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List of best Major League Baseball season win-loss records – Wikipedia

The Major League Baseballteams with the best season win-loss records, as judged by winning percentage, are listed in the following section (.700 or better).

Season records

A winning percentage of at least.700 was achieved by the following clubs during the regular season (minimum 120 games). Despite the fact that the season has been extended to 162 games since 1961, only two teams have achieved a winning percentage of.700 or better (which necessitates 114 or more victories): the 1998 New York Yankees and the 2001 Seattle Mariners. Legend

  • NL denotes the National League
  • AL denotes the American League
  • AA denotes the American Association.
Season Franchise League Wins Losses Pct. Games Played Finish
1906 Chicago Cubs NL 116 36 .763 152 Lost1906 World Series
1902 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 103 36 .741 139 National League Champions
1886 Chicago White Stockings NL 90 34 .726 124 Lost1886 World Series
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 110 42 .724 152 Won1909 World Series
1954 Cleveland Indians AL 111 43 .721 154 Lost1954 World Series
2020 * Los Angeles Dodgers NL 43 17 .717 60 Won2020 World Series
2001 Seattle Mariners AL 116 46 .716 162 Lost2001 ALCS
1927 New York Yankees AL 110 44 .714 154 Won1927 World Series
1886 Detroit Wolverines NL 87 36 .707 123 2nd place in National League
1897 Boston Beaneaters NL 93 39 .705 132 Lost 1897Temple Cup
1907 Chicago Cubs NL 107 45 .704 152 Won1907 World Series
1931 Philadelphia Athletics AL 107 45 .704 152 Lost1931 World Series
1998 New York Yankees AL 114 48 .704 162 Won1998 World Series
1887 St. Louis Browns AA 95 40 .704 135 Lost1887 World Series
1939 New York Yankees AL 106 45 .702 152 Won1939 World Series

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, the season was cut from 82 games to 60 games.

Pre-1886 teams

When teams played fewer games in a season (fewer than 100 games before 1884), it was more common for them to finish with.700 or better winning percentages, as there was less of an evening-out effect from playing a longer season. Some seasons featured multiple teams, with three in 1884 (between the three leagues that year) and three in 1885. Six teams finished with better overall winning percentages than the 1906 Cubs, three of whom played in the National League’s early years and the other three who played in leagues whose status as “major” has long been disputed: two in the National Association, whose status as a major league has long been disputed, and the other in the Union Association, whose status as a major league has been questioned due to the league’s ad hoc nature.

The 1906 Cubs finished with a winning percentage The Union Association was also not considered a major league by current baseball guides: the oldest record of the Union Association being considered a major league dates back to 1922.) Legend

  • Because of the shorter schedules (fewer than 100 games before 1884), it was more common for teams to finish with.700 or better winning percentages, as there was less of an evening-out effect from a longer season. Some seasons had multiple teams, with three in 1884 (between the three leagues that year) and three in 1885 (between the three leagues that year). Six teams finished with better overall winning percentages than the 1906 Cubs, three of whom played in the National League’s early years and the other three who played in leagues whose status as “major” has long been disputed: two in the National Association, whose status as a major league has long been disputed, and the other in the Union Association, whose status as a major league has been questioned due to the league’s ad hoc nature. The 1906 Cubs finished with the best overall winning Furthermore, current baseball guides did not consider the Union Association to be a major league: the oldest instance of the Union Association being referred to be a major league dates back to 1922. Legend
Season Franchise League Wins Losses Pct. Games played Finish
1875 Boston Red Stockings NA 71 8 .899 79 National Association Champions
1884 St. Louis Maroons UA 94 19 .832 113 Union Association Champions
1872 Boston Red Stockings NA 39 8 .830 47 National Association Champions
1880 Chicago White Stockings NL 67 17 .798 84 National League Champions
1876 Chicago White Stockings NL 52 14 .788 66 National League Champions
1885 Chicago White Stockings NL 87 25 .777 112 Tied 1885 World Series
1885 New York Giants NL 85 27 .759 112 2nd National League
1871 Philadelphia Athletics NA 21 7 .750 28 National Association Champions
1884 Providence Grays NL 84 28 .750 112 Won 1884 World Series
1874 Boston Red Stockings NA 52 18 .743 70 National Association Champions
1873 Boston Red Stockings NA 43 16 .729 59 National Association Champions
1875 Philadelphia Athletics NA 53 20 .726 73 2nd National Association
1885 St. Louis Browns AA 79 33 .705 112 Tied 1885 World Series
1876 St. Louis Brown Stockings NL 45 19 .703 64 3rd National League
1879 Providence Grays NL 59 25 .702 84 National League Champions
1884 New York Metropolitans AA 75 32 .701 107 Lost 1884 World Series
1877 Boston Red Caps NL 42 18 .700 60 National League Champions

TheCincinnati Red Stockings hold the record for the best single season record in baseball history with a 67–0 record (57–0 versus the National Association of Base Ball Playersclubs) in 1869, the year before Major League Baseball was established. Their record would improve to 81–0 throughout the course of the 1870 season before they were defeated 8–7 in eleven innings by the Brooklyn Atlantics on June 14 in Brooklyn.

2020 season

The Los Angeles Dodgers ended with a winning percentage of.717 in the 2020 season, which was reduced to 60 games due to scheduling conflicts (43-17).

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External links

  • Baseball Reference has records and statistics
  • The Baseball Almanac has a study of the finest teams in baseball history
  • And more. The book “Baseball Dynasties” by Neyer and Epstein contains excerpts. Rob Neyer and Eddie Epstein are co-authors of this book. Baseball Dynasties: The All-Time Greatest Teams in Baseball Norton & Company, 2000, 384 pages

List of all-time Major League Baseball win–loss records – Wikipedia

Baseball’s Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization composed of 30 clubs, 15 of which are in the National League (NL) and 15 of which are in the American League (AL) (AL). The National League and the American League were established in 1876 and 1901, respectively. In the years after their formation in 1903, the two leagues collaborated but maintained their legal separation until 2000, when they amalgamated to become a single organization directed by the Commissioner of Baseball.

  1. Results during a team’s time while playing in the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players or as a member of any minor league are not included in these records.
  2. The Miami Marlins have the lowest batting average in the league, at.461.
  3. (1,826).
  4. The Chicago Cubs have played 21,769 games, which is more than any other Major League Baseball team.
  5. With 163, San Francisco has the most ties in the history of Major League Baseball.
  6. With a.632 playoff winning % as of the conclusion of the 2021 World Series, the Miami Marlins have the best winning percentage in baseball, while the San Diego Padres have the lowest winning percentage in baseball.

The New York Yankees have the most postseason victories (241), and the Colorado Rockies have the fewest (48), respectively (10). As well as having the most playoff defeats (172), the Yankees have the fewest (Miami and Colorado are tied for the fewest) (14).

Table key

  • List of Major League Baseball franchises who have gone without a playoff appearance


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Sean Smith has supplied the total zone rating as well as a first framework for calculating Wins above Replacement (WAR).

Some high school information is provided courtesy of David McWater.

Thank you very much to him.

MLB Standings

1 Orioles 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2 Red Sox 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
3 Yankees 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
4 Rays 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
5 Blue Jays 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0


1 White Sox 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2 Guardians 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
3 Tigers 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
4 Royals 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
5 Twins 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0


1 Astros 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2 Angels 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
3 Athletics 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
4 Mariners 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
5 Rangers 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
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1 Braves 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2 Marlins 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
3 Mets 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
4 Phillies 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
5 Nationals 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0


1 Cubs 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2 Reds 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
3 Brewers 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
4 Pirates 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
5 Cardinals 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0


1 Diamondbacks 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2 Rockies 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
3 Dodgers 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
4 Padres 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
5 Giants 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0

100-Win Seasons in Major League Baseball

Those teams in Major League Baseball that achieve the milestone of 100 victories in a single season have attained a mystical peak that elevates them to the ranks of the all-time best teams in baseball history. Baseball Almanac conducted a study on teams who had 100 or more wins in a season, and they looked at EVERY club that has 100 or more victories in a season. Take a look at the roster to see every player that contributed to this accomplishment. Visit the site to see the games won, the whole schedule, and every team that was defeated during that specific season, as well as box scores for all of the games (where available).

There has never been a season in which five different teams reached the 100-win plateau, but there has been one season in which four different teams reached the milestone (2019), and seven seasons (1942, 1977, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2017, 2018) in Major League history (1876-2022) in which three different teams reached the magical mark!

The 1906 Chicago Cubs set a National League record by winning 116 games, but they were defeated in the World Series. The 2001 Seattle Mariners set an American League record by winning 116 games, however they were defeated in the 2001 American League Championship Series by the New York Yankees.


American League
Team W L Pct GB Home Road East Central West Last 10 Streak
X-Tampa Bay 100 62 .617 52 – 29 48 – 33 51 – 25 19 – 13 15 – 19 7 – 3 L 1
Y-Boston 92 70 .568 8 49 – 32 43 – 38 41 – 35 20 – 13 15 – 18 5 – 5 W 3
Y-NY Yankees 92 70 .568 8 46 – 35 46 – 35 36 – 40 22 – 10 22 – 12 7 – 3 W 1
Toronto 91 71 .562 9 47 – 33 44 – 38 42 – 34 19 – 15 16 – 16 6 – 4 W 3
Baltimore 52 110 .321 48 27 – 54 25 – 56 20 – 56 10 – 24 15 – 17 4 – 6 L 3
Team W L Pct GB Home Road East Central West Last 10 Streak
X-Chi White Sox 93 69 .574 53 – 28 40 – 41 19 – 14 44 – 32 16 – 17 7 – 3 L 1
Cleveland 80 82 .494 13 40 – 41 40 – 41 13 – 21 43 – 33 15 – 17 5 – 5 W 1
Detroit 77 85 .475 16 42 – 39 35 – 46 18 – 14 30 – 46 18 – 16 3 – 7 W 1
Kansas City 74 88 .457 19 39 – 42 35 – 46 12 – 21 36 – 40 14 – 19 5 – 5 L 2
Minnesota 73 89 .451 20 38 – 43 35 – 46 13 – 20 37 – 39 13 – 20 6 – 4 W 2
Team W L Pct GB Home Road East Central West Last 10 Streak
X-Houston 95 67 .586 51 – 30 44 – 37 18 – 13 19 – 16 49 – 27 4 – 6 W 2
Seattle 90 72 .556 5 46 – 35 44 – 37 19 – 15 15 – 17 47 – 29 7 – 3 L 1
Oakland 86 76 .531 9 43 – 38 43 – 38 15 – 18 23 – 10 37 – 39 4 – 6 L 2
LA Angels 77 85 .475 18 40 – 42 37 – 43 16 – 17 21 – 12 29 – 47 5 – 5 W 1
Texas 60 102 .370 35 36 – 45 24 – 57 14 – 20 11 – 21 28 – 48 5 – 5 L 1
National League
Team W L Pct GB Home Road East Central West Last 10 Streak
X-Atlanta 88 73 .547 42 – 38 46 – 35 45 – 31 22 – 12 15 – 16 8 – 2 W 2
Philadelphia 82 80 .506 6.5 47 – 34 35 – 46 41 – 35 20 – 14 13 – 19 4 – 6 L 2
NY Mets 77 85 .475 11.5 47 – 34 30 – 51 39 – 37 13 – 20 16 – 17 4 – 6 L 2
Miami 67 95 .414 21.5 42 – 39 25 – 56 35 – 41 12 – 20 17 – 17 3 – 7 W 2
Washington 65 97 .401 23.5 35 – 46 30 – 51 30 – 46 14 – 18 11 – 23 2 – 8 L 5
Team W L Pct GB Home Road East Central West Last 10 Streak
X-Milwaukee 95 67 .586 45 – 36 50 – 31 17 – 14 47 – 29 23 – 12 4 – 6 L 4
Y-St. Louis 90 72 .556 5 45 – 36 45 – 36 17 – 16 42 – 34 20 – 13 7 – 3 L 2
Cincinnati 83 79 .512 12 44 – 37 39 – 42 20 – 13 43 – 33 11 – 22 5 – 5 W 1
Chi Cubs 71 91 .438 24 39 – 42 32 – 49 13 – 21 35 – 41 17 – 15 4 – 6 W 2
Pittsburgh 61 101 .377 34 37 – 44 24 – 57 17 – 17 23 – 53 11 – 21 4 – 6 L 1
Team W L Pct GB Home Road East Central West Last 10 Streak
X-San Francisco 107 55 .660 54 – 27 53 – 28 21 – 11 20 – 14 53 – 23 8 – 2 W 1
Y-LA Dodgers 106 56 .654 1 58 – 23 48 – 33 24 – 9 20 – 13 50 – 26 9 – 1 W 7
San Diego 79 83 .488 28 45 – 36 34 – 47 15 – 18 16 – 17 34 – 42 2 – 8 L 1
Colorado 74 87 .460 32.5 48 – 33 26 – 54 19 – 13 14 – 19 31 – 45 3 – 7 L 2
Arizona 52 110 .321 55 32 – 49 20 – 61 13 – 21 13 – 19 22 – 54 4 – 6 W 2

STATS PERFORMANCE has determined that X has won the division and Y has won a playoff spot in 2022. Using or distributing this material for commercial purposes without the explicit written approval of STATS PERFORM is strictly forbidden.

10 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken

Following the conclusion of the 2018 regular season, the Boston Red Sox concluded the season with a record of 108–54, becoming the winningest club in the franchise’s history. Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez, two outfielders for the Boston Red Sox, have both contributed to the team’s success thus far this season. Betts is considered to be one of the favorites to win the American League MVP award. Betts became only the second player in team history to hit 32 home runs and steal 30 bases in the same season, joining Jacob Ellsbury in 2011 as the only other player to accomplish the feat.

  1. Although his stats were impressive, his home runs and.330 batting average fell short of Betts’ (.346) and Oakland’s Khris Davis’s 48 home runs, which led the American League in home runs.
  2. The greatest record in baseball has been had by only 12 teams since 1969, with only one of those teams going on to win the World Series.
  3. Here is a glance at each of the 12 teams: The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series in 1970.
  4. (100-63) Tigers of 1984 (104-58) The Mets won the World Series in 1986.
  5. (114-48) The Red Sox won the World Series in 2007.
  6. (103-59) The Boston Red Sox were crowned champions in 2013.

List of worst MLB season records

The Major League Baseballteams with the poorest season won-lost records, as defined by winning percentage (.300 or below) and a minimum of 140 games played, are included in the following section.

Year Franchise Lg W L Percentage
1899 Cleveland Spiders NL 20 134 .130
1916 Philadelphia Athletics AL 36 117 .235
1935 Boston Braves NL 38 115 .248
1962 New York Mets NL 40 120 .250
1904 Washington Senators AL 38 113 .252
1898 St. Louis Browns NL 39 111 .260
1919 Philadelphia Athletics AL 36 104 .257
2003 Detroit Tigers AL 43 119 .265
1952 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 42 112 .273
1909 Washington Senators AL 42 110 .276
1942 Philadelphia Phillies NL 42 109 .278
1932 Boston Red Sox AL 43 111 .279
1939 St. Louis Browns AL 43 111 .279
1941 Philadelphia Phillies NL 43 111 .279
1928 Philadelphia Phillies NL 43 109 .283
1915 Philadelphia Athletics AL 43 109 .283
1911 Boston Braves NL 44 107 .291
1909 Boston Braves NL 45 108 .294
1911 St. Louis Browns AL 45 107 .296
1939 Philadelphia Phillies NL 45 106 .298
1937 St. Louis Browns AL 46 108 .299
1945 Philadelphia Phillies NL 46 108 .299
1938 Philadelphia Phillies NL 45 105 .300

The National League is abbreviated as NL, and the American League is abbreviated as AL.


Despite ending with a 20-134 (.130 %) record in the final season of the National League’s 12-team experiment in the 1890s (with one exception), the 1899 Cleveland Spiders hold the record for the lowest single-season record in all of baseball history (with one exception). The only club to do worse was the 1884 Wilmington Quicksteps of the Union Association, who played just 18 games and finished with a 2-16 record and a.125 winning %, the worst record in the league. Prior to 1899, as stated in the list, the St.

  1. Because of shorter schedules for much of the 19th century, there was less of a “evening out” effect that accumulates over a season of 154 or 162 games, and as a result, 19th century baseball has both the greatest and the worst percentages in baseball history, respectively.
  2. These teams aren’t included since they had shorter schedules than the rest of the field.
  3. It wasn’t until 1899 that the National League adopted the normal 154-game schedule.
  4. Meanwhile, the St.
  5. However, the Browns were purchased by the Spiders’ ownership (the Robison brothers) in time for the 1899 season, resulting in an evident conflict of interest that was subsequently forbidden by the league.
  6. Louis on the final day of the season in exchange for poor players, resulting in decent performance for St.

It was the 1899 Spiders that established major league records for the most consecutive losses in a season (24 from July 26 to September 16), the most losses in a month (27 in July), the most double digit losing streaks (six), and the most games lost in a season (40 from July 26 to September 16).

  1. Although ironic in retrospect, the Los Angeles Dodgers had done a similar thing to the Baltimore Orioles franchise, shifting numerous future Hall of Famers from the old Orioles to the new Dodgers organization.
  2. Louis club, which had hoped for a more significant increase in the rankings than they were able to achieve.
  3. However, the only thing St.
  4. After being renamed theSt.
  5. Louis Browns, who acquired the abandoned nickname and feature on this list as well.
  6. After a dismal season, it was nearly a foregone conclusion that the Spiders would dissolve, and the League was reduced from twelve to eight teams in the end.

Baltimore, Louisville, and Washington were among the cities that were phased out. The American League was formed shortly after to fill the vacancy.

Philadelphia clubs

On this list, nine teams competed in the city of Philadelphia, out of a total of 23 teams. It is worth noting that the Philadelphia Phillies, who are responsible for six of the clubs listed above, have an all-time winning percentage of.468 (through 2006, dating back to 1883), which ranks poorest among the “Original Sixteen” franchises prior to expansion. It was on July 15, 2007, that they suffered their 10,000th franchise defeat, which was several hundred more than the Chicago Cubs, despite the fact that they were founded seven years earlier.

  • For many years, prior to the expansion New York Mets’ entrance in 1962 and their subsequent theft of the Phillies’ thunder, the Phillies were considered to be the bottom of the league’s food chain (and the team that kept the by-then inept Cubs out of last place).
  • It was shown in a 1962 baseball magazine with the phrase, “I was released by the Phillies,” showing a baseball player submitting an application for the French Foreign Legion.
  • The A’s won six pennants and three World Series between 1902 and 1914, and were a significant contrast to the Phillies.
  • In just two seasons, the A’s went from being a perennial contender to becoming one of the worst teams in baseball history, second only to the 1962New York Mets and third only to the 2003Detroit Tigers in terms of ineptitude.
  • Washington had a 76-77 record, while every other club in the American League had a winning record as a result of this.
  • The A’s would rebuild into another powerhouse, winning three straight pennants from 1929-30-31 and the World Series in 1929-30 and 1930-31, respectively.
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Other teams

The 1935Boston Braves had future Hall of Famers Rabbit Maranville (age 43) and Babe Ruth, who was then known as Babe Ruth. Emili Fuchs had offered Ruth an ownership part in the Braves as well as the opportunity to become the club’s manager in the near future, but he had no intention of following through on either promise. Ruth retired from baseball on June 1, 1935, after hitting.181 in 72 at-bats with the Braves and blasting six home runs in the process (the last three all coming on the same day, May 25, 1935, atPittsburgh).

  • Thirteen years later, the Braves would win the National League pennant for the second time.
  • They finished with the third-worst winning percentage in the modern era and the most defeats in the modern period (1900-present).
  • The Mets would go on to finish last or next-to-last in the National League for seven consecutive seasons until shocking the baseball world by winning the World Series in 1969.
  • When the Tigers were 38-118 after 156 games, it looked like they were on their way to breaking the 1962 Mets’ record for most defeats.
  • On September 27, the Tigers rallied from an early 8-0 hole to defeat the Minnesota Twins 9-8 in their next-to-last game of the season.
  • The Tigers were fortunate in that the Twins had recently secured the division and were resting their regulars at the time of their victory.

A remarkable and surprising run by the Detroit Tigers three years after they had lost 119 games propelled them to a 95-67 record on the last day of the season, despite being eclipsed in the standings by the Minnesota Twins, who had “assisted” the Tigers in escaping ignominy three years previously.

Louis Cardinals in 2007.

Changes of scenery

Numerous franchises on this list that had been struggling for years eventually relocated and found considerably greater success. The following are the results from the 2006 season:

  • The Senators would eventually become the Minnesota Twins, and in their new home they would win eight division titles, three league pennants, and two World Series championships
  • The Browns, whose only postseason appearance in a half-century in St. Louis was a loss in the 1944 World Series to their same-ballpark rivals the Cardinals, would eventually become the Baltimore Orioles, and in their new home they would win six league pennants and three World Series championships
  • And the Reds, who The Philadelphia Athletics relocated to Kansas City with little success, essentially serving as a “farm club” for the New York Yankees for a period of time (the closest modern equivalent to the 1898-1899 situation)
  • They then relocated to Oakland under new ownership, where they won six league championships and four World Series championships. The Boston Braves relocated to Milwaukee, where they enjoyed immediate success, winning two pennants and one World Series championship
  • And later to Atlanta, where they have won numerous divisional championships, several league pennants, and one World Series championship in the more than 50 years since they left Boston.

See also

  • Baseball Reference has statistics and game logs for the 1899 Cleveland Spiders
  • “The 1899 Cleveland Spiders: Baseball’s Worst Team,” an article by David Fleitz
  • And “Nothing worse than the 1899 Cleveland Spiders,” an article by ESPN. Rob Neyer contributed to this article. A selection from Chapter 8 of Neyer and Epstein’s Baseball Dynasties, “The Worst Teams of All Time,” by Rob Neyer and Eddie Epstein
  • Neyer, Rob, and Eddie Epstein Baseball Dynasties: The All-Time Greatest Teams in Baseball Norton & Company, 2000, 384 pages
  • They Could See Seventh Place: Baseball’s Worst Teams, written by George Robinson, if it was a clear day. Some of the teams on this list have been profiled
  • Some have been MISFITS! Baseball’s Worst Team in History, written by J. Thomas Hendrick. Concerning the Spiders of 1899

MLB power rankings: Shakeup after first MLB offseason wave

Brett Davis is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The Atlanta Braves have won the World Series, and the Major League Baseball season for 2021 has begun. With that in mind, it’s time to look ahead to the winter months, the 2021-’22 offseason, and the most recent edition of our Major League Baseball power rankings. It’s believed that a few changes will be made before the collective bargaining agreement expires in December of this year. There could be plenty of movement this offseason, with a number of teams cutting their budget and others focusing on competing for a playoff spot.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at where each club now sits.

30. Pittsburgh Pirates

Charles LeClaire is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. The Pittsburgh Pirates, who are at least two years away from having a realistic chance of contending, must decide what they will do with Bryan Reynolds this summer before they can go on. For a rebuilding team in its early stages, selling the All-Star outfielder (.912 OPS in 2021) and Colin Moran may be the best option.

29. Colorado Rockies

Ron Chenoy is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, and, most likely, Jon Gray are no longer with the team. There aren’t many exciting players on the Colorado Rockies roster, and the only ones that stand out are Germán Márquez, Ryan McMahon, Brendan Rodgers, and Antonio Senzatela. There are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the Rockies’ long-term viability, despite the fact that Bill Schmidt will remain as general manager.

28. Baltimore Orioles

Adley Rutschman, the Baltimore Orioles’ first-round draft pick in 2018, looks around the bases during his Delmarva Shorebirds debut on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. Adley 6 is a fictional character created by the author Adley. A great prospect named Adley Rutschman is the only thing the Baltimore Orioles should be concerned about in 2022. He should be ready for the show in April 2022, and putting him in a lineup alongside Trey Mancini, Cedric Mullins, and Austin Hays gives the city of Baltimore at least some cause to be optimistic about the future.

27. Arizona Diamondbacks

Joe Camporeale is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The Arizona Diamondbacks should be enthused about Daulton Varsho, who has the versatility to play in the outfield or at catcher, and whose bat can be used effectively in a variety of situations. There’s also cause to be excited about the next prospects, some of whom are on the verge of breaking into the big. However, we’ll be keeping an eye on Arizona to see whether it deals Carson Kelly or Ketel Marte throughout the upcoming summer.

26. Chicago Cubs

Charles LeClaire is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. Following the trades of Javier Báez, Kris Bryant, and Anthony Rizzo, it seems anticipated that All-Star catcher Willson Contreas will be the next player to be dealt.

His services will be in high demand this winter, and with the Chicago Cubs searching for other ways to reduce payroll while still strengthening their farm system, a blockbuster transaction would benefit everyone involved.

25. Washington Nationals

Brad Mills of USA TODAY Sports contributed to this report. Juan Soto is poised to make a compelling case for the National League MVP award and recognition as the finest player in Major League Baseball in 2022. It’s unfortunate that the Washington Nationals don’t have a lot of quality around him to go much better than they are currently doing. The Nationals will have moments of brilliance from Josiah Gray, Keibert Ruiz, and Carter Kieboom, but they will finish with a record below.500.

MLB power rankings: Intrigue, questions for teams in 2022

The Kansas City Royals are a professional baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. Bobby Witt Jr., of the Cincinnati Reds, rounds the bases after hitting an inside-the-park home run off the glove of Cincinnati Reds left fielder Errol Robinson in the eighth inning of a Major League Baseball Cactus League Spring Training game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Kansas City Royals at Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, Arizona, on Thursday, March 4, 2021. Witt Jr., of the Cincinnati Reds, rounds the bases after hitting an inside-the-park home run off the glove of Cincinnati In a nine-inning contest, the Royals came out on top 5-3.

Spring Training with the Cincinnati Reds The presence of top prospect Bobby Witt Jr.

Whit Merrifield, an All-Star infielder, becomes available at the last minute, and trading him might help Kansas City get more of the pitching it requires.

will undoubtedly be the frontrunner to win the Rookie of the Year award in 2022, one thing is certain.

23. Cincinnati Reds (20)

David Kohl of USA TODAY Sports reports. The Cincinnati Reds have previously indicated that they would reduce their salary during the summer. In light of the fact that the team moved Wade Mley for nothing in return other than financial relief, it is reasonable to count out Nick Castellanos returning, and it would not be surprising if either Sonny Gray or Luis Castillo were dealt this winter.

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22. Texas Rangers (29)

Jayne Kamin-Oncea is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The Texas Rangers made a promise to themselves that they would spend money this offseason, and they followed through before the calendar turned to December. In the span of 24 hours, $561 million was committed to four players: Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, Jon Gray, and Kole Calhoun. It propels them to the top of the Major League Baseball power rankings, but the rotation, bullpen, and infield still require significant improvement.

21. Philadelphia Phillies

Jim Rassol is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. A year after posting outstanding stats, Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies were unable to get past the second round of the playoffs. While Rhys Hoskins is expected to return, there are concerns about the bullpen and the general depth of the Phillies’ lineup, which prevents them from being regarded a viable postseason candidate at this time.

21. Miami Marlins

Jasen Vinlove is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. A majority of Major League Baseball clubs, including World Series contenders, would welcome the Miami Marlins rotation into their lineup.

Not to mention the fact that this list does not even include elite pitching prospects such as Max Meyer and Sixto Sanchez. Miami must make use of its plethora of available arms to add impact hitters, since the lineup is in severe need of such players.

2022 MLB power rankings:Looming decisions impact team futures

Denny Medley is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. In the year 2021, the Minnesota Twins experienced virtually every negative development that was possible. Fortunately, they’ll be able to count on Alex Kiriloff, Trevor Larnach, Byron Buxton, Jorge Polanco, and Mitch Garber to be healthy in the next season. Although Minnesota will be competitive, the Buxton contract demonstrates the team’s commitment to a rapid turnaround. Minnesota will be competitive even with a young, inexperienced rotation.

18. Los Angeles Angels

Jayne Kamin-Oncea is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The return of Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon, as well as the addition of Jared Walsh and Jo Adell for the entire season, bodes well for the Los Angeles Angels’ lineup. Shohei Ohtani, on the other hand, is a star on the rise, one that we haven’t seen in a long time. However, aside from Ohtani, the Angels’ pitching staff cannot be relied upon. When it comes to the Noah Syndergaard contract, there is a great deal of danger, but the potential return is undeniably great!

17. Oakland Athletics

Bob Melvin departed the Oakland A’s for a reason, according to Joe Nicholson of USA TODAY Sports: the team’s ownership wants to reduce salary. This summer, at least one of Frankie Montas and Sean Manaea will be sent away, according to sources. It’s also possible that All-Star first baseman Matt Olson or slugger Matt Chapman may be dealt in the coming weeks. The Athletics, who were once a top-10 club in our 2021 MLB power rankings, are on the verge of slipping farther down the rankings.

16. Cleveland Guardians

Denny Medley is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. Injuries wreaked havoc on the Cleveland Guardians’ starting lineup in 2021. However, if Shane Bieber, Zach Plesac, Aaron Civale, and Triston McKenzie are able to remain healthy, Cleveland will once again be a legitimate postseason contender. However, if the front office had a larger payroll, the team’s potential would be even greater. At the very least, the Guardians will be more entertaining to watch in the next season.

15. Detroit Tigers (22)

Kim Klement is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The Detroit Tigers’ youthful rotation three (Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal, and Matt Manning) will serve as ideal building stones for the team’s inaugural Major League Baseball campaign in 2022. Detroit is also expected to elevate Spencer Torkelson in the near future, further bolstering this squad. This strong rotation has been bolstered even more by the addition of Eduardo Rodriguez, and they now have the shortstop magician, Javier Báez, assisting them in the bullpen.

14. Seattle Mariners

Joe Nicholson is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. Given the (-51) run difference, it’s reasonable to conclude that the Seattle Mariners’ record of 90-72 in 2021 was a fluke on the part of the team. In terms of rebuilding, though, the Mariners are definitely ahead of schedule, and it is clear that the management wants to acquire more impactful young talent, whether through free agency or trade.

With an active front office, the Seattle Mariners can take the position of the Oakland Athletics as a perennial postseason challenger and a thorn in the side of the Houston Astros.

Offseason MLB power rankings: Flawed playoff contenders

A report by Kamil Krzaczynski for USA TODAY Sports The return of Jack Flaherty to the St. Louis Cardinals in 2022 is critical for the team’s future. While Adam Wainwright pitched well enough to be considered for the Cy Young Award, it seems improbable that the 40-year-old will replicate his performance. Incorporating him into the starting rotation with Flaherty as the ace and Miles Mikolas as the No. 3 starter helps to fill out this group well. Let’s see whether the Cardinals can enhance their lineup, which would result in a rise in the MLB power rankings during the off-season.

12. San Francisco Giants

Neville E. Guard is a sports writer for USA TODAY. The San Francisco Giants’ offseason has been made more difficult by Buster Posey’s decision to retire from baseball. Joey Bart is now expected to step into a regular position for a squad that will see more than half of its rotation leave for the free market in the near future. However, while the Giants have one of the greatest front offices in baseball and will be active in free agency, certain questions remain about the team’s current roster.

11. San Diego Padres

Robert Hanashiro of USA TODAY SportsLanding contributed to this report. The importance of Bob Melvin to the San Diego Padres cannot be overstated. Despite the fact that the Padres had a plethora of talent, they lacked the necessary leadership and management to effectively deal with the challenges that occurred throughout the season. The Padres, who have one of the top managers in Major League Baseball and a full summer to address concerns, might be a World Series contender in 2022.

10. Boston Red Sox

Bob DeChiara is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. This offseason, the Boston Red Sox must locate starting pitching. An inexperienced starting rotation and some uncertainties around the bullpen proved expensive in October, but CEO Chaim Bloom will have the means to make up for lost time this winter. If he achieves his objectives, Boston has a chance to become the top club in the American League.

9. New York Yankees

Brad Penner of USA TODAY Sports contributed to this report. When you consider the risks associated with appointing an unknown manager to replace Aaron Boone, the choice to maintain him as skipper isn’t all that shocking. However, we haven’t seen the New York Yankees produce in October, despite the fact that they have the talent to make the Major League Baseball postseason next year. The addition of a Corey Seager or a Willson Contreras would be beneficial, but the worries about the team’s ability to compete in the postseason will remain.

8. Tampa Bay Rays

Wander Franco will be at the forefront of the debate for American League MVP in the not-too-distant future, perhaps as early as 2023. David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports He is expected to make significant strides in his development next season, contributing to the development of one of the top lineups in baseball.

However, until the Tampa Bay Rays demonstrate a willingness to spend considerable money outside of Franco’s deal, it is difficult to envision this team earning a World Series championship.

MLB power rankings: Best teams in MLB

Brad Penner of USA TODAY Sports contributed to this report. Steve Cohen has stated that money would be no problem, and that he will do everything it takes to create a World Series-caliber team. He is putting it to the test. Max Scherzer is a one-two punch in the middle of the rotation that no one else in baseball can match. In addition to matching two of the finest starting pitchers in Major League Baseball, the Mets bolstered their defense and lineup with the additions of Starling Marte, Eduardo Escobar, and Mark Canha.

6. Houston Astros

Troy Taormina is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. Carlos Correa will not be returning to the Houston Astros, which leaves a significant vacancy in the team’s lineup and infield. Despite the fact that the starting rotation remains excellent and the hitting order should continue to score plenty of runs, Correa’s departure drops Houston a few points in our Major League Baseball power rankings.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers

Brett Davis/USA TODAY SportsMax Scherzer and Corey Seager are two of the best pitchers in baseball. Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, and Chris Taylor are the starting pitchers. This summer, the Los Angeles Dodgers will only be able to keep a few of their most valuable players. We have no question that this team is still a World Series contender, thanks to a great farm system and a lineup that includes numerous MVP possibilities in different positions. However, until we know who will return, the Dodgers will be ranked a little lower in the MLB power rankings heading into the winter.

4. Toronto Blue Jays

Dan Hamilton is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. Every club in the postseason was relieved when the Toronto Blue Jays came just short of making the postseason. The Blue Jays replaced Robbie Ray with Kevin Gausman, so strengthening an already strong rotation, and we are certain that this lineup will continue to stomp even without Marcus Semien in the lineup.

3. Milwaukee Brewers

Benny Sieu is a sports reporter for USA TODAY. Because the Milwaukee Brewers are considered in a similar manner as the New York Yankees, they will need to perform well in postseason situations at some time in the future. However, a large portion of this squad, including an elite starting rotation and bullpen, will be back for the 2019 campaign. Because the Brewers’ cost is cheap, there is also room to add additional talent to the roster.

2. Chicago White Sox

Matt Marton of USA TODAY Sports contributed to this report. If Eloy Jiménez, Luis Robert, Yasmani Grandal, and José Abreu remain healthy in 2022, and if Andrew Vaughn continues to improve, the Chicago White Sox might finish with the best record in Major League Baseball in 2022. The bullpen has to be improved, but it is the decisions of manager Tony La Russa that will determine whether or not the Cubs make it to the postseason at all.

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Brett Davis is a sports reporter for USA TODAY Sports. The World Series champions are deserving of the top place in our Major League Baseball power rankings. Despite facing overwhelming odds, the Atlanta Braves made it to the postseason and went on to win the World Series despite being without one of the finest hitters in Major League Baseball.

Ronald Acua Jr. will return to the Braves’ lineup early in the 2019 season, and it would be shocking if Freddie Freeman were not in the starting lineup.

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