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2022 Little League World Series, TV Schedule, Information & Fun Facts

MAINSportsBaseball The LittleLeague World Series will take place from August 18 through August 28, 2022. See the schedule, which is provided below. WHERE: South Williamsport, Pennsylvania will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN 2, and ABC. The Little League World Series of baseball, which is in some respects even more competitive than the Major League World Series after which it is named, was originally played in 1947 at South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and has been held at the same venue every August ever since.

The last game, according to tradition, is always scheduled for the weekend before Labor Day in the United States.

In the United States, all games will be televised as part of a broadcast collaboration between ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, ABC Sports, and Fox Sports.

ET to decide this year’s victors.

Little League World Series TV schedule for all games in the Eastern Time Zone in 2022 (Eastern Time) Because the calendar varies little from year to year, take a look at the proposed schedule for the 2022 Little League World Series, which is just a few years away.

Thursday, August 18 Game 1 1PM ESPN
Game 2 3PM ESPN
Game 3 5PM ESPN
Game 4 7PM ESPN2
Friday, August 19 Game 5 1PM ESPN
Game 6 3PM ESPN
Game 7 5PM ESPN
Game 8 7PM ESPN
Saturday, August 20 Game 9 1PM ESPN
Game 10 3PM ABC
Game 11 6PM ESPN
Game 12 8PM ESPN
Sunday, August 21 Game 13 9AM ESPN
Game 14 11AM ESPN
Game 15 1PM ESPN
Game 16 2PM ABC
Monday, August 22 Game 17 1PM ESPN
Game 18 3PM ESPN
Game 19 5PM ESPN2
Game 20 7PM ESPN2
Tuesday, August 23 Game 21 3PM ESPN
Game 22 7:30PM ESPN
Wednesday, August 24 Game 23 3PM ESPN
Game 24 7:30PM ESPN
Thursday, August 25 Game 25 3PM ESPN
Game 26 7PM ESPN
Saturday, August 27 Game 27 – Tom Seaver final 12:30PM ABC
Game 28 – Hank Aaron final 3:30PM ABC
Sunday, August 28 Game 29 – Consolation Game 10AM ESPN
Game 30 – FINAL 3PM ABC

Little League Baseball Controversies throughout history The Little League World Series, which began as a battle between American teams in 1947, has now lived up to its name by becoming a genuinely international event including the top little league baseball teams from all around the world. In today’s world, the Little League Series is one of eight events sponsored by Little League International, which also includes many softball competitions for females of varying ages in different age categories.

  1. The Little League World Series is sometimes marred by disputes about players’ ages, with the most well-known incident being in 2001 when star pitcherDanny Almontewas barred from play after it was discovered that he was two years older than he claimed, igniting a national media frenzy.
  2. Famous former baseball little leaguers who went on to have successful careers in the major leagues include George Brett, Catfish Hunter (of the New York Yankees), Derek Jeter, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Jr., Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, and Carl Yastrzemski (of the Minnesota Twins).
  4. Angel Macias pitched the first and only perfect game in the LLWS, helping them defeat La Mesa, California, 4-0, in the championship game.
  5. The first televised Little League World Series was shown on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” in 1963, with just the final game being broadcast.
  6. Taking part in the World Cup for the first time in 1985, Mexicali, Mexico reached the finals before losing to Seoul, South Korea.
  7. Competition is held on six different continents, however no team from Europe, Africa, or the Middle East has ever advanced to the finals.
  8. Eventually, Major League Baseball incorporated all three of these advancements into their game.

More information about the Little League World Series may be found on the Internet at: On the Internet, you may get further information about the yearly event, as well as player biographies and photographs, historical information about Little League, and the most recent news stories about this year’s Little League World Series.

This encyclopedic information about the Little League World Series is sourced from Wikipedia, and it includes historical details, famous controversies, notable participants as well as an extensive list of winners, runners-up, and scores dating back to the first Little League World Series game in 1947.

Small Ball – A Little League Story- Archived PBS television show recounting the story of American little leaguers, their coaches, and their parents, including a World Series history, images, and interactive activities. Small Ball – A Little League Story-

2021 Spring Baseball and Softball

After 54 seasons of offering our community with the facilities and opportunities to engage in little league baseball, little league softball, and challenger programs, the Atlee Little League will be celebrating its 55th season in 2021. We are looking forward to continuing to serve the children and families in our community. In order to assist you with the numerous questions that arise throughout the registration process and throughout the spring season, we’ve put together this website. Registration deadlines are as follows: Please keep in mind that the registration dates for 2021 are different.

  1. From 6/7:11/1/2020 until 2/28/2021, the following dates are in effect: Baseball and softball minors in grades 7/8 and up: November 1, 2020 to February 7, 2021 Registration will open on November 1st and will close on November 30th.
  2. We encourage everyone to register as soon as possible in order to prevent any possible division closures.
  3. Your kid may be placed on a waiting list until a team is allocated to them.
  4. If a family is unable to register by the deadline owing to unforeseen circumstances or financial difficulty, the league may waive this late charge on the basis of the circumstances.
  5. Because we want to keep costs down and efficiency up, late registrants’ uniform information will be given to our vendors in a batch once per week, rather than individually.
  6. We encourage you to visit ourLeague Borders and School Attendancepage for further information on waivers as well as league boundaries and school attendance.
  • Little League Baseball Age Chart for 2021
  • Little League Softball Age Chart for 2021
  • Little League Baseball Age Chart for 2021

Are you unsure whether or not you live within our jurisdiction? To learn more, please visit this page.

  • If you would want your kid to participate in a higher level, please contact either the Vice President of Baseball or the Vice President of Softball to find out more about the procedure.

Family Discount: During the spring season, Atlee Little League has a large number of families with several children that engage in league events. Atlee Little League will continue to charge a maximum of $350.00 per family, as previously stated. The family maximum does not include a kid who participates in numerous categories, uniform extras, or all-star fees, which are not included in the maximum. Fees for Spring Registration in 2021:

  • Tee Ball/Coach Pitch:$ 100.00
  • Baseball Minors 6/7 and up:$ 155.00
  • Softball Minors 7/8 and up:$ 150.00
  • Challenger Division:$ 100.00
  • Tee Ball/Coach Pitch:$ 100.00
  • Tee Ball/Coach Pitch

Your 2021 Division Directors:Division Directors are responsible for performing player assessments (in player evaluation qualified divisions), administering player drafts or team assignment, and overseeing the player selection process for postseason teams within their respective divisions. In addition, the division director will serve as the primary point of contact for all managers, coaches, and parents within the division to which they are assigned. Tee Ball is a sport in which you play using a tee ball.

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Minors 7/8Kris [email protected] Minors 7/8Kris [email protected] Minors (nine and ten) The following email address is provided by Slade Seward: [email protected]

Minors 7/8 SBWade [email protected] Minors 7/8 SBWade [email protected] Minors 9/10 SBJeff [email protected] Minors 9/10 SBJeff Allen Majors/Seniors SBRyan [email protected] [email protected] Requests Can Be Played With: Individual requests will be considered on an individual basis.

  1. In this way, the league is able to maintain a fair and competitive balance within the division.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, all inquiries must be sent to the appropriate division director.
  3. If your family is faced with a scenario that makes it impossible for them to register their children, please contact the league president.
  4. All requests will be reviewed by the Executive Board, which consists of five members.
  5. In addition, the league has the capability of offering your family a payment plan.
  6. to 1:30 p.m.
  7. to 1:30 p.m.
  8. A hat (crazy socks for girl’s softball) and jersey will be provided to each player as part of their registration price, which will be deducted from their registration fee.

Parents will now be able to purchase pants as well as sock/belt combinations starting in the Spring 2019 semester. The colors of the pants, belt, and socks shall be decided by the team manager. Please see the following link for a pant size chart. Pants are $23.00.

  • Girls Softball: Mid-calf, belted knicker style
  • Boys Baseball: Open bottom, adjustable leg length
  • Tee Ball: Pull-up elastic type
  • Girls Softball: Mid-calf, belted knicker style

Pants will be available for try-on during the walk-in registration days if you want to be sure they are the right fit before you buy them. $ 13.00 for a belt and sock combo; $ 7.00 for a belt just (this is an exclusive offering for the softball program). The Atlee Little League provides each and every participant with a pair of wacky socks). Equipment: We encourage you to visit ourequipment page for additional information on what equipment your kid may require. It is critical that you spend the necessary time becoming familiar with the 2018 USA Baseball Batrules, which became effective on January 1, 2018.

  1. Atlee Little League has commemorated the start of each season with an opening day celebration for many years.
  2. We will begin forming teams at around 11:30 a.m., with opening ceremonies for our 54th season scheduled to begin at 12:00 p.m.
  3. Our concession booth will be available as well to provide you with refreshments.
  4. Picture Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 1st.
  5. Scheduling: Please refer to the league calendar for more precise information on certain dates of the season.
  6. Teams will be required to participate in a minimum of one practice during the week and one practice on Saturday to be eligible.
  7. on weekdays.

Teams will also be scheduled at random throughout the week as well.

Divisions that have included playoffs in their schedules can anticipate that the playoffs will be completed by the beginning of June.

Teams should expect to play one to three games per week, depending on their division, and to have any games rescheduled if necessary due to inclement weather.

During the regular season, the older age divisions (majors and up) can expect game times to begin at 7:45 p.m.

All games must be completed by 10:00 p.m.

All teams in every division will be scheduled for a minimum of twelve games, excluding playoffs, in order to be competitive.

We will be looking into the possibility of scheduling some baseball/softball majors weekday games at a 6pm start time in order to be more family friendly to those who have elementary aged children participating in the majors divisions.

In addition to board membership, the league offers numerous opportunities in areas such as field preparation, marketing, opening day, coaches, and other areas of interest.

Currently, Atlee Little League is looking for managers and coaches for the upcoming spring season in 2021. For more information on how to become a volunteer, please see our volunteer page.

Little League World Series 2021: Schedule, Results, TV Channel

A new season of the Little League World Series is ready to begin in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the site of the world’s most prestigious youth baseball competition. Hundreds of Little League 12-year-old All-Stars have traveled from all corners of the United States in order to fulfill their ambition of becoming a Little League World Series Champion. You can follow along as all of the Little League teams make their way through the bracket, which begins on Thursday and goes until August 29.

All of the game timings are in Eastern Time.

The eight champions of the United States area competition were all “A” teams.

Because of COVID regulations, there will be no international teams competing this year.

Tom Seaver teams

Nolensville Little League is located in the southeast region of the state (Nolensville, TN) NEW ENGLAND is a province of the United Kingdom. NMH Little League is an abbreviation for North Manchester-Hooksett Little League (Hooksett, N.H.) MID-ATLANTIC Upper Providence is abbreviated as A. Little League is a recreational baseball league that is open to children ages 5 to 14. (Oaks, PA) SOUTHWEST A=Lafayette Little League SOUTHWEST A=Southwest A (Lafayette, LA) OUTSTANDING LAKES B stands for West Side Little League (Hamilton, OH) Torrance Little League is represented by the letter WEST B.

Hank Aaron teams

Nolensville Little League is located in the southeast region (Nolensville, TN) England’s official name is the United Kingdom, abbreviated as ENG. NMH Little League is an abbreviation for North Manchester-Hooksett (Hooksett, N.H.) MID-ATLANTIC Upper Providence is represented by the letter A. Little League is a recreational baseball league that is open to children ages 6 to 14. (Oaks, PA) Lafayette Little League is the SOUTHWEST A of the SOUTHWEST A. (Lafayette, LA) OUTSTANDING RESORTS West Side Little League (B) is an acronym (Hamilton, OH) Torrance Little League is represented by the letter B on the west compass (Torrance, CA) LAKE OSWEGO LITTLE LEAGUE (NORTHWEST B): (Lake Oswego, OR) SIOUX FALLS LITTLE LEAGUE = MIDWEST B= (Sioux Falls, S.D.) CONNECTED: The Jersey Shore’s finest players of all time, according to the Little League


Hawaii defeated Connecticut 9-1 in the first game.

The second game ended with Ohio defeating Tennessee 1-0. (8 innings) Nebraska 5, New Jersey in the third game. 2 Theme of the game: Toms River East goes into survival mode after losing in the Little League World Series. Game 4: California wins 10-2 over New Hampshire.

Friday, August 20

Oregon defeated Pennsylvania in the fifth game. Michigan defeated Florida 8-0 in the sixth game. Description: Taylor North’s Ethan Van Belle defeats Florida 8-0 in the Little League World Series opening game on Saturday. Story of the game: Real-time updates: Martin County suffers a loss in the first game of the Little League World Series. South Dakota 2, Louisiana 0 in the seventh game. Game Story:Gavin Weir and South Dakota pitch a combined no-hitter in the first game of the LLWS. Story of the Game: In a no-hitter in the Little League World Series, South Dakota pitcher Gavin Weir shut down Louisiana.

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Story of the Game: In Texas’ victory over Washington in the Little League Baseball World Series, Ella Bruning creates history.

Saturday, August 21

Games of Elimination Game 9: New Hampshire wins 4-3 against Tennessee. 1 The Story of the Game: Nolensville loses to New Hampshire, putting an end to their Little League World Series journey. Game 10: New Jersey wins 11-11 against Connecticut. 4 New Jersey hits beast mode against Connecticut in an elimination game triumph during the Little League World Series. Washington 1, Florida 0 in the eleventh game. The Story of the Game:Martin County North’s ideal summer comes to an end with a loss at the Little League World Series.

3 Story of the Game: The Louisiana squad maintains its ‘foot on the accelerator’ in order to stay alive in the Little League World Series.

Sunday, August 22

Game 13: California defeats Ohio, 9-0. 0 Game 14: Hawaii defeats Nebraska, 11-3. (7 innings) RELATED:Toms River East hopes to restore the Little League ‘Beast of the East’ by preserving the history of Frazier

Monday, August 23

Michigan defeated Texas 6-5 in Game 15 The year is 2021 in the game. Taylor North defeats Texas, 6-5, in the Little League World Series; watch the game thread replay During a three-hour rain delay, Michigan rallies to defeat Texas in the World Baseball Classic. South Dakota defeated Oregon 3 to 0 in the 16th game. “One through fourteen:” is the story of the game. The depth of South Dakota’s roster is evident in the state’s shutout elimination games in the Little League World Series. Game 19: Ohio defeats Louisiana 8-2.

In this game, Louisiana’s historic journey comes to an end against Lafayette in the Little League World Series.

CONNECTED: How Toms River continues to produce Little League World Series champions

Tuesday, August 24

Games of Elimination Texas defeats New Jersey in Game 17 The Story of the Game: Toms River East loses to Texas, putting an end to their Little League World Series journey. Game Log: Wylie defeats New Jersey to extend its Little League World Series winning streak to four games. Game 18: New Hampshire defeats Oregon 6 to 1.

Wednesday, August 25

Games of Elimination Ohio defeats New Hampshire 4-3 in Game 21. Story of the Game: Hamilton West Side defeated New Hampshire 4-3 to go to the final six teams in the LLWS. Game 22: Texas defeats Nebraska 10 to 0. The Story of the Game: Texas defeats Nebraska and advances to the Little League World Series. Games in the Winner’s Bracket South Dakota defeated California in the 23rd game.

‘I’m not a showman,’ says the protagonist of the game. Gavin Weir’s second no-hitter of the LLWS propels South Dakota to the semifinals. Game 24:Hawaii defeats Michigan 2-0. Theme of the game: Little League World Series in 2021: Taylor falls to Hawaii, 2-0, and is now one game away from elimination.

Thursday, August 26

Games of Elimination Michigan 15, Texas 6 in the 25th game. The Story of the Game: Taylor North (Michigan) thrashes Texas to advance to the Little League World Series playoffs. Game 26: Ohio defeats California 4-0. Story of the Game: Hamilton seeks retribution for a loss to California in the Little League World Series.

Saturday, August 28

Tom Seaver is a professional baseball player. Last game of the season: Ohio 5, South Dakota Game Description: Hamilton advances to the Little League World Series finals with a 5-2 victory against South Dakota. Final Game of Hank Aaron’s career: Michigan 2, Hawaii 1.

Sunday, August 29

Seaver, Tom Last game of the season: Ohio 5, South Dakota 5. After a 5-2 victory against South Dakota, Hamilton advances to the Little League World Series finals. Game 28: Michigan 2, Hawaii 1 (Hank Aaron’s last game).

Pitching rules

The fine print on the pitching regulations for Little League may be found here. When a pitcher hits the age restriction for his or her age group, the manager must withdraw the pitcher from the game (it is 85 pitches for the 12-year-olds). The pitcher, on the other hand, may choose to play another position in the game: Exception: A pitcher who is facing a batter and has reached the age limit set out in Regulation VI (c) may continue to pitch until any of the following circumstances is met: 1. That batter advances to second base; 2.

  1. The third out is recorded to bring the half-inning to a close.
  2. Providing that the pitcher is relocated, removed, or the game is concluded before throwing a pitch to another batter, the pitcher would be permitted to play the catcher position.
  3. Pitchers in the league who are 14 years old or younger must comply to the following rest regulations: If a player throws 66 or more pitches in a single day, he or she must take a minimum of four (4) calendar days off.
  4. A player who pitches 36-50 pitches in a day is required to take two (2) calendar days off from the game.

If a player throws between 21 and 35 pitches in a single day, he or she must take one (1) calendar day off. If a player throws 1-20 pitches in a day, he or she is not required to take a single calendar day off.

Here is the list of Little League World Series Champions since 2000

The year 2021 is a leap year (To be determined) 2020 – *Due to COVID-19, there will be no event. Eastbank in the year 2019 (Louisiana) Honolulu, Hawaii – 2018 (Hawaii) Tokyo Kitasuna (Tokyo Kitasuna 2017) (Japan) Maine-Endwell, Maine-Endwell, Maine-Endwell (New York) 2015 – Tokyo-Kitasuna International Airport (Japan) 2014 – The city of Seoul (South Korea) Musashi-Fuchu – Musashi-Fuchu – 2013 (Japan) 2012 – Tokyo-Kitasuna International Airport (Japan) Huntington Beach, California – 2011 (California) Edogawa Minami was born in the year 2010.

  • (Japan) Park View was built in 2009.
  • Musashi-Fuchu was established in 2003.
  • (Kentucky) The Kitasuna disaster occurred in 2001.
  • (Venezuela) The Asbury Park Press’ Sherlon Christie has been covering sports at the Jersey Shore since 2004.
  • Make sure you don’t miss any of his reporting by subscribing to his blog at To reach him, you may send an e-mail to [email protected], follow him on Twitter at and on Facebook at slot=”timestamp” “2021-08-16 09:02:10 +0000 UTC” is the publication date.

Little League

Founded in 1939 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, by Carl E. Stotz and brothers Bert and George Bebble, Little League is an international baseball organization for children and teens that has grown to include over 100 countries. Boys between the ages of 8 and 12 were initially eligible to participate in the league. Girls have been allowed to the university since 1974. For players ages 13 to 15, a senior division has been established, with the big-league division for those ages sixteen to eighteen being established.

  1. Two members of a team’s nine-member roster must be under the age of eleven, and no more than seven players in the main lineup may be under the age of twelve.
  2. Teams from other nations were initially forbidden from participating in the Little League World Series in 1975 due to concerns over player eligibility, but they were allowed to rejoin the competition in 1976.
  3. This quiz will put your knowledge to the test.
  4. Softball programs for juniors and seniors were created in 1974, respectively.
  5. The group has a museum in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
  6. In 1957, Jackie Robinson was coaching his son’s Little League baseball club.
  7. It was created in 1952 in Trenton, New Jersey, and has since spread throughout the United States and Canada, establishing chapters in nearly every state and territory.

American Legion Baseball, which was formed in 1925 and is also played under same conditions, is another sport for teens. Those in charge of editing the Encyclopaedia Britannica Amy Tikkanen has made the most current revisions and updates to this page.


Founded in 1939 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, by Carl E. Stotz and brothers Bert and George Bebble, Little League is a worldwide baseball organization for children and teens. Boys aged 8 to 12 were initially eligible for participation in this competition. Since 1974, female students have been admitted. For players ages 13 to 15, a senior division has been established, with the big-league division for those ages sixteen to eighteen being added. The game is played on a field that is two-thirds the size of a professional baseball diamond, and games are only six innings long rather than nine innings long for teams in the Junior Division.

  1. Four to twelve teams compete in a season of around 15 games; the winners advance to local and regional playoffs, where they will compete for a spot in the World Series, which is held annually in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
  2. Britannica Baseball QuizAre you confident in your baseball knowledge?
  3. Immediately following World War II, the sport of Little League baseball grew exponentially, with more than 2.5 million participants in the United States and around 100 other nations at its peak in the early twenty-first century.
  4. The Challenger Division, a program for physically and intellectually handicapped youngsters, was launched by the league in 1990.
  5. Jackie Robinson was a professional baseball player who played for the New York Yankees from 1961 to 1964.
  6. In addition to Little League, a number of organizations comparable to it have been successful, including the Babe Ruth League (formerly known as Little Bigger League, 1952–53), which serves girls and boys ages 13 to 18 and was founded in 1952.
  7. The regulations of the game and the size of the infield are the same as those used by professional baseball players.
  8. In the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the editors write about: In the most recent revision and update, Amy Tikkanen provided further information.
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NOLL Board Meeting

On Sunday, February 20, at 7:00 p.m.

at Walsh Park, the board of directors of the North Oldham Little League will meet. You should come if you are interested in becoming a board member and becoming more active with the league.

2022 Opening Day April 11th, 2022

0 Days are left on the clock. 0 Hours0 Minutes0 Seconds 0 Hours0 Minutes0 Seconds 7-Year-Olds in 2021. Hoodies and sweatshirts are available for purchase now! Coach Pitch State Champions defeat Eastern 14-3 order form may be found below.

North Penn Little League

The North Penn Little League is the only Little League in the area. We are also the only league in the North Penn Area that is affiliated with Little League Baseball Inc., which is based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania! Members Since its inception in 1959, In the world of youth sports, Little League Baseball Inc. (LLBI) is the largest, most respected, and most well-known organization. “Little League is a program of service to children and young people. Its goal is to provide a safe and healthy outlet for physical exercise and training under the supervision of qualified professionals in an environment that encourages wholesome community engagement.

  1. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play are established as a result of this agreement.” Overview North Penn is a town in Pennsylvania.
  2. During our normal season, which runs from April to mid-June, we offer a variety of activities for children.
  3. Starting in late June, international tournaments will be held in conjunction with district tournaments throughout the first half of July.
  4. We will also see teams from Maine and New Hampshire in these tournaments.
  5. Only leagues that have been chartered are eligible to compete in these renowned competitions!
  6. There are seven (7) sanctioned leagues offered by North Penn Little League (NPLL), ranging from Tee-Ball through Senior League.
  7. NPLL is a non-profit organization administered entirely by parent volunteers that is independent of the school.
  8. The National Little League ideology is supported by the National Little League, and only minor tweaks to some of the playing regulations have been made in an effort to improve the playing experience for our youngsters.
  9. Its purpose is to provide a safe and healthy outlet for physical exercise and training under the supervision of qualified individuals in an environment that encourages wholesome community engagement.
  10. It aspires to motivate children toward a purpose and to improve their lives as they prepare for the day when they will be required to assume their positions in the world.
  11. The age of a player is determined by the National Little League age cutoff for that particular year.

It is contingent on observance of defined norms and receipt of essential parental support. In addition, player applicants must obtain the approval of their parents or legal guardians.

Queen Creek Little League Baseball

The Annual Meeting of the QCLL will be held on October 24, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. The Annual Member Meeting of the QCLL will be held on November 21st at 7:30 p.m. Through the use of Zoom, virtually. It is anticipated that this meeting would assess the results of the 2021 season and choose board members for the upcoming Spring season in 2022. READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION The 16th of January in the year 2021QCLL Options 2 and 3 are parent meetings and parent information sessions. Every year, we have parent information meetings prior to the start of the spring season to talk about critical themes and to discuss expectations for the spring season in general.

READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION The 16th of January in the year 2021QCLL Parent Information Sessions (Option 1) Parent Meetings (Option 1) Every year, we have parent information meetings prior to the start of the spring season to talk about critical themes and to discuss expectations for the spring season in general.

READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION QCLL Season Suspension till 04/06/2020 to March 13, 2020 We are alerting you that the Quebec City Little League will be adhering to the criteria established by our governing body and will be stopping ALL league operations until the recommended date of April 6th.

READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION A Call for Impires for the 2020 Season!

Parents, please take note: Adults who are interested in helping out umpire during the upcoming season can apply to be part of our Junior Umpire program, which is separate from our regular program.

Registration for Queen Creek Little League Baseball’s 2020 Spring Season will start on Monday, November 18th, with the season beginning in March.

All completed registrations will be eligible for the Early Bird discount.

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