Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains

Baseball Player Chains – Why MLB Players Wear Necklaces

Some baseball players may be wearing gold chains around their necks while playing in a game, which you may notice if you are watching the game. The reason why baseball players wear such large gold chains around their necks while on the baseball field may be puzzling to you. You might also question if other sports players, such as those in the NFL, NBA, or NHL, are permitted to wear necklaces as well. Here’s a summary of why baseball player chains are permitted in the game, as well as other information.

Baseball Chains: Can MLB Players Wear Them?

Major League Baseball’s Official Rules of Play and the Major League Baseball Players Association Professional players are permitted to wear chains and necklaces since Minor League Baseball does not expressly prohibit them from doing so. A chain, on the other hand, is not permitted if the light reflected from the chain enters the eye of a batter or hitter. Professional baseball players, on the other hand, are permitted to wear a chain outside their jersey unless the baseball chain creates light reflection and interferes with the flow of the game.

Mookie Betts Chain

Mookie Betts is one of the most well-known players in baseball, and he is known for wearing a necklace during games. A unique aspect about Mookie Betts’ Chain is that he received it from a fan during a spring training game in 2018 with the Boston Red Sox, which is rather unusual. Mookie said that he like the necklace and that he will continue to wear it to every game.

Today’s Biggest Baseball Players Wearing Chains

In today’s game, there are a plethora of great baseball players that wear chains both inside and outside their jerseys. In addition to Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, other baseball players that wear chains and necklaces include Mallex Smith and Manny Machado, as well as Amed Rosario and Javier Báez, among others. Josh Bell, Adam Jones, Alex Verdugo, Austin Jackson, and Francisco Lindor are among the other elite Major League Baseball players that sport chains.

Why Do Players Wear Gold Chains During Games?

For a variety of reasons, baseball players choose to wear gold chains during games in their sport. Due to religious reasons, some players wear chains on the pitch, and you will notice certain players wearing a cross necklace on the field. Another reason why baseball players wear a chain is to create a fashionable appearance that allows them to show off their jewelry. Many players choose to include a certain appearance into their costume while still remaining fashionable, therefore it is a matter of personal preference for the wearer.

Whatever the motivation for wearing a chain, Major League Baseball enables players to express themselves on the field without fear of repercussions.

Are Baseball Players Wearing Chains Recently?

In order for the majority of people to not notice when watching games on television, several players, such as Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, would wear a necklace tucked beneath their shirt. More and more baseball players, like as outfielder Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox (now the Los Angeles Dodgers), are opting to wear their chains outside their shirts these days.

Because there is no official regulation prohibiting professional players from wearing their chains outside their shirts, they may do anything they want, and more and more people are taking notice.

Any Incidents with Baseball Player Chains During a Game?

Over the years, there have been a few significant instances in which a baseball player’s chain has come undone. Yoenis Cespedes, while playing for the New York Mets in 2018, broke his necklace when sliding into second base at Citi Field. As the game progressed, umpires and players discovered diamonds in the infield and worked together to clean up the shambles. Another famous instance with missing diamonds occurred during the American League Championship Series between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees.

During the game at Yankee Stadium, the Astros pitcher’s black diamond necklace was shattered in some way, and he spent the rest of the game digging in the ground to find the broken pieces.

Baseball Chains to Buy for Baseball and Softball

Baseball chains and baseball necklaces are available for purchase on Amazon in a wide variety of styles. Stainless steel necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, bat crosses, baseball bats, and more items are available. In addition to that, you may get rope chains, number necklaces, stainless steel chain, and trinkets that have been personalized. The following are some of the most popular things available for purchase on their website.

Other Baseball Player Necklaces

Many professional baseball players like to wear Phiten Necklaces instead of a regular chain necklace while they are not playing baseball. Phiten Necklaces are a type of twisted rope necklace that is available in a number of different hues. Jon Lester, Justin Verlander, and Dustin Pedroia are just a handful of the prominent players that would rock this style on the field. A key component of Phiten’s business model is that the product contains titanium, which is a strong lightweight metal that works similarly to alternative medicine.

When you perform sports, you may lessen the tension on your muscles by bringing the electrical fields of the body into alignment.

The corporation was able to break into the mainstream by enlisting the help of professional athletes to promote its product, but the validity of the research is being called into doubt.

Can You Wear Chains in the NBA?

In contrast to Major League Baseball, the NBA does not let anybody to wear chains during basketball games. Because wearing a necklace or a chain during a basketball game might result in serious harm, the league does not permit it. Players such as Michael Jordan, on the other hand, would wear a chain during events such as the slam dunk contest, but this is not permitted during regular-season games.

Can NFL Players Wear Chains?

The official regulations of the NFL allow for the wearing of jewelry during games, however hard items are not permitted. The majority of players chose to wear a necklace under their clothing to protect themselves from injury while playing.

Wearing hard things is a matter of personal preference, but it became a topic of discussion when Odell Beckham Jr. wore a $250k watch during a professional football game. The NFL fined him for breaching their rules by wearing a watch during a football game, and he agreed to pay the fee.

Conclusion on Baseball Chains

We now understand why Major League Baseball players choose to wear gold chains and other sorts of necklaces during games: they look good. Some people choose to wear a chain for religious reasons, while others do so for aesthetic reasons. Due to the minimal possibility of being caught with another player during the action, only Major League Baseball permits professional players to wear a chain around their necks while playing games.

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Baseball Players Chains: Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

Scotttfujita.com is a blog that provides visitors with useful information. Affiliate marketing links are included with the items mentioned in the article. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may get a small commission. You will not be required to pay any additional costs on our behalf. See our complete disclosures for more information. here When we are watching Major League Baseball, we frequently see images of professional baseball players sporting gold chains while competing in the game.

So, what is it about baseball players that makes them wear chains?

Religion is also one of the most important factors.

Scott Fujita will assist you in learning more about the motivations and intriguing facts that surround MLB franchises through this post.

Baseball Players Chains:Why do baseball players wear chains?

Players in Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball are permitted to wear jewelry while on the field of play, according to the official regulations of the leagues. The only exception is when light reflected directly from the chain impairs the vision of the batters or their ability to strike the ball. This regulation has received unanimous support from professional baseball players. It is customary for them to wear one or more gold chains when competing for a variety of reasons. For whatever reason, baseball players wear gold chains around their necks.

1. For Better Appearance

Gold is a valuable metal that has a sumptuous and commanding look. It is used in jewelry making. Successful players who have multi-million dollar contracts may afford to purchase these premium diamonds from respected jewelers because of their financial success. This type of shopping is a luxury enjoyed by the rich. Some players may keep their gold chains buried under their shirts for the sake of discretion.

A few others chose to totally unbutton their shirts in order to show them off to the audience as they enter. Their macho appearance, along with their brilliant jewelry, will make them appear appealing to female followers. More information may be found at:

  • Tips on how to grease a baseball glove
  • Names of fantasy baseball teams

2. For Their Religion

Baseball players are also frequently seen wearing gold chains that are adorned with crosses. The majority of those who adopt this style of jewelry do so for religious reasons. People’s spiritual lives are profoundly influenced by their religious beliefs. When entering the sport, devout athletes would frequently wear necklaces with crosses around their necks. This graphic is a portrayal of the crucifixion on which Jesus was nailed to death. Dedicated Major League players also make a few “procedural” movements during the course of the game.

Baseball necklaces are available in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on one’s religious beliefs.

3. For Confidence

Some superstitious baseball players believe that wearing baseball chains will significantly boost their overall performance. It is said to be capable of assisting them in striking out opposition players or hitting home runs. Some well-known Major League Baseball players, such as Jon Lester and Justin Verlander, have claimed that wearing accessories has improved their performance. Phiten necklaces have become a must-have fashion item as a result of this.

What Are The Different Types Of Baseball Player Chains?

Not all gold chains worn by baseball players are made equal. Baseball players use a variety of necklaces, each with a distinct function. This section will assist you in becoming familiar with a few different types of chains that are popular among many elite sportsmen.

1. Gold Chain

It’s impossible to go wrong with a straightforward gold chain. These necklaces have a classy appearance, are lightweight, and will not draw attention away from your work. If you include this item in your total pitching ensemble, you will appear to be your team’s pitching hero. To get this necklace, one of the most convenient options is to go to your local jewelry store. Choose these necklaces from Amazon as well if you want to hear a variety of various perspectives from consumers.

2. Gold Plated Chain

Chains with a gold plating Necklaces in this style are frequently adorned with a plaited or interlaced motif. Because this sort of necklace is extremely thick and eye-catching, it is popular among gamers. A key disadvantage of this style of baseball players necklace is that it might restrict the player’s ability to see well. When players attempted to accelerate in order to chase after a balloon, the chain became entangled in the process. Mookie Betts is a well-known baseball star who is known for wearing chains on a daily basis.

3. Gold Cross

Golden cross necklaces are typically worn by MLB players who are dedicated and religious in their beliefs. This style of gold chain is significantly thinner and heavier than the standard gold chains that we discussed previously. There have been some concerns raised about the safety of athletes who choose to wear crosses around their necks during games.

In order to field a ball, infielders (and even outfielders) frequently have to lie down on their stomachs. During such scenarios, the cross-section is more likely to stab the player in the neck.

4. Phiten Necklace

Phiten necklaces are a kind of necklace. In baseball games, an increasing number of Major League Baseball players are sporting a twisted rope necklace. Phiten necklaces are the term given to this particular style of jewelry. The chief creator of this jewelry claims to have integrated titanium into the pieces he has created. In addition, the sort of titanium utilized is uncommon. As a result, it has been transformed into an active compound known as Aqua-Titanium. This substance functions as a tiny magnet, rewiring the body’s biological electrical fields to make them more efficient.

Do you believe what I’m saying?

What are the famous incidents related to gold chains?

It is not always a smart idea for baseball players to have gold chains around their necks. When it comes to competition, wearing jewelry always carries some kind of danger. Let’s take a look at the two most well-known occurrences that have occurred in connection with this topic.

1. Yoenis Cespedes – New York Mets (2018)

Yoenis Cespedes’ beautiful jewelry was shattered into several pieces after he stumbled into second base during a game. When he couldn’t discover all of the diamonds that had fallen at Citi Field on his own, he turned to the officials for aid. What a waste of vital and expensive resources!

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2. Lance McCullers Jr – Houston Astros (2017)

During a game against the New York Yankees, Lance McCullers observed his diamond-encrusted bracelet break apart for reasons that remain a mystery to this day. As a result of this occurrence, he was compelled to spend a significant amount of time searching through as much “debris” as possible on the ground. If these two instances weren’t famous, we’d be at a loss for what to label them at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a better understanding of why baseball players wear gold chains while playing. Are you still interested in learning more? Continue reading in the section below! Mookie Betts is a baseball player who plays in the Major Leagues.

1. Which Major League Baseball players wear gold chains?

Mookie Betts is one of the most well-known Major League Baseball players to wear a chain. While playing against the Boston Red Sox during a 2018 spring training game, he received it as a present from a fan. Apart from that, you may see several well-known players wearing gold or rope chains around their necks, including players like as Juan Soto, Chris Archer, Mallex Smith, and Javier Báez. Depending on their style, they can wear the necklace around their necks or tuck it beneath their jerseys.

2. Can players in other sports wear chains while playing?

In contrast to Major League Baseball, the NBA does not let basketball players to participate while wearing chains. When this prohibition was implemented, the primary reason given was the concern that the chains may cause damage to the player in the event of a collision.

Players are permitted to wear jewelry while participating in NFL games, with the exception of hard items. The majority of NFL players will wear gold chains under their jerseys to protect themselves from harm.

Final Thoughts

The style of necklace that baseball players wear is a reflection of their personality as well as who they are as individuals as well. Many Major League Baseball players dress in chains for a more fashionable appearance. Some individuals wear necklaces for religious reasons, while others don’t. Whatever the cause, it has become a joy to watch baseball games now that the players and the necklaces they wear have become so well-known. If followers desire to be like their heroes, it may sometimes even cause a spending frenzy and increase demand for their products.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?(5 Interesting Reasons)

Decorative goods used for personal ornamentation include, among other things, rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces and chains, cufflinks and earrings, among other things. Jewelry is defined as “any ornamental item worn for personal adornment.” The majority of the time, we presume that jewelry is just designed to be worn for aesthetic purposes; yet, there are occasions when jewelry has a deeper meaning. After that, you could find yourself watching a baseball game, and one of the things you might notice is that some baseball players wear gold chains around their necks when they are participating in the game.

In order to better understand the reasons why baseball players wear gold chains around their necks during games, we will first address the question of whether baseball players can actually wear jewelry, just like everyone else, and then we will go into greater detail about the actual reasons why they do.

Can Baseball Players Wear Jewelry?

The official rules and regulations created to guide players throughout Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball seasons do not expressly prohibit the wearing of jewelry on the field or in the clubhouse. The ability to wear chains and necklaces during competition ensures that professional athletes may express themselves freely. The only time a chain is prohibited from entering the game is if the light reflected off the chain straight into a hitter’s or batter’s eye. As a backup alternative, professional baseball players may either wear the chain outside their jersey if it is discreet and will not interfere with the game or wear it inside their jersey if it produces any distractions such as light reflections.

In other circumstances, your jewelry items may become entangled with anything while you are playing and cause you to suffer an injury to your neck or other body part.

Why do Baseball players wear (Gold) chains?

Among the baseball players who have been spotted wearing gold chains during games include Manny Ramirez, who would often wear 3 to 5 chains out of his jersey, and Mookie Betts, who would always wear his gold chains every time he hit a home run, just to name a few examples. Here are five reasons why baseball players wear gold chains, which we’ll go into in more detail later. 1.They are in possession of financial resources. Gold is a precious metal, and most gold jewelry items, if not all, are quite beautiful, if not prohibitively expensive.

  • In reality, they get their chains from high-end and reputable jewelers, who are extremely pricey, but that isn’t a big deal to them because they don’t care about money.
  • The golden chains that practically all baseball players wear are the most prevalent items of jewelry that they wear.
  • The main issue with these types of chains is that they tend to obstruct the player’s field of view, which is particularly problematic while they are racing to escape being captured.
  • I’m talking about a little glimmer here and there and the ladies will see you from a distance.
  • 4.For the sake of religious belief Close inspection will reveal that the majority of the gold chains worn by baseball players frequently have a cross in the center of them.
  • Religion, in addition to superstitions, is frequently a very big part in sports, and some athletes are so committed in their faith that they rely on it for better outcomes during their game.
  • This is because these chains have the potential to break off the baseball player’s neck if he or she ends up diving on the ground in order to reach the next base on the field.
  • 5.They get a better feeling when they are wearing necklaces.
  • These athletes have all said that wearing these gold chains has improved their overall performance on the field.

To summarize, when the nerves of a baseball player are activated, they will almost certainly vibrate higher and become more active during the game. What are the chances of that being true?


Gold is frequently used as a symbol of victory, and there is no doubt that every baseball player would like to feel like they are on the winning team. Overall, neck accessories, particularly gold chains, are a fantastic adornment for any baseball player, provided they do not create any disruptions or deaths during the game. Visit this page for more trendy jewelry or check out our most recent published blogs for additional inspiration! Stephanie used to be a big fan of jewelry when she was a teen.

She works as a jewelry designer for SOQ Jewelry as well as for other design firms in the area.

She publishes a lot of pieces for design businesses, and she includes a lot of actionable advice.

Why do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?

What is the significance of gold chains worn by baseball players? It is not unusual to see baseball players with one or more gold chains around their necks.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Gold Chains?

Manny Ramirez was the player who made this method widely known around the world. He might be seen wearing anywhere from three to five gold chains when he is not wearing his jersey. Mookie Betts, for example, is a good example. Every time he hit a home run, he would adorn himself with gold chains. Here are some of the reasons why this is a widespread practice among these athletes:


Gold is a valuable metal that has a wonderful sheen to it. The fact that some players make millions of dollars is one of the reasons why they can afford to purchase these sorts of things from well-known jewelers. Some athletes choose not to button their jerseys completely in order to display their opulent possessions, such as gold chains. I believe they will increase their popularity among their female admirers even more! Gold chains are the most frequent sort of chain worn by baseball players, and they are the simplest to make.

The simple chain is made out of a thick chain with an interlaced pattern that is strung together.

Because of its thickness, it has a very appealing appearance.


A cross may be found on many of the gold chains that baseball players wear. Many superstitions are used in baseball, ranging from chewing gum to doing certain rituals. For some, kissing their gold chains is a method for them to believe that they would perform better in the game of baseball. Religion, in addition to superstition, plays an important role in sporting events. It goes without saying that the cross that is shown on certain players’ chains represents Christ’s death on the cross for humanity over 2,000 years ago.

Cross gold chains, as opposed to ordinary gold chains, are smaller and lighter, which makes them a better choice for athletes who are participating in sports.

They can, however, be broken if they dive to the ground in order to reach the next base. This is one of the reasons why enormous crosses are rarely used as gold chain accessories in baseball, as they might be harmful when players dive into the water.

Where Can People Find a Gold Chain Similar to Those Worn by Baseball Players?

The bad news is that you may have to spend more than ten thousand dollars to have one that looks like your favorite Major League Baseball star. Having more than one amount gives the impression of being a professional want tobe baseball player, which is an advantage in this situation. Due to the fact that the majority of them are custom-made by famous jewelers, their prices are quite exorbitant. The most easy method of obtaining one is to visit a local jewelry store and have one custom made. The majority of individuals are unable to tell the difference between a high-priced gold chain and a low-priced gold chain.

  1. We can get them for a fair price if we look hard enough.
  2. A lovely gold chain dangling from your baseball jersey is something to be proud of, and you should be.
  3. However, while we can locate gold necklaces that are less thick for insanely low costs, they will not make you appear like a professional baseball player.
  4. On the internet, I can purchase 14K gold chains in this design for as little as $35.

Final Thoughts

What is the significance of gold chains worn by baseball players? As you can see, the primary reason that baseball players choose to wear gold chains is to improve their overall visual appearance. A string can also serve as a religious or superstitious object, depending on its meaning. Gold chains are excellent amulets for this reason because they represent a belief in an object that will boost your chances of gaining an advantage in the game, which is critical in sports where winning is critical.

Why Do Baseball Players Often Wear Chains While on the Field?

A culture may be found in every profession, every organization, every community, every clique, every gaggle, every workplace, and every church. And that culture includes a variety of rules that control everything from the way you talk to the way you dress to the way you behave to the questions you ask, among other things. The same may be said about sports in general and even individual sports teams in particular. The culture of the 1986 New York Mets, for example, is vastly different from the culture of the 2016 Chicago Cubs.

YouTube |

Why do baseball players wear chains?

While playing baseball, it would appear to be a foolish decision to wear a slew of loose, jangling, costly, and heavy jewelry on one’s person while participating in a high-stakes, fast-paced game. A number of occasions in which wearing chains on the field has gone catastrophically wrong have occurred. For example, one in which Junior Guerra was throwing a pitch and was struck in the face by his own dangling cross. Yoenis Cespedes once broke his necklace after sliding into second base, causing diamonds to fall to the ground as a result of the incident.

  1. It was a costly lesson to learn, but one that he did so in front of millions of people on national television, no matter how painful the experience.
  2. So what is it about them that attracts so many players?
  3. It all starts with the superstitious aspect of baseball culture, which is the first point to make.
  4. In addition, some players choose to wear religious symbols such as crosses.

Essentially, it may be read as a way of saying, “Hey, I’ve done everything I can to prepare, now listen here higher power, bring me to wherever I’m destined to go.” Or perhaps, “God, you better freaking help me hit a home run,” as in, “You better freaking help me hit a home run.” The rest of the article is below the advertisement.

  1. Uniforms tend to make everyone on the squad appear the same, but wearing a chain is a cool way to stand out from the crowd.
  2. T is quite awesome.
  3. A large number of players wearing chains in Major League Baseball, according to pitcher Chris Archer, can be traced back to slugger David Ortiz’s penchant for donning them on the field.
  4. According to Bleacher Report, “In 2015 and 2016, I recall seeing David Ortiz with his chain adorned with large medals on display.
  5. When you witness one man doing it, you think to yourself, ‘You know what?
  6. It has now reached the point where people are purposefully wearing them out.” Twitter |
  7. The rest of the article is below the advertisement.
  8. Miss Leigh90 is the source of this information.
  9. Sprinters, runners, and track and field stars compete in the Olympics, and they are frequently seen donning chains.

Do you want to look nice, feel well, and play well? You are the final arbiter.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? (4 Reasons!)

The majority of baseball players, in contrast to their NFL, NBA, and NHL counterparts, are frequently seen with chains around their necks. If you’ve been paying attention to Major League Baseball over the last couple of years, you’ve definitely noticed that this pattern is becoming more prevalent. At the moment, the vast majority of baseball players sport some sort of neck jewelry while participating in games. Many people are perplexed as to why baseball players wear chains in the first place, especially when we consider that we don’t see the same thing in other major sports.

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As a result, chains do not pose a serious threat to public safety or health.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

The wearing of chains around the neck of baseball players is nothing new. Until recently, though, the majority of players chose to conceal their jewels inside their shirts. For example, Derek Jeter was well-known for wearing a black diamond necklace beneath his jersey at all times. Although the style of baseball jerseys and the nature of baseball allow players to just let their chains hang out, this is not the case for all players. The fad began with major league players such as Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, but it quickly spread throughout the baseball world like wildfire.

The quickest and most straightforward response is — because they can.

Even if they attempted to impose such a restriction, the MLB players’ organization would almost certainly reject any such proposal as an attempt to restrict the players’ freedom of expression in the sport.

Despite this, the causes may be divided into a few key groups, as follows.


Neck chains are worn by the majority of players for a very basic reason. They give them a stylish appearance. At least, that’s what they believe. The majority of Major League Baseball players earn a respectable living. Many of them are millionaires or even billionaires. As a result, people can easily afford to purchase the most expensive pieces of jewelry created by the world’s most renowned masters. The bulk of the chains we see in baseball are made of gold, and they are frequently adorned with diamonds to provide a little sparkle to the game.

In addition, a significant number of players would agree that it helps them feel more confident on the pitch.

The simple gold chain is the most popular item of neck jewelry among gamers who want to wear it for its aesthetic value. These chains, on the other hand, are basic only in the sense that they are generally quite thick and costly items with intricate interwoven motifs.


Because of their religious beliefs, many baseball players choose to wear a neck chain. A large number of Major League Baseball athletes, particularly those from Central America, are firmly established in their faith. They all wear gold chains with crosses as their primary item of jewelry, and this is the most popular among them. Before entering the baseball field or as they approach the batter’s box, you’ll frequently see players kiss the cross on their chests. It should come as no surprise that these chains are often less ornate, smaller, and lighter in comparison to the pricey things worn by other players.

In particular, players diving to field the ball may be put in risk as a result of these obstructions.

Sentimental Value

The neck chains worn by a group of players have sentimental significance for them. Some players wear chains that have been given to them by family and friends as a source of inspiration while on the field of play. A large number of these items of jewelry are adorned with pendants that bear symbolism of deep importance. The clearest illustration of this is Mookie Betts, who was named American League MVP in 2018 and is presently with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mookie always has two pieces of neck jewelry on while she plays a game.

As he stated, it aids him in maintaining his father’s memories.

During the 2018 spring training season, Betts got a present from a 13-year-old boy.

Better Performance

Not so long ago, in the mid-2000s, the Major League Baseball got swept up in the Phiten craze. The Phiten necklaces have been added to the must-have accessories list by a slew of players, including stars like Justin Verlander, Jon Lester, and Justin Pedroia, who claim that they help them perform better on the field. Those wearing these nylon-coated titanium-infused chains, according to their Japanese producer, would have increased strength and energy as a result of the titanium infusion. Known as Aqua-Titanium, the active component purportedly functioned like miniature magnets, realigning the biological electrical patterns in an athlete’s body, according to the researchers.

If they truly believed that or whether they were simply acting on the basis of marketing agreements is another thing.


Baseball, which has the longest history of any major sport than any other, is known for being a conservative atmosphere. The unwritten rules are discouraged, and it is frowned upon for players to venture outside their assumed lanes of play. Neck chains provide players with a unique opportunity to express themselves in an often-restrictive environment. It allows people to express emotion, demonstrate their individuality, and stand out from the crowd of other participants. This is analogous to how different styles of bills, loose trousers, earrings, and bracelets are related to different forms of neckwear.

Aside from that, dazzling jewelry and a hip appearance are excellent ways to draw in younger followers to the sport of basketball. This has been increasingly crucial in recent years, since baseball’s appeal to younger generations has waned dramatically.

5 HIIDDEN REASONS! Why do baseball players wear gold chains?

Isn’t it strange to find out why baseball players choose to wear gold chains outside their uniforms? Perhaps you’ve seen baseball players wearing gold chains, which are deemed to be the greatest gold chins for their fans by the media. Players wearing gold chains, on the other hand, may be doing so to make themselves appear more powerful. Alternatively, they may be able to pay for them. As a result, we’ve discovered 5 surprising reasons why baseball players choose to wear gold chain necklaces.

  1. For religious reasons
  2. For a fashionable appearance
  3. For financial reasons
  4. To establish a standard (for the intended audience)
  5. Make yourself at ease

More information may be found further down the page if you so want. You may also want to check out the following video:

(5 hidden Reasons) Why do baseball players wear gold chains?

As it turns out, the majority of baseball players love to accessorize with gold chains to express their inner perversions. Right! However, these arguments should dispel any doubts you may have about why baseball players wear gold uniforms. The jewelry itself demonstrates the type of ornamental material that players employ for their own personal adornment.

Religion sake

It’s possible that you’ve seen baseball players with gold chains that have cross symbols on them. Correct! It gives obvious signs that the chain is being erected for religious reasons! Several superstitions come into play while playing. Occasionally, before beginning to play, the players who have the gold chain will kiss their cross-chain. That said, they do a few things, such as chewing gum and putting their chains on their shirts, to distinguish themselves. As evidenced by the cross chains around their necks, players believe in their religious beliefs on the sidelines.

Stylish appearance

As you can see, the majority of gamers prefer gold chains in order to appear fashionable. Right Furthermore, high-contract athletes can purchase gold chains, and possessing gold can make players appear more impressive to their opponents. Typically, the objectives chain is comprised of a thick interwoven form that appears to be functional. When they hit a home run or advance to a new base, though, their chain begins to bounce around their neck, which is very interesting to see! It is for this reason that baseball players wear gold chains without removing the first button on their jersey to indicate how many chains they are typically wearing.

Money to afford

Another possible explanation is that baseball players wear gold jewelry because they are well compensated, which allows them to purchase expensive gold goods. In truth, the majority of players get their jewels from well-known jewelry companies who support them for the sake of marketing. Fans, on the other hand, are anxious to get their hands on their chains. As a result, they only purchase from authorized jewelers.

The majority of the time, such as billionaires, who have a penchant for purchasing a plane, real estate, or a highly branded automobile. Baseball players, on the other hand, regard gold time to be the most wonderful thing that can happen to them.

To set the benchmark (For audience)

Let’s simply say that each athlete wants to be recognized on his or her own merits. Team players aspire to become well-known by establishing themselves as a wonderful personality that their supporters can look up to. For this reason, gold chains were frequently worn by players while playing, either for the costly appearance or to establish the standard. These necklaces are widely sought for by players’ admirers.

Feel comfortable

Have you noticed that players in the MLB, or Major League Baseball, appear to be at ease while wearing chains? As you may be aware, the black necklace has quickly become the most recognizable necklace among soccer players of all levels. Furthermore, the majority of players mentioned some fascinating things, such as John Lester, Justin Verlander, and Justin Pedroia claiming that wearing the gold necklace improves their performance on the field. Furthermore, these are the five hidden reasons for their success that most of their admirers aren’t aware of.

Before we go, let’s take a look at the greatest baseball chains available.

In addition, you should be aware of why baseball players wear caps.

Best chains in baseball (types of chains baseball players prefer to wear)

Most baseball players, most of the time, prefer one of these three chains over the others. However, if you are a fan, you should consider purchasing them.

  • Chains in gold plating
  • Gold chains with crosses
  • Gold rope chains

Gold plated chain

The majority of players wear 2-3 chains, with one of them being a gold-plated chain, at any one moment. Correct! In case you’re searching for a chain with a lot of emotion, try this $30 chain that you may wear with your baseball shirt. Players, on the other hand, contemplate wearing this Gold-plated chain in this manner.

Gold chain with cross

The following chain is a Gold chain with a cross, which is quite popular among gamers. All you have to do is look at the cross and the quality when you’re buying. Gold chains with a cross, on the other hand, may be purchased at a reasonable price.

Gold rope chain

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, the gold rope chain is the most widely used goal chain among players due to the high level of engagement provided by the metallic substance. Furthermore, the chain is the favorite choice of the majority of professional soccer players.

Baseball Players Who Wear Gold Chains

Now. It’s time to find out which baseball players have gold chains around their necks. Players wearing the medallion gold chain, such as Mookie Batts, are accustomed to seeing them. While other baseball players that sport gold chains include the following:

  • Adam Jones, Dustin Pedroia, Justin Verlander, Chris Arche, Juan Soto, Jon Lester, Josh Bell, and Amed Rosario are the starting pitchers.

These are the players who, depending on how much they prefer, choose to keep their necklaces on during the game.

Why do baseball players wear necklaces all the time?

It’s strange to suggest that baseball players don’t wear necklaces, but that they do wear titanium necklaces instead.

It’s pretty pricey, and not everyone can afford to participate. In the world of baseball, it has become fashionable to wear gold chains on a regular basis. As a result, fans are encouraged to participate and motivate others to pay as much attention as possible to their favorite players.

Is there some reason that MLB baseball players are permitted to wear gold chains while they are playing?

There is no reason why Major League Baseball players should not be allowed to wear a gold chain, and as far as distractions are concerned, there is none. Essentially, all that is required in baseball is concentration. If, on the other hand, the gold chain has no effect on your performance, there will be no need to allow the gold chain to be worn throughout the game.

Is it required for major league baseball players to wear necklaces?

Answering the question is uncomplicated. Necklaces are not needed for major league baseball players, although they are encouraged. Anyhow. Players may choose to wear gold chains, depending on their personal tastes.

Where Can People Find a Gold Chain Similar to Those Worn by Baseball Players?

Look. To obtain any gold chain featuring your favorite baseball star, you must be prepared to spend a significant amount of money. Regardless of whether you want a gold chain from Those Worn or another player, you will need 10 Grand to purchase your amazing gold chain. Right!

Why do baseball players wear jewelry?

Some of you may be aware that one of the reasons baseball players wear jewelry is to be fashionable! As a result, most elite sportsmen choose to accessorize with jewelry based on their particular preferences.

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Who was the first MLB player to wear a gold chain?

Furthermore, it isn’t certain who was the first player to have a gold chain around his neck. Despite this, it appears that outfielder Mookie Betts pondered donning the gold chain before deciding against it. By the time participants began to wear gold chains, the game had already begun.

Why do baseball players wear black necklaces?

It is possible that you will perceive black as the most powerful hue, recognized for its strength, passion, and strength; as a result, you will be pleased when a player wears a necklace of jewelry. The reason why baseball players wear black necklaces is to signify their status.

Does black shiny necklace MLB player wear?

Yes, it is dependent on the player’s requirements; for example, players who enjoy wearing jewelry are more likely to select to wear black diamonds at the start of the game. Yes, MLB players do wear a black and sparkling necklace, in contrast. It’s a thrilling sound!


Gold is seen as a winning symbol, and it would be wonderful if you choose to wear a gold chain in order to be considered a winner in your field. Right! Most of the time, you’ll need the gold chains to be able to believe in your religious beliefs. The cross-chain, on the other hand, would almost certainly increase your faith if you wore it. Now put yourself in the shoes of a professional athlete and tell us how you feel when you’re sporting a gold chain like a baseball player. James Anderson is a sports fan who also happens to be a writer.

James enjoys a variety of sports, including running, cycling, and skiing.

In addition to being a devoted runner, biker, and skier, I like watching and participating in a variety of sports, from baseball to gymnastics.”

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? Get the Facts Here!

Gold is seen as a winning symbol, and it would be wonderful if you choose to wear a gold chain in order to be considered a winner yourself. Right! In order to believe in your trust in God, you almost always need to have gold chains. Wearing a cross-chain, on the other hand, would almost certainly increase your faith. Consider yourself a professional athlete and tell us what it’s like to wear a gold chain while playing baseball. James Anderson is a sports fan who also happens to be a journalist.

Additionally, James enjoys running, cycling and skiing.

Apart from being an ardent runner, biker, and skier in my own right, I like watching and participating in a variety of sports ranging from baseball to gymnastics.

Reasons Why Baseball Players Wear Necklaces

Necklaces are worn by baseball players for a variety of reasons, which are listed below. Each player has their own set of reasons for doing so, and it all boils down to the desired effect that they want to achieve.

1. Status Symbol

Since the beginning of time, jewelry has served as a status symbol. A large gold chain symbolizes that the person who wears it is wealthy and strong. Gold is a rare and valuable precious metal that is quite pricey by nature. As a result, wearing one communicates that you live a wealthy lifestyle and that you own a higher social status symbol than the typical individual. Famous baseball players are seen wearing gold chains from high-end jewelers and well-known fashion companies.

2. Improvement Of Appearance

Gold chains are eye-catching accessories that may bring a plain jersey and slacks ensemble to the next level. The gleaming metal may completely transform a dull baseball suit into something dazzling. These gold chain necklaces are also available in a variety of styles, ranging from basic chains to intricate interwoven designs. Chains may also be tailored to carry a certain pendant or to have layers of several pendants. Every one of them has the same effect: they all make a person appear more intriguing and appealing.

3. To Attract Female Fans

Baseball stars rely on the support of their fan base to survive. Having a dedicated group of people rooting for them might help them gain more confidence, which can translate into improved performance throughout the game. In addition, knowing that there are individuals, particularly ladies, who appreciate you and love you and respect you and support you is a good ego boost. Baseball players may choose to wear gold chains in order to attract female spectators. When seeking for a spouse to date, this status symbol signifies affluence, which is always a great characteristic to look for.

The brightly colored pendant that hangs around their necks makes them simpler to identify. This also distinguishes them from the rest of the players, which results in female adulation from the audience.

4. Religious Purposes

Religious convictions can be expressed via the wearing of gold chains. Some gold chains are embellished with a gold cross. The participants even perform a pre-game ritual in which they kiss the necklace before starting the game. It may appear to be superstitious, but it allows them to express a type of spirituality that may guide and improve their performance on the field. Knowing that their religion can guide them to victory might help some athletes perform better on the field. The gold cross pendants are frequently modest and unremarkable in appearance.

Are Baseball Players Allowed to Wear Jewelry

In accordance with Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball rules and regulations, players are not specifically prohibited from donning jewelry on the field. As a result, baseball players who wear necklaces are permitted to do so. But the chains shouldn’t get in the way of their performance, nor should they be excessively reflecting of light to the point where they constitute a distraction to their teammates. Whether the chain is worn outside their jersey or below their jersey is entirely up to the discretion of the baseball player.

In the first place, chains will almost always have the potential to become entangled in your fingers, particularly if they are very lengthy.

In addition, you must be prepared for the risk that your chain will become entangled in anything.

It is not uncommon for this to cost a lot to correct.

Types of Baseball Player Chains

According to their personal style and preferences, the three primary styles of necklaces that baseball players wear are as follows:

1. Gold Chain

A simple gold chain is a timeless piece that is polished and refined in its appearance. Because it is lightweight, it will not have an adverse effect on your performance. Simple gold chains are available at the majority of jewelry retailers.

2. Gold Plated Chain

Chunky, plaited, and interlaced gold-plated chains are popular choices. Because they are flamboyant and eye-catching, a large number of athletes like sporting them. The hefty construction is the most significant drawback, and it may prove annoying for certain users. For example, if you are sprinting around the field at high speed, the swinging movements of the chain may seem restrictive to your movements.

3. Gold Cross Pendant

The gold cross pendant on a gold chain is a favorite with religious or spiritual athletes because of its elegance and simplicity. It gives individuals the opportunity to express their religious beliefs and their belief in a higher power. Chains are used as a form of religious ceremony by certain players.

For example, kids will kiss the cross before they play, which shows their devotion for God and their respect for others. The fact that they are not alone in the field also helps to improve their self-confidence and make them feel better about themselves.


With riches, prestige, and self-assurance come universal associations with the precious metal gold. The wearing of gold chains by baseball players is permitted during games, provided that the chains do not interfere with their performance or the performance of others. Their motivations for donning one include the enhancement of their status symbol, fashion goals, the attraction of female fans, and religious reasons, among others. It is possible to have numerous sorts of chains for baseball players.

We hope you gained some important insight into the reasons why baseball players wear chains.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? [With Examples]

Major League Baseball players wear gold chains. In contrast to the fact that we could anticipate highly compensated sportsmen to have baubles such as gold chains hanging off their bodies at any given point in their personal life (don’t you just despise rich people? ), it is extremely unusual to see jewelry permitted on the field of play. Only in a few other sports would players or persons be permitted to wear them. Take, for example, Roger Federer winning the US Open while wearing an extravagant ring worth millions of dollars, or Christian Pulisic sprinting around the soccer pitch with a crown affixed to his bald head.

  1. Here come the baseball players.
  2. Unbelievable as it may seem, it is not unusual to see baseball players sporting gold chains while participating in a game.
  3. Yes, it can be quite inconvenient, but it is a common occurrence in most baseball games.
  4. What is the benefit of doing so?
  5. As you’ve undoubtedly realized by now, chains are permitted in the Major League Baseball, according to the league’s official rules.
  6. It’s quite OK to wear them outside of your jersey if they don’t meet these requirements.

Reasons why professional baseball players wear chains

The following are some of the most prevalent reasons why players wear chains:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Superstition
  • Fashion
  • And marketing deals are all examples of this.

All right, we’ll stop with the cynicism about top MLB players having so much money that they can just afford to drop thousands of dollars on a lovely little necklace to wear during the game (as you can tell, I’m pretty bitter about the fact that I’m only a baseball coach, not even close to the big leagues.), and move on. There are several reasons why a baseball player could want to wear a gold chain, to be sure. Some people wear them because they have a religious connection, while others may have grown up wearing them and have subsequently become quite superstitious about the entire affair.

  • Because it must take so much effort and sacrifice to reach the pinnacle of one’s profession, people who have achieved it should be free to pursue their passions.
  • It’s also important to realize that great sportsmen typically have lucrative marketing partnerships with a variety of corporations and may be compensated for wearing their products.
  • Yes, professional baseball analysis has progressed to the point where we are discussing the CHAINS that some of the players choose to wear while playing the game.
  • To be really honest, your normal gold chain is precisely what you’d expect it to be.
  • You’ll look like a serious player if you have one of them hanging out of your shirt because they’re lightweight and not at all distracting.
  • While not much different from the gold chain, this variety (as the name implies) just comprises aplatedpattern.

Even while this is not always the case, they are often more of a reflection of someone’s religious views, given the obvious connotations that a cross has. NOTE: Necklaces made of rope, chains made of rope, and titanium necklaces are all common sights during baseball games.

Baseball Players Who Wear Gold Chains

It’s impossible to name every single athlete who’s ever worn one of them around their necks, but there are some notable exceptions to the rule. It is true that Mookie Betts is now the most talked-about person to be seen wearing a medallion of this nature, but it is a fad that has been going on for years. Derek Jeter, for example, wore a necklace under his jersey, whereas it would be difficult to find a photograph of Manny Ramirez without at least a few tattoos on his body. Chains used by other well-known baseball players include:

  • Chris Archer, Juan Soto, Amed Rosario, Adam Jones, Justin Verlander, Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and Josh Bell are the pitchers.

Additional Baseball-Related Articles It’s time to become excited. Even while gold chains are permitted in baseball, they are not always a wise choice. When you consider that catching and sprinting are fundamental components of the game’s structure, having anything else tied to you isn’t exactly beneficial to speeding that procedure.

Yoenis Cespedes – 2018, New York Mets

Yoenis Cespedes crushed his necklace into shards when sliding into second base a few years back, with umpires at Citi Field discovering all sorts of diamonds and assisting in the cleanup of what was undoubtedly a costly disaster.

Lance McCullers Jr – 2017, Houston Astros

Lance McCullers of the Houston Astros had his necklace break while pitching against the New York Yankees in 2017, and he had to go through the dirt to collect as many of the diamonds that had fallen off him as he could. Only he knows how it happened. There are few things more emblematic of what it takes to scout for the Major League Baseball organization than this. As you can see, the world of baseball necklaces encompasses a wide range of styles. There are a lot of superstitious sportsmen and women out there, so it’s always possible that they’ll have their own accessories, even if they’re not allowed to use them under the regulations.

Even in minor league baseball, a pitcher who wears gold chains beneath his or her jersey may feel more confident in their abilities.

After all, the neck of a professional athlete is one of the last marketing frontiers to be explored.

There’s no getting away from the fact that gold chains will continue to be a part of baseball’s history for the foreseeable future.

So, the next time you or your children are out on the field hitting home runs or dreaming of winning the World Series, keep baseball player chains in mind!

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