How Many Innings In Minor League Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

On the league transactions pages, I’ve observed a plethora of various phrases that are listed under the heading “Type.” I understand the most of them, but I was hoping you might offer some further detail about what each one signifies. A. The following is a collection of regularly occurring transactions and the meanings associated with them: Player’s name was yelled out: A player is called up to the Major Leagues by his Major League team. If a player is already on the Major League Baseball club’s 40-man roster, he is recalled rather than having his contract picked.

If a player is not already on the Major League Baseball club’s 40-man roster, he will have his contract picked rather than being recalled.

It is important to note that while a player on either list does not count against a club’s active roster restriction, a player put on the 60-day disabled list (along with being required to sit out an additional 45 days) does not count against an MLB club’s 40-man roster limit.

A player gets sent to a new team within his organization or to his organization’s extended Spring Training program after he is released from his previous squad.

  1. It usually refers to a player being sent to a Minor League team, a Spring Training camp, or an extended Spring Training program.
  2. When a player is optioned, he stays on the team’s 40-man roster for the remainder of the season.
  3. When a player is outrighted, he is removed from the club’s 40-man roster, and his contract is terminated.
  4. The majority of the time, a player is designated for assignment so that the team may free up a roster space while waiting for him to pass waivers and become eligible again.
  5. Before a player may be designated for assignment, the club’s 40-man roster must be completely filled, and the player is instantly withdrawn from all other squads once he has been designated.
  6. As a result, certain players must pass waivers before they can be released, and as a result, they would be assigned to a position first.
  7. Players who have been claimed off waivers: There are a variety of scenarios in which a player may find himself on waivers.

Any other team can submit a claim on a waived player if they do so within a certain time window.

In this case, the player has been transferred from one Major League organization to another.

The player will subsequently be assigned to one of the MLB organization’s affiliates by the new MLB organization.

Players on the restricted list are those who have been suspended for failing to comply to the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program and are no longer eligible to play in the league.

Among those who fall into the latter category are international players who are unable to join their teams due to visa issues.

A team’s active roster limit is not affected by the presence of this player.

Players on the bereavement list are absent from the game momentarily to attend to personal matters such as a medical emergency in the family or the death of a family member. This can last anywhere between three and seven days.

How many innings in baseball? Beginner’s guide

Do you require assistance with queries such as how many innings are played in baseball? To begin with, baseball is a sport that dates back to 1744, and comparable playing concepts have persisted since then, according to Wikipedia. While baseball is played all over the world, it is most popular in North America, Canada, and Japan, with the World Series of Baseball serving as the pinnacle of the sport’s competitive landscape.

How Many Innings in Baseball?

A baseball game consists of two teams, each of which has nine innings to score runs against the other. In an inning known as a ‘at bat,’ a player from the opposing batting club is sent to the plate. For the purpose of preventing the hitter from scoring, the pitching team will have nine men out on the field.

What Is The Duration Of A Baseball Inning?

The length of the game is governed by the number of at-bats, the number of pitching modifications, and the tempo of the pitcher. An inning consists of a total of six outs, three on each side of the field. In theory, if the fielding team does not report three outs, an inning might go on indefinitely without being completed. The innings are divided into two halves, with the visiting team taking the field in the first half and the home team taking the field in the second. In Major League Baseball, if both teams are tied at the completion of nine innings of play, the game continues and more innings are played until one side scores more runs than the other.

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The average baseball game lasts around three hours, however this can vary based on the number of innings of baseball that are played as well as other elements that may interfere with the game’s progress. In a baseball game, nine innings are played over the course of approximately three hours. However, there is no time limit for each inning, and some players do not make it all the way to the ninth inning at all.

How Long Major League Baseball Games Last—and Why

Whenever a Major League Baseball game is still tied after nine innings, the teams continue to play extra innings until one club has scored significantly more runs at the end of an inning than the other team. A runner is placed on second base (the base immediately behind home plate) after each pitch in 2020, for example. In order to facilitate a speedier result and prevent a team’s starting staff from pitching 15 or more innings, the inning should be pitched in the batter’s strike zone if possible.

If, on the other hand, the home side is ahead at the completion of the top half of the ninth inning, the game can be completed in 8.5 innings.

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Why is this?

The precise amount of time it takes to finish a game in hours and minutes varies from match to match and from player to player. It takes longer for pitchers to throw between pitches, and it takes longer between innings, with the duration between innings varying from 1:55 to 2:55 in the Post 2020 season owing to broadcast standards. Because most pitchers spend longer time between pitches when there are runners on base, a large number of base runners can significantly extend a game. Furthermore, games with several pitching changes or replay troubles take longer to complete as a result of the numerous pauses and starts that occur during the course of the game.

Previously, it was common for opposing teams to compete for more than four hours, and this was the standard practice.

During the minor league season, they are used to evaluate pitchers by limiting the time between pitches to 20 seconds while the bases are clear. Several more aspects that you should be aware of that impact the length of a baseball game are discussed in further detail below.

What Is The Duration Of A Minor League Baseball Game?

Unlike Major League Baseball, minor league baseball, which comprises AAA, AA, and a few other baseball professional sports leagues, follows the same inning regulations as the major leagues. When it comes to the number of innings in baseball, the 20-second pitch clock has been used in the AAA and AA levels, which has reduced games by 12 minutes on average. In the minors, a doubleheader is a game that lasts seven innings.

What Is The Duration Of A Collegiate Baseball Game?

Nine innings are also the length of a collegiate baseball game. A doubleheader can be played for seven innings in specific circumstances, with one or both games lasting seven innings. The invocation of the mercy rule occurs when a team is ahead by at least 10 runs after seven innings—or five innings in seven-inning games—of play. As a result, the game has come to an end. Related Article: Who is the oldest player in the National Football League?

What Is The Duration Of A High School Baseball Game?

You might wonder how many innings there are in a baseball game. Baseball games at the high school level are seven innings in length. It is possible to play a formal game in four innings if the weather is inclement. Because some high school fields lack illumination, darkness might be an issue; nevertheless, play can be resumed later if necessary. A mercy rule is used if a team leads by 10 runs after four innings and the game is still tied.

Different Types Of Innings In Baseball

Baseball innings may be divided into five categories:

  • Top of the Inning– The top of the Inning is the first inning in which the opposition side is in action. This will continue until three hitters have been struck out. Typically, these hitters have not made contact with the ball. Middle of the Inning– The middle of the Inning acts as a transitional zone between the top of the Inning and the bottom of it. During this time, players should change their equipment and make plans for the upcoming turnover. In most cases, this time is between two and three minutes
  • Bottom of the Inning– With both sides having completed their preparations, the host team will go first to bat. As also, the away club will field and make every effort to keep any runs from being scored during the inning. 9th Inning– In the majority of circumstances, the 9th Inning signals the conclusion of the regular season game. In some circumstances, the 9th Inning is not completed until three outs have been recorded
  • In other cases, the 9th Inning is not completed until three outs have been recorded.

In accordance with 9th inning baseball regulations, if either the home team or the away team is ahead at the beginning of the 9th Inning, or if the home team is ahead at the bottom of the 9th Inning, the game is finished and play is halted. If the scores are still knotted at the end of the ninth inning, extra innings will be played, allowing each side to advance one more time. This will continue until a winner has been determined.

To Sum It Up

Ultimately, even though they are governed under precise laws and regulations that limit the game’s duration, baseball games, in particular, never endure the same amount of time. On average, it takes slightly more than 3 hours to finish a typical baseball game’s number of innings. Despite the fact that this is a long period of time, it is unquestionably America’s national sport because of its famous events. It has exhilarating plays as well as home runs that fly out of the park!

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Since the last official minor league baseball game – in which the Sacramento RiverCats defeated the Columbus Clippers 4-0 to win the Triple-A National Championship – it has been more than 19 months. This week, a newly redesigned version of minor league baseball will make its debut, putting an end to the emptiness that has existed for so long. Opening day in 2021, on the other hand, will be devoid of much of the pomp and circumstance that has made the minor leagues such a family-friendly way to enjoy the national game in recent years.

  • “You can multiply that by 100 when you realize that most teams around the country will be opening under some sort of continuing restrictions,” Derek Sharrer, executive vice president and general manager of the St.
  • While there will be changes on the field, including the introduction of new experimental regulations, the most significant difference between today and 19 months ago will be in the way the leagues are organized and run.
  • The agreement had been in place since 1901 and had been in effect since 1901.
  • There are currently four full-season minor league affiliates for each of the 30 major level teams, down from one or two previously.
  • AFFILIATES WITH MINOR LEAGUES: The complete list of baseball’s farm system teams can be found here.
  • Bringing lower league teams closer to their parent clubs in order to make travel more effective was one of the objectives of the reshuffling process.

According to Sharrer, “we clearly have a unique situation here as we make the move.” “There have been minor league affiliates that have been close to their major league parent club in the past, but there has never been a Triple-A team that has been this close to the major leagues before.” “It’s very thrilling.” Prior to the epidemic, the Twins used CHS Field in St.

  1. The Twins and their neighbors have always had a positive relationship.
  2. “I don’t think any of us, either on the Twins or the Saints side of the equation, ever really dreamed that this is where it would end up,” he says.
  3. There were a few more who stayed, but they were relegated to lower positions.
  4. If something has been done the same way for a long period of time, people may prefer to continue with the same program.
  5. The Grizzlies’ president, Derek Franks, says, “We understand and appreciate that.” As a Triple-A team, we had a successful season.
  6. “We’re just pleased to be a part of the new system,” says the team.
  7. – Class AAA parks will have larger bases, with squares increasing from 15 inches to 18 inches, in order to see if this results in more base theft attempts.
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– Teams will be restricted in their ability to shift positions on defense in Class AA.

Later in the season, it is possible that the requirement to have two infielders on either side of second base will be implemented.

If they do not, they will be charged with a balk.

Some leagues will also impose time limits between pitches and innings, depending on the situation.

Despite the subtle changes on and off the field, minor league officials remain confident fans will return to the ballpark as soon as they can.

And I think that’s the sentiment we’ve felt from our fans,” Franks says.

However, officials are hoping to be able to increase capacity incrementally through the summer to the end of the season in mid-September.

Paul’s Sharrer says.

Minor league affiliations, 2021

  • Class AAA (Excellent) East of the Triple-A level The Midwest Division is comprised of the following cities: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Columbus is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio (Ohio) Clippers are a type of clipper that is used to cut hair (Cleveland) The Indians of Indianapolis (Pirates) The Iowa Cubs are a baseball team based in Iowa City, Iowa (Cubs) The Louisville (Ky.) Bats are a baseball team based in Louisville, Kentucky (Reds) Omaha is a city in Nebraska (Neb.) Storm chasers are people who go out and look for storms (Royals) Saints of St. Paul (Minnesota) (Twins) Toledo is a city in the state of Ohio (Ohio) Mud Hens are a kind of hen that lives in mud (Tigers) Division of the Northeast The Buffalo (New York) Bisons are a professional baseball team based in Buffalo, New York (Blue Jays) The Lehigh Valley is a region in Pennsylvania (Pa.) IronPigs is a slang term for “iron pigs” (Phillies) Rochester is a city in the U.S. state of New York (N.Y.) The Red Wings are a professional baseball team based in Detroit, Michigan (Nationals) Scranton/Wilkes-Barre is a city in Pennsylvania (Pa.) RailRiders is an acronym that stands for Rail Riders (Yankees) The Syracuse (New York) Mets are a minor league baseball team (Mets) Worcester is a city in the state of Massachusetts (Mass.) The Boston Red Sox (Red Sox) Division of the Southeast The Charlotte Knights are a professional basketball team based in Charlotte, North Carolina (White Sox) Durham Bulls (Rays) Gwinnett Stripers (Rays) Durham Bulls (Rays) Durham Bulls (Rays) (Braves) Jumbo Shrimp from Jacksonville (Florida) (Marlins) The Memphis (Tennessee) Redbirds are a professional baseball team based in Memphis, Tennessee (Cardinals) Sounds of Nashville (Tennessee) (Brewers) Norfolk is a city in the United Kingdom (Va.) The ebb and flow of time (Orioles) Division III of the Triple-A West-East League El Paso (Texas) Isotopes (Rockies) Albuquerque (New Mexico) Isotopes (Rockies) (Texas) Chihuahuas are little dogs (Padres) The Oklahoma City Dodgers are a minor league baseball team based in Oklahoma City (Dodgers) The Round Rock (Texas) Express is a daily newspaper published in Round Rock, Texas (Rangers) Sugar Land is a city in the U.S. state of Texas (Texas) Skeeters are a type of animal that lives on the ground (Astros) West Division is a division in the United States that includes the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon. The Las Vegas Aviators (sometimes known as the A’s) are a professional baseball team based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Reno Aces (D-backs) Sacramento River (sometimes spelled Sacagawea) is a river in California. Cats are a breed of animal that is found in a variety of habitats (Giants) Bees from Salt Lake City (Angels) The Tacoma Rainiers are a group of people that live in Tacoma, Washington (Mariners) Double-A Central CLASS AADouble-A Central North Division is a division in the United States that includes the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Arkansas Travelers (Arkansas Travelers) is a group of people that travel around the state of Arkansas (Mariners) Naturals from Northwest Arkansas (Royals) Cardinals of Springfield (Missouri) (Cardinals) Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma (Okla.) Drillers are those who drill holes in the ground (Dodgers) Wichita is a city in Kansas (Kan.) a squall of wind (Twins) South Division is a division in the United States of America. Amarillo is a city in Texas (Texas) Sod Poodles are a breed of dog that has been bred for the purpose of digging holes in the ground (D-backs) Corpus Christi is a city in Texas (Texas) Hooks are a type of fastener (Astros) Frisco is a city in the U.S. state of Texas (Texas) RoughRiders are a group of people that ride rough terrain (Rangers) Midland is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan (Texas) RockHounds (A’s) are a type of dog that hunts for rocks. The Missions of San Antonio (Padres) NortheastNortheast Division, Double-A, NortheastNortheast Division The Binghamton Rumble Ponies are a minor league baseball team based in Binghamton, New York (Mets) The Hartford Yard Goats are a professional baseball team based in Connecticut (Rockies) New Hampshire is a state in the United States. Fisher Cats are a kind of cat that hunts for fish (Blue Jays) Portland is a city in Oregon (Maine) Sea Dogs are a kind of dog that lives in the sea (Red Sox) The Reading Fightin’ Phils are a professional baseball team based in Reading, Pennsylvania (Phillies) Somerset Patriots (New Jersey) (Yankees) Southwest Division is a division of the United States Army. Akron is a city in Ohio (Ohio) RubberDucks are rubber ducks that are used for rubber ducks (Cleveland) Curve of Altoona (Pa.) (Pirates) Bowie is a British singer and songwriter who was born in London in 1961. (Md.) The Baysox are a baseball team from the state of California (Orioles) The Erie SeaWolves are a professional baseball team based in Pennsylvania (Tigers) Senators from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Nationals) The Richmond Flying Squirrels are based in Richmond, Virginia (Giants) Double-A SouthNorth Division of the American Football League The Birmingham (New York) Barons (White Sox) Lookouts on the outskirts of Chattanooga, Tennessee (Reds) Trash Pandas (Angels) Rocket City (Madison, Ala.) Tennessee Smokies (Tennessee Smokies) (Cubs) South Division is a division in the United States of America. Shuckers from Biloxi, Mississippi (Brewers) Mississippi Braves are a baseball team from Mississippi (Braves) Biscuits from Montgomery, Alabama (Rays) Pensacola is a city in Florida (Fla.) Wahoos in the color blue (Marlins) HIGH-AHigh-A East North Division is a division in the United States that includes the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Aberdeen is a city in Scotland (Md.) IronBirds are a group of people that like to fight (Orioles) The Brooklyn Cyclones are a professional baseball team based in Brooklyn, New York (Mets) Hudson Valley Renegades are a band from New York’s Hudson Valley (Yankees) Jersey Shore is a place where people go to relax and unwind. BlueClaws are a kind of cat that has blue claws on its back (Phillies) Wilmington is a city in North Carolina that is home to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (Del.) Blue Rocks are a kind of igneous rock (Nats) South Division is a division in the United States of America. Tourists in Asheville, North Carolina (Astros) Hot Rods in Bowling Green, Kentucky (Rays) The Greensboro Grasshoppers are a professional baseball team based in North Carolina (Pirates) Greenville (South Carolina) Drive (Red Sox) Hickory is a kind of tree (N.C.) Crawdads are a kind of crab (Rangers) Braves of Rome (Ga.) (Braves) Dash of Winston-Salem (North Carolina) (White Sox) High-A CentralEast Division of the National Football League Dayton, Ohio (Ohio) Dragons are a kind of animal (Reds) Fort Wayne is a city in the state of Indiana (Ind.) TinCaps are a type of cap that is made of tin (Padres) Captains of the Great Lakes (Midland, Michigan) Loons (Dodgers) and Lake County (Eastlake, Ohio) Loons (Dodgers) (Cleveland) The Lansing (Mich.) Lugnuts (A’s) and the West Michigan Whitecaps are two of the best minor league baseball teams in the country (Tigers) West Division is a division in the United States that includes the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon. The Beloit (Wis.) Snappers are a professional baseball team based in Beloit, Wisconsin (Marlins) Kernels from Cedar Rapids (Iowa) (Twins) Quarter Cities (Davenport, Iowa) River Bandits (Royals)South Bend (Ind.) Cubs Peoria Chiefs (Cardinals) Quad Cities River Bandits (Royals) South Bend (Ind.) Cubs (Cubs) Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are a kind of rat (Brewers) West with a capital A Eugene is a man who is well-known for his wit and intelligence (Ore.) Emeralds are a kind of gemstone (Giants) Everett is a fictional character created by author Everett (Was.) AquaSox is an abbreviation for Aquatic Sox (Mariners) Hillsboro is a town in the U.S. state of North Carolina (Ore.) Hops are a type of plant that grows in a variety of environments (D-backs) The Indians of Spokane (Rockies) Dust Devils from Tri-City (Pasco, Washington) (Angels) Vancouver is a city in British Columbia, Canada (British Columbia) Canadians are a diverse group of people (Blue Jays) Hillsboro, Oregon, will host the team’s home games. Division A of the ALow-A EastCentral Division Carolina is a state in the United States that is located in the southeastern region of the country (Zebulon, N.C.) Mudcats are a kind of cat (Brewers) East of the Mississippi (Kinston, N.C.) Wood Ducks (Rangers) and Woodpeckers (Fayetteville, North Carolina) (Astros) Kannapolis is a city in the state of North Carolina (N.C.) Cannon Ballers are a type of basketball player that plays with a cannon (White Sox) North Division is a division in the United States that includes the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Delmarva Peninsula (Salisbury, Md.) Shorebirds are a type of bird that lives by the coast (Orioles) Nationals of Fredericksburg (Virginia) (Nationals) The Lynchburg (Va.) Hillcats (of the Cleveland Indians) and the Salem (Va.) Red Sox (Red Sox) South Division is a division in the United States of America. The GreenJackets of Augusta, Georgia (Braves) Charleston is a city in South Carolina (S.C.) Fireflies in Columbia (South Carolina) RiverDogs (Rays) (Royals) Pelicans at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Cubs) Low-A SoutheastEast Division of the National Football League Daytona International Speedway (Fla.) Tortugas are a kind of turtle (Reds) Hammerhead sharks along the coast of Jupiter, Florida (Marlins) The Palm Beach (Jupiter, Fla.) Cardinals (Cardinals) and the St. Lucie (Port St. Lucie, Fla.) Mets (Mets) are the teams that make up the West Division. The Bradenton Marauders are a professional baseball team based in Bradenton, Florida (Pirates) The Clearwater Threshers are a baseball team based in Clearwater, Florida (Phillies) The Dunedin (Florida) Blue Jays (Blue Jays) and the Fort Myers (Florida) Mighty Mussels (Mighty Mussels) are both minor league baseball teams (Twins) Lakeland is a town in the state of Florida (Fla.) Tigers in the Air (Tigers) The Tampa Bay Tarpons are a professional baseball team based in Florida (Yankees) Low-A WestNorth Division of the American Football League The Fresno Grizzlies are a professional baseball team based in California (Rockies) Modesto is a city in California (Calif.) Nuts are a type of nut that can be eaten raw or cooked (Mariners) The San Jose Giants are a professional baseball team based in California (Giants) Ports (A’s) in Stockton, California South Division is a division in the United States of America. The Inland Empire 66ers are a professional basketball team based in San Bernardino, California (Angels) Storm in Lake Elsinore, California (Padres) Quakes from Rancho Cucamonga, California (Dodgers) The Visalia Rawhide (D-backs) are a minor league baseball team based in California.
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Triple-A (baseball) – Wikipedia

For more than half a century, Triple-A (formally Class AAA) has been the highest level of competition in Minor League Baseball in the United States. At the Triple-A level, two leagues are now in operation: the Triple-A East and the Triple-A West, with a total of 30 clubs, 20 in the East and 10 in the West. A Triple-A baseball franchise may be found in a variety of locations, including small towns and big urban regions without Major League Baseball teams such as Austin. Jacksonville, Columbus, and Charlotte.

Only five previous leagues have ever held the Triple-A designation, in addition to the current two Triple-A organizations.


The highest level of Minor League Baseball before 1946 was Double-A, which had been created in 1912 and included 236 teams: The Triple-D is an acronym that stands for Before the 1946 season, a classification system was established, and it was implemented with all three leagues then in Double-A moving up to the new level: 15

  • The American Association (AA), the International League (IL), and the Pacific Coast League (PCL) are the four major leagues in the United States.

This structure would remain mostly unchanged for the following 75 years, with only a few modifications:

  • In preparation of the possibility of becoming a third major league, the Pacific Coast League (PCL) was categorized as “Open” for the 1952–1957 season. After the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants migrated from New York City to California, the PCL was reclassified as Triple-A for the 1958 season. The American Association did not operate from 1963 to 1968.: 521, 541
  • 1967: The Mexican League received Triple-A classification
  • : 537 it had previously been Double-A since 1955: 481
  • 1979: The Inter-American Leaguedebuted with a Triple-A classification
  • The league disbanded in June: 587
  • 1998: Teams from the American Association, which disbanded after the 1997 season, were added to the Pacific Coast League and the International League.

The International League (IL), Pacific Coast League (PCL), and Mexican League (ML) continued to operate as Triple-A leagues until Major League Baseball (MLB) reconfigured the minor leagues prior to the 2021 season. At that time, the IL and PCL were phased out and replaced by the Triple-A East and Triple-A West lines, respectively. The Mexican League is still in operation and continues to function autonomously.


Despite the fact that all current and most previous Triple-A clubs have been based in the United States, Triple-A teams have also been based in the following countries: 104–106

  • Canada has a number of teams, including the Montreal Royals and Ottawa Lynx of the International League and the Calgary Cannons and Vancouver Mounties of the Pacific Coast League
  • Cuba: the Havana Sugar Kings, who were members of the IL from 1954 to 1960, were members of the IL. Dominican Republic: In 1979, the Dominican Republic was home to a team of the Inter-American League, which was short-lived. Mexico: all of the teams in the Mexican League
  • Panama had one team in the Inter-American League in 1979
  • For Puerto Rico, the International League (IL) was established in 1961, and one team of the Inter-American League was established in 1979. Venezuela had two teams in the Inter-American League in 1979.


The primary goal of Triple-A teams is to train players for promotion to the Major Leagues. In 2010, ESPN stated that winning is wonderful, but it is secondary. When it comes to a young prospect like outfielderXavier Paul, it’s far more vital for him to have regular at-bats against lefties and practice putting down sacrifice bunts with a runner on first than it is for the Portland Beavers to take three of four from them. Both young prospects and veterans play for Triple-A teams: There are the young prospects who are racing through the organization on the fastest treadmill, the guys who used to be young prospects who are in danger of topping out in Triple-A, the 30-somethings who are trying to get back to the majors after an injury or a rough patch, and the guys who are just playing a few more seasons because someone still wants them and they still want to.

There are also the guys who are just playing a few more seasons because someone still wants them All of the players on a Major League Baseball team’s extended roster who are not currently on the team’s active roster have been assigned to the team’s Triple-A affiliate, unless otherwise stated.

Because activating a Triple-A player as an injured replacement is a typical occurrence for MLB parent clubs, most Triple-A teams are located near to their MLB parent clubs.


Teams competing at this level are separated into two leagues: the Triple-A East and the Triple-A West, respectively. Team members from the Triple-A East are generally based in the Eastern United States, whilst team members from the Triple-A West are mostly based in the Western United States. In the United States, each of the 30 Major League Baseball teams has a tie-in with a single Triple-A franchise in the country.

Current teams

Team locations for the Triple-A East and Triple-A West divisions are as follows: East of the Triple-A level Triple-A West is a professional baseball league.

Triple-A East

Division Team Founded MLB Affiliation Affiliated Since City Stadium Capacity
Midwest Columbus Clippers 1977 Cleveland Guardians 2009 Columbus,Ohio Huntington Park 10,100
Indianapolis Indians 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates 2005 Indianapolis,Indiana Victory Field 13,750
Iowa Cubs 1969 Chicago Cubs 1981 Des Moines, Iowa Principal Park 11,500
Louisville Bats 1982 Cincinnati Reds 2000 Louisville,Kentucky Louisville Slugger Field 13,131
Omaha Storm Chasers 1969 Kansas City Royals 1969 Papillion, Nebraska Werner Park 9,023
St. Paul Saints 1993 Minnesota Twins 2021 Saint Paul, Minnesota CHS Field 7,210
Toledo Mud Hens 1965 Detroit Tigers 1987 Toledo,Ohio Fifth Third Field 10,300
Northeast Buffalo Bisons 1979 Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Buffalo,New York Sahlen Field 16,600
Lehigh Valley IronPigs 2008 Philadelphia Phillies 2007 Allentown,Pennsylvania Coca-Cola Park 10,100
Rochester Red Wings 1899 Washington Nationals 2021 Rochester,New York Frontier Field 10,840
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders 1989 New York Yankees 2007 Moosic,Pennsylvania PNC Field 10,000
Syracuse Mets 1934 New York Mets 2019 Syracuse,New York NBT Bank Stadium 10,815
Worcester Red Sox 2021 Boston Red Sox 2021 Worcester,Massachusetts Polar Park 9,508
Southeast Charlotte Knights 1976 Chicago White Sox 1999 Charlotte,North Carolina Truist Field 10,200
Durham Bulls 1980 Tampa Bay Rays 1998 Durham,North Carolina Durham Bulls Athletic Park 10,000
Gwinnett Stripers 2009 Atlanta Braves 1965 Lawrenceville,Georgia Coolray Field 10,427
Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp 1962 Miami Marlins 2021 Jacksonville, Florida 121 Financial Ballpark 11,000
Memphis Redbirds 1998 St. Louis Cardinals 1998 Memphis, Tennessee AutoZone Park 10,000
Nashville Sounds 1978 Milwaukee Brewers 2021 Nashville, Tennessee First Horizon Park 10,000
Norfolk Tides 1961 Baltimore Orioles 2007 Norfolk,Virginia Harbor Park 11,856

Triple-A West

Division Team Founded MLB Affiliation Affiliated Since City Stadium Capacity
East Albuquerque Isotopes 2003 Colorado Rockies 2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico Rio Grande Credit Union Field at Isotopes Park 13,500
El Paso Chihuahuas 2014 San Diego Padres 2014 El Paso, Texas Southwest University Park 9,500
Oklahoma City Dodgers 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers 2015 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark 9,000
Round Rock Express 2000 Texas Rangers 2021 Round Rock, Texas Dell Diamond 11,631
Sugar Land Space Cowboys 2012 Houston Astros 2021 Sugar Land, Texas Constellation Field 7,500
West Las Vegas Aviators 1983 Oakland Athletics 2019 Summerlin South, Nevada Las Vegas Ballpark 10,000
Reno Aces 2009 Arizona Diamondbacks 2009 Reno, Nevada Greater Nevada Field 9,013
Sacramento River Cats 2000 San Francisco Giants 2015 West Sacramento, California Sutter Health Park 14,014
Salt Lake Bees 1994 Los Angeles Angels 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah Smith’s Ballpark 14,511
Tacoma Rainiers 1960 Seattle Mariners 1995 Tacoma, Washington Cheney Stadium 6,500

Triple-A All-Star Game

The 2015 Pacific Coast League All-Stars gather on the pitcher’s mound. Triple-A All-Star Game was a single game that took place between the two affiliated Triple-A leagues—the International League and the Pacific Coast League—and was broadcast on television. A squad representing each league was selected from among the best players in their respective leagues, as determined by fans, the media, and each club’s field manager and general manger. Since 1988, when the inaugural Triple-A All-Star Game was held in Buffalo, New York, the game has taken place every year since then.

Traditionally, the game was played the day following the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which took place in the middle of the summer.

It was the same for both Triple-A leagues during their respective All-Star breaks, with no regular-season games scheduled the two days before the All-Star Game itself.

However, once Opening Day was shifted back one month in 2021, the three-day All-Star break from July 12–14 was eliminated from the calendar.

Triple-A Championship

It was established in 2006 as a single championship game between the winners of the International League and the Pacific Coast League, with the goal of determining an overall champion of Triple-A baseball. When it first began, it was called the Bricktown Showdown and it was hosted yearly at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The game began being staged in a different Triple-A city each year in 2011, and it has continued to this day. A number of previous playoff interleague tournaments have been held, including the Junior World Series (1932–34, 1936–62, 1970–71, 1973–74), the Triple-A World Series (1983–2000), and the Triple-A Classic (1988–91).

The final ten games of the season, which were played after those dates, were referred to as the “Final Stretch,” with the club with the greatest winning % during that span (the Durham Bulls, who went 9–1) receiving a financial reward for their efforts.

It is currently unclear when or if the National Championship Game will be rescheduled to take place.

Pace-of-play initiatives

The introduction of 20-second pitch timers at Triple-A baseball stadiums began in 2015 as a result of professional baseball’s space of play efforts, which were introduced in 2015. When there are no runners on base, the duration has been reduced to 15 seconds as of 2018. Among the other notable modifications made in 2018, there was the option to start extra innings with a runner on second base and a restriction of six mound visits for each side during an eight-inning game. The number of mound visits was decreased to five for the 2019 season, and pitchers were obliged to face a minimum of three consecutive hitters unless the side was dismissed or the pitcher was injured and unable to continue playing.


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The Minor League extra-innings rule change is a failure

This spring, with little fanfare, Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball announced that all extra innings in minor league games would begin with a runner on second base, a change that took effect immediately. Supposedly, the objective of this was to abbreviate games and determine a winner as rapidly as possible. In response to the announcement of the change, I published an essay on the subject and stated that I was prepared to give the new guidelines a chance. However, I expressed my expectation that, if the rule change proved out to be a failure, both organizations would recognize this and adjust the rule accordingly.

  • So far, it’s unclear what Major League Baseball thinks of the rule change, in part because the league didn’t make it obvious what the purpose of the rule change was.
  • There are two points to be made here.
  • The other is that playing for extended periods of time increases the likelihood of players becoming hurt.
  • As I said back in March, there are few things more meaningless than a minor league game that lasts for 15 innings.
  • That is not to mean that the supporters do not want the home club to win, nor does it imply that the players and managers are not giving their all on the football field.
  • Winning is a distant second priority for the players, who are more concerned with becoming a better ballplayer and making it to the major leagues.
  • Look no farther than September 1, when the rosters will be expanded, for an illustration of this.

Jose Albertos, the pitcher for the South Bend Cubs, is yet another example of this phenomenon.

Although Albertos would never see the mound if South Bend were attempting to win, the Red Wings kept throwing him into games every fourth or fifth day to see what would happen, until they ultimately sent him back to Extended Spring Training yesterday.

In the hopes that he would be able to work on things in Arizona and start throwing strikes, they went ahead and did it.

Usually, this is due to the fact that the children have an imminent bedtime.

In any event, if you’ve ever been to a minor league game that went into extra innings, you know that by the 10th inning, anywhere from 75 percent to 90 percent of the spectators have already departed.

In most cases, those who remain for extra innings are either children (or young adults) who have missed their bedtimes and want to catch a foul ball or diehard baseball fans (such as me) who believe that the new extra-inning rule is an outrage to begin with and should be repealed.

Do supporters agree with the new rule?

So that leaves the “injury” explanation as the only option.

That infamous 33-inning game from 1981 is something that we still speak about, but I’m ready to accept the fact that we won’t see anything like that again in order to protect the health of minor-league pitchers in the future.

Using the internet, I went back and looked at a few minor league schedules from 2017, all of which were from clubs that had an easily accessible media guide posted on the internet.

In 2017, the Corpus Christi Hooks went to extra innings in 12 of their games.

In 2017, the MississippiBraves went to extra innings in 12 of their games.

In 2017, the Nashville Sounds went to extra innings in ten of their games.

In 2017, the New Orleans Baby Cakes went to extra innings in 11 of their games.

As a result, this was not a major issue.

Those games are a pain in the neck for everyone concerned.

Do the new rules, on the other hand, address this issue?

The game between South Bend and Lake County on May 16th, which lasted 12 innings, was the one that persuaded me.

This meant that they played five additional innings in this game, making it the equivalent of a 14-inning game, despite the fact that it was planned to be a seven-inning game.

In the ninth and tenth innings, both sides scored one run apiece.

However, South Bend scored twice in the top of 12th to keep them from scoring in the bottom of the inning, even though they had two on with two outs and a double would have tied the game again and sent it to extra innings.

It wasn’t the case.

In the extra innings, there were four successful sacrifice bunts and one failed sacrifice.

(At the very least, they are no longer required to throw the four pitches.) Throughout the minors this season, extra innings have taken the form of the following: bunt as a sacrifice One or two deliberate walks every week.

Fans will not be entertained by this type of baseball.

The game on May 16 demonstrated that it is not necessarily shortening ballgames in any way.

If a game is still tied after 11 innings, it is recorded as a tie in the record books.

The practice of recording ties in baseball dates back decades, when any game that was still tied when it became too dark to continue play was recorded as a tie and replayed at a later date.

Games at Wrigley Field were halted instead of being deemed ties due to a specific regulation implemented for the stadium’s night games.

Since ties were broken, games were re-played wherever feasible.

As a result, people look back to ancient newspapers and exclaim, “Look!

Aside from the fact that the game was a tie, all of the statistics from such “tie games” were included in a player’s final season statistics.

As it is, they don’t replay games that have been rained out, and the two teams haven’t met since.

The ties might be processed in the same way as a game that was canceled due to inclement weather, with the exception that the in-game stats would still be taken into consideration.

When a youngster asks their mother “When are the fireworks going to start?” she might simply respond, “After the 11th inning or earlier if someone scores,” rather than “When one team wins and I’m not sure we’ll be able to stay that long.” Sorry.” I don’t consider myself to be a baseball purist.

The game was worth trying, since it’s a welcome addition to the roster of options available.

The players became used to it, and just a few automatic strikes or balls were thrown.

To summarize, this rule modification was implemented in order to increase spectator enjoyment while also shortening games.

I’d venture to guess that the majority of those who have seen it are opposed to it.

It appears that this is not the case.

Someone with more time and money than I have could look through every minor league extra-inning game from 2017 and 2018 and see whether there has been any difference in the amount of time, the duration of the extra-inning game, or the number of pitches that have been thrown.

As a result, it was acceptable for MLB and Minor League Baseball to experiment with this rule adjustment.

For this, you should look to the lesser leagues. However, I hope that they understand that the answer they have on the table now is a failure and that they go back to the drawing board, and I hope that they do so for the 2019 season, which is approaching quickly.

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