How To Wear Baseball Stirrups

Learning to Wear Baseball Stirrups

Baseball stirrups are socks that baseball players wear while playing the sport. In the 1990s, players began to wear their pants all the way down to their ankles, giving rise to a new fashion style that has garnered widespread acceptance throughout the world. For this reason, stirrup socks are a crucial aspect of the costume, since they provide the players a distinct appearance. Because the players used to wear knickers back in the day, a high sock was required back in the day. The stirrups became a team identity sign since they were utilized to display the stripes, emblems, and colors of a particular team.

When the fad first began, it was believed that colorful socks were causing blood poisoning, thus an additional sock was added to the mix to counteract this belief.

Stirrups aren’t as frequent these days since some players prefer to wear full pants instead of the traditional shorts.

For those of you who are brand new to baseball and don’t know how to properly wear stirrups, you’ve come to the correct spot since this article will educate you just how to do so.

Things You’ll Need

  • The first thing you need to do is measure the length of the pant leg openings. Due to the fact that your baseball trousers are cuffed at the ankles, it is pointless to wear stirrups because only one or two inches of the stirrups will be visible. Stirrups are more appropriate for persons who like to wear pants that are cuffed at the knees rather than straight pants. If you want to go for a more classic style, you can wear your pants up to your upper shin
  • However, this is not recommended.
  • Wear a pair of white socks over your calf when you have finished since this will prevent any visible flesh from appearing. Make certain that the socks are brand new so that they retain their elastic properties and do not droop
  • Next, the stirrups should be worn over the socks to complete the look. A slender loop that wraps around the foot secures them to the lower leg, which is colored to match them. Check to verify that the loop is properly aligned. The length of your jeans and your personal choice are the two factors that define how high you should wear your stirrups. Some players just want the narrow section of the loop between the shoes and cuffs to be visible, but others want the sleeves to be seen as well as the narrow part of the loop. Regardless of the method you use, the stirrups should be pulled beneath the pants.
  • The next step is to make sure that the stirrups are properly holding your limb because if they are not, this might pose a safety hazard and cause a player to slip and fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose your favorite baseball stirrups from the list below. In addition to the main stirrup color, you may choose other color options for each section of the sock. Depending on the baseball stirrup design, cut lengths can vary, but are typically between four and seven inches. Stirrups are available in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. A 12-pair minimum order is required.

What are sanitary socks?

A pair of simple socks used under stirrups is known as a sanitary. When players initially figured out how to wear stirrups, they were under the impression that extended skin contact with colored dye would result in health concerns. Sanitaries are now available in a variety of hues. Stirrups, which are shoes that fit under the foot, might be more comfortable to wear when you are wearing socks with a full foot.

How do I put on sanitaries and baseball stirrups?

The easiest approach to learn how to wear baseball stirrups is to put them on and try them on. Pants should be rolled up to the knees, and sanitaries should be worn like socks. Verify that the design is correct on both the front and rear, and then put on stirrups over the sanitaries. Sizing sanitaries and stirrups to ensure that they remain in place without drooping is important.

What makes stirrups stay up?

Stirrups are made of a tube-shaped material with a strap beneath the foot and an elastic band at the top.

The quality of the fit may also be affected by the wearer’s choice of knickers or pants, as well as the usage of sanitaries. It is critical to buy the correct stirrup size in order to have the most comfortable fit.

How should I wash and dry stirrups?

Baseball stirrups and socks may be cleaned in the washing machine without the use of bleach. Turning sanitaries and stirrups inside out before laundry can help to prevent fuzz and pilling from accumulating on the inside of the shoes. Stirrups and socks should be laid flat and allowed to air dry or machine dried inside out on a low heat setting for the longest possible life.

How to Wear Baseball Stirrups

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Wearing stirrups in your baseball uniform will give you a retro style while also allowing you to show off your personality. A second layer of protection between your skin and the rough terrain of a baseball field can also be provided by these products. A stirrup is similar in appearance to a sock, except it contains a loop where the foot would normally go. Depending on how you wear them, stirrups may either be a fashion statement that extends the whole length of your legs, or a subtle homage to the past that just a little portion of your calves is visible beneath your jeans.

  1. 1 Put on baseball pants that are rolled up to your knees. Wear your jeans up to your knees for the traditional baseball stirrup appearance. Using your hands, roll the hem of your trousers upward until it hits just above the knee. This will assist to prevent the cloth from bunching up excessively.
  • In order to get the ultimate vintage stirrup appearance, Sean Gilmartin, formerly of the New York Mets, employs a unique technique: he begins by turning his pants inside out and upside down. Pulling the leg of his jeans up to his knees while wearing his socks and stirrups is a common practice. In the following step, he pulls up his pants and folds the edge of the socks over the hem of the pants, ensuring that they are on the correct side.
  • 2 First, put on a pair of white knee-high socks. Pull your white socks up as high and as tightly as you possibly can in order to keep them on. Pulling the sock over the hem of your jeans can assist to maintain everything in its proper position. This will make it easy to put stirrups and cleats on top of them in the future.
  • This style of socks is also referred to as “sanitary” socks because they were designed to shield players’ skin from the dye that was used in the colorful stirrups.
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  • s3 Put your white socks on top of your stirrups. It is best if the top of your stirrup socks hits just below the kneecap. The stirrups itself may be pulled up or down to display more or less sock, depending on your preference.
  • If you pull the stirrups over your knees, they may make it more difficult for you to move your knee forward or back. If they are very tall, make careful to roll them down.
  • 4 Keep your stirrups cinched up high and tight in your pants. At all times, the stirrups should feel snug around your calves and ankles. Find a place for them where they won’t droop while you’re playing–you don’t want to be distracted by having to pull your socks up while you’re playing! When the elastic in your stirrups begins to droop, it’s time to replace them with new ones. In the event that they fall to the ground while you are playing, they may become stuck in your cleats, causing you to trip.
  • Think about using tape or a rubber band to keep your stirrups from drooping
  • This will help to keep everything in place.
  1. 1 To achieve a vintage appearance, put on some baseball stirrups. Stirrups provide the appearance of a classic baseball uniform. These shoes first gained popularity in the early 1900s and continued to be widely worn until the late 1980s. When worn correctly, they can evoke memories of decades or even centuries past
  2. Nonetheless, they should not be confused with antiques.
  • Stirrups aren’t worn very often in Major League Baseball these days, but they’re making a resurgence among some of the game’s younger players. Throwback looks are the most common application for them.
  • 2 Baseball stirrups worn over knicker trousers can be used to re-create the look of early baseball uniforms. In the fashion world, short pants that terminate about the knee are known as “knicker pants.” As a result, they are the most convenient pants to wear with knickers since they will not bunch up beneath the socks or produce an excessive number of layers
  • This appearance, which is comparable to a classic cricket outfit, was popular in the 1910s
  • It is still fashionable now.
  • Choose a high-cut appearance under tight jeans to channel the spirit of the 1970s. Baseball trousers with a tight fit around the thigh and a mid-calf cut were popular during the 1970s baseball season. To complete the image, wear them with stirrups that are pulled as high as feasible.
  • Cut your stirrups so that they display as much sock as possible to achieve an even more exaggerated 1970s image.
  • 4 Pull the stirrups up high beneath long pants for a style reminiscent of the 1980s Pulling your stirrups up high enough so that you can see a lot of the sock below will give you the appearance that was fashionable in the 1980s. Once you have done this, put on a pair of long pants over the socks so that you can only catch a glimpse of the stirrup below
  • This is the most subdued version of the stirrup style. This is something to try if you’re not sure how stirrups will work for you:
  • Five, you can express your individuality by using patterned stirrups or keep it simple with a plain hue. Incorporating stirrups into your team uniform is a fun way to express your individuality. Some players want to dress up their stirrup socks with stripes in their club colors to give them a more fashionable look. Others choose to keep the design simple and uncluttered by using a solid color
  • 6 Stirrup socks with a printed pattern are a great way to replicate the look of stirrups. Alternatively, if you want the appearance of stirrups without the hassle of keeping them in place, long socks with stirrups printed on them are a good option. As a result, you will have a vintage appearance without being restricted in your movements.
  • It is possible to get custom-printed stirrup socks in the colors of your team from internet vendors.

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Baseball In baseball, stirrups, often known as stirrup socks or just stirrups, are an essential feature of the traditional uniform. They are not a required part of the uniform, but since the early 1900s, they have evolved into a classic component that provides baseball players a distinct and individual appearance. When we look back into the history of baseball, we see that stirrups were used before they became a fashion statement in the mid-1900s. Players need them for a variety of reasons, the most important of which were:

  • The players used to be required to wear knickers. The stirrups provided protection for their legs against the rough surfaces of playgrounds
  • Another reason they felt the need for stirrups was because many believed that colorful socks were linked to blood poisoning and other health concerns
  • And finally, the stirrups were fashionable. They did, however, utilize the socks to distinguish between various members of the squad.

It was at this point that the stirrups were introduced. When worn on top of a white sock, the colorful stirrups serve to depict the members of each of the several teams on the field.

The Traditional Baseball Stirrups

These stirrup socks are worn over long white ordinary socks, which are especially designated as sanitary socks. Baseball stirrups are not the same as your average pair of socks. Most of the time, they have hollow sections in the toe and heel sections. With time, the style evolved, and the hollow region of the stirrups at toes and heels tend to become longer, showing more of the underside normal white sock. Just like typical socks, the stirrups feature a front and a back too. The difference here is for an ordinary sock; we determine the front or rear with the help of its heel or its toe area.

  1. The way to determine its front or backside is that the front cutout (hole) at the heel areas from where the white sock is exposed is a little lower than the back cutout.
  2. But by an inch or two, the back cutout is higher.
  3. These baseball stirrups are not only a stylish statement for the baseball players, but they also contribute to an extra layer of protection between the player’s skin and the rough terrain of the baseball field.
  4. When you get into a team or enroll as a beginner in baseball, you may not always get the chance to receive instruction under a coach or teacher.
  5. If it was some other game, this might not have been such a task.
  6. If you are one of those newbies or an established player who still struggles to wear the stirrup socks like a pro, you do not have to worry anymore.

This article is the detailed guide you have been looking for, from wearing the stirrup socks to taking care of them so they last long. Every single thing is covered in this article.

How to Wear Baseball Stirrups

How to wearbaseball stirrups is an issue that many people are unfamiliar with, and they may wonder, “How is that even a question?” It’s only a matter of time until they learn about the minute intricacies that go into the process of wearing baseball stirrups and looking immaculate while playing the game. Please continue reading to get a full step-by-step procedure on how to wear your baseball stirrups with grace and ease.

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Choice of Pants

There are two possibilities available to you if you want to have an athletic appearance while playing baseball. Knickers or baseball pants are acceptable attire for entry into the clubhouse. The way you wear your baseball stirrups is determined by two factors.

  • The length of your pants or knickers
  • Your own choice for the overall aesthetic
  • And more.

We’ll show you how to deal with both of these situations.

Step No. 01

If you are wearing baseball pants, begin by folding your trousers up to your knees and tucking them in. There is a potential that your pants are too long, making it difficult to fold them up neatly when necessary. For this reason, you should feel free to draw your jeans up to your waist and then begin folding them just above your knees. This approach will give you a sleek athletic appearance while also preventing the pants from bunching excessively. If you’re wearing knickers, which are a type of knee-length pant, you may effortlessly skip the first step and move on.

Step No. 02

Then get your hands on a pair of white sports socks that are knee-high. Make an effort to utilize a fresh pair of shoes. Older ones have a tendency to lose their elasticity, resulting in a relaxed effect when you’re playing. Make sure you slip the white socks over the hem of your pants before you leave the house.

Step No. 03

Wearing those sporty baseball stirrups is a good idea right now. Keep the front and rear of the stirrups in mind as you’re walking. The side with the lower-level hole is at the head of the line, while the side with the higher-level hole is at the rear of the line. This is a very important topic to remember. You may not be able to obtain the vintage baseball player appearance that you have in mind if you do not follow these instructions. Step two: Insert your toe through the smaller hole, placing the stirrup beneath the arch of your foot.

  1. When your foot is perfectly positioned in the stirrup sock, you may begin adjusting the stirrup length on the other leg.
  2. Bring the end of the stirrup to a point slightly below the level of your knee.
  3. While you may choose how high you’d like your stirrup to be, just make sure it remains on your calves.
  4. It should not have a sagging appearance.

While running, the non-elastic socks may cause your ankles to flail around. You also don’t want to trip or fall while having fun with your friends. Right? A beautiful and tight appearance and feel are required in order to eliminate the usual baseball player appearance.

Baseball Stirrups forTeam Players

Maintaining compliance with your coach’s instructions is essential while participating in a team sport. A large majority of clubs base their stirrup dressing on the personal taste of their players, which is understandable. The coaches, on the other hand, may direct the players to wear their stirrup socks in a specific manner on occasion. The members of one team are represented through the style and design. When it comes to pant styles, the choice between trousers and knickers, the visible length of the stirrups, and the color of the stirrups socks, the coach can provide specific instructions.

A Guide for Different Athletic Looks

The fact that this is the first time you have put on stirrup socks and they worked out flawlessly does not mean that your style is over, nor does it mean that you should stop striving to make them even better. As we’ve said before, there’s always space for advancement. If you want to style your baseball stirrups in a different way, you may experiment with numerous approaches and styles. Players in the sport of baseball have a wide range of tastes. You have the option to choose what you think is the most appealing to you.

  1. Some players tie their stirrups to their shoes to improve their grip and stability.
  2. One group of players chooses to have only a short portion of the loop between their shoes and cuffs showing, while the other group prefers to have their entire sleeves displayed.
  3. Choose the one that best matches your needs.
  4. There is no single style or method that is appropriate for everyone.
  5. However, in order to discover the particular way in which the uniform appears best on you, you must continue to experiment with numerous styling methods and options.

Old School vs. Modern Fashion Statement

Whether you prefer an old-school appearance or want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, both of these outfits exude extremely eye-catching athletic feelings. With a simple tweak to your baseball stirrups, you can transform yourself from an old school fashion ninja to an up-to-date fashion ninja. If you want to get the conventional, old-school baseball player appearance, be sure you wear your baseball stirrups up high.

Keeping your boots high means keeping them just below your knees yet high enough to produce the desired look. And if you want a more contemporary style, maintain your stirrups at a low angle. This method gives you a current athletic look while also making a fashion statement with your clothing.

The Throwback Look

The retro style is, without a doubt, one of the most vintage and classic baseball legacy outfits ever worn by any player. It gained popularity in the 1900s and was worn by the majority of the players in the 1980s. With your stirrups, you can simply get the classic vintage appearance. Baseball stirrups are not the most popular article of clothing in Major League Baseball today, but a movement in fashion is developing as a result of the desire of young athletes. They are reintroducing the retro aesthetic into the fashion world, and it is gaining popularity at an incredible rate.

The Early Baseball Uniform

Baseball stirrups, worn with short knickers, are the most ancient baseball uniforms still in use today. One of the reasons the stirrups were created was so that the player’s legs would not be injured during the game, which was possible because the knickers used to be so short. If you want to make a statement with your fashion, you may attempt wearing stirrup socks with knickers instead of baseball pants to make a statement. However, it is recommended that you wear knee-high white socks below the stirrups for additional protection throughout the game.

The High-Cut Look With Tight Pants

Back in the 1970s, the fashion scene was a little more laid back. The baseball trousers that were a tight fit for the leg and hit around the mid-calf were the most popular way to wear them, according to the survey. The stirrups are pulled as high as possible on these pants in order to get a shine appearance. If you wish to channel the fashion of the 1970s, you should experiment with this style. You may also make little incisions in the holes of your baseball stirrup socks to add a little more drama to your overall appearance.

High Stirrups Under Long Pants

If you are uncertain about how stirrups will appear on you, this is the most modest, most respectable, yet conventional style you can go for. Purchase a pair of stirrups with ankle openings that are on the bigger side. Wear them over your white socks and draw them up as far as you can to make them look more voluminous. You should make every effort to display as much of the white sock below as possible. Wearing long pants over the stirrups will complete the look; there will be no folding of pants or pulling with this technique.

This minimal visibility of stirrup will maintain the traditional baseball uniform appearance while allowing you to remain in your comfort zone while playing baseball.

Stirrup Style

Teams are also represented by the stirrups. They distinguish members by wearing various colors that are exclusive to each squad. It does not solely consist of a single hue. The addition of varied eye-catching patterns, stripes, and club emblems printed or embroidered on these stirrups adds to the enjoyment of the game. When shopping for stirrup socks for yourself, you are not required to keep to a single color scheme. You have the option of selecting from a variety of patterns, colors, styles, and designs.

As a member of the team, you may be required to adhere to certain color schemes or patterns, but this should not prevent you from purchasing items that represent your individuality. When you’re not playing with your team or with pals, you may show off your unique baseball stirrups by wearing them.

Printed Stirrups Socks

There may come a moment when you want to get the traditional baseball player look without having to go to the trouble of donning the stirrup socks. There’s nothing to worry about! It’s possible to find a solution to this problem as well. Go out and get some socks. There are a plethora of possibilities available at the market and in various online sports shops. Look for long socks with stirrup patterns on them if you want to wear them. Those socks are simple to put on since they look and feel much like your regular socks, only they have a design on them.

You will be able to obtain the traditional baseball player appearance without having to do any more effort in this manner.

How to Make Your Stirrup Pair Last for Longer

If you have just purchased a new pair of baseball stirrups, you must be proactive in caring for them so that they do not sag anytime in the future. They look and feel awful, as anyone who has had them for a time will attest. They are also quite inconvenient to keep around.

  • The most important advice for keeping your stirrup socks looking like new for a long time is to use proper laundry procedures. There is no danger in washing your stirrups in the washing machine, but avoid using any type of bleach in the process. Another tried and true strategy is to flip them inside out before putting them in the machine. It is recommended that you use this tip for both sanitary and stirrup socks. To prevent fuzz and piling, it is advisable to let the pair dry naturally on a level surface while allowing them to air dry after washing them. You may machine dry the socks on low heat settings with the insides of the socks facing out if you are in a hurry.

These minor suggestions have been tried and tested and have been shown to help you boost the longevity of your stirrups while maintaining their flexibility.

Bottom Line!

If you are new to baseball and its traditions, you might find it a bit difficult to get your bearings at first. But, as we all know, without suffering, there is no gain. When it comes to this game and the dress code, all that is required is a little effort and consistency on your part. You’ll have to keep experimenting until you find a style that works for you when you’re playing. You may experiment with different styles from any decade following the 1960s, or you can create your own style. Just bear in mind that it should be lightweight and should not interfere with your performance in any way.

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How to Put on Baseball Stirrups

While participating in a competitive game of baseball, players’ stirrups are an essential component of their outfit. Stirrups are special baseball socks that are only worn by baseball players. They can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the appearance that the player is trying to accomplish while participating. Over the years, fashion has evolved, and with it, the socks themselves have altered. A significant difference exists between the stirrups used by junior players and those worn by experienced players.

  1. Roll the lower sections of your jeans up over your knees to create a more formal look.
  2. Baseball players commonly refer to them as “sanitary socks,” which are just white sports socks with a hygienic logo on them.
  3. The top of your stirrups should be slightly above the level of your knees.
  4. Stirrup socks may have a cut-out part that extends just beyond your ankle or all the way down to your mid-calf level or higher.
  5. Make a high and tight stirrup by pulling the stirrup up.
  6. Because there will be no sock material draping over your shoe tops and perhaps slowing you down, a streamlined design on the bases will only assist you run faster because you will be able to go quicker.
  7. To emulate the look of an older player’s stirrup, the mimicked stirrup is just a white sports sock with a stripe sewed into the side to duplicate the look of the stirrup worn by previous players.

Players will have an easier time getting prepared for baseball since they will just have to put on one sock instead of two.


Wear your stirrups at a high angle to achieve the old-school appearance. Keep them at a modest level in order to produce a more contemporary fashion statement.


Before making any changes to your stirrups, consult with your coach or team captain. It is possible that the team’s leaders would like that all players display a uniform appearance.

Baseball Stirrups: A History

Before going out on the field for a baseball game, a player must put on his or her baseball gear, which includes a mitt, a cap, and baseball stirrups. Because all of the players are dressed in the same color, these things provide safety while also creating consistency across teams. Baseball stirrups are a standard element of the uniform, but you might be wondering when and why they became popular among players.

Where the Tradition of Baseball Stirrups Began

Baseball stirrups and softball stirrups have been around for a long, long time now. All baseball players wore these particular socks as an important part of their traditional uniform, which gave them a distinguishing appearance. Stirrup socks were essential for safeguarding a player’s legs throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries since they were required to wear knicker trousers while playing. As big league players began to wear their pants all the way down to their ankles, the use of stirrup socks declined.

Baseball stirrups and softball stirrups are often designed to emphasize the team colors and are commonly striped, as well as including the team emblem or mascot, among other things.

Many sports teams’ names, such as the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox, were inspired by the names of these athletic socks.

Traditional Stirrup Socks

Baseball stirrups and softball stirrups were formerly worn on top of long white socks known as “sanitary socks” in baseball and softball, respectively. The colors used in the outside stirrup socks were thought to be harmful to the wearer’s health, while the inner white socks were thought to be more easily replaced. Rather than having a foot, the colorful stirrup is made comprised of a loop, or stirrup, that fits snugly into the arch of the horse’s foot. It has been expanded and made longer throughout time so order to reveal more of the white under sock, which has given the stirrup loop its distinctive baseball-specific appearance.

While their jeans were covering the colorful area of the stirrup sock, the remainder was visible.

Stirrup Socks Make a Comeback

As the years have gone, baseball stirrup socks have made a resurgence in popularity among fans of the sport. Not only are these socks a terrific way to show off some team enthusiasm, but they also serve as a type of protective clothing, keeping the players’ legs from becoming too hot over the course of the game. Players’ legs are shielded from the uneven terrain when they slide into second base or dive to catch a wild infield ball. Sports socks such as baseball stirrups and softball stirrups are among the items that MadSportsStuff produces.

MadSportsStuff has formed a partnership with TCK, the world’s top maker of high-quality Major League Baseball stirrups for baseball players.

These long-lasting socks are available in a variety of stripe designs and are suitable for boys, girls, men, and women. Furthermore, they are always created with care in the United States.

Even More Options with Custom Stirrups

If the standard design options aren’t sufficient to meet your requirements, MadSportsStuff can create custom stirrup designs for you. Partnered with TCK, these custom socks can be custom designed specifying colors, cut length, size, and quantities. They’re easy to order too with MadSportsStuff simple online ordering system so there’s no reason to put off getting your team these custom sports socks. Baseball and softball are as much of a tradition as fireworks in July and the fan base for the sports continues to grow.

The turn around time is just four to six weeks and make a great way to kick off the season’s team spirit.

Having the Right Accessories Leads a Team to Victory

Like competitors in any other sport, appearing well-groomed on the field or court may boost a player’s confidence and help him or her lead his or her team to victory. Baseball stirrups and softball stirrups are a fashionable technique to assist you or your favorite player in achieving success on the baseball field. They provide a classic aesthetic while also allowing them to proudly wear their club colors on their sleeves. Wearing stirrups is still a common sight in today’s game, which is a testament to the importance of uniforms in any team sport.

MadSportsStuff Equals Quality

MadSportsStuff takes great pleasure in providing a high-quality, hassle-free buying experience to its customers. Everything they do revolves around providing excellent customer service. They make their sports socks from high-quality wicking material that keeps the feet cool and dry while still being durable enough to handle even the most demanding of situations. Their baseball and softball stirrups, as well as their custom stirrups, are both entertaining and useful. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right now and get your squad off to a good start with some stirrups.

Baseball Stirrup Socks Guide

Providing a high-quality, hassle-free buying experience is something MadSportsStuff takes great satisfaction in doing. Every aspect of their business revolves around providing excellent customer service. Their sports socks are built of wicking material to keep the feet cool and dry, but they are also durable enough to handle even the most demanding of environments. Their baseball stirrups and softball stirrups, as well as their custom stirrups, are both entertaining and practical. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away and get your squad off to a good start with stirrups and stirrups.

How to wear Stirrup Socks correctly?

To protect the feet from the ground, stirrup socks should be worn over another pair of socks known as “baseball sanitary socks.” “Sanitary socks” are normally thin white socks, although the stirrups can be worn over any style and color of sock that you want.

Some stirrup socks feature a cut that is somewhat lower on one side than the other side of the foot. The bottom cut should be worn with the front facing out. During play, baseball knicker pants should be worn over socks to prevent the stirrups from slipping down the leg.

Stirrup Cut Length

Cut lengths for our Baseball Stirrups include four inches, seven inches, and nine inches. Not to be confused with the length measured from the bottom of the foot to top of the cut while worn, which is referred to as “cut length.” Due to the way the stirrup wraps around the foot, this measured length is less than the stirrup cut length.

Size Guide

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you order the proper size is to measure your shoe size and then select the appropriate sock size from the chart below.

Stirrup Size Men Shoe Women Shoe
X-Large 12 – 15 13+
Large 9 – 12 10 – 13
Medium 6 – 9 7 – 10
Small(Youth) 12C – 5 4 – 7
X-Small(Mite) 8C – 12C Cell

Minimum Order Size

Stirrup socks require a minimum purchase of 12 pairs per pattern and/or size in order to be produced. You are not required to purchase every size that is offered, but you must order a minimum of 12 pairs for each size that you include in your order. A change in color is considered a design change, even if the logo, text, stripes, or other elements of the design stay the same.

Thread Colors

It is important to note that your design may only have a maximum of five colors. Please see the list below for the many colors of nylon thread that you may use in your creations. BlackWhite SilverGraphite Dark brown in color. Maroon Cardinal Red is the color of the cardinal. Scarlet Red Pink with a neon sheen Bubblegum Pink Purple Sky BlueTeal Teal Royal Blue is the color of royalty. Navy Blue is a color that may be seen in a variety of settings. Green with a neon tinge Kelly Green is a model and actress.

Neon Yellow is a vibrant shade of yellow.

Orange Texas Orange is the state color of Texas.

Stirrup Materials

Our Baseball Stirrups are made primarily of nylon with a small amount of elastic added for comfort. This results in a sock that is extremely resilient and can be worn for an extended period of time. In order to accommodate different designs, we will employ either 108 needle or 168 needle sock machines. It is utilized when the design calls for more colors or more detail than is currently available. Briefly stated, our stirrups are constructed to be sturdy, lightweight, and treated with a specific wash to improve moisture control.

Customize Your Own Stirrup Design

To create your own baseball stirrup design, simply click on the icon to the right. You may customize the design by selecting your own colors, logo, and text to create a stunningly individual look that your team will be happy to wear!

Baseball stirrups – Wikipedia

Traditionally, baseball stirrups, also known asstirrup socks or just stirrups, are socks that are worn as part of a conventional baseball uniform, lending the outfit a distinct appearance. To be worn over long socks, stirrup socks are often one of the team’s traditional colors and are typically white in color. The stirrup sock is distinguished by the absence of toe and heel parts, in favor of a loop (astirrup) that is designed to fit within the arch of the foot. Over time, the stirrup loop tended to get longer, revealing more of the white undersock and resulting in a design that was distinctively baseball-inspired.

Since the mid-1990s, uniform pants that stretch all the way down to the ankle have grown increasingly fashionable among players in Major League Baseball (MLB). Most modern players in Major League Baseball (MLB) do not wear stirrup socks.


When baseball was first introduced to the world, players wore their pant legs down to their ankles. Knickerbockers (also known as “knickers”) were brought into the baseball uniform in 1869 by the Cincinnati Red Stockings, who wore high socks with them. Knickerbockers (also known as “knickers”) were also introduced into the baseball uniform in 1869 by the Cincinnati Red Stockings. True to their name, they wore red stockings that were clearly exhibited with their high pants, but it was not until the early twentieth century that the stirrup stocking was first introduced into the world.

  1. Lajoie’s answer to this problem was to wear white sanitary socks (sometimes known as “sanitaries”), but this created a new issue.
  2. The white sock, which is less expensive, might be replaced more regularly.
  3. To be worn on top of sanitary socks, stirrup socks must be decorated with team colors, striped or logos to be effective.
  4. The colors of the stirrup sock were also used to create club names, such as theCincinnati Red Stockings, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago White Sox, among others.
  5. As early as the 1970s, several players were bringing the stirrup loop up so far that they could only see the white sanitary sock and the stirrup loop itself, with their pants covering the remainder of the stirrup sock.
  6. It is essentially a high, white sock with a woven-on colored stripe or stirrup along either side.
  7. Louis Cardinals’ stirrup sock/sanitary sock combo that appears almost identical to the genuine thing, the Springfield Cardinals are able to compete with the best in the league.
  8. In the 1990s, Major League Baseball(MLB) players began to wear their trousers down to their ankles, starting a trend that was quickly adopted by players at all levels, restoring baseball to the appearance it had had during its formative years in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  9. Stirrup socks have been a distinguishing part of baseball uniforms for more than a century, and traditionalists decry the “low pants” design that has been popular in recent years in baseball outfits.
  10. Others, such Chris Archer (MLB debut 2012), Francisco Lindor (MLB debut 2015), and Josh Outman (MLB debut 2008), have reverted to wearing true stirrup socks rather than sanitary socks in recent years.

A return to underwear and high socks is also becoming increasingly popular, particularly among youth and high-school teams.

  • Lou Gehrigin debuted 1923, dressed in long stirrup socks with little loops on the ankles. Ron Ceybatting in 1981, dressed with stirrup socks with large loops on the bottom. In 2015, Brock Holt wore a pair of solid-color socks with a pair of underwear.
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The Official Baseball Rules do not mention stirrups, but having some players on a team wear them while others do not appears to be a violation of Rule 1.11(a)(1), which states that “all players on a team shall wear uniforms identical in color, trim and style,” as well as Rule 1.11(a)(3), which states that “no player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.” For many years, teams imposed restrictions to ensure that uniforms were worn “uniformly,” including the team’s socks, and that no one could tell who was who.

For example, in the late 1960s, Leo Durocher, the manager of the Chicago Cubs, kept a measuring stick in the clubhouse for his players.

Other sports

Stirrup socks are used or have been used in other sports as well, although traditionally, a white sweat sock was worn over, rather than beneath, the colorful stirrup game sock in other sports (e.g. basketball, football, hockey). Historically, American football officials wore black baseball-style stirrups as part of their uniform (in some leagues, this was replaced by one-piece stockings with the black/white stripes on top and a white bottom half by the 1980s), but this was phased out by the early 2010s when black full-length slacks were introduced to replace the traditional white knickers in the sport.

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Baseball Pants with Knickers A regular sight on the field is a pair of baseball knickers, which are worn by both professional and amateur players. Knicker type baseball trousers are shorter and frequently looser in the waist and around the knee area, allowing the player to move more freely on the field.

Is there a difference between boys and girls baseball pants?

Baseball pants with a cuff at the bottom. A regular sight on the field is a pair of baseball knickers, which are worn by both professionals and amateurs. A player’s ability to move freely is enhanced by the fact that knitter style baseball trousers are shorter and typically loose—particularly around the knee area.

How do you make a breech?

Initially, players wore white socks below their uniform socks, providing the illusion of wearing two pairs of socks. The inner layer was named a sanitary sock because it provided a degree of protection against germs and did not include any of the potentially toxic colours found in other socks. The fact that this remedied one problem (death by cleats) resulted in the creation of another.

Why are MLB players wearing blue socks?

MLB will once again give to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer all of the royalties it receives from the sale of specialized caps and items adorned with the symbolic blue ribbon, as it has done in the past.

Learning to Wear Stirrups | SocksRock

Stirrups can be used in either direction. In baseball, which direction do the stirrups go? step-by-step instructions for how to place stirrups on a western saddle Baseball stirrup trousers are a pair of pants that are worn with a baseball glove.

Socks for baseball stirrups how to properly dress with baseball pants and socks how to properly put on stirrups on a horse Stirrup leggings: How to Style Them

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Guide to Clothing Sizes

Stirrup Size Men Shoe Women Shoe
Large 9 – 12 10 – 13
Medium 6 – 9 7 – 10
Small (Youth) 12C – 5 4 – 7
X-Small (Mite) 8C – 12C Cell

Why did baseball players stop wearing stirrups?

Jim Bouton writes in “Ball Four,” a famous baseball novel from 1969, that some players were chopping the bottoms off their stirrups and stitching in extra materials so that they could be stretched even higher in order to reveal as much white as possible while still in uniform. He said that this would make “your legs appear long and cool instead of dumpy and heated.”

How do you make baseball stirrups?

So, what exactly are sanitary socks? The sanitaries are simple socks that are worn underneath the stirrups. When players initially figured out how to wear stirrups, they were under the impression that extended skin contact with colored dye would result in health concerns. Sanitaries are now available in a variety of hues.

How do you keep stirrups from falling down?

Pull the stirrup up to just below your knee – you don’t want it to restrict your movement by putting pressure on your knee joint. Because it is difficult to run with socks fluttering about your ankles, the stirrups should fit firmly so that they do not fall down. In addition, the stirrups should not droop, as this makes them appear slovenly.

What is the purpose of baseball stirrups?

Stirrup socks were essential for safeguarding a player’s legs throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries since they were required to wear knicker trousers while playing. As big league players began to wear their pants all the way down to their ankles, the use of stirrup socks declined. However, the custom has made a resurgence in recent years.

Do any MLB players wear stirrups?

Since the mid-1990s, uniform pants that stretch all the way down to the ankle have grown increasingly fashionable among players in Major League Baseball (MLB). Most modern players in Major League Baseball (MLB) do not wear stirrup socks.

Do baseball players wear their socks over their pants?

When baseball players are on the field, they will pull their slacks over their calves in order to show the high sock completely. These players, who were known for their base-stealing prowess during the 1980s and 1990s, made this look renowned. Ricky Henderson, possibly baseball’s greatest base stealer of all time, was known for always sporting a pair of tall socks.

Why do baseball players tuck their pants into their socks?

  1. Put one sock on and make a mark on the toe where you want to cut it off. .
  2. Take off the sock and cut across the toe of the foot. To prevent fraying, apply Stop Fraying to the cut edges and let it dry according to the directions. Make a sock with one end of elastic sewn to one of the sides of the cut-out section. .
  3. Trim the elastic

How do I keep my baseball pants up?

If you want to extend the sock’s body, you’ll also need something to stretch around in it as well. Coffee cans are particularly well suited for this purpose, but any strong and spherical container would suffice. Make use of a measuring tape to select something that is just a little bit bigger around the circumference than the sock can stretch right now.

Which way do stirrups go on a saddle?

Stirrups with an unlocking mechanism or an open side are typically used for safety purposes; while your foot is in the stirrup, be sure the open side is pointed outward. As a result, when they have been linked, the open side of the saddle should be closer to the knee pad of the saddle. I’m looking for a place to get baseball stirrups.

How do jockeys keep their feet in the stirrups?

However, there is nothing quite like the stirrup sock when it comes to baseball. Tradition dates back to 1868, when the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first team to reveal their socked legs during a game against the New York Giants.

Why do baseball players wear white pants?

It is said that when baseball clubs played two or more games as visitors in a succession, they would occasionally wear the soiled clothes that they had worn the previous time they played.

… They wore white trousers throughout games during the majority of the 1980s, including the playoffs.

Why do baseball players wear knickers?

In terms of protection, tights were no less effective than full-length pants, but their shorter length allowed for greater flexibility of movement and eliminated the risk of tripping over one’s own pant leg when walking around. The introduction of knickers coincided with the rise in popularity of high baseball socks.

Why do baseball players wear two socks?

Initially, players wore white socks below their uniform socks, providing the illusion of wearing two pairs of socks. The inner layer was named a sanitary sock because it provided a degree of protection against germs and did not include any of the potentially toxic colours found in other socks. The fact that this remedied one problem (death by cleats) resulted in the creation of another.

What are medical stirrups?

A double-sock situation was created when players began wearing white socks under their uniform socks. Despite the fact that it provided some germ protection and did not contain any of the hazardous dyes, the inner layer was given the nickname “sanitary sock.” While this did alleviate one problem (death by cleats), it also introduced a second one.

What pants do MLB players use?

The Wilson Sporting Goods Series are the baseball trousers that we all think of when we think of the great players of the past century. These are the ideal baseball trousers for both style and function since they are white with black stripes and have a tight fit.

What is the distance between baseball bases?

Base routes and distances — The infield should be a 90-foot square with a 90-foot radius. Using a steel tape measure measuring 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches in the appropriate direction, calculate the position of home base and the location of second base, if necessary. There is a distance of 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches between first base and third base.

What socks do MLB players use?

Baseball players swing bats made primarily of maple wood. In previous years, Ash had a larger following. However, maple wood bats are now used by more than 95 percent of Major League Baseball players.

How do you wear baseball knickers?

Several baseball players prefer to wear their trousers down to the level of their knees, which is simpler to do when using a closed hem. This design is also an excellent choice if your pants are a little too long for you. It is intended to sit over your cleats, which can make it more comfortable and informal for a baseball player to wear.

Why do baseball players tuck in their shirts?

However, most sports leagues force their players to tuck their jerseys inside their uniform pants, despite the fact that this appears to be self-evident reasoning. … Voice of Authority: “You’re going to have to tuck your jersey in.” Because it looks nicer, it demonstrates respect for your team and your outfit, and it’s simply the proper way to do things.”

How do you put stirrups on a Western saddle?

The baseball trousers include an adjustable velcro inseam, which allows you to move the hem up or down depending on the height of the athlete you are dressing. A jersey grip is also sewed into the waist band of the pants, which helps to keep jerseys tucked in when playing. Knees are double reinforced for further durability.

What brand of baseball pants does Bryce Harper wear?

Rawlings: The Official Bryce Harper Store on

How do you wear baseball pants like the pros?

Nike baseball cleats with stirrups how to properly put on stirrups Baseball pants with stirrups for baseball What are baseball stirrups and how do they relate to 2 in 1 stirrup socks?

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