wool padding, you may even make your own pocket to hold your belongings. The Rawlings Pro Preferred is also constructed in such a way that your unique break-in will last for several seasons. Features such as Pro Grade leather laces assist to boost strength and longevity, allowing your equipment to work as hard as you do while remaining in good condition.

This additional component contributes to a more comfortable feel by wicking away sweat for a more comfortable feel.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Series is available for purchase.

Nokona Walnut Series

Consider purchasing a baseball glove that was born and grown in your neighborhood to pay homage to America’s favorite game. With the Nokona Walnut Series, you can take the field. For more than 85 years, Nokona American Ball Gloves has been handcrafting mitts in the United States of America. The Walnut Series pays homage to their legacy by incorporating their patented Walnut Crunch leather, which provides excellent stability, durability, and feel. You will be game-ready in a shorter amount of time with these baseball gloves since they require little break-in time.

While you participate in the Nokona Walnut Series this baseball season, remember to respect the game’s rich history as you write your own tale. The Nokona Walnut Series is available for purchase.

Mizuno Pro Series

Player Pocket Design is a component of the Mizuno Pro Series, which was developed with athletes in mind. Every one of these pre-formed compartments has been customized to match the precise requirements of each position. It is also possible to increase pocket performance by positioning the pattern under the web for a better shaping experience, as demonstrated by Mizuno’s Hand-Based Patterns. Premium leathers are used to construct the outer shell and palm liner, resulting in increased durability and consistency of feel.

There’s no time for amateur outcomes; with the Mizuno Pro Series, you may achieve pro-level performance this season.

Rawlings Custom Glove Series

Consider whether you’re seeking for a genuinely distinctive baseball glove that reflects your on-field achievements in terms of color and design. You might want to try wearing your creative hat while creating a personalized Rawlings baseball glove to show off your skills. Pick a series from their premium Pro Preferred or Heart of the Hide series and start creating your masterpiece right now. Custom Rawlings baseball gloves allow you to personalize the fit, web design, hue, and other aspects of the glove.

  • Incorporate some brightly colored leather or metallic stamping into your design.
  • By using personalized embroidery, you may make it clear to your opponent who is the team with the best lockdown defense this year.
  • The Rawlings Custom Glove Series is available for purchase.
  • Make use of our in-depth Pro Tips guide to locate the mitt that is most suited to your game.
  • It’s now up to you to customize it to your desire.

Best Baseball Gloves for 2022: Top Baseball Glove Reviews

The shop will not function properly if cookies are deactivated on your computer or device. All baseball gloves are not made equal, and neither are their uses. Compared to outfielders, middle infielders require a different type of glove. The first baseman and the catcher each have their own set of mitts to choose from, while outfielders would have a difficult time utilizing a glove designed for a middle infielder on the field. Baseball gloves are an essential element of the game, and finding the finest baseball glove for your particular position is a task that all serious ball players must do if they want to guarantee that they are well-positioned for success.

Best Baseball Gloves for 2022

The majority of baseball players have a certain preference when it comes to baseball gloves.

When it comes to selecting a glove, there is no right or wrong answer, but the following list can be helpful when it comes time to step up your glove game in preparation for the next season:

1. Wilson A2000 1786 11.5″ Baseball Glove – 2022 Model

Overview:The Wilson A2000 is meant to be trustworthy, incredibly durable, and operate to the high standards that have come to be expected from this iconic family of products. The combination of Wilsons’ Pro Stock Select leather, as well as dual welting along the pocket, results in a glove that is incredibly durable while still providing an unrivaled degree of comfort. This glove is ideal if you are an elite-level baseball player searching for a glove that is fashionable, comfortable, and extremely durable so that you may use it for numerous seasons.

  • 11.5″ Infield Model
  • H-Web
  • Blonde and Saddle Tan Pro Stock Leather
  • 11.5″ Infield Model
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2. Rawlings R9 Series 11.5″ Baseball Glove – 2021 Model

a brief overview of the product:The all-new R9 Series baseball gloves are the best gloves available at this price point on the market. This line is constructed entirely of soft, robust leather shells that are meant to be game-ready. This series, which features pro-style patterns and a strengthened palm pad for impact mitigation, is ideal for the Select level of player. The following are the most important characteristics:

3. Rawlings R9 Series 12.5″ First Base Mitt – 2021 Model

Brief Description:The R9 Series baseball gloves are the best gloves available on the market at this price point, according to Baseball America. All-leather shells are used in the construction of this series, which is comfortable and resilient and built to be game-ready. This series, which features pro-style patterns and a strengthened palm pad to reduce impact, is ideal for the Select player. Features to look out for include the following:

4. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSDCTCC 13″ First Base Mitt

Overview: Pro Preferred® series gloves are distinguished by its clean, supple kip leather, which breaks in to provide the ideal pocket for each player’s individual playing style. Top pro game-day patterns and pro-grade materials come together to give the quality and performance that the world’s finest players want and rely on year after year. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • Single Post Double Bar Web
  • 13″ initial basic model
  • Single Post Double Bar Web
  • Player break-in accounts for 70% of all occurrences.

5. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin DP15 11.5″ Baseball Glove – 2022 Model

Overview:The Wilson A2000 is meant to be trustworthy, incredibly durable, and operate to the high standards that have come to be expected from this iconic family of products. Wilson’s A2000 SuperSkin glove series is the all-around performer in the company’s portfolio. Using a flexible combination of Pro Stock leather and man-made SuperSkin, the glove is stronger, lighter, and simpler to break in than the A2000, which is constructed entirely of leather. This glove is ideal if you are an elite-level baseball player searching for a glove that is fashionable, comfortable, and extremely durable so that you may use it for numerous seasons.

  • H-Web
  • Pedroia Fit – intended for younger players or those with smaller hands
  • 11.5″ Infield Model with H-Web
  • Pedroia Fit with Pedroia

6. Rawlings Sandlot 11.5″ Baseball Glove – 2022 Model

Overview: The Rawlings Sandlot Series gloves have a full-grain pre-oiled leather construction that is paired with Zero Shock palm cushions to provide additional protection against impact. A distinctive Sherry colored vintage style and minimum break-in needs are achieved by combining cushioned finger backs for unrivaled comfort with expert web designs. The following are the most important characteristics:

7. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO315-2CBC 11.75″ Baseball Glove

Overview: Heart of the Hide gloves are made from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide steer hide leather and feature game-day designs inspired by the finest Rawlings Advisory Staff players.

Athletes who want to be part of the next generation of defensive greats may now purchase these high-quality gloves that have characterized the careers of individuals who have been dubbed “The Finest on the Field.” The following are the most important characteristics:

8. Mizuno Select 9 12.5″ Baseball Glove – Black/Brown

The new Mizuno Select 9 12″ baseball glove is manufactured of Bio Soft Leather, which is a professional-style, smooth leather that has the right blend of oil and softness for great feel and solid control. It is pre-broken-in and game-ready. Features Center Pocket Designed Patterns that naturally center the pocket beneath the index finger, allowing you the most adaptable break-in experience conceivable. Mizuno Select 9 is designed for ballplayers who are dedicated to improving their skills. The following are the most important characteristics:

9. All-Star Pro Elite 33.5″ Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

Overview: The All-Star Pro Elite 33.5″ Baseball Catcher’s Glove is an excellent choice for those who prefer a stiffer Catcher’s mitt than the standard model. While this glove is similar in appearance to the original blacktan CM3000 series, it boasts tougher black leather on both the inside and outside of the glove. The CM3000 Series, which is the mitt of choice for many professional baseball catchers, is a great option to have on hand. The following are the most important characteristics:

  • Exclusive Japanese-tanned steer skin enables for a quick break-in period as well as a longer life span. These remarkable mittens are made only with the best materials and by hand, resulting in a product of extraordinary quality. Each mitt is a one-of-a-kind work of art, created by hand.

10. Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO204-20CB 11.5″ Baseball Glove

Overview: Heart of the Hide gloves are made from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide steer hide leather and feature game-day designs inspired by the finest Rawlings Advisory Staff players. Athletes who want to be part of the next generation of defensive greats may now purchase these high-quality gloves that have characterized the careers of individuals who have been dubbed “The Finest on the Field.” The following are the most important characteristics:

  • The 11.5″ infield model has a Single Post Web and has a 60 percent player break-in rate.

Are Gloves for Specific Positions Necessary?

The majority of players require gloves that are tailored to their individual positions. While an outfielder may wear a pitcher’s glove, and a pitcher can theoretically do the same, gloves designed for first basemen and catchers cannot be used anywhere else. Those that play in both the infield and outfield frequently would benefit from a glove that offers the best of both worlds, which can be found in the following models:

Components of a Baseball Glove

The parts that make up a baseball glove are somewhat complicated. Gloves are more than simply a single piece of leather; they are an ensemble. A baseball glove is composed of several components, including the web, fingers, heel, palm, and other elements. Together, these elements make up the many reasons why certain gloves are superior than others in terms of performance.

Styles of Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. If a glove is designed for a certain position, it is likely that a great deal of thought and work went into its development in order to provide players with all of the tools they need to succeed. The copyright for this work is reserved by MonkeySports, Inc. from 1999 to 2021. MonkeySports, Inc. operates Baseball MonkeyTM and Baseballmonkey.comTM, all of which are trademarks of MonkeySports, Inc.

The Best Baseball Gloves We’re Buying This Season

If you make a purchase after clicking on a link on our website to a product or service that has been independently vetted, Rolling Stone may get a commission. When it comes to baseball gloves, they are much more than just a piece of equipment: they are an extension of your hand and fingers. Furthermore, this is true for all baseball players, whether they’re just having fun with their kids or competing at the highest level.

Finding the ideal baseball glove for your hand, position, and play style, on the other hand, might be difficult. Please see the sections below for a fast tutorial to understanding the many types of baseball gloves and for four of our top baseball gloves to buy right now.

How to Choose the Best Baseball Glove

When purchasing a new baseball glove, you should take into consideration the construction quality as well as the glove’s intended position. Quality is rather straightforward: well-known companies employ high-quality leather and strong stitching to create gloves that will last for years to come. The intended position of a glove is a little more complicated. Different positions necessitate the use of a distinct type of glove, while some gloves may be used in both friendly and competitive games.

  • As a last consideration, the pocket must be rather shallow in order for infielders to rapidly move the ball to their throwing hand.
  • Pitcher’s gloves are otherwise similar to infield gloves, with the exception of a slightly smaller size to allow for more agility.
  • This enables you the greatest possible reach while wrangling fly balls, as well as a solid capture.
  • These gloves have a closed webbing for pitching, a medium size for playing outfielder or infielder, and a pocket depth that is in the middle for quick movement in the infield.
  • When playing in a serious game, first basemen are sometimes equipped with a special cushioned mitt.

What Are the Best Baseball Gloves?

Currently, the Wilson A2000 is the greatest baseball glove on the market. Period. Premium leather offers long-term durability as well as a high-performance feel that only gets better with use. The A2000 is available in a range of sizes to accommodate players in various positions, but its shallow pocket makes it ideal for use as a utility or infield glove. After breaking in, the glove’s shallow pocket enables for quick transfers to the throwing hand, and the glove acquires a lovely flared shape as a result of this.

Wilson A2000 Baseball Gloveat $279.95 (image courtesy of Amazon)

2. Rawlings Outfield Baseball Glove

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove is another another top-of-the-line baseball glove. The glove is well-known for its use of high-quality steer hide leather in its construction. Steer hide is somewhat thinner and more solid than standard cowhide, which provides greater comfort and security than regular cowhide. As a result, the Heart of the Hide is the most commonly used glove for outfielders. The glove’s material, combined with its 12.75-inch length, makes it ideal for collecting fly balls.

It’s also been factory broken in at a rate of 65 percent, allowing for a great fit in less usage than other gloves of the same size. Purchase: Rawlings Outfield Baseball Gloveat$279.95, courtesy of Amazon

3. Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Glove

A terrific glove for casual players and beginners, the Sandlot (also from Rawlings) is a great option. The glove is available in a variety of designs for every position (including catcher), but we highly recommend this 12-inch closed-web model as a multipurpose glove for transferring between positions. As a result, the glove is made of high-quality materials, including full-grain leather that will last for many years. Palm cushions that absorb stress and finger backs that are cushioned add to the overall comfort of the glove.

Purchase: Rawlings Sandlot Series Baseball Gloveat$78.49 (image courtesy of Amazon)

4. Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove

If you find yourself in the outfield on a regular basis, this glove from Franklin may be for you. It has a huge 12.5-inch size that is ideal for capturing flies, as well as a deep palm that is ideal for securing the ball. Because of the high-quality leather construction and the plush palm lining, the glove is also quite pleasant to wear (even while waiting outside the diamond). This cowhide has a slight hardness to it that makes it difficult to use with the fingertips, but it is flexible enough to break in shortly after purchase.

Purchase:FranklinSportsBaseball Fielding Gloveat$98.67 (image courtesy of Amazon)

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