Who Are The Baseball Players In Field Of Dreams

The real ghosts of baseball past

The 1919 Chicago White Sox were an American baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The following information may come as a bit of a surprise, however. have you ever seen the movie “Field of Dreams”? Which is the one where an Iowa farmer creates a baseball field on his land and then has a slew of former baseball stars return from the grave to play on it? It’s a piece of fiction, to be honest! However, this does not rule out the possibility that real-life aspects from our national pastime were incorporated into and included in the film.

Here’s a look at some of the real-life baseball players and events that inspired the classic film.

Eight Men Out, based on Eliot Asinof’s book of the same name, was released in September 1988, just seven months previous to the release of “Field of Dreams” in April 1989.

Eight members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox – “Shoeless” Joe, Eddie Cicotte, Chick Gandil, Oscar Felsch, Fred McMullin, Swede Risberg, Buck Weaver, and Claude Williams – were accused of fixing games in the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate run by Arnold Rothstein.

  • It is debatable to what extent any of the eight – particularly Jackson – intentionally intended to force the Reds to lose the World Series.
  • Grand jury indictments named the eight players, as well as five gamblers, as those who participated in the scheme.
  • Nonetheless, the Boston Red Sox scandal shocked the baseball world, and the team’s owners worked tirelessly to restore the sport’s reputation in the eyes of the public after it occurred.
  • Landis was appointed by President Barack Obama.
  • They were gone for a while, until Kinsella came along and pulled them back into the fold.
  • Joe, tell me it ain’t so!) Archibald Wright Graham is the personification of a dream that has yet to be realized.
  • He sat on the bench for five weeks before making his Major League Baseball debut on June 29, when he played right field for the final two innings of an 11-1 away victory over the Brooklyn Superbas in Brooklyn.

Soon after, he was relegated back to the Minor Leagues, and he would never make another appearance in a major league baseball game after that.

If not for the fact that author W.P.

“I came across this item for ‘Moonlight’ Graham,” Kinsella told the Associated Press several years after seeing the post.

“I was interested, and I made a mental note to myself that I wanted to write something about him later on.” And that’s how the scene in which Graham’s statistics are displayed on the Fenway Park scoreboard came to be created.

Graham eventually gets his chance to bat at Kinsella’s magical field, where he is known as “Moonlight.” It is worth noting that his sacrifice fly does not count as an official at-bat.

However, Ray’s father, the Eight Men Out, and Graham aren’t the only ones that show up to the party.

Gil Hodges, “Smoky” Joe Wood, and Mel Ott are seen from left to right.

It’s not quite obvious who the other ghost gamers are at this point.

Louis Browns, and the St.

It is easy to come up with hypotheses on the internet (since theories always seem to flourish on the internet) as to who these players are.

We’ll never know for certain. But we do know that he constructed it and that they arrived. Even if the movie was a work of fiction, some of the information in it was based on actual baseball events.

What If ‘Field Of Dreams’ Got A Do-Over? Our Picks For An Updated Lineup.

Career WAR† as…
Pos. Player Yrs. Played Batter Pitcher Total
C Josh Gibson 1930-1946 38.6 -0.2 38.4
1B/OF Pete Rose 1963-1986 79.9 0.0 79.9
2B Jackie Robinson 1945-1956 61.6 0.0 61.6
3B Ken Caminiti 1987-2001 34.7 0.0 34.7
SS Willie Wells 1924-1948 51.1 0.0 51.1
LF Barry Bonds 1986-2007 163.6 0.0 163.6
CF/1B Oscar Charleston 1920-1941 48.6 -0.3 48.3
RF Roberto Clemente 1955-1972 87.7 0.0 87.7
DH José Canseco 1985-2001 42.4 -0.1 42.3
C Joe Hietpas ☕ 2004-2004 0.0 0.0 0.0
IF Pedro Santana ☕ 2001-2001 0.0 0.0 0.0
OF/2B Tony Phillips 1982-1999 48.8 0.0 48.8
UT Bob Hegman ☕ 1985-1985 0.0 0.0 0.0
SS/Mgr Alex Cora 1998-2011 5.5 0.0 5.5
Career WAR† as…
Pos. Player Yrs. Played Batter Pitcher Total
SP Roy Halladay 1998-2013 -1.1 67.3 66.2
SP/OF Bullet Rogan 1920-1938 23.7 37.8 61.5
SP Darryl Kile 1991-2002 -0.1 26.0 25.8
SP José Fernández 2013-2016 1.1 13.7 14.8
SP Yordano Ventura 2013-2016 -0.1 8.0 8.0
RP Éric Gagné 1999-2008 0.0 13.0 13.1
RP Rod Beck 1991-2004 0.0 10.6 10.6

As things stand, the reality of this week’s game will provide us with a very excellent White Sox squad and a New York Yankees team that may finally be realizing its long-dormant promise. Also certain to be heavily emphasized in the coverage will be the elements of nostalgia and emotion that were central to the film’s production. Whether you think the film is heartwarming or cheesy, it is a vision of what baseball may be in our thoughts and memories, as well as a depiction of what baseball truly is.

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These days, Major League Baseball has plenty of opportunities for atonement left to pursue — but if we’re lucky, baseball may also have plenty of opportunities to deliver it.

Olympians, surgeons and even toddlers have used this technique to improve their focus

One of the most memorable sequences in the 1989 film “Field of Dreams” takes place near the end of the film. Kevin Costner’s character receives a notable speech from actor James Earl Jones, who is portraying writer Terence Mann. In it, the actor urges the Iowa farmer not to sell his land and give up the baseball field that he has plowed over his maize to create. “People are going to arrive, Ray,” he assures him. Jones’ persona was completely correct. This is true in the actual world as well. A large number of people are making their way to the Iowa rural town of Dyersville this week to see the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox play in a newly created park near the diamond where Jones delivered his address earlier this year.

Here’s what some of them have had to say so far about this week’s marquee matchup.

Aaron Boone, Yankees manager

“I’m quite enthusiastic about it, and I believe our entire team is as well. I believe we all have a nostalgic side to us, or at least I do, and I’m sure a number of people have a very nostalgic perspective of “Field of Dreams” and can conjure up a tale to go with it, if you will. So, when we initially heard about it and decided to participate—which was a number of years ago, obviously—it was ultimately terminated the next year. But I was giddy with excitement. I believe that these developments have been beneficial to Major League Baseball.

Dwier Brown, John Kinsella actor in “Field of Dreams”

“I’ve been an actor for 40 years, and no one ever approaches me and inquires about the episodes of ER that I was in.

However, there is a certain percentage of people who look at me curiously from across the room and then come up to me and tell me some great tale about how that movie transformed their connection with their father.”

Liam Hendriks, White Sox closer

“I’m looking forward to jogging through the cornfields because, after all, who wouldn’t be? There are some aspects that ring true when playing a game of this nature. I believe a large number of the boys are quite enthusiastic. Everyone is quite interested to see how this experience unfolds, despite the fact that several of the men will be travelling in the morning and playing that night. Some of these guys may be getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in some of these sports, so take advantage of it while you can.


  • The Major League Baseball schedule for Thursday’s “Field of Dreams” game. Custom throwback outfits will be worn by the Yankees and White Sox during the Field of Dreams game
  • In Dyersville, an Iowa umpire is working the “Field of Dreams” game. Don’t have a ticket to the Field of Dreams game? No problem. It will be broadcasted on television in the following locations:

Rob Manfred, MLB commissioner

“Several wonderful, one-of-a-kind experiences have occurred. The Fort Bragg event, in my opinion, was very exceptional. We really enjoy the Williamsport game, which we’ve done a lot of times in the past. However, I’d say that it’s either at the top of the list or close to the top of the list in terms of pure exhilaration.”

Paul O’Neill, member of the YES Network and four-time World Series champion with the Yankees

“Having this in mind brings back memories of playing in a minor league tournament in Plain City, Ohio, near where I grew up. It was the most important weekend of the year, and everyone converged on a large fairgrounds complex that was bordered by fairgrounds as well as cornfields. As a result, this movie was something of a boyhood fantasy for me. Seeing them bring major league players to this field serves to keep it alive in a way.”

A.J. Pierzynski, FOX sports analyst and 2005 White Sox World Series champion

“I’m looking forward to seeing Iowa and seeing all of the cornfields. I currently reside in Florida. Because corn is not grown in Florida, I am looking forward to seeing the corn. I’d want to go to the filming location. I’d like to have a look at the house. I’d like to see the original field where they filmed the movie and, if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get Dwier (Brown) to play catch with me and my kid so that we can all be in a photo together and reenact the iconic moment at the end together.”

Frank Thomas, FOX sports analyst, MLB Hall of Famer

  • The present moment is a unique and memorable one. That movie was discussed about a lot by a lot of different individuals. It is noteworthy that Major League Baseball has been innovative in bringing the game to “Field of Dreams.” Tommy Birch, the Register’s sports enterprise and features reporter, has been with the publication since its inception in 2007. He has been named Iowa Sportswriter of the Year for the years 2018 and 2020. You may reach him by email at [email protected] or by phone at 515-284-8468. To keep up with Tommy, follow him on Twitter at @TommyBirch.
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The Real-Life Baseball Behind the Magic of “Field of Dreams”

In 2020, we were meant to see the real-life version of the fictitious baseball team immortalized in the filmField of Dreams take the field. Both the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees, two of the clubs who played a key role in the film, were slated to square off at the Field of Dreams filming location in Dyersville, Iowa, on July 31. Construction was under progress on an 8,000-seat stadium in a neighboring cornfield, which would be connected to the original movie field by a “cornfield walking walkway” built through the field.

  1. However, Major League Baseball is committed to have this unique game take place during the 2019 regular season.
  2. Due to the fact that this event has been removed from the 2020 calendar, as well as the fact that Field of Dreams became 30 years old a year ago, I began to consider how much wonderful baseball information is crammed into the existing film.
  3. Shoeless Joeby W.P Kinsella, the novel that served as the inspiration for the film, was named after him.
  4. As the film’s central character, Ray, clearly points out, Jackson did accept the money, along with his teammates, but he also put together one of the finest World Series performances in history, as evidenced by his appearance in the film.
  5. His 12 hits remained a World Series record until 1964, thirteen years after his death, when it was broken by Hank Aaron.
  6. It is his lifetime hitting average of.356 that places him third all-time in baseball history, behind only Ty Cobb (.366) and Rogers Hornsby (.356).
  7. In addition, he ranks 13th all-time in on-base percentage, having reached first base at a rate of.423 throughout the course of his career.

Eddie Cicotte, Chick Gandil, Swede Risberg, Buck Weaver, Lefty Williams, Happy Felsch, and Fred McMullen were the other members of the infamous club, which also included Eddie Cicotte and Chick Gandil.

He pitched for the White Sox for nine seasons throughout his 14-year career.

That season, he threw a career-high 30 complete games, which was a personal best.

Cicotte, along with Jackson, would have been inducted into the Hall of Fame based on his career statistics if it hadn’t been for the controversy with the Black Sox.

An independent film calledEight Men Outwas released in 1988, the year before the release ofField of Dreams.

Charles Comiskey, a greedy owner and former Major League Baseball player himself, refused to pay his players living wages, and any player who refused to accept a contract was barred from joining another team under the Reserve Clause; Curt Flood and the concept of free agency were still decades away, and the Reserve Clause was still in effect.

  • The infamous octet is at the heart of the dramatic tension in the filmEight Men Out.
  • Their presence on Ray’s field is a manifestation of magic, and they’re just delighted to be playing baseball in the same long-sleeved fabric jerseys and soft-billed hats that they wore when they were frozen in time back in 1919.
  • Shoeless In his speech, Joe specifically cites Ty Cobb, who was a contemporary of the 1919 White Sox squad, although a much despised one.
  • Despite the fact that he only batted.384, which was not even among his top-three all-time batting averages (Cobb had previously eclipsed that mark in 1911 by hitting.419), the slugger went on to lead the American League in hitting for nine straight seasons.
  • Moonlight Graham appears in the film as a baseball player who appeared in one inning for the New York Giants in 1922 but did not have a chance to bat.
  • It is closely based on historical events that inspired W.P Kinsella’s novel; there was a real-life “Moonlight” Graham who played one inning for the New York Giants in 1905, never earned a Major League at-bat, and went on to become a beloved doctor in Chisholm.
  • When they arrive at the magical field in Iowa, Moonlight, who introduces himself as Archie, his childhood nickname, is obviously taken aback by the presence of the legendary baseball legends who have gathered there.

In this scene, the film deviates from the official baseball timetable a little bit.

The other two guys were all minor leaguers.

His career earned run average (ERA) was a brilliant 2.03, good for fifth-best in big league history among qualifying pitchers among all positions.

It was in 1912 that Wood had his greatest season, when he went 34-5 with 35 full games and 10 shutouts, pitching to an ERA of 1.91 and striking out a staggering 258 hitters, similar to that of Walter Johnson (an absurdly high number for a pitcher in 1912).

When Archie Graham was growing up, Wood would have been a fantastic baseball role model.

With 511 home runs to his credit when he retired, Ott was third all-time in the majors, trailing only Babe Ruth and Jimmie Foxx in the category.

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The Hall of Fame enshrined him in 1951, and he passed away seven years later.

Gil Hodges, the final member of the “Moonlight Graham” trio, was the most recent of the three to join the band in the studio.

Hodges was a standout player on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field.

Because the Gold Glove Honor did not exist until the conclusion of Hodges’ playing career, it is possible that he would have earned many more if the award had been in existence throughout his whole playing career.

So, what do all of these dated statistics have to do with the film Field of Dreams?

This occurs most prominently in the film for Shoeless Joe Jackson, Moonlight Graham, and Ray’s father, John Kinsella, among other characters.

The various Hall of Fame voting committees that meet once every few years to review the qualifications of a specific era of players are still in the process of deciding whether or not to induct one of these three players into the Hall of Fame.

Field of Dreams contains a plethora of rich baseball allusions that represent the backbone of 20th century baseball history, despite the fact that not every baseball detail is factual (Shoeless Joe really batted left-handed, not right-handed as the movie claims).

The first Major League Baseball game at this field, which we expect to see sometime during the 2013-14 season, would serve as a great homage to the generations of players who paved the path for the current game and shaped the nostalgic heritage of “America’s Pastime.” The Des Moines Register is the source for this information.

Field of Dreams: Inspired by 1989 film, MLB makes Iowa debut

One of the most renowned cornfields in Hollywood history will finally get the opportunity to host actual major league baseball, more than three decades after the film “Field of Dreams” first sank its teeth into the nation’s cultural memory, and one year later than planned due to the epidemic. “Is this heaven?” the ghost of John Kinsella inquired in the 1989 film that served as inspiration for the game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees, which will be played Thursday close to the real location featured in the film and which is maintained as a tourist attraction.

This week, the ball-playing isn’t a figment of the imagination.

The White Sox and Yankees will play at a temporary stadium built for about 8,000 fans in Dyersville, a town with a population of “about 4,400, we’re hoping for in the next census,” according to Mayor Jim Heavens.

After a truncated schedule at mainly empty ballparks was imposed by the coronavirus, the initial plan to play in 2020 had to be postponed.

As the wise novelist Terence Mann declares to Ray Kinsella at one point in the film, “baseball has been the one constant across all of the years.” Dyersville gained national attention as a result of the film, which starred Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, and Amy Madigan, although the sport has been a fixture in the community for more than a century prior to the film.

Iowa citizens are projected to make up around one-third of the attendance on Thursday.

“I believe there is a genuine sense of pride in Iowa that the Major League Baseball team is coming.” To realize that the people of Iowa are so appreciative that this is taking place has touched my heart a little.” Due to the fact that the original movie location was rapidly considered inadequate for a typical game, the construction of the temporary ballpark necessitated the removal of 30,000 cubic yards of debris and the placement of 4,000 tons of sand and 2,000 tons of gravel.

The bullpens were built to look similar to those at old Comiskey Park, which served as the White Sox’s home for many years.

This summer has been particularly hot and dry in this section of the country, prompting the installation of an irrigation system to preserve the prime crop in good condition until its turn to shine on national television – when it will be between 10 and 12 feet high.

Every aspect of this event is distinct from the rest of the year.

“When you take a step back and look at it, there are very few events that we have the opportunity to make for which there is no template.” Both sides will dress in throwback outfits that date back to 1919, when Jackson was a member of the Chicago White Sox and one of eight players expelled from the World Series for manipulating the game.

The film is about more than athletics.

The actor Dwier Brown, who played John Kinsella, shared his thoughts on the film.

Considering all I did was take off my catcher’s mask and stroll right into the room, “I’m happy for my small contribution to the whole puzzle.” _Associated Press Sports Author Joe Reedy contributed to this article. _More AP Major League Baseball coverage: and

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